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The Life of a Young Black by DracoGal
Chapter 10 : Halloween Ball, Part 1
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Before I knew it, the Halloween Ball was here. Ginny and I were up in my dorm getting ready. I was doing her hair into a cute bun with some curls hanging down in her face. Her makeup was already done and consisted of green eye shadow and eyeliner. She also had lip gloss and a light pink blush on. She most definitely looked like a woods-girl.

While Ginny was putting on her costume, I did my own hair and makeup. I curled my hair and pinned it up in the back with bobby pins. I then put on blue eye shadow with black eye-liner to match my costume. I couldn’t wait for tonight. I couldn’t wait for Blaise to see me, to have fun, and talk to all my friends. And maybe, Blaise would ask me to be his girlfriend.

When we were both dressed, we decided to head to the Common Room to wait for Draco and Blaise. All the guys of Slytherin were down there either waiting for their dates or talking to their friends. There were no other girls in the room, so I assumed we were the first ones ready.

Arms slipped around my waist and I was pulled against someone. I smiled and turned around to see Blaise dressed up in a red street fighter costume. His eyes seemed to light up when he saw my costume.

“Looking good, Rex!” Draco exclaimed. I laughed.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” Draco was dressed as a Julius Caesar.

“What about me?” Blaise pouted. I giggled.

“You look good; as always.”

I looked over to Ginny and Dray was whispering something in her ear. She looked over at me and we both started giggling.

“Girls.” Blaise mumbled.

“What was that?”


I laughed and the four of us made our way to the Great Hall.

The Hall was decked out in black and orange. There was a big open dance floor and small tables on the outside. We were quick to grab one and then headed out to the dance floor. The first song was a slow one, so Blaise pulled me close and I laid my head on his exposed chest.

“You know, I never said how beautiful you look.” I smiled.

“I’m surprised you and Dray didn’t get professional Quidditch robes or something.”

“Nah, that’s too typical. We decided to be original.” I giggled.

“Well, you did get that one right. Now every girl is going to be staring at your bare chest.” He chuckled.

“But do you honestly think I will pay any attention to them when I have the prettiest girl here in my arms?”

Just then, Ginny came running over and dragged me away from the dance floor. “What is it?” I asked, knowing something was wrong.

“Harry’s wearing a costume that matches mine!”

“Are you serious?!”

“Yeah, but a guy one.”

“No, really!” I said sarcastically. “I thought he was wearing a dress!” She rolled her eyes.

“What am I going to do?!” I took her hand and went over to where Harry, Weasley, and Granger were standing.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” Weasley spat.

“For your information, Weasel, I came to talk to a darling god brother of mine.”

Ginny kept trying to drag me away from them, but I wasn’t moving.

“And what could you possibly have to discuss with me?”

“Oh, I just wanted to say how nice your costume looks. Did you get it for any particular reason?”

“No, but yours makes you look like a sk-” Granger elbowed him in the stomach and he grunted.

“Ginny, what the hell are you wearing?” Weasley practically yelled.

“A dress, what does it look like?”

“It’s too short!”

“Well, Draco seems to like it. Speaking of which, we should probably get back to our dates.” She dragged me away before anything else could be said.

The boys were standing over by the drink table when we found them.

“Rex, can I talk to for a second?” Blaise asked. I nodded and he led me out into the cool night air. He led me to a bench and we sat down on it. “I think we both know how we feel about each other, and we basically are a couple. Would you be my girlfriend?”

I took one of his that were lying on his lap and leaned my head on his shoulder. “Yes.” He kissed my forehead.

“Do you think we should get back in there before Dray drags Ginny into a broom closet? You saw the way he’s been looking at her the entire night.”  

He chuckled. “He has self-control.” I scoffed.

“This is Draco Malfoy we are talking about here. He has very little to none whatsoever.” He sighed.

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t want to see him get killed by Weaselbee or Potty.”

We got up from the bench and walked back to the Great Hall hand in hand.

I saw Gin and Dray on the dance floor and I sighed in relief. Even though Dray is dubbed as the Slytherin Sex God doesn’t mean he’s actually done anything. However, if there’s a girl he really likes, he’s been known to drag her into a broom closet and snog her senseless. Third year, he had a thing for Pansy and that’s what he’d do. There’s nothing wrong with snogging, but with Umbridge around, I didn’t want the two of them to get detention and end up with scars on their hands like mine.

Speaking of the old toad face, she was patrolling the Great Hall to look for students who were breaking her stupid arse rules. She didn’t seem to care about ‘no student should be within eight inches of each other’ since this was a dance. But she was looking for other violation like snogging and improper dress. She seemed to be in detention-giving mode, so I did my best to avoid her while getting back on the dance floor. We went over to the other half of our group and started dancing.

All of a sudden, I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Umbridge standing there in all her glory. “Detention, Miss Black.”

What the hell?!?!?!?!

A/N: Finally, Chapter 10! Sorry for the long update; I had a bit of writer’s block with this one so decided to make it two parts. Please review!!

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