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The Basic Guide on Falling in Love by inkbutterfly
Chapter 2 : Admit it
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“Admit it.” Alice demanded, her dark blue eyes narrowing dangerously. “Now.” Lily sighed.



“There’s nothing to admit, Alice.” She protested “And could you please get off me?” Alice shook her head and leaned forward again, pushing Lily’s shoulders to the ground so she couldn’t get up.



“Just admit it, or you will be late for breakfast.” She paused to think for a while. “And Charms, you have that first right?”



Lily groaned and tried to sit up, but it was impossible with Alice sitting right on top of her. Quickly she glanced around the empty dorm trying to find a way out of this situation. At that moment, Mary walked out of the bathroom and looked questioningly at them.



“Mary, can you plea-” Her hopeful pleas were cut short by Alice who silenced her with a flick of the wand and smiled sweetly at Mary.



“Darling.” She said, in an all too happy tone “Can you help me get Evans here to admit that she does like Potter, so they can get on with it and get married and make millions of stubborn and annoying babies?” Mary smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow “Please?” Alice added as an afterthought. Mary nodded and began to walk over.



“You know, Alice” She began casually “I was reading about this really interesting hex the other day, and I have been craving for a chance to try it out.” She flicked her brunette hair over her shoulder and grinned. “I do think that Lily here would look nice with blue skin, it would complement her hair so nicely.” Lily’s eyes widened and she tried to protest, but of course, she still could make no noise.






She shook her head violently and Alice and Mary grinned at her.



How in the name of Merlin did I end up here?  She thought desperately.



“I think she want to say something.” Alice pointed out. “I rather think I should let her, just in case.” Mary shrugged.



“Depends what she wants to say.”



“Oh yes, it has to be about Potter, and it has to be good.” Alice grinned at her and Mary smirked. “Ready, Lily darling?” Alice asked, and when Lily nodded, very hesitantly, she released the silencing charm.



She scowled up at the two of them before quickly blurting out “He’s a really good kisser.”



There was a massive silence, and then Alice leapt off her and started screaming. Mary joined in as well, bombarding her with questions.



She quickly ran out of the dormitory and escaped them, and avoided a long and uncomfortable conversation that she knew Alice at least would love having.






As she made her way down the many corridors and staircases on the way to breakfast, Lily tried to calm down. Not wanting to talk to anyone, she took a long route, one that she had worked out during her Prefect years of patrolling the endless corridors. As she walked she complained to herself.



Why the fuck did I have to tell them that? Why the fuck did I even kiss him in the first place? Big deal if I lose a stupid dare, it doesn’t matter anyway.



She almost walked into a Hufflepuff first year, who took one look at the expression on her face and ran.



Now they are all going to think that I like Potter. And I don’t, hell no.



At that moment, she tripped over a broken step and fell down the last few stairs. “Fuck.” She hissed, sitting up and nursing her arm. It was bleeding and she guessed that there had been glass somewhere on the floor.



It hurt. A lot.



She quickly went to pull out her wand from her pocket, and froze.



My wand. Where the-



Realisation hit her and she groaned.






Before attacking her and pinning her to the ground, Alice had stolen her wand and tucked it away in her own cloak. Up in the common room. Back up all those stairs. Slowly, and very reluctantly, Lily started to stand up. She took a step and promptly collapsed. A sharp pain ran through her leg and she cringed. There was no way she would make it up those stairs.



Oh Merlin, please help me. First I am accused of loving Potter and now I am stuck in some random stairwell, without my wand and with a probably sprained ankle. What a great start to the day.






Deciding just to sit on the steps and wait for whoever comes by first and ask to borrow their wand, she started thinking about how everything was changing. The War was worse than it was before, or at least in was more in the open. Even at Hogwarts, you could notice changes.



Many of the Slytherins didn’t talk to muggle-borns, or even half-bloods, and not a week went by without her being called a mudblood. She really hated it. Everyone used to be so happy and close, and now they were suspicious of each other and you couldn’t even talk about your family without looking to see if there were any ‘potential Death Eaters’ lurking around. It was horrible.



But apart from that, Lily had changed. She used to worry about her school work and study all the time, plus she was never late to class and always knew the answers. Now, she found that it was hard to concentrate during class, and even in Potions she noticed herself drifting off and daydreaming. It wasn’t like her, and she knew why she was doing it.



She was worried, about her family and for her friends. They all openly opposed Lord Voldemort, and she knew that that was very dangerous. She just hoped that she wasn’t putting her family at risk because of her choices. It was all okay to be against it at Hogwarts, but next year they were out in the open, and anything could happen.



A tear escaped from Lily’s eye and she felt hot rage burning up inside of her. It just wasn’t fair! She had wanted a normal life, a happy one, and she had always tried her best at everything. She was nice to everyone and never intentionally hurt someone, but then these people come and say she is ruining the wizarding race and should be destroyed.






The sound of footsteps and laughter tore her from her thoughts and she quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks. The people came closer and she realised she recognised the voices. Potter. Out of all the people who could come walking down the corridor, it has to be Potter. She rolled her eyes and turned around so she was facing the direction they were coming from.



“Hey! Potter!” She yelled at him, wincing in pain as she leant too far on her cut and bruised arm.



James came into her view and frowned. “What are you doing down there, Lily?” He asked. An unwelcomed blush rose to her cheeks when he used her first name.



“Well, I am obviously not here for fun!” She snapped at him. James stepped back, a hurt expression crossing over his face. He shrugged.



“Well, you’re obviously not snogging anyone either, which is what most people are doing if they’re not in class.”



Lily flushed again, then gasped as she realised what he said. “Is it class already?” Sirius appeared at James’ shoulder and nodded.



“And what are you doing out here, Head Girl?” He asked her cheekily. Lily sighed and told them how Alice had her wand and she tripped down the stairs on the way to breakfast.



“-and now, if you don’t mind, can I borrow one of your wands?” She finished. James, who was now next to her, looked at her blankly. “Or not… I just love walking around with a sprained ankle and a bleeding arm.”



“Oh! Sorry.” He exclaimed and passed it to her. Sirius stood up and stretched, while Lily quickly fixed up her ankle and arm. When she was done, James stood up and grabbed her hand.



“Come on, you missed breakfast and I bet you’re starving.” He grinned at her, and then started running along, with her trailing behind him. Sirius caught up with them and grabbed Lily’s other hand and they both dragged her along through a maze of corridors and staircases. When they finally stopped, Lily was panting and laughing at the same time, making it very hard to talk.



“So where exactly did you take me?” She asked them. Sirius just smiled knowingly and tapped the picture frame of a large painting next to them. It swung inwards, and Lily jumped back in shock.



She looked at both of them, who were grinning widely at her.



“Welcome to the kitchens!” Sirius boomed grandly and jumped through the portrait hole. James got in after him and held a hand out to Lily.



‘My Lady?” She giggled and let him help her in. Which was something she wouldn’t normally do, but she decided it must be because of the lack of food. Missing out on breakfast was never a good idea, and she made a mental note never to let Alice take her wand again. Or anyone for that matter.






She stepped into the kitchens and gasped. It was massive, with long benches, shelves full of food and hundreds and hundreds of house elves, rushing about. Sirius seemed to be amused by her reaction, and he smirked to himself. James crouched down and spoke to one of the elves, smiling and saying something that Lily couldn’t quite hear. He stood up and winked at her. She felt a flutter in her stomach but quickly ignored it and scowled. She wasn’t about to let James take advantage of the situation again, this time she was prepared for his pathetic teasing. He shrugged off her reaction and began walking towards the end of the room, where there was a small cluster of armchairs and a low coffee table.



Awhile later, they were all slumped in the chairs and shovelling their faces full. At least Lily was, and she wasn’t really bothered by what the boys were doing. Sticking the last bit of bacon into her mouth she sighed and put down her plate.



“How is it” She said “That you two have never brought me here before?” Sirius took an incredibly large bite from the pie he was holding and mumbled something. Bits of meat and pastry flew everywhere. “Yuck!” Lily exclaimed. Sirius swallowed hard and grinned.



“Sorry about that.” He said sheepishly. Lily waited expectantly.



“We have to keep some secrets to ourselves, Lily.” James said sarcastically, between mouthfuls of chocolate cake. That boy had the biggest sweet tooth ever. “I mean, it’s not like you’re a Marauder!”



“Not like I would want to be one anyway.” She replied. Both the boys looked at her in shock and Sirius just about chocked on his pie, spluttering everywhere and coughing.



“What!?” James burst out incredulously “Why wouldn’t you.” Sirius frowned as if it were really difficult to work out.



Lily grinned at them and explained slowly “Well, I don’t see how it’s so great, you do some pranks and are Quidditch players. Like, wow, it’s the epitome of my life ambitions.”



They both looked at her dumbfounded. Sirius was the first to regain his voice. “Plus we are amazingly smart, good looking and incredibly charming.” Lily rolled her eyes.



“So am I, when I want to be.” She added, a little surprised with herself. James chuckled and Sirius stuck his tongue out at her.



“Well, we are just amazing, and we have all the girls that are into us.”



“Yeah” Lily said sarcastically “Because, you know, I really am worried about how many girls are into me.”



Sirius looked at Lily and smiled to himself.



“What?” She demanded.



“It’s just; you’re not as boring as you used to be. I think we are a good influence on you.” He said, his face dead serious, but his silver grey eyes dancing.



Lily just smiled back and grabbed a slice of cheesecake.












Professor Slughorn was about to shut the door when Lily and James rushed into the classroom. Sirius didn’t take potions, so he had gone to find Remus and Peter. Slughorn didn’t say anything, of course, because Lily was his favourite pupil. James grinned at her and she smiled back, before quickly taking a seat near the front. She scanned the class and found Alice, Clare and Mary staring at her.



“What the hell?” Alice mouthed to her, frowning and looking very confused.



Lily smirked at her. “I’ll tell you later.” She mouthed back, and when Alice nodded she turned around. “And I’m not looking forward to it.” She muttered to herself.



There was no way that she could skip a class, return with James Potter and get away with it.

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