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Accidentally on Purpose by Gryffiegirl
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3- Family, Gazal and Gravy
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Lovely chapter image by Marzipan@TDA

AN. hey readers, hope you like this chapter, if you like it, REVIEW! I update faster if you do :p 




“So you mean you wouldn’t even consider it?”


“why not?”

“because, I just, bleughh, I don’t think of you like that”

“no, just hypothetically, if you weren’t ya know, you, would you do me?”

“OH FOR GODS SAKE FRED. I WILL NOT PARTCIPATE IN FORNICATION WITH YOU” I yelled, causing the whole of the Gryffindor common room to stare in confusion. “WHAT?” fred yelled to the common room, “IS ALL OF THIS- he gestured to his body, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU ALL?!”

“god fred, calm down” Rose said, finally untangling herself from Scorpius.

“you know, you really shouldn’t do that here, James could walk in and go batshit crazy on you” I pointed out to Rose, writing the last few words on my history of magic essay. “He needs to get over himself! Who cares if Scorpuis if a malfoy! And besides, I’m 16, I’m allowed to do this stuff” She argued.

“I have nothing against it, just you might need to do it in private, I mean, its for the best”

“yeah, yeah, we’ll deal with it, oh and by the way, Professor Shacklebolt wanted to see you at 5:30”

“but it’s half past five now!”

“better hurry up then” I glared at Rose before dashing in the direction of the headmasters office.



“WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. STOP THE BUS FOR A SEC, YOU’RE TELLING ME MY FATHER HAS OTHER KIDS, WHO WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, ARE TRAMSFERRING HERE?”  I yelled at professor Shacklebolt, I know I know, yelling at the headmaster?! But I couldn’t stop myself, this was big  news.

“yes, I’m sorry Alannah, but they will be flooing in in about 2 minutes, so please, be accepting”


“I know, but it’s really but it’s really not my business to judge, and I cant do anything about it, they’ll be coming in from beauxbatons anytime now, so be ready”

I sighed, frustrated. “how many of them are there?”

“Only one, a girl, named Gazal. Gazal Woodley”

“ugh, she has my surname?”

“well she is our sister” Brandon said miserably, finally speaking up. “we’ll just try to get along, it’s the only thing we can do”

“yeah ,yeah, but I’m still pissed at our father”

“me too, but we cant do anything about it, it’s not like we can erase her  17 years of life, she might actually be really nice”

“fine” I huffed.

That was when a girl suddenly stumbled out of the fireplace, wearing fishnet stockings, a tight red skirt, a black lacy top, that was practically see through, and stilettos. Right, well we know she’s a slut.

“hey! You must be Lannah and Brady! I’m Gazal! Its so nice to meet you!” she said in a fake voice. Nice my arse.

“hi” I said, “and don’t call me Lannah, only James calls me that”

“and the names Brandon, not Brady”

“whoops! But it suits you!”

“but its not my name”

“alrighty then! Um, so, where do I like, go?” she asked Pro lightning (yes, that’s my nickname for professor shacklebolt, as in lightning bolt geddit? Geddit? *nudge nudge, oh, ive decided on your name little stalker, reading my thoughts and following my life. Your name is Jim. Yes, Jim, don’t judge me)

“well, first we need to put you into a house, so we’ll get the sorting hat out”

“um, okay!” She replied with mock interest.

As the sorting hat came off of its shelf, and came to life, Gazal rolled her eyes, “seriously? A talking hat?”

“yes, it sorts through your traits, and puts you into your most suited house”

“okie dokie!” Is she bi-polar Jim? 

The sorting house was placed onto her head, “well well, what’s this? Hmm? Another Woodley? Oh, but you aren’t like the other Woodleys are you? No no no, you’re cunning, sly, you like to hurt the people that you don’t like. Interesting… well, better be SLYTHERIN!”  The sorting hat yelled, before saying, “now may I please be please be placed back on my shelf, I have a song to plan for next year you know”.

Once the hat was away on its shelf I heard Gazal speak again, “so, where do I go now?”

“Alannah here will take you to her dorm for the night, since your arrival here was only scheduled this morning, your future dorm is short of a bed for you, it will be ready tomorrow, but for the mean time, you will stay with Alannah” NO JIMMY PROTESTED! I can hear your sighs now Jim, be sorry for me Jim, SHARE MY PAIN. But im not going to protest against ol’ pro lightning here am I? So it looks like I shall be rooming with my half sister tonight, yay me.



“so! Aly!

“don’t call me that”

“so! Alannah! Your head girl?”


“cant see why”


“well, you have pink hair, that’s not exactly ‘responsible’ is it?” Gazal asked, as we walked to my dorm.

“my hair is freedom of expression, its who I am, its me, it doesn’t mean I’m not responsible”

She snorted. She snorted Jim!  

“well Im just saying,”

“thanks for sharing” I really cant stand her Jim, help me?

“I bet you have to share your dorm with a nerd!”

“why would I be sharing my dorm with a nerd?”

“well, he’s head boy, so he’s gonna be nerdy isn’t he?”

“um, actually he’s James Potter” She stopped laughing then didn’t she Jim?

“wait wait wait, you get to share a dorm with the James Potter? Son of the saviour of the wizarding world for a year? Gosh, you don’t deserve that, at least I can be sure he wouldn’t talk to a person like you”

“excuse me?”

“well, sorry darling, but you wouldn’t really fit his famous standards would you? I mean, someone like me would” do you hear what she’s saying Jim? DO YOU?

“well actually, he’s my best friend, I go to his house every Christmas and easter break, so he obviously isn’t as superficial as you make him out to be” She snorted. Again.

“he’s best friends with YOU?!”

“I think we’ve established that! And anyway, we’re here now, welcome” I said, after I tickled the soldiers foot, and we walked inside.

“jeez, this cant be right” she said to herself as she looked around the room with awe,

“what cant?”

“well, your best friends with James Potter, your head girl, and you live here, its just not the way the world should work. See, this stuff? Should happen to the good woodleys”

“the ‘good’ woodleys?”

“oh you know, we have the better genes, the better mum”


“don’t take it personally,oh wait, do!” SCREW IT JIM. I HATE THIS BITCH.

“well, why don’t you er, get acquainted with the place, Im going to have dinner, bye!” I said as I raced out of the door, I need to get out of here Jim!

“wait! I want to eat! Do they have any good salads here?” mental groan, she eats salads jim, SALADS!! WHAT KIND OF ALIEN IS SHE?!

“geugh, follow me, you can have a look yourself” I said, before exiting the room, Gazal in trail.





“So, this is the great hall, where we eat lunch, dinner and breakfast, and hold our dances and such”

“it’s a bit old isn’t it?” HOW STUPID IS THIS WENCH?

“yes, yes it is, and now im going to go, and eat dinner with my friends, so BYE!” I yelled to her; I was already half way across the hall, in hope of getting rid of her.


“oh for merlins sake James! you do not sound cool!” Delilah said, whilst whacking him round the head with a chicken drumstick.

“FOOD IN MY HAIR! GRAVY IN MY HAIR!” james was rather panicked, and was getting Fred to remove the gravy.

“so what did pro lightning want?” Delilah questioned  me whilst I tucked in to some shepards pie.

“turns out I’ve got a half sister, Gazal, right bitch, she transferred here from beauxbatons just now, sharing my room for tonight, thinks I shouldn’t be head girl or have James here as a best friend”

“whoa , hold up, you have a half sister?!”

“yep. Turns out my dad knocked up some woman and ran off and married her”

“pleasant. And she basically said your not worthy of your life?!”


“that bitch! Where is she?” Delilah was now shooting daggers at everyone in the room she didn’t know.  “I think she’s over there,” I gestured towards the end of the Gryffindor table where she was peering over heads, presumably looking for me.



“PULL IT FRED, PULL IT GOOD!” oh god Jim, they both sound like gay lovers. The whole hall was suddenly staring. Good one Fred and James, good one. “ITS OKAY!! JUST GETTING OUT SOME GRAVY! CARRY ON WITH YOUR DINNER!” yelled fred. Why is it he always tends to yell these sorts of things? Oh no. Gazals seen us! She’s coming over!

“psttt! James, Fred” I whispered, before quickly telling them she was my half sister, leaving out the part she was a bitch- I didn’t have time.

“Lannah! There you are!”

“don’t call me that, and you walked in with me, you knew where I –

“and you must be James, I’m Gazal Woodley, pleasured to meet you” she said in a seductive voice. Damn. She really can pull of seductive without trying. Bitch. She leant over, chowing her cleavage practically right at his face, and gave him a slow, kiss on the cheek, her lips lingering a little too long before she walked away, hips swaying and out of the great hall.

James was speechless. He was stuttering. His jaw was dropped. He was practically drooling. WHAT THE HELL DID GAZAL  DO TO HIM JIM?!

“wow” he breathed. I rolled my eyes.





“So, you like Gazal then?” I asked James as we walked towards the heads dorm, “well, she’s, hot I’ll give you that, but I dunno, like, I wanna get to know her”  HE WANTS TO GET TO KNOW HER JIM! WHAT IS THIS?!

“you want to get to know her? Seriously?”

“well, yeah, she might be as cool as you”

“not possible”

“yeah, my uncle Percy is already cooler than you, its not that hard to beat”


“what?” James asked defensively, hands up, “I was told never to lie!”

“oh you get here you” I said before leaping on him, and thwacking him a good few times on his back, before he heaved me up over his shoulder, so my legs and but were at his front, and his arse was in my face. This is ni- WAIT JIM, WHAT IS THIS?! I CANNOT BE ENJOYING THIS! Think of spencer, mm, his perfectly swished hair, those cheekbones, that ars-

enjoying the view Lannah?” James asked, I could just tell he was smirking,

“not really no”

“no one can resist this” he said before shaking his bum about, “oh god James, you look like a norweigan belly dancer”

“does Norway even have belly dancers?”

“well probably”

“but its cold there”

“and? They could do it indoors”

“whatever, at least we know my arse is highly trained in the art of hip shaking”

“practice in your spare time do you?”


“you disgust me”

“but you love me”

“yeahhh” by this time we had just walked into our common room, me still over James’ shoulder,  when I saw Gazal sitting on the sofa, staring at us, she cleared her throat, causing James to notice she was there, and he put me down.

“hey Gazal” he said, “what are you doing here?”

“oh did Alannah not tell you? Im staying here tonight, my room isn’t ready yet”

“oh! Awesome!”

“yeah, yeah it is”

“ANYWHOOO!” I said, jumping in, “Gazal, we should probably get to bed, you know, you have classes tomorrow, early rise, lets goo!”

“but i-

“lets GOOOO!” I said, before grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her into my room, “oh, night James, love you!” I yelled before slamming the door.

“why’d you drag me out of there?”

“like I said, early rise! So come on, put on your pjs, and lets sleep!”

“um, its still light outsi-


“okay okay!” she said defensively before grabbing her bag and running into my toilet. Haha. I scared her jim, HAHAHAHA!

I quickly pulled on my plaid shirt and matching shorts, when Gazal came out of the bathroom, sporting, a long shirt, with harry potters face on it. DA HELL?!

“um, you can sleep there” I said, throwing some blankets on the floor, before jumping onto my cushy king sized bed.  I saw her sour facial expression, but she didn’t comment.

After about 10 minutes of laying in silence, she spoke. “you know, I will steal james away from you”

Yeah, we’ll see how that goes down.


 AN. Just to make things clear, James doesnt yet know what Aly thinks of Gazal...

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