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Close Enough to Start a War by padmoonyfoot7
Chapter 2 : Housework Won't Kill You, But Why Take a Chance?
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Approximately 3 Years Previous:


 A lot of noise was coming from the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place that sunny July evening. Mrs. Weasley was scolding her twins – Fred and George Weasley – for trying to strap their new brand of fireworks to Kreacher – the grumpy, old house elf. Seemingly it was for `experimental purposes only’. But Molly Weasley new her sons better than that.

“Come on Mum, it’s not like Sirius would miss him or anything,” Fred insisted, as his mother looked at him with great dissapproval, and two worn hands placed on her hips.

“Yeah, he’d be the one lighting the fireworks,” George laughed, while Mrs. Weasley busied herself, wiping down the table with a dishcloth.

“I don’t care!,” she said sternly “I do not want to see any of those,” she said pointing at the fireworks “in this house. They are dangerous! Now Fred dear, make youself useful, and clean out the grate in the fireplace, would you?,” Fred took out his wand “Aah, ah, ah, without magic.”

“But what about him?,” Fred exclaimed, while his brother sniggered at him. Fred thinking that it was completely unfair that he had to do work, and George didn’t.

“Oh, don’t you worry. George is going to do some dusting for me – without magic.” she inserted. Then it was Fred’s turn to snigger, so George stuck his tongue out at his brother. “Come on, we don’t have all day! There’s an Order meeting tonight,” Fred and George both shared annoyed looks “Go!,” Mrs. Weasley said giving both her sons a glare. Fred and George both groaned, and began to busy themselves with their ‘tiresome’ jobs.

Fred made his way over to the firaplace. Even as he walked over, he could see the ashes wafting into the air, as it seemed his movement had caused some disturbance among the smokey mess. It just proved to him how long it’s been since this dank, old house had actually been cleaned.

He bent down, and took the brush that was at the side of the fireplace, and began moving it across the grate, pulling a rather disgusted face as he did so.

Suddenly, green flames erupted in the fireplace, and someone landed on top of Fred, making him fall onto his back, and sending them both cascading across the dusty floor. He lifted his head up off the ground, and could feel a slight bump emerging at the back of his head. Only then did he notice the girl that was lying, unconcious, on top of him.

His mother ran over to the fireplace, where a fiery ember still seemed to be going. She was talking to someone, whoever pushed this person through, he assumed. It sounded like a man, but he couldn’t make out exactly who, because George had ran over, and started talking:

“You alright mate?,” George asked his brother with a concerned , but mostly amused look on his face.

“Oh, yeah, no need to look so worried,” Fred said sarcastically “I just nearly died from that girl jumping out of the fireplace!”

“No, I was just thinking that if I’d cleaned the grate, I would’ve ended up with a lovely lady lying on top of me.” George grinned, though you could see the jealousy in his eyes.

Though when both Fred and George looked at her again, they noticed that she was actually completely covered in blood. Fred bolted upright straight away, and George leaned over to have a closer look at the girl.

“Fred, don’t move!,” his mother commanded him with a sort of urgent whisper. Fred didn’t move. He remained completely still. For he knew that if this girl woke up now, she would be in the most excrutiating pain imaginable. “George dear, would you go and fetch the Dittany from the cupboard, please?,” Mrs. Weasley whispered to her son. While George did that, Mrs. Weasley began to talk to her other son: “You may just have to wait like this a little bit longer Fred. Just until I get most of the wounds cleaned up.” Fred nodded, though he wasn’t entirely sure of what was going on, neither was George, for that matter. All they knew was that this girl had come flying out of the fireplace, covered completely in blood. That was a good name for her, they both thought – Fireplace Girl – the both of them grinned, as they thought that the other was probably thinking that very same thing.

George handed the flask of Essence of Dittany to his mother, and both him and Fred looked as she began placing drops of it on Fireplace Girl’s – genius – wounds. You could tell that she was beginning to wake up, as she began squinting, and wriggling. And soon enough she was writhing, and screeching. Though they suspected that the pain she was receiving was mostly because of the wounds that had been inflicted upon her, and less because of the sting of the Dittany.

It was quite hard to watch. But Mrs. Weasley had done as much as she could for now, and had begun to inspect the girl’s body for further wounds or injuries. They soon found out that she had cracked and broken a few ribs, and that there were some very deep cuts on numerous parts of her body.

During this time, they were joined by the remainder of the house’s occupants – or at least those who weren’t at work or on Order business. They were all shocked at what happened, but none of them seemed to be able to recognise the girl from the fireplace.


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Close Enough to Start a War: Housework Won't Kill You, But Why Take a Chance?


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