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Soaps of Hogwarts (a Hogwarts School Love story) by JokerinMe
Chapter 30 : Poisoned by Something
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 September 6, 1995 (sixth day of the school year)

Dinner: Great Hall

Pansy’s P.O.V

Hermione sat down next to Draco and smiled as he wrapped an arm around her waist. I snarled in disgust from the other side of the table, watching them, and waiting. Hermione was laughing and talking to all my friends, or my ex-friends. I didn’t get how they were tolerating her, but they were welcoming her with open arms.

Granger was eating everything she wasn’t supposed to be eating. She always ate salad every meal and there it was, right in front of her, and she wasn’t touching it. Draco was!

*No, no, no. Draco… Oh well. I guess him eating it is even better.*

I had poisoned the salad, but not the kind of poison that kills. No. This was a specified poison. It prohibited the person taking it (Granger and Draco) from kissing their lover (Draco and Granger). So in this case, whoever ate that salad wouldn’t be able to kiss whoever they loved. Of course, this was only meant for Draco and Granger, but if other people ate it in the process, it wouldn’t bother me.

Finally I saw Granger eat the green leaves. But she hadn’t gotten her own salad, oh no! She had pointed at Draco’s plate. He smiled and stabbed his salad with a fork and turned to her. I saw him smirk as she slowly bit the salad off his fork. I gagged to myself.

When I refocused my eyes on the two I saw Draco saying something. Before he even got his last word out, Granger threw her head back and laughed along with everyone around them. I sneered and rolled my eyes.

“Oh, Draco, you’re so funny! Will you shove your tongue down my throat?” I mocked her in a high pitched voice, forgetting that there were people sitting around me. I looked at every one of their confused faces. “What? Got a problem with me mocking people in a high ranged voice?” I questioned them.

The girl to my left snorted and tried to hide her laughter in her hand. I glared at her and kicked her from under the table.

“Ow!” the girl squealed, still trying not to laugh. “What was that for?”

I raised my eyebrows like I was better than her, which I was. “You started it,” I said matter-of-factly.

The girl scoffed again. “Real mature,” she dragged out.

I rolled my eyes and looked back to the disgusting excuse of a couple and narrowed my eyes. Draco leaned over to kiss Granger on the cheek, but when his lips were inches away he dropped is fork and clenched his head, squinting his eyes shut from the pain. I smiled to myself and relaxed. Knowing they wouldn’t be kissing for a while brightened my spirits.

I continued to stare at them as I took a bite out of an apple in my hand, enjoying the show.

Granger and everyone else at the table looked at Draco with concerned looks plastered on their faces. “What’s wrong?” I saw Granger mouth to him. Her hand was rubbing his back, apparently trying to sooth him.

*What! What is wrong with her? Draco likes circular movements! Not up and down!*

*Well how dare she!* the voice in my head said extremely sarcastically.

Draco shook his head, like he was shaking away the pain. I read Granger’s lips. “You ok?” Draco looked sideways at her and I saw him shake his head. She got a sympathetic look and pulled his head toward her, going to give him a kiss on the head.

*Oh! What’s gonna happen?* I thought, thoroughly enjoying myself.

What happened was exactly what I had expected to happen. Granger found herself groaning in pain and, mimicking Draco, holding her head in her hands against the pain. Once the pain stopped in her head, she and Draco shared a horror filled glance at each other. Without a word, they both got up from their placed and rushed out of the Great Hall.

As I watched them run out, I actually felt happy. I looked around until my eyes landed on a pair of green ones. They were staring at me, they had been for a while. I felt sick. I was going to have to do a favor to that little runt! But it was worth getting back at Granger and Draco.

Yes. I, Pansy Parkinson, had gotten help from a Gryffindor runt, Seamus…something; and now I was going to have to repay him by doing something nice in return. I didn’t care, though. I had cursed the two sick lovebirds and I was content with myself. Truly content.

Hermione’s P.O.V

I rounded the corner out of the Great Hall and spun around to have Draco clash into my chest. He quickly grabbed my arms to help me find my balance, or so he could find his. I felt flushed.

“What’s going on?” I whispered urgently.

“I don’t know!” Draco shouted, clearly upset about the whole ordeal.

I clenched my head again in pain. “Shh!” I hissed at him, the first round of pain hadn’t entirely vanished, and him yelling wasn’t going to make it any better.

“Sorry,” he whispered, still in an angry tone. He was moving around on his feet, not being able to calm himself.

I looked up at him and grabbed his arms and pinned them to his side, trying to get him to stand still. “We need to talk to someone about it. I don’t know about you, but that really hurt me,” I complained.

“Should we see the nurse?” he suggested. I tilted my head in consideration.

“Yeah, we might want to. But we can’t just come in there and say our head hurts, can we?”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. I feel like we should have some sort of story to go along with it,” I said, not entirely sure myself of what I was talking about.

“A story to go along with what? Our heads hurt. That’s about all there is too it,” he explained, clearly not catching what had happened earlier.

I shook my head and dropped my arms, leaning against the wall I started to explain it to him, “No, we only got headaches when we touched, or tried to touch.”

“Nope! You’re wrong,” he said in triumph. I frowned and questioned him. He, too, leaned against the wall as he started to explain. “You just touched me, and you were touching me in there too,” he said, motioning to the place where everyone else was, probably still confused about why we left.

I took in what he said and rested my head on the wall behind me. “True. Well, I guess we’re just going to have to tell her we don’t know what’s going on,” I concluded.

Draco faked a shocked look. “You mean tell her the truth? Are you insane?” he scolded sarcastically.

I shoved him playfully as I started down the hall, Draco following closely behind.

Fast-Forward: After Dinner: Cho’s Room

Cho’s P.O.V

I was in my room, folding my clean laundry that I had flung everywhere this morning trying to find something to wear. But then I had realized that it was a school day and that I had to wear my robes.

I chuckled at myself and placed a red and purple shirt into my top drawer in my dresser. Suddenly my door was thrown open with a loud bang that had me jumping on the spot. I turned to the opened door and saw Professor Dumbledore standing there, along with two men dressed in black and dark green robes.

They all entered the room, Dumbledore a little more sluggishly than the other two.

“What’s going on?” I managed to say over the shock and lurching feeling in my stomach.

*Did they find out?*

*They couldn’t have!*

*It is Dumbledore…*

The two strange men had their wands drawn and one was pointing his at my hands. I felt my wrists suck together like there were magnets on each one. A thin, but strong, vine slithered out of nowhere and wrapped itself around my connected wrists.

“Ms. Cho Chang,” Dumbledore said in a pained and angered voice. I looked up from my hands to stare into the brilliant ones of my Head Master. He was standing there calmly, with his hands together in front of himself. “You are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the acts of preforming illegal spells on fellow students here at Hogwarts.”

*They know!*

“No!” I protested as the two men each grabbed one of my arms and started walking me towards the open door. “You don’t understand! It’s not what you think!” I shouted at all of them, mainly at Dumbledore. I struggled to get away from the two tall men. I managed to thrash one arm out of one’s grip and hit the other one in the chest, but I felt the tip of a wand poke my neck and everything became blurry.

“No…” I started again, getting dizzier by the second. “Please…”

But that was it. That’s when everything went Black.

Ron’s P.O.V

The prefect room smelled like dust and old wood. I had heard that it wasn’t the most pleasant place, but this was worse than I had expected. There were cobwebs everywhere and the furniture’s color had faded. It looked like moths had attacked the purple curtains that blocked barely any sunshine.

There had been an emergency prefect meeting, the first one of the year. One of the teachers pulled us one by one out of the Great Hall, out of dinner, to come to the meeting. Professor Flitwick was supposed to have had the first meeting the first day of school, but he had been busy helping the new teacher. The new teacher must be really stupid if it too six days to get him on top of things.

I was sitting on one of the dusty tables in the middle of the room, waiting for everyone else to show up. It was just me, Luna Lovegood, Zacharias Smith, and Michael Corner. I was, of course, waiting for Hermione and the others to get here.

There was an awkward silence hovering over all four of us. Luna was in a corner, studying her Slytherin badge on the front of her robes. Her hair was pulled back into a long French braid. Zacharias was sitting in one of the worn out chairs, staring at her. I wanted to yell at him, but I couldn’t without making them think I was protective of Luna. So I didn’t say anything, I just glared at the blonde. Michael Corner was standing by the window, spacing off at the grounds, deep in thought. I wondered what he was looking at, but I couldn’t make any guesses because Luna spoke up, breaking the heavy quiet.

“So, I know Ron, but I don’t know you two,” she said to the other two boys in the room. Michael turned his head and rested his attention on her. Zacharias didn’t have to move a muscle because he had already been staring at her perfect shape.

“I’m Michael. Michael Corner,” Michael said, resting a hand on his chest.

Luna raised her eyebrows, expecting him to say more. “Michael Corner…prefect of…?” she dragged out, waiting for him to finish the sentence.

“Prefect of Ravenclaw,” he finally replied softly.

Luna turned to Zacharias. She lazily pointed a finger at him. “That makes you the Hufflepuff prefect,” she informed him.

He smiled and nodded. “Yes, it does.” He stood up and walked towards her. I almost stuck my foot out in front of him, but I was able to control myself. Once he was standing about a foot away, he held his hand out. “Zacharias Smith. You’re Luna Lovegood, correct?”

Luna looked down at his hand and back to his face. She chuckled and knocked his hand to his side. “I’ve heard of you. And if you think for a second that I’m going to be nice to you, think again,” she warned him. She stepped away from the corner and made sure to hit his shoulder with her own as she walked past. She came over to me and leaned against the bare table to my left.

I looked down at her and gave her an amazed look. I opened my mouth slightly, not moving my mouth as I spoke. “What was that about?”

“The kid bugs me,” she said back, also not moving her mouth much.

“What have you heard of him?” I asked, referring to what she had slammed in his face just seconds ago.

She shook her head and looked at the table behind me. “He doesn’t have a very clean history. I don’t want to talk about it,” she whispered.

I gave her some respect and dropped the subject.

Ok, that’s a lie. I was going to ask her about him again, but the door opened, bringing my attention to it.

Everyone in the room looked at the doorway, where Padma Patil entered, shortly followed my Blaise Zabini.

“This the prefect room?” Padma asked, looking around in disgust.

“Yup,” I answered. “Make yourself at home,” I joked.

Blaise made eye contact with Luna and gave her a bored smile. I heard her chuckle at him from behind me.

Padma came over and hesitantly lowered herself onto the pale, pink sofa beside the window, eyeing Michael carefully. I turned back to the door, hoping to see Hermione come in, but the door was shut, and she still wasn’t here.

*I’m sure she’s not in danger, right?*

*Oh no, of course not. She’s probably just out snogging Malfoy. It’s all ok.*

Hermione’s P.O.V

“Open,” Madame Pomfrey ordered. I opened my mouth, frowning. She put a queue-tip in my mouth and rubbed it on the inside of my cheek. She pulled it out and stuck it in a small, plastic container and turned to Draco.

Draco and I were sitting on the side of a bed in the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomfrey had decided to take a swab of our saliva like muggle nurses do. She had made a bet with someone that wizarding methods were better than muggles’, but I didn’t see why we had to be test subjects.

Madame Pomfrey stood right in front of Draco and put the queue-tip right up against his mouth. He pinched his lips shut and stared at it. I laughed as Pomfrey too his jaw in her free hand and pushed her fingers against his cheek, between where she felt his teeth met, forcing his mouth to open.

Draco glared at her and rubbed his chin as she walked away into the back room when she had finished. Once she was out of earshot I let go of all the laughter I had been holding in ever since she stuck that thing in Draco’s face.

I doubled over and held my stomach. Draco turned to me and frowned. “What is to flipping funny?” he asked.

I pointed to him and tried to explain. “You looked like a pouty four-year old! And then when she forced your mouth open you looked like a puffer fish!” I started laughing again, but stopped when I saw how serious his face what.

“Why’s that so funny? She shoved a piece of cotton on a stick into my mouth!” he explained.

I took a deep breath and shook my head. “I think it was so funny because I’ve only seen so many faces that you’ve made and she comes over here and suddenly you have a whole new side to your faces,” I told him. He still looked hurt for being laughed at, but it was a fake hurt. He pushed his bottom lip out and glared at me.

I patted his shoulder and tried not to laugh while I talked. “You know…” I rested my eyes on my hand on his shoulder so I didn’t see his face. “You might think that’s a cute face, but it’s really not that attractive…”

Draco exhaled a chuckle and I could feel him relaxing under my palm. When he stopped chuckling he turned to me. “Gee, thanks. That was my good pouting face!” he whined.

“Well I’d hate to see what the bad pouting face looked like,” I laughed again. I tried to lean forward and kiss his temple, but the rush of pain came pounding back into my head. I pulled my hand off of Draco to press it to my forehead. I moaned in pain until it faded away and I was able to open my eyes again.

“Ow! Ok, that one was worse than the others…” I told him, giving him an idea of how bad it was, for he looked like he was about to explode with questions, asking if I was alright or not.

Then Madame Pomfrey came back out of the back room, not carrying anything. She folded her hands in front of her and just stared at us.

There was about a minutes worth of silence when I could tell Draco got annoyed. “Well?” he urged her to talk.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, like she remembered that she had patients. “You have been poisoned,” she said simply, like it was no big deal.

“Oh yay,” Draco responded sarcastically, in just the same “no big deal” way.

I rolled my eyes at him and focused on Madame Pomfrey. “What have we been poisoned with?”

Madame Pomfrey waved her hand, shooing off the question. “I forgot what it was called,” she said bluntly. “But I know that you two cannot touch each other, at least not until the poison has left your system, which could be for a couple of days.

Draco stared at her like she was insane. He reached his hand in my direction, without looking away from the nurse, and planted his hand lazily on my face. His hand slowly slipped down my face, ruining my makeup and face shape, and it took all I had in me not to slap him right then.

“Oh look,” he said to Pomfrey in mock surprise, jumping on the bed a little. “I touched her. You were wrong,” he bragged, nodding.

Madame Pomfrey seemed to be keeping her patients very well. “Of course you can touch her, you just can’t kiss her.”

Draco’s expression didn’t change. He pulled his hand to himself and let it lightly on his lap. “Oh.”

Madame Pomfrey gave us a pleasant smile, but it was soon vanished by her suddenly looking up into nothing and saying, into thin air, “Yes?”

Draco pulled his head back and raised his eyebrows in true surprise. He looked behind him, but no one was there. He slowly turned his head back to the nurse with a scared look in his eyes.

“Is there?” she said again to no one. Before she finished saying her words, however, Draco jumped back again and mumbled “Oh mi God!”

I laughed and pushed his shoulder gently. “Relax! She’s just talking to one of the teachers.”

He relaxed his body and smiled slightly. “Oh, ok. It must just be me that can’t see the imaginary teacher,” he joked.

“Ok, I’ll inform her,” Madame Pomfrey said. She blinked once and turned back to me. “There’s been an emergency prefect meeting. You are to report to the prefect common room right away.”

*Oh that’s right! I’m a prefect!*

*…wow… Draco really has gotten to your head*

“Oh, ok. Do you need to give us anything for the poison? Or the pain?” I asked her, standing up. Draco was still staring at her like she was an alien.

“Nope. You should be fine as long as you don’t kiss,” she concluded, starting to walk around. But on her way into the back again we heard her laugh. I frowned at her and turned to Draco. He raised his hand to point at her, about to question the teacher thing again.

“I’ll explain later. Ok?” I told him, walking around the bed and into the middle of the room, making my way for the door.

“Let me know how the prefect meeting goes!” Draco called behind me.

Draco’s P.O.V

“Let me know how the prefect meeting goes!” I called after her.

She shook me a hand goodbye in reply. I stuck my tongue at her, even though she couldn’t see it.

“That’s it?” someone screeched from above me.

I jumped to my feet and looked up. There was nothing there.

*Am I crazy?*

*I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t*

“A tongue?” the voice cried again, this time from right behind me.

I spun around to come face to face with a pigtailed girl. A pigtailed, grey, transparent girl!

I sighed in relief as I realized who it was. “God, Myrtle! How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” I breathed out.

For the last year or so, Myrtle had been popping up everywhere and talking to me. I hated it at first, but I learned to just act like I didn’t mind it because she usually didn’t hang around very long if she wasn’t making me mad.

“I thought you hated her?” she complained again.

“Why does everyone think that? I don’t hate Hermione! I love her!” I corrected her.

Myrtle floated back a few paces and her eyes got big. “And….you’re crazy!” she acted like she had come to a huge conclusion.

I was about to answer her with a sarcastic answer, but she vanished right in front of my eyes.

Moaning Myrtle’s P.O.V

I vanished on the spot back into my bathroom.

“Oh my God!” I yelled. I had gotten so used to being along that I just started talking out loud.

“Draco loves Hermione! When on earth did this happen? What did I miss?” the voice in my head said. I liked talking to myself out loud, but the thing is: the voice in my head could talk out loud too.

“Do you think more is going on that we don’t know about?”

“Possibly…We should scope out the castle, checking for stuff,” the voice suggested.

“That could take forever!”

“Well, we’re not getting any older here.” 

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