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What's My Age Again? by Hashbr0wns
Chapter 5 : I'm the latest school bully?
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 Disclaimer: I own nothing.


I hated having to watch quidditch practice, I hated watching any of the matches all together. But getting up at 6am just so Fred and George could feel good about themselves was out of order.


“Come on we want you to watch!” George had pleaded with me.


“I watch you all the time.” I hissed, it was far too early for me to be awake never mind out of bed, dressed and down in the common room.






This continued for several minutes until I had given in, of course with the reasonable deal of free skiving snackbox products for a month.


This was really stupid. There was no quidditch this year. It had all been called off due to the triwizard tournament but Angelina had insisted the more practice the better and how the team might 'forget how to play' or some crap like that. I watched the twins show off from the stands. I'd tried to fall asleep countless times but I'd given up with the noise that the quidditch team were so keen on making.


I was observing Angelina especially who was acting more like she was on a model runway rather than a broom. 


I'd never really noticed just how cocky both of the twins were. I grinned at them every time they whizzed passed me, I gave them the occasional thumbs up to let them know I was paying attention. 


“I don't understand how a person could submit themselves to that kind of torture more than once a week.” I stated to them as we were walking back from the pitch, I always expected them to be worn out after practice but it never phased them, it only made them even more hyper.


“Nothing like a bit of exercise to start the day.” Fred replied almost skipping back to hogwarts.


“Will you stop bouncing up and down.” I said to him pushing my hands down on his shoulders, not very effectively though considering he towered almost a foot over me.


“By the way we're going over the next quidditch match with Ange at lunch.” I cringed at Fred's use of the word Ange.


“That's pathetic! That doesn't even make sense. You don't have quidditch for a year. A whole school YEAR.” I exclaimed to them both quickening my pace.


I mumbled to myself about having to spend my lunch with Angelina, low enough so that the twins couldn't hear. They just thought I was moaning in general which was expected from me. I found myself relieved when we reached the common room and parted our ways to get our books, I couldn't take any more of their nattering about quidditch.


Since I was already up I made it to breakfast in time, Ana was there looking fresh faced as always. I decided to avert all of my attention to speaking with her at breakfast as the twins were aggravating me every time they opened their mouths.


By the time we'd reached halfway through potions, I was ready to full on throttle them.


Usually in potions it's more than obvious that we'll mess up our work once, but this was the fifth time round.

“You fucking idiot, bat wings aren't even part of the ingredients!” I raised my voice again hoping to go unnoticed by Snape.


“It's not his fault it's your fault for not double checking before we put them in.” George came to his defence earning a stone cold look that could kill.


“Since when was that my job, don't you turn this on me!” I whispered harshly.


“Then if you're so capable of doing it yourself, why don't you?” He challenged raising an eyebrow.


“Fine I will, pair of idiots!” I turned my back on them and started to stomp off, unaware that my cloak sleeve had brought our potion with me.


The three of us tried to grab it, all failing miserably it clanked against the floor literally exploding on us.




Fred was almost in tears of laughter at the sight of us all covered in mouldy gunk. George and I just exchanged glares.


“50 points from Gryffindor for class disruption and damage, the three of you will see me after school Monday, clean up this mess and be on your way.” Snape cut in, he almost said it in a bored tone, bored but definitely stern so none of us questioned him and started hurrying to clean it up.


“Nice one Jess.” Fred whispered half jokingly half annoyed.


I just groaned trying to get excess slime out of my hair.


“I'm sorry alright, you know I can be clumsy, merlin the two of you look like you want to kill me.” I exclaimed growing more and more frustrated.


“We do.” They replied at the same time.


After we got out of potions we had to walk down the corridors looking like a new born baby had spewed vomit all over us. Which of course was highly comical to the Slytherins.


“This is all your fault, we're going to be late for Ange now.” George hissed at me trying not to attract any more attention than he already had.


“Well you could just go like that.” I said gesturing to his almost green uniform.


He just glared at me warning me not to say anything else.


Maybe not then.


“Actually.” I paused remembering the incident a couple of weeks ago. “You almost killed me, KILLED me with your dodgy products, remember and I didn't even complain that much yet you look as if you're going to disown me!” I shouted at them.


They had no right to be this annoyed with me. Or maybe it was because they couldn't bear to be late for 'Ange'.

The guilty look on their faces was enough satisfaction for me.


“Sorry Jess I'd completely forgot tha-” “You forget that you put me in hospital?” I cut Fred off, I realised I was bordering on being a bit of a bitch right now but they'd been so arrogant in potions.


“Jess, we're sorry, we're sorry for being arses in potions, we're sorry for being arses all together, can you forgive us? George stopped me from walking ahead by placing his hands on my shoulders and giving me his puppy dog eyes. I smirked to myself happy that I'd got them to apologise, guilt was the ultimate winner.


“Fine, fine can we just go and get this shit off us and then meet precious Ange Ange.” I said starting to pull them towards the seventh floor.


“Is that a hint of jealousy I hear Georgie?” Fred questioned his brother grinning.


“I do believe it is Freddy.” George grinned even wider back at Fred.


“You know I can't stand Angelina, idiots, and now I have to spend my most cherished time of the day with her.” I calmly explained to them part of me hoping they'd call off meeting her all together.


Fred sighed slinging his arm around me. “Jess, it'll only be for a short while and then you can have me all to yourself.” He whispered jokingly throwing me a seductive wink to finish it off.


“Oi and stop calling us idiots, that's the fourth time today.” George added.


“I'll stop calling you idiots when you stop acting like idiots.” I shrugged at them.





I never thought that giving up a lunch time for Angelina Johnson would be like this. Of course I expected something along the lines of painful and infuriating but this was pathetic. We were sat around a table in the common room. We'd only been here for 20 minutes and there was another 20 to go.


Angelina had also decided that it was best if I was to not speak as it might interrupt their game plans but there wasn't really much game planning happening. More flirting. She hadn't took her eyes off Fred and kept giggling like a first year every time she spoke. Her laugh was hideous to listen to every 5 seconds.


I want her chair to break.


I really want something horrendous to happen to her right now. I had been told that I wasn't allowed to speak, threatened the night before and now she's trying to win Fred's affections for her.


“Bye.” I stormed out of the common room without another word. I didn't even want to see Angelina's expression which was probably something of great satisfaction.


I was in the great hall eating like a starved animal whilst conversing with Seamus Finnegan when another letter arrived for me. It was a rarity that I got letters. I mean I'm sure I would have gotten a few more if I ever bothered writing back to anyone.


So receiving letters had became almost exciting. I quickly but carefully opened the blue letter which had been packaged ever so carefully.


I recognised the writing as Molly Weasley's straight away. My smile grew as I read on. She'd written to tell me that she'd like for me to come and stay at half term, mentioning how it would be wonderful to have me and how I kept the boys in line and what not. I pocketed the letter as I reminder to write back later on.


Just then one of the twins emerged at the entrance, I couldn't tell who it was this far off, as he moved closer I recognised him as George.


“Afternoon sexy.” He joked as he sat himself down next to me.


“Where's Fred.” I questioned ignoring his previous comment.


“Just the man I came to talk to you about actually.” George said confidently with a cheeky grin forming on his face.


“What?” I asked.


“I have this sneaking suspicion that Jess..” He patted me on the shoulder and continued to speak about me in third person. “I think that she has what we call a crush on dear Freddy.”


I stared at him, unsure whether to laugh or question him or hit him.


“I what?” I glared at him still in shock.


“You-Have-A-Crush-On-Fred.” He said slowly, pausing between each word.


“I bloody do not have a crush on Fred.” I whispered to him angrily.


“Ah denial, first sign of a crush.” He smirked back at me.


“I don't”


“You do”










By now we had all the attention of the Gryffindor table. It seemed me and George getting into these one worded arguments was becoming a regular thing. What had gave him the impression that I liked Fred. It was stupid. Out of the question.


“And do you have anything else to prove your theory George? I asked him waiting to be fascinated by his response.


“It's obvious.”


“You've said that.” I cut in.


“Let me finish Jess! Okay firstly the way you get when he flirts with you.” He stated.


“What? What do you mean the way I 'get' and secondly when has Fred ever flirted apart from when you're fooling around.” I shot back at him, I realised I was getting quite defensive.


“Did it ever occur to you that he wasn't fooling around?” He continued before I could reply.


“And today with Angelina, you got angry, perhaps defensive whenever she flirted with Fred, which was at least every minute so I came to the conclusion that you left because you couldn't bear the sight of Fred being with another woman.” George finished, looking quite proud of himself.


I'll admit to myself that the flirting between Angelina and Fred earlier was annoying but not to a point that it affected me personally. At least I think.


“Did you ever consider why Fred had stopped talking to you all of a sudden for all those weeks?” George said and he looked like he'd regretted it immediately as if he wasn't supposed to have said that.


“What are you trying to say?” I said back to him, I was so so confused right now.


Just as he was pondering on what to reply we saw Fred walk in so we started up a fake conversation about Snape so it would look normal when Fred sat down.


Just as I was about to comment on how Angelina had ruined our entire lunch break Fred took it upon himself to strike up a conversation about how 'she wasn't that bad' or 'you should just get to know her' I'd tuned out of the conversation after he'd said that. She was brainwashing him into loving her, I was certain of it.


George kept glancing at me probably to see if I would react to Fred's constant chatter of Angelina. I didn't of course, that would just prove George right and he wasn't right. Was he?


I couldn't like Fred it was unheard of, stupid. Basically incest if you ask me. Then again some of George's points had proved to be right but I think it would be different if it wasn't Angelina who was involved.


The next lessons passed in a blur, it seemed my wand skills were only getting worse each day, if it wasn't for magic I'd be in debt with the amount of money I'd owe to the school for repairs. I was utterly hopeless.


As we were walking back to the common room to go to bed Fred decided he needed to say something.


“So Jess I was speaking to Ange today she mentioned how you and her aren't getting on.” He said.


“You're a true genius Fred.” I retorted wondering what this could possibly be leading to.


“Well Ange feels that you should be nicer to her, she thinks you're being too harsh on her, well today it was almost like she was scared of you.” He explained.

I was about to question him further when I caught George sniggering which set me off until the pair of us were howling with laughter.


“I was being serious.” Fred stated, looking like he was actually serious for once.


“Fred, mate what are you on about come on we know Angelina can be a right cow to Jess.” George piped in for me.


“Yes Fred what are you on about? I'm being harsh to her is she bloody mental I bet you 5 galleons she'd take any good chance she got to hex me into oblivion.” I replied not sure if Fred was joking or not. He'd never really been serious about something like this.


“Just, lay off her okay?” Fred asked me.


“Okay okay, whatever sure.” I said trying not to laugh whilst raising my hands in surrender.


Me and George were still laughing as we trailed behind him, Fred had lost it.


“I don't see what you're laughing about, she's made you out to be quite a bully.” Fred turned around to George and I.


“A bully? Frederick, seriously she speaks out her arse, you believe that I could 'bully' Angelina Johnson. She's quidditch captain for fuck sake?!” I exclaimed starting to get annoyed. What had she said to Fred about me.


“Well she seemed pretty torn up about it from what I was hearing.” He said simply and continued through the Gryffindor portrait leaving me and George baffled.


She actually had brainwashed him. I don't even want to know what she's up to. Bloody physco I knew she wasn't right in the head.


Little did I know that things would escalate massively from here and take such a turn for the worst.  

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