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Hermione's Interlude by aswiftt
Chapter 1 : Harry is sad :( wahhhhhh
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Harry Potter looked up from his memo-strewn desk and saw the new Minister for Magic standing at the doorway to his office. This was the first official time that Harry and the new minister had met face-to-face, and in Harry’s opinion it was one too many.
“Hello there, Mr Potter,” said the Minister as he took two strides into the office and held out his hand for harry to shake.  “Lovely to meet you. My name is Donovan Bass, as you probably already know.” As Harry shrewdly took in the expansive details of the new minister, he couldn’t pin-point the exact reason as to why he had taken a disliking to the man already.
“Nice to meet you too, Minister.” Harry forced a smile.
“Well I had better be off then. Lots of things to do, you know! I just wanted to pop by your office this morning to meet the main man of the Auror Department, I do hope your settling in then. I’ll be seeing you soon Mr Potter, goodbye!” The Minister then gave Harry a smile that looked more like a grimace, and continued off.
Harry wondered how on earth the Minister had managed to get voted in. his views were highly conservative, and he had promised ridiculous things to the wizarding world in his campaigns that he could no way in the world follow through with.
Harry was just thinking that he should be thankful that the minister seemed to be treating him nice enough as he heard another knock on is doorframe and the Minister saying, “Sorry, Harry. I forgot to tell you, you’re getting a new assistant tomorrow. She’s going to be helping out with your appointments and some of your paperwork here and there. Good-day!” And with that he disappeared again. Harry was uninterested by this news and imagined that it would probably turn out to be some old hag or stupid young intern that in no way would offer any useful help to Harry.

Harry sat back down at his desk, dully eyeing the towers of papers that he had yet to work through. Harry was but twenty years old and had just been promoted to head of the Auror Department in the Ministry of Magic, an achievement that he should have been extraordinarily proud of, given that it had been his objective since he was a teenager. In fact his views on the subject were completely nonchalant, given the circumstances. At first Harry had been excited at his promotion, but a few days into his new job had completely changed his views. Being the head of department meant that harry never actually went out and did Auror business, but merely stayed in his office hour after hour completing paperwork and telling other aurors what to do. Also harry knew that the only reason he had got the job was because he had became somewhat more famous than before, (if that was possible) after the defeat of Voldemort, and the ministry had opted to make him head of the department in order to look better to the wider public who wanted to feel safe in their beds.

The incentive of the large salary didn’t interest him either, as Harry already had inherited two fortunes from his parents and his late godfather, along with the house in Grimmauld Place. Money was the last thing that Harry needed, as he wasn’t a materialistic person in the first place anyway.

Harry sighed again and found himself missing his best friends Ron and Hermione, both to which he had grown considerably distant to in the past two years. At this point he was feeling more lonely as he could no longer find solace in throwing himself into his Auror work in hunting down dark wizards and laughing in the office with his co-workers, as he was on a different floor and different job nowadays. Plus, as he was getting more and more sick of his flings with ditzy witches who were only interested in him because of his fame, he had finally gave in to Ginny’s vigorous attempts to make him hers, and decided that maybe he should have a girlfriend. He realised his mistake about two weeks into the relationship when she would disappear for days then reappear for money or dinner or sex and then disappear again. He found that he didn’t care and ignored her more or less, but opted to always wear a condom, because merlin only knew where she had been. Officially he was still dating her though, as she hadn’t broke it off and he couldn’t be bothered. He again sighed inwardly at this as he yearned more and more to see Hermione again, as he knew the she was probably the only witch in the wizarding world who knew him through and through. Yes, Harry’s exciting and sensational life had turned out to be rather dull after the fall of Voldemort, and the only thing that interested Harry in the least these days was his godson Teddy’s weekendly visits to his place. Thinking of Teddy immediately put a smile on Harrys face like no other, the bright and colourful boy always managed to make Harry smile one way or another.

He then went back to his tiresome work, making a mental note to send Hermione an owl sometime  in the near future.

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