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Unexpected by CharlieB
Chapter 1 : The lettter
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"Hermione! You have a letter.. And i think its from Hogwarts."
"Coming mum!" Hermione yelled as she ran down the stairs. It took about 3 seconds for her to open the letter and realise that she had been selected for Head Girl! Mr and Mrs Granger hugged her once they heard the news (even though they had no idea what it was)

"Draco, DRACO! Come here and open this letter!!!" Narcissa Malfoy screamed at her son. Draco stomped down the spirling staircase of Malfoy Manor. After opening the letter, he thought about it. Head Boy... Hmmm an excuse to teach Potty Potter and his friends a little lesson. But... With Dumbledoor dead he wasnt sure whether he should go back, he was the one who got ordered to kill him... No. He will go back.

A whistle peirced the quiet morning air as the Hogwarts express sailed out of platform 9 3/4. Hermione made her way to the teachers compartment. "Ok, go in, find out who the head boy is and leave. Thats all you have to do hermione so go it a grip!" Hermione whispered to herself. She walked into the cabin to find Proffesor Mcgonagall.... And Draco Malfoy!!! It took a minute to for Hermione to speak and when she did it sounded a bit like this: "I-um-what-is-he-doing-here?!" Proffesor Mcgonagall smiled and said in the most calm voice, "Ah, Miss Granger, I am so glad you joined us. This is the new Head Boy, Mister Malfoy." Malfoy smirked and Hermione's face when she said his name. "As you know, you will be sharing a dorm and will also have to to complete a couple of duties toghether." Professor Mcgonagall continued. "It was Professor Dumbledoors wish that you too to become the new Heads. If I remember correctly he said that 'he would like to make sure you get along' *Giggles*" Hermione and Draco sighed as they made thier way back to their own houses.

"Hey, how'd it go??" Ginny asked. She was sitting with her best frined Harry who had his arm around her should, smiling. Ron was on the other side looking up at her. Hermione's heart fluttered as he casually tossed his hair back. She had fancied him for years...

Draco strolled back to the Slytherin part of the train to be greeted by his best friend Blaze and his other friend Pansy. "Hey Draco, who's the Head Girl?" Blaze said snickering. Draco paused and said with so much venom in his voice "Granger."
"The MUDBLOOD!" Pansy cried. She and Blaze burst into fits of laughter. "Have fun.*Snickering* With *Snickering* Granger!" Blaze said. Draco scowled and walked off to get changed. He would make her life hell.

The feast was the same as usuall. Same welcome and same sorting hat, but no Dumbledoor. Everyone noticed it, everyone felt the lose of the only man that they could ever trust and feel safe with. Hermione decieded to think of something else. She was determind to start this new year well. The feast ended and Hermione waited for the hall to clear. Once all of the pupils had left, Professor Mcgonagall showed Malfoy and Hermione to their new dorm.

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Unexpected: The lettter


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