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Falling, Falling In Love by falling in love
Chapter 3 : Smiles. They're contagious
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IM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO UPDATE!!!! I had so much homework and I was so so SO caught up in reading Fanfictions that I forgot to keep writing my own!!!!!!! This site has so many talented writers and amazing stories. Once again I apologize about the delay!! I hope this chapter makes up for it!! :) Enjoy Dahlingss:D


Also, I'd like to add that another factor for delay is because This chapter got rejected because there wasn't enough words. Sorry! I'll have the second part out as soon as I can!

Hermione's POV

I froze. That word was my past present and future. It haunted my past. Tortured me in the present, and held back my future. Why is that word still ringing in my ears? The war ended, yet I am still trapped in my history. I will always be reminded of what my blood type is in a negative way. My fist clenched and unclenched. I'm strong.

I'm confident now. It's just a word. I kept on whispering that to myself. Just. A. word. Just. A. Word. JUST A GODDAMIT WORD!!!! My vision started to blur.

No you can't start tearing up Hermione! Stay strong your a bloody Gryfindor!

Yet as much as I tell myself that it doesn't bother me, that it's just another word, deep down it hurts me. The gash it has left in my heart since the first time in second year wehn i was first called that reopened, and started to bleed again.

I inhaled sharply. I waited for Malfoy to Insult me.


"Don't call her that. Pansy haven't you changed? The war is OVER" Malfoy's cold voice rang through the tension.


My mouth opened. Then closed. Then opened. Amused, Malfoy turned to me.


"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." He smirked. I couldn't help it. I laughed.

Draco smirked. Hearing her laugh ring through the air was like hearing the jingling bells on Christmas. Joy. He then remembered that Pansy was still standing there, full of rage, humiliated, shock and flabbergasted.

"WHAT did you say!?" She shieked enranged.

"I said, Stop calling her that. Would you like me to repeat it in another language?" Humor and sarcasm dripped off my voice like venom, but sweeter. a slight bitterness still lingered.

Pansy gaped. Her dark eyes beady, and full of anger. Her pale skin getting blotchy as she held all her rage inside.

"What is wrong with you Draco? Why did you just stick up for that Mudblood???"

"Pansy. Stop. Now." His knuckles were white with rage. His silver eyes turned a stormy gray. Darkened.

This seemed to frighten Pansy, and she turned on her heel, muttering.

"I bet that Mudblood is brewing some love potion on my Drakie" Was all they heard as Pansy stormed off in a huff.

I turned around to look at Draco. A basketcase of emotions stirred inside of me.

"Thank you. For, everything. Sticking up for me. For not letting her call me that. Thank you Draco" I did something daring, that surprized both me and him, I reached for his hand and took it gentally in mine.

He looked surprized. His hand was still in mine, but relaxed quickly and molded into mine. Warmth  coursed through my viens as his soft hands melted in mine.

His silver twinkling orbs stared into my eyes. Deep in my eyes. And he squeezed my hand.

The corners of my mouth lifted into a warm smile, as i squeezed back.



I made my way to the Head dorms with Draco.

What happened earlier, the encounter with Pansy. Lets say it was a milestone in our friendship. In our becoming friendship.

We walked in a comfortable silence. Content, and calm. I was surprized.  Usually, when I walk with Ron, and Harry if we're not telling jokes, or talking, sometimes its awkward, or a little uncomfortable.

This shocked me. But maybe I was happy with it. There was that little spark of satisficatoin when I realized this. Because deep down inside I knew that me and Draco had sometimes between us. Something that I only shared with him.

Our footsteps echoed in the empty halls. Our minds buzzed with thoughts. My even steps made a hollow yet comforting sound against the marble hallway.

Soon enough, we found ourselves standing right outside of the Heads Common room. I stated the password Profesdor McGonagall informed me and Draco.

The painting slid opened and we walked in.

My breath caught in my throat. Oh. My. Goodness.

The room was my fatasy dream land. It was amazing. Red velvet curtains covered the windows overlooking the beautiful grounds of Hogwarts. Soft, green (for Slytherine of course) rugs littered the dark mahogony wood floor. In the cornor of the common room was a nook with two bookshelves filled with our text books and just plain reading books. Golden trim lined the midnight blue coached and armchairs. The walls were painted a creamy yellow colour. The whole common room shouted house unity and a familiar feeling of belonging hung in the atmosphere.

I looked over at Draco. His eyes were soft and smiling. His lips pulled into a smile that reached his eyes as he took in the image of the common room in front of him.

I smiled. Smiles are contagious, especially if the person smiling is someone who rarely smiles, someone who doesn't open up to you, until now. And smiles. That's when smiles are the most contagious.

Draco was smiling with joy radiating out of every pore in his body. Relfecting onto me.






A/N: Thanks everyone for reading!!! please leave a review!!!


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