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Finding a Potter by bluebec2
Chapter 5 : Death Eaters Plan
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Emily had been in the same room for four days she was weak and hungry the only things that the death eaters gave her was a cup of water and a quarter of a slice of bread per day. Obviously they wanted her weak so she couldn’t be able to run away from Voldemort. She felt like she was going to faint, she heard footsteps approaching and then darkness surrounded her but she felt agonizing pain she knew that it was the woman torturing her even when she was already unconscious.



‘Do any of you have a driver’s license?’ asked Dumbledore. Severus shook his head but Remus nodded.


‘But I don’t have a car’ said Remus ‘I usually used the Potter’s’


‘Well why don’t you use it again’ said Dumbledore


The three men apparated to the Potter’s house and walked over to the white car, Remus thought that time was slipping away from him he didn’t knew the time or date he’s been to occupied with worrying about Emily.


‘Sir, do you know what the time and date is, please?’


‘It’s two forty seven in the afternoon and the date is the fourth of August’ said Dumbledore



They had stayed a few nights at Hogwarts before finding Emily, they were planning how to get past the death eaters and retrieve the girl and still hadn’t found a good plan and they still weren’t sure it was the Malfoy’s or Voldemort’s place they were going to, they had a long drive ahead of them. Dumbledore thought that this long road trip was going to very interesting




Five adults were sitting around a black table two of which was suppose to guarding Emily and one of the women was holding a pale, white haired baby boy.


‘The girl won’t last much longer, I’ll be amazed if she isn’t dead by the end of the week’ said the wild, black haired woman, Bellatrix.



‘BELLA!’ shouted a white blonde haired man ‘You have to keep her alive but weak’



‘I’m doing that but she’s too weak to strengthen’



‘Well, stop torturing her every ten minutes’ said a brown haired man who looked a lot like a wolf.



‘Why do you two always ruin the fun?’



‘We are just obeying the dark lord’ said the woman holding the baby ‘Anyway both Lucius and Greyback are right you need to keep her weak but alive and you can start that by not torturing the girl just keep her to the rations of food we give her’



‘Not you too, Cissy’


The baby started to cry loudly and all of the death eaters covered their ears apart from its parents whose father looked like he was going to explode.


‘Shut the boy up, Narcissa’ he said.


‘If you weren’t so harsh on him he wouldn’t be crying as much’ said Narcissa getting up from her seat ‘I’m sorry we’ve got to leave next time I’ll leave Draco with Dobby’



They walked out of the building and apparated back to their manor.


‘Should we call Snape?’ asked Greyback ‘Since the Malfoys are occupied with their child’



‘No, I don’t think we can trust him anymore’ said Bellatrix.



Albus Dumbledore would rather be anywhere than stuck in a small white car with Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.


‘I know where I’m going!’ argued Remus.


‘Which one are you going to first?’ asked Severus.


‘The Malfoys I told you that twice already!’ Remus was losing patience.


‘The Malfoys live South of London you’re heading north!’


‘And what would you know about directions Snape?’


‘My father was a muggle I know which way you’re going, north!’












‘-ENOUGH’ shouted Dumbledore ‘Remus, you are going the wrong way, you’re going East’



‘Oh’ Remus looked embarrassed, he made a U-turn at the next possible place and started heading to head in the right direction.



 Albus chuckled to himself quietly they sounded like little boys arguing over who was fighting over a toy. He looked over at the city streets and was amazed how muggles could live like this; driving around in cars, not having house elves and didn’t have much things to defend themselves with if anyone who meant harm arrived at their doorstep.



‘Why do you want to rescue the girl since I thought you were on HIS side?’ asked Remus he was getting angry, Dumbledore was surprised that Remus hasn’t crashed the car yet.



‘Can’t a man change his mind’ responded Severus.



‘Yeah, he only changed his mind when You-Know-Who killed Lily’ mumbled Remus.



‘It’s a full moon tonight, Remus’ sneered Severus ‘Better drink that potion’



‘You better watch yourself, Snape! We don’t want the incident that happened in fifth year. Do we? ’



‘You two can’t go five minutes without arguing!’ said Dumbledore, annoyed ‘You’re behaving like school boys’



He was right. They were adults and they were still acting like they were fifteen. The next hour was in silence until:



‘You made the wrong turn, AGAIN!’ Yelled Severus



‘Well, if you told me when to turn we wouldn’t be in this situation’ said Remus angrily



‘Turn back and turn left onto Hickory Lane’ said Severus



‘Wasn’t that bad was it, Severus’ said Remus



Dumbledore was about to get out of the car and walk to the Malfoys he had never heard two men argue so immaturely before. In about thirty minutes they had arrived at a large Manor and parked in front of the large, brass gates and got out of the car.



‘So how do we get in?’ Remus asked



Severus got out his wand.



‘Barbarda Maxima’ Nothing happened. Severus drew back his sleeve revealing the dark mark tattooed onto his arm and repeated the spell.



 This time, the gates burst open and the three men walked through down the long path to the front door of the house. Dumbledore knocked with the door hanger three times and a tiny elf opened the door



‘y-yes?’ said the elf



‘Are the Malfoys home?’ asked Severus



‘N-no’ answered the elf’ they left to go to Riddle’s house an hour ago, to go and meet Mistress Bellatrix whose guarding miss Potter... Oh no Dobby’s said too much... Dobby is going to get into trouble off master Malfoy’



‘Thank you, Dobby’ said Remus ‘And don’t worry, you not going to get into trouble, they are’



Dobby closed the door and the three men walked back to the car. Now they definitely knew where Emily was.



‘Now we know where she is, where is the Riddle house?’ asked Remus.



‘Little Hangleton” answered Severus.



Something told Dumbledore that this was going to be a very long drive.

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