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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 3 : Uncle Louis
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"Bea, get the door love?" Louis yelled from the bathroom, where the sound of running water could be heard and Beatrice tried very hard not to think of Louis naked in the shower.






It sounded as if there were about a million fists pounding on the door as Beatrice swung her legs off the couch and crossed the room, not sure she could cope with the annoying noise even if Louis' hadn't asked her to answer the heavy knockers.






Swinging open the door with a low groan, Beatrice blinked as she stood facing a very pretty blonde woman with two small children clinging to her legs.






"Oh" the blonde woman gasped slightly. "I'm sorry, is Louis there?"






"He's in the shower" Beatrice replied, biting her lip anxiously as she glanced at the grinning blonde children.






"Oh, right, well I'm Victoire Lupin, Louis' sister, did he tell you he's meant to be babysitting this evening?" Victoire seemed harassed and Beatrice instantly felt for her, a tired, stressed mother who needed her little brother to be reliable for once.









"Well, no, but-"






"Oh, Merlin" Victoire rolled her eyes. "Knowing him he probably forgot! Honestly, if he doesn't want to do something he conveniently forgets he has to do it... typical Louis... you don't mind us coming in do you?" Victoire mumbled as she shuffled the small blondes into the living room, they looked like twins and one was a boy and the other a girl.






"No, of course not" Beatrice smiled. "I'm Beatrice, by the way."






"Nice to meet you, sweetheart" Victoire leant forward and kissed her on the cheek, a custom Beatrice was much more used to thanks to her travels than the traditional handshake. "Louis didn't tell me he had a girlfriend."






"Oh, no!" Beatrice laughed nervously. "I'm not his girlfriend, I'm just staying here for a while..."






"Oh" Victoire flashed Beatrice a toothy, kind smile. "Louis is like that, too nice for his own good."






"I'd like to think he'd tell me if he ever wanted me to leave" Beatrice smiled nervously.






"I can't imagine him doing that" Victoire smiled. "He's much too chivalrous- Annabelle DON'T break that- well, I'm not sure Louis would ever have the heart to make you move out."






"He's so... generous. I'm always having to tell him to let me pay my share or whatever, he's awful honestly. I've only been living here for a week and he treats me as if I should live here for the rest of my life, rent free!"






"I think he gets a bit lonely, really" Victoire poked around in the top cupboard in the kitchen before she found the biscuits, quickly popping one in her mouth before the twins saw her eating. "It'll be nice for him to have a girl around for a while, will you be staying long?"






Beatrice shrugged. "I haven't worked that out yet. I'm working five days a week now, though, so hopefully I'll be able to afford my own things sometime soon!"






"That's why I married a rich man" Victoire teased. "Life is so much easier!"






"Oh! Hey Vic!" Louis yelped as he emerged from the bathroom, towel slung over his shoulder and his jeans low on his hips. In short, he looked as gorgeous as always. Bloody Veela! "What are you doing here then?"






"I knew you'd forget!" Victoire scoffed, standing up and cuffing Louis upside the head to reprimand him. "You’re babysitting, Louis… Honestly, it was only two days ago I reminded you!"






"Where are you off tonight then?"






"Taking Teddy out to celebrate his promotion, actually. We thought it'd be nicer if it was just the two of us for once" Victoire smiled to me. "Honesty, Beatrice, kids are wonderful but you do need to have those siblings around that you can just lump your kids on sometimes. Belle and Jack love their Uncle Louis."






"Well, I'm a loveable guy" Louis grinned, picking Belle and Jack up in each arm for one huge cuddle of cute.






They both squealed and flung their arms around Louis, showering him with kisses and smiles, before catapulting out of his arms and into their mothers to say goodbye.






"We'll come pick them up at around ten tomorrow morning, ok?" Victoire kissed each of her children before heading towards the door. "Thanks, Louis, and it was lovely to meet you Beatrice!"






She closed the door behind her and they waited for the sharp sound of her apparating before they spoke again.






"Uncle Louis?" Belle asked. "Is this your girlfriend?"






"No, Belle, this is Bea, she's just my friend" Louis replied with a small smile in Beatrice's direction.






"You're very pretty, Bea" Belle reached to play with Beatrice's dark hair and smiled brightly.






"Thank you Belle, so are you" Beatrice replied, smiling gently as Belle took her fingers from her hair and patted her own blonde curls, scrunching her nose up and closing her eyes tightly. I shot Louis a questioning look and he instead grinned, nodding his head towards Belle and watching her intently.






In a moment so quick Beatrice would have missed it if she had blinked, Belle's hair colour changed to the exact same shades as Beatrice's.






"Oh my-!"






"I'm a Metamorphmagus" Belle grinned brightly. "My Daddy is too."






"Me too!" Jack yelled excitedly, scrunching up his face in the same way Belle had and his hair turned a spectacular shade of pink. "Pink's my favourite colour!" he grinned. "Hot and sexy pink" Jack winked before wiggling his hips a little and shooting his Uncle Louis a cheeky smile.






"That is so cool!" Beatrice breathed, her eyes shining as she watched delightedly as Belle and Jack proceeded to change their hair colour to every shade of the rainbow simultaneously.






"They practise that all the time" Louis explained. "They love showing off."






"They will be the coolest kids at Hogwarts, seriously… wow!"






"Yeah... don't encourage their inflating egos, Bea" Louis rolled his eyes, nudging her in the ribs teasingly as he crossed the room and pulled the two six years olds onto his lap.






"Uncle Louis, guess what!" Jack yelled as he poked his sister in the arm. "Belle has a boyfriend and I punched him when he hugged her!"






Louis gasped loudly and raised his eyebrows at Belle. "You have a boyfriend, little lady?!"






Belle nodded and poked her tongue out at Jack. "And he still loves me even though Jack hurt his nose."






"Good boy, Jack. If he hugs her again, kiddo, punch him harder" Louis nodded to his nephew as Belle and Beatrice both began to shout at him.






"Uncle Louis!" Belle whined. "I think you'd actually like him so much!"






"Louis" Beatrice grimaced as she joined them on the sofa. "You can't tell Jack to punch somebody."






"I like your girlfriend more than you now, Uncle Louis" Belle wriggled out from Louis' grasp and clambered onto Beatrice's lap, burying her head into her shoulder and grinning up at her.






"It's a known law of the Weasley family, Bea, that all brothers must be ridiculously overprotective. Jack's protective nature is a genetic thing, and it should be encouraged."






"That’s ridiculous" Beatrice laughed and Belle nodded along with her words.






"You try telling the males in my family that."






"No, Louis, it's ridiculous because all of the women in your family are scary as fu- I mean... really terrifying- and they don't need looking after."






"You're only saying that because you have two older brothers."






"Yes, and Guy scared away my first ever boyfriend and it was a traumatic experience" she ignored Louis' smirk. "Which is why Jack shouldn't be scaring off Belle's boyfriend."






"Well, I think you're wrong."






"No, you're wrong."






"Say I'm right or else!"






"No" Beatrice stuck her tongue out at Louis, which made Belle and Jack laugh loudly.






"Uncle Louis, Bea is too cool for you" Jack poked his Uncle in the face and shifted to sit on Beatrice's lap, beside his twin sister.






"Oi! You two are a pair of traitors!" Louis pouted, launching himself towards them and tickling his niece and nephew, his body resting on top of Beatrice's as he moved Belle and Jack from beneath him.






Beatrice's eyes widened as her and Louis' faces inched closer together, her breathing shallow and his eyes boring into hers.






"Oooh, look, Jack! Uncle Louis is going to kiss his girlfriend!" Belle yelled excitedly, and at once Louis leapt off Beatrice, who was blinking with slight shock, his cheeks turning red as he glared at his sisters meddling children.



“Right… bedtime you devils!” Louis roared playfully, lunging towards the giggling pair of six year olds.



“AW, NO UNCLE LOUIS!” the twins yelled and hurdled into the bathroom, slamming and locking the un-lockable door behind them.






It took Louis and Beatrice two long hours to coax Belle and Jack out of the bathroom, with promise that they could each have a class of Butterbeer and a slab of Honeydukes chocolate before bed. Louis had apparated out to Hogsmeade to purchase the products whilst Beatrice had chatted to the twins through the bathroom door, discussing their Uncle Louis in some detail.



“I think he loves you, Bea” Belle had said, and a small, amused smile at twitched at Beatrice’s lips.



“Oh, really? How come?”



“Because he looks at you a lot and he agreed with Jack when Jack said you were pretty.”



“I think he was just being nice, sweetheart.”



“No!” Jack had called; his back thumping against the wood as he slumped against the door. “I know Uncle Louis loads and he is in love with you! Like Mummy and Daddy, isn’t he Belle?”



“Jack’s right!” Belle laughed, and Beatrice could hear them whisper excitedly to one another for a moment.



“We like you Bea, you should marry Uncle Louis” Jack said in a serious tone.



“Sometimes Mum says he gets lonely but he smiles a lot with you” Belle added, and Beatrice couldn’t help but smile to herself. The idea of Louis ever loving her was fairly ludicrous, she’d only been living here for nearly a fortnight, and she wasn’t in his league anyway.



Not that she was even interested anyway, she still loved Alex, and Louis may be gorgeous but he wasn’t really her type…



Well, Beatrice guessed Louis was her type, seeing as he was sort of like Alex but with less of the blonde and blue-eyed faux-innocence that came off Alex like waves of his favourite, overpowering aftershave.



When Louis came back, Beatrice was leant against the bathroom door, snoring lightly, and Belle and Jack were whispering to one another on the other side of the door.



“I brought chocolate and Butterbeer, you two!” Louis called, setting down the goodies and raising his eyebrows when Beatrice didn’t wake up from her seemingly light slumber.



With a heavy sigh, Louis bent down and pulled Beatrice into his arms, jerking her awake with a small gasp.



Louis thought there was something attractive about Beatrice as she woke up, she was sort of cute when she blinked confusedly, rubbing at her eyes, her lips parted slightly as she let out a small yawn.



“Sorry, Lou... I think I’m a bit tired” Beatrice laughed weakly, resting her head against his shoulder as they stood up together.



“Uncle Louis?” the twins called out simultaneously from the bathroom.



“Yes, you two?” Louis replied unsurely, worried his naughty niece and nephew would ask for even more bribes.



“We’ve decided we’re only coming out when you say you will marry Bea!” Belle announced with a sweet, yet slightly scary giggle.



Louis groaned, rolling his eyes and smirking as Beatrice’s head whipped off his shoulder and she raised her eyebrows at him.



“Did you put them up to this, Bea?” Louis joked, grinning cheekily as Beatrice’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.



“Damn, you caught me” she smiled, rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrows expectantly at Louis.



“Oh, fine! Yes, you two, if you come out I will marry Bea!”



“YAY!” the twins yelled as the lock clicked and they raced into their Uncle’s arms.



“Can I be bridesmaid?” Belle tugged on Beatrice’s jean-clad leg insistently. Beatrice grinned down at her and ruffled Belle’s pink curls (it looked as if they’d been doing some hair colour experiments in the bathroom).



After a Butterbeer and a slab of Honeydukes chocolate each, Belle and Jack clambered into their pyjamas, yawning like mad, and sat on the end of Louis’ bed expectantly.



“I get to sleep next to Bea!” Belle yelled, hauling Beatrice from her position leant against the doorframe in her comfy sweatpants and t-shirt and onto the bed beside her.



“Uncle Louis and Bea can have the middle because they love each other” Jack grinned, tugging on Louis’ arm until he fell back onto the bed next to Beatrice.



“You don’t mind, do you?” Louis asked, turning to face Beatrice, their noses practically touching at their close proximity as the twins shuffled underneath the covers either side of them.



“Sorry?” Beatrice blinked, attempting to focus her mind on Louis’ words rather than the fact that she was laying in his bed beside him whilst he had his shirt off.



“Sleeping here? They like having sleepovers and they wanted you to… if you don’t want to I can-“



“No, no” Beatrice whispered, a small smile on her lips. “I don’t mind, it’s sort of nice.”



“Yeah, it’s cute” Louis blushed. “I mean… Belle and Jack, they’re cute…”



Beatrice smiled as Louis opened and closed his mouth a few times, as if to say something more.



“It is cute” Beatrice agreed after a moment, giggling softly at the loud ‘shhh!’ Belle groaned out as she cuddled deeper into the duvet.



Louis smiled at the ceiling and bravely slipped his hand around Beatrice’s.



She turned to smile at him, and squeezed his hand lightly in her grasp in return.

A/N- once again, apologies for the annoying spacing :( just wanted to get this out, in case there were any readers out there! haha, seriously, if you like, please leave a review I'd love to hear from any readers and get to know you! thanks very much, hope everybody else is in love with Louis as I am! :)

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Meeting Him: Uncle Louis


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