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Letters to L.C. by ScarletRoses
Chapter 13 : Halloween Party
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“Want to back out, Crowley?” Mary asked me, a sly smirk on her face. At least I thought that was on her face. I couldn’t see it behind all the hideous make up.

“No. Just seeing you in that costume is kind of satisfying.” I told her honestly. She scowled, scooting to the other side of Lily. Lily beamed at me, linking her arm through mine. Did she think we were going on a date or something the way she was doing this?


“You’re going to make jaws drop, Lenny. Just like you did all day.” She told me. I didn’t see jaws dropping. I saw a few weird looks, but that was about it. No jaw dropping.


“Who knows, maybe Ludo will give her some attention. He seems pretty smitten on you.” Alice said, sending me a wink. I felt my face grow hot at her comment.

Ludo was charming and all. He was gorgeous to boot. He was extremely care-free. I felt as though I should be interested in him, but I wasn’t. I didn’t see him as anything more than a teammate. Is that horrible? Probably. Most girls drooled over Ludo Bagman. He was probably one of the hottest boys at the school.


“Crowley, if you don’t go for that, I will.” I heard Mary say. I raised my eyebrows at her, barely able to see her face from beneath the wig. She had taken to covering up her face with the hair now.

“What about my brother?” I asked her. Lily and Alice both giggled, giving Mary pointed looks. She mumbled something inaudible, speeding her walk.

When we finally made it to the Room of Requirement, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The party throwers had out-did themselves this year. There was fake spider webs hanging from the ceiling. The room was almost all black with strobe lights just about everywhere. People where jumping up and down to music in the middle of the dance floor. On the far side of the room, there was a large table with a lot of food and drinks on it. The walls looked to be covered in fake blood. I saw a few skeletons every which way and a fair amount of pumpkins.


It was epic. At least whoever was throwing this Halloween party knew what Halloween was. It was meant to be scary. This was spot on.


I felt Lily, Alice, and Mary drift away and smiled to myself. I felt extremely out of place being around them. Not that they weren’t splendid girls (minus Mary of course), but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Or cup of pumpkin juice. No cup of anything, really. Unless I was American, then I might be able to fit in with them. Alas, I am British.

I didn’t feel comfortable in this costume. I felt as though I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. This costume was like lingerie! It wasn’t even quite that. I wasn’t sure how to describe it, really. Not a real costume, that was for sure.

I found myself wandering towards the drink table, pushing my way through grinding couples. That wasn’t proper dancing, either! What was wrong with these people? First it was the costumes and now it was the dancing? I wasn’t sure where they would draw the line.

In all honesty, I just wanted this night to get over with.

That is until I saw the big bowl of candy awaiting me at the food table. I gasped, a large smile irrupting on my face. Maybe this night wouldn’t be half bad. I could survive if I kept close to this candy.

“Lenny!” I heard someone shout. I turned to see Teddy stumbling towards me, obviously already drunk. He slung one of his big arms around me, nearly causing the pair of us to crash to the ground.

“You’re too heavy, you oaf!” I shouted to him over the music. He grinned at me, but didn’t seem to hear what I had said. This is where twin telepathy would come into play.

“Bloody hell, I thought you’d change!” I heard his voice squeak as his eyes bulged at my costume. “I’ll kill all these boys if they look at you, don’t think I won’t!”

“I don’t doubt you.” I told him. I learned last year not to argue with a drunk Teddy. Those Ravenclaws know some nasty curses and while drunk, Teddy isn’t afraid to use them on me.

“Oi, keep your eyes in your socket!” Teddy shouted to a nearby fifth year who didn’t even seem to be looking at us. His eyes bulged and he turned in the opposite direction.


“Teddy, I don’t think he was looking at me.” I tried, but Teddy was already stomping off after the boy, his wand raised. I hoped for the boys sake that Teddy didn’t find him.


“Enjoying yourself?” I heard someone say into my ear. I turned to see Remus grinning and supporting a fire whiskey. Was he drunk too? I had just bloody gotten here and everyone was wasted.


“I just got here.” I told him, eyeing a nearby blonde who looked ready to snog her date’s face off.


“I see you’re still sending Sirius those letters.” Remus said, though I could hear the patronizing tone in his voice. I nodded, not going further into it.


“I’m Lenny right now. Not L.C.” I told him. He grinned at me, shaking his head.


“You’re both, Lenny.” He told me. I was about to retaliate when I saw Marlene at Remus’ shoulder, her dark hair shining in the light from the strobes. She gave me the thumbs up, gesturing to Remus. I frowned at her.


“Mind if I steal Crowley?” Marlene asked, her tone too sweet for her costume. She seemed to be wearing a slaggy witch costume, the complete opposite of Mary’s costume. Remus turned, seeing Mary for the first time, and gave her a nod.


“I’ll see you later, Lenny.” Remus mumbled before disappearing into the crowd.


“That’s a good idea!” Marlene said, giving me a playful shove on the shoulder. Except it wasn’t all so playful when I stumbled into the drink table.


“What was a good idea?” I asked, rubbing my shoulder. It honestly hurt!


“Going for his friend. It’ll make him jealous.” Marlene told me, smirking at me the whole time.

“Who’s friend?” I asked her, completely dumb-founded. She sighed, gesturing across the room. I followed her finger towards Black who was talking with Potter, laughing at something he must have found extremely funny. What was so funny that he would laugh that hard?

“So are you going to go talk to him?” Marlene asked me. I turned her, furrowing my eyebrows. Why would I go talk to him? Black and I hated each other. L.C. may have been a different story, but she wasn’t me. She wasn’t this person standing here tonight.


“No.” I told her simply, grabbing some pumpkin juice. As I took a sip, I could taste it was spiked and almost spit it out. Bother.


“Why bloody not?!” She hissed at me. I rolled my eyes, downing the pumpkin juice mix. It burned my throat and made my stomach turn, but I was thirsty.


“He’d probably yell at me for something or another.” I told her. He honestly would. That was our relationship summed up. He yelled, I said something stupid, he yelled some more, I laughed at him yelling, he stormed off. Strong relationship, right?


“Well, at least talk to Bagman. He’s been eyeing you ever since you came in.” Marlene grumbled, pushing herself away from me. I let my eyes search the crowd for Ludo. No harm in finding someone to talk to for the night, right?


I didn’t need to find him as he made his way straight towards me. His grin was large, showing off his perfect white teeth. Does he bleach them? I’m sure he does, because that is unnatural. He had a perfect complexion, I noticed close up. Something I very much envied. Bloody hell, he would make a good girl.


“I didn’t think I’d get to see you alone here!” Ludo shouted over the music, but he was saying it far too loud. I shuffled my feet out of habit. “First it was Evans, then it was your brother, then Lupin, and then McKinnon. Ms. Popular, aren’t you?”


“Hardly.” I said, Ludo used his opportunity to lean forward, his face only inches away from mine. His grin widened as I felt my face grow hot. Was it necessary to be this close to me? I could hear him just fine.


“Care to dance, Ms. Crowley?” he asked, his voice extremely husky. I shrugged and he led me to the dance floor.


The small problem may be that I can’t dance. At parties like this, I normally remained a wall flower and drank myself stupid, giggling with Teddy at girls who tried to throw themselves at him. I’d never been asked to dance before. Sure, Teddy and I made down right fools of ourselves every once and a while on the dance floor, but that was after we had had too many drinks.


Ludo immediately pulled me against his body the minute we reached the dance floor. I let a squeak escape my lips in shock, but he didn’t seem to notice. He started grinding against my leg like there was no tomorrow. My body froze. I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to hump his leg back? I think that would feel like we were shagging on the dance floor. I had very little clothing on, so it would be like shagging.


Ludo dug his fingers into my bare hips, moving me as well. What the bloody hell was he doing, trying to make me grind on him? He had a hold of my hips and was moving them, but my whole body went with it. It was like he was swinging me around awkwardly. Which is probably why the girl next to us laughed into her date’s shirt.

Bloody hell, I’m not cut out for this stuff.


I smiled at Ludo, pulling myself away from him. “I have to pee.” I told him, turning before I could see the look on his face.


I didn’t go to the loo, however. I went straight for the drink table, downing two fire whiskeys in a minute. Bloody hell, that’s better. I even took another one for good measure.

”Come dance with me!” Lily giggled, pulling me towards the dance floor once again. She began to jump around, swinging her body to the music. She seemed to not have a single care in the world. She grabbed onto my hand, twirling me around in circles.


Could I consider this girl my friend? I wasn’t sure. I thought Teddy was my only friend. Speaking of which, I hadn’t seen him all night. I let my eyes wander the dance floor, not spotting his face. I frowned. Bother. Would I have to go searching for him at the end of the night to make sure he wasn’t shagging a Hufflepuff?




“Mary’s sulking in the corner! It’s pretty funny!” Lily told me, gesturing towards where Mary was, stuffed next to a couple snogging. She looked extremely pissed off. I smirked in triumph. She would be doing my homework by the end of the night.


“Can I cut in?” I saw Potter before Lily did, a shy look over his normally confident face. Lily turned towards him, her face flushing pink.


“Sure!” I answered, scooting away before Lily could protest. I was right back at the drink table again, downing more fire whiskey.


As the night dragged on, I found myself being forced onto the dance floor by multiple people. I hated banging up against the sweaty bodies of those who had not left it for hours. I felt my legs were sticky from people stumbling and splashing their drinks onto the floor, seemingly getting it on my bare legs. I got them back by “accidentally” spilling my entire drink on them. I think I wasted a bit of fire whiskey doing this.


I could feel the fire whiskey working it’s way through my system and felt loonier than ever. Loony Lenny Crowley. I think I should have a last name with the letter L as well. Then I could have the initials L.L. We wouldn’t have to worry about Sirius Black being remotely interested in me. Not that he was interested in me, he was interested in L.C. If I wasn’t L.C, he wouldn’t have anyone to be interested. He’d die alone.

I smirked to myself, draining the cup in my hand. After a while, you grow a tolerance to this stuff. It doesn’t burn your throat or make you cough. I wish that were the case the first time you took a drink.


Bloody hell I was drunk.


“-And then the banshee came straight at me!” I heard Gilderoy Lockhart’s proclamation. He was describing how he had been attacked by a banshee over the summer and survived. I gasped for dramatic effect.


“And then what happened?!” I asked him, very amused by his story.


“Well, I fought the thing off!” he smirked to himself, proud of the attention he was getting.


“She didn’t scream or anything?” I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows. Gilderoy seemed to contemplate this before shaking his head.


“I cut off her airway. Choked her.” He explained. I frowned some more.


“Banshee’s don’t use their airway to scream.” I told him. He blinked a few times at me before removing his arm from around my shoulders. Hell, I was cold now.


“Crowley, it happened, okay?” Gilderoy grumbled, glaring at my small frame.


“I never said it didn’t.” I told him in tern. He sighed, moving away from me. I shrugged, turning around quickly.


I felt a rush of cold sweep over me. I let out a loud shriek upon contact. I looked down to see my stomach and shorts drenched. I could smell the strong scent of fire whiskey. Should I lick my own stomach to get it off? What a waste of fire whiskey!


“Oh Merlin, I’m sorry!”


I looked up and saw Sirius standing in front of me, staring at my stomach with a guilty expression on his face. I looked down at it myself. It was kind of attractive in this light. Especially now that it had fire whiskey on it. Sirius ran a nervous hand through his hair and closed his eyes.


“Let me get you a napkin.” He explained. I shook my head, staring at my stomach again.


“No, I like it. Adds to my sex appeal!” I slurred. He furrowed his eyebrows, but let out a laugh all the same.


“Sex appeal?” He asked me. I nodded my head confidently, stealing the remaining fire whiskey from his hand.


“Lot of it! I could be a sex god and no one would know the difference.” I explained, spilling some of the fire whiskey onto my front. Oh well, I was already covered in the stuff.


“Of course, Crowley.” He said with a grin. “Enjoy my fire whiskey.” He turned and began to walk off.


“I will!” I called after him.


“Hey, we’re heading off.” Lily told me, coming up from my side. How the bloody hell did she get to me so fast? I swore she was on the other side of the room not only minutes ago. 

“Going to shag Pothead?” I asked her nonchalantly. She seemed to have sobered up as she blushed profusely.


“N-no. I need to take Mary and Alice back. They drank far too much….” She explained. I tuned her out and began to sway to the music. It was bloody good music! My body just seemed to already know what the next note would be. I even closed my eyes, letting the music take over my body.


I felt arms snake around my waist, but I didn’t care. The music was so intoxicating. Screw nargles, screw Teddy, screw my family; music was my new love. It loved me back. I could feel it. It held me close and loved me for me. I didn’t have to be bloody L.C. for the music.


“You’re a good dancer, Crowley.” Someone whispered in my ear. I smiled to myself. Maybe music was alive. Maybe it talked to me.


“You too.” I mumbled, swinging myself around more and more. Oh music, why haven’t I found my love for you earlier?


“What do you say we get out of here?” it asked me again, except this time it bit my ear lightly. I giggled. It tickled. I didn’t know music was physical like that.


“I think I might love you,” I slurred, except this time, I’m sure I felt the music chuckle against my back.


“Let’s not go that far, okay love?” the music said. I could hear it clearly this time. I spun around, ready to head over towards the music box and have a good word with it, when I was met with Ludo Bagman’s hard chest.


“You’re not music.” I told him blatantly. He had a large, drunken smirk on his face.


“Lenny, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” He took a step forward while I took a step back.


“I want you to be gone.” I said, pushing my hand against his chest. He didn’t budge. Not that I was strong sober, but I was definitely weak while drunk.


“Playing hard to get?” Ludo asked me, advancing again. I cringed away, but came in contact with a wall.


“Leave me to my bloody music!” I whined, shoving a finger into his chest…and missing.


“Come on, Crowley. I went on that bloody date with you. Least you can do is give me some attention,” Ludo whispered in my ear over the booming of the music. There were so many people around, you’d suspect someone knew what Ludo was trying to do here…wait, not even I knew what he was trying to do.


“What are you trying to do?” I repeated my thoughts. Ludo smirked and I felt his lips make contact with my neck, sending a chill down my spine. Except, it did not feel good whatsoever.


“I think you know,” he muttered huskily, kissing my collar bone now. I began to panic. I bloody well knew what he was doing. I was a virgin! I didn’t shag and all that nonsense! I barely ever kissed a bloke! Plus, this wasn’t something I was ready for.


“Shove off!” I squeaked, pushing Ludo with all my might. I suddenly found my strength, because Ludo stumbled back slightly. It’s amazing how fast you can sober up in serious situations.


“Oh come on, Crowley!” Ludo hissed, advancing forward yet again. His eyes were blazing with anger and I could see how red his face was. “I know you want me. Everyone bloody does! Let’s go find a broom closet so you can stop playing hard to get, yeah?”


I didn’t know how to react to that. I felt Ludo’s hand wrap tightly around my wrist and start to drag me out. Everyone probably did want to shag Ludo Bagman, but not me. Did that make more more pathetic than everyone thought I was? I couldn’t let people see me turning Ludo Bagman down. Everyone would make fun of me more than they already did. I’d be damned if I was shagging Ludo Bagman, though.


As he pulled me through the crowd of drunken people swaying on the dance floor, I ignored the splashes of alcohol at my feet (where the hell did my shoes go?). I tried to yank my hand free from Ludo’s grip, without drawing too much attention to myself. He would only tighten his grip with every footstep and every time I tried to yank free.


“Bagman, let go of me.” I whispered to him. He turned around, a smirk playing on his lips and shook his head.


“We’ll have fun, Lenny. Don’t worry.” He told me, finally reaching the exit. I looked around frantically for someone who could get me out of this situation. Surely Teddy was around somewhere and saw what Ludo was trying to do.


The only people around us were Slytherins, who seemed to be giving me the once over before turning away. Bloody hell, when did I think a Slytherin would save my ass? I’d have to be more loony than I really was to think that. I huffed, starting to really panic now. Why didn’t I bring my wand along with me? I could’ve stored it somewhere! If it stuck out, so be it!


Ludo was dragging me down the hall now, walking faster. I made a bigger deal to yank my arm out of his grip, being that we were away from eyes now. “Let me go!” I shouted this time.


I was met by Ludo’s harsh laugh. When had Ludo Bagman, the beater for my team, ever this harsh? He was supposed to be the charming, sweet one. He was supposed to be the one that girls looked to for support on the team. Alice and I had went to him when we needed someone on our side for A Quidditch decision. He was supposed to be the bloke who helped me sabotage my brother’s date that he wasn’t supposed to be on. He wasn’t supposed to be…a typical, shag-seeking bloke.


Yet here I was, struggling against his grip in the middle of the hall, trying to convince drunken Ludo that I didn’t want to shag him. Did he not speak English?


“Let’s cut to the chase, yeah?” Ludo asked me, shoving me against the nearest wall. My head smacked against the stone and I groaned. That bloody hurt! I began to rub the back of my head, seeing small white spots when Ludo slammed his lips against mine. I tried to shove him off, but he wouldn’t budge.


“Get a room!” I heard someone tell us. Ludo pulled away to tell them off when I took his opportunity to scream. I simply screamed, using all that was in my lungs to do so.


“Did you just…scream, Crowley?” I looked around Ludo to see Sirius. I quickly nodded, trying my hardest to make sure Ludo didn’t see it. “Something wrong?”


“Course not, Black.” Ludo told him, turning back to me with a glare. I whimpered under his look. I’m sure he’d kill me before the night was over.

“I think there is, Bagman.” Black said, taking a step forward to get a better view of my face. I’m sure I looked terrified. I sure felt terrified. I hoped it wasn’t one of those situations where I’m good at masking my feelings. I wanted him to see how scared I was.


“Don’t be ridiculous, Black. We’re just having a bit of fun!” Ludo told him, stepping in front of me. I felt like I was stuck between him and the wall. I backed up slightly and hit the wall. Sure enough.


“Why don’t I bring her back to the common room?” Sirius suggested.


“Sounds great!” I squeaked, pushing around Ludo in a quick motion to get away. Sirius raised his eyebrows at me, but side stepped so that he was in between me and Ludo. Ludo mumbled something incoherent before dashing the opposite direction.


“Shall we?” Sirius said, taking off at a large stride towards the Gryffindor common room. I sped up to catch up, hoping not to fall behind.


I studied Sirius. He seemed to be wearing a prince costume, topped with frilly lining. His jet black hair was hanging in front of his grey eyes, but he didn’t seem to care. His pointed nose was facing the ground as he studied each step he took. His shoulders were rolled back in a way you see a lot of aristocratic pure bloods doing. He had high cheekbones, something I envied. His face seemed to be completely clear of any trace of boyish acne. He just seemed flawless. I finally understood why so many girls liked him. He really was a prince.


Merlin, I’m never drinking again.


“Did you hear me, Lenny?” Sirius asked me, pulling his gaze off of his feet and over towards me. My mind blanked. What had he said? I didn’t recall hearing him say anything.


“Sorry, was too busy staring at you.” I mentally slapped myself for that one. “Not that I was staring! That sounds stalkerish! I was just….er…. what was the question?”


Sirius’s face broke out into a smile. Not just a typical smile, but one that I never noticed he did. The corners of his eyes creased, small dipples appeared on his cheeks, and he showed his perfect white teeth. It was like the whole corridor lit up upon the sight of his smile. Bloody hell, fire whiskey will be the death of me.


“I asked if your hand was doing all right. From the potion earlier today?” Sirius looked down at my hand. I lifted it up and saw the tiny scar that had formed on my finger from the cream he had put on it.


“Oh…it’s fine.” I told him shortly. He nodded, not saying anything else. We kept in uncomfortable silence all the way back towards the common room. I wasn’t sure if it was all right that I said I checked him out. Surely he had that said to him a lot, right?


We got into the common room and Sirius turned towards me, his eyebrows furrowing upon inspecting my attire. I felt my face burn. I was dressed like a slag. Surely he didn’t expect me to shag him, right? Sure, he had saved me, but did that mean I was entitled to shagging him now? Bloody hell, life was simple when I was just Lenny. Not Slag Number One.

“You might want to go shower. You’re covered in alcohol. Evans will throw a fit.” He told me, smirking as I touched my stomach and felt my hand stick to it. I grimaced. I probably smelt like the Leaky Cauldron.


“I think you’re right…for once.” I replied, sending my own sheepish smile. Maybe it woudn’t be hard for the two of us to get along. Maybe not soul mates, but it was better than what we used to be.


“G’night, Crowley.” Sirius told me, going up the boy’s staircase. I sighed heavily, falling back onto a common room couch.


“I’m an idiot.” I told myself. Who tells Sirius Black that they’re checking them out? What the hell was I doing checking him out in the first place?! Merlin save me.


“Oh and Crowley?” I peeked over the edge of the couch to see Sirius standing at the bottom of the staircase. I cringed slightly, but raised my eyebrows at him. “If you need any help with handling Bagman, let me know.”


With that, he finally left. I held my breath as I listened to his footsteps go up the staircase. I went to get off the couch, but had a lot of difficulty. The fire whiskey was making me stick to the touch. I grumbled, my bare feet finally making contact with the floor. Hell, where had I left my shoes?!


Author's Note: So how's it going, readers? If there's any of you, of course. I'm almost to... a lot of views! I'm really happy. I know people have been awaiting Lenny and Sirius and it came out a little bit in this chapter! It'll be blooming from here, I promise.

Ideas? Concerns? Comments? All of that stuff? I love to hear it. I even like just the "Amazing chapter!" or a simple "You suck"....I lied, I don't like the 'you suck' comments. But if you have that comment, feel free to do it. 

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