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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 6 : Revealing Memories and Discoveries with HER.
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6) Revealing Memories and Discoveries with HER.


She began to lead me towards the seventh floor and I immediately knew where we were heading. The question was which room did she want the Room of Requirement to become and why was she showing me this?

To be honest, I was scared shitless.

What if she was a troll in disguise? Like, she wasn't smoking hot or anything now, but still- no one wants a troll on their Quidditch team. But as a beater it may be useful... And that would explain the abnormal strength! However, it wouldn't justify her speed...

Sirius, shut the fuck up. Mayfield is not a troll.

That I am not.

Oh, I don't have time for you right now.

You never do! It's so sad...

Just get out of my head already!

I just can't get you out of my head, boy your lovin' is all I think about. Don't you love that song?

I do infact, but now it will always remind me of you!

What? Voice Mayfield? Or alive Mayfield?

Voice Mayfield!

Sad times...

No kidding.

"Black?" whispered Mayfield, very different to how outspoken she usually was in the time I’ve come to know her. "I'm sure you're familiar with this room?"

"The Room of Requirement," I replied immediately. She nodded and without saying, walked past the door three times before it formed into a small wooden enlargened cat flap. Literally, a human flap. I think I would only just fit in there. Disgraceful- I'm being treated like an animal! We're going to ignore the fact I'm an Animagus.


Inside, was what could only be described as heaven. It was a mediocre sized room but it’s content was what made it so gob-smackingly Sirius-worthy wonderful. It was painted with large red and gold stripes with moving tiny images of beaters’ bats and bludgers scattered around. There were various forms of Gryffindor merchandise; all the way from scarves to banners. In the middle of the wall I was facing there was a polished oak shelf lighted up that held Mayfield’s Cleansweep 12 (decent but quite a cheapstake). On a smaller shelf below was her Quidditch gear.


There was rainbow coloured bean bags that looked exceptionally funkylicious and a table in the shape of a quaffle in the middle of them. A bookshelf on the side wall was filled with Zonko’s products of all kinds- even ones I hadn’t seen before. On the opposite wall was a sole wardrobe, quite large with fancy silver handles.


“Shocked, ey?” Mayfield was correct- I know, blasphemy! But, I was completely and utterly astounded. Mayfield was nothing like I had presumed. Heck, the room she wished for is where I could live my whole life! If I got food of course- couldn’t leave my love behind.


I mutely nodded and her previous weak smile vanished as she continued to towards her final destination- apparently, the wardrobe.


The doors opened to reveal a penseive surrounded by shelves filled with glass vials.


“I presume you know what this is?”


“A penseive- a place to store your memories and view them at will,” I replied. “But very few people have one, as they’re very hard to find…”


“I believed it personally to be a necessary investment. There are some memories if I had in my head everyday, I wouldn’t be able to take it.”


I felt it would be inappropriate to say anything so simply stayed quiet as she scavenged through the glass vials.


The one she eventually picked up was individual from the rest, with a bright red cork instead of the typical brown. The string of surprisingly thick, translucent liquid formed a spiral in the magical water of the penseive, after she poured it in the sink, before dissolving. The only image I could make out was some sort of park- that made none to no sense.


We dived in. I’d never been in a penseive before so when we hit the ground I was surprised none of the muggles noticed us.


“They can’t see or hear us. We’re just viewing the past- we’re not in it.” I nodded in understanding. Since when did she start speaking like a philosopher? While being handcuffed to Mayfield, I had realised she did not talk like a bookworm at all. In fact, she was hilarious and weird in a good way, though I’d never admit it to her.


The weather was stunning- a bright sunny day with no sign of precipitation! Oh dear; I sound like a muggle weatherman. I watched too many shows just to see the fiiiiine weatherwoman. I mean, they were smokin’. Yes, some were bald man, but others… well, were just sexy women. And Sirius Black likey. Back to the memory, the first thing or person I noticed was a young girl humming a song. She looked to be no older than 6 years old so I expected her parents were nearby. She was adorable with flowing brown hair and wide chocolate eyes, but the odd thing was she was wearing a long black pencil skirt with a white shirt tucked in, sitting with a perfect posture on the bench while doing worksheets. I couldn’t see exactly what they were on, but they looked far too much for a 6 year old. What was that song?


“The song’s from the muggle tale Beauty and the Beast- it’s called Be My Guest,” whispered Mayfield from my left. How did Mayfield always know the question on my mind? But, I smiled naturally when she began humming louder with more joy- the girl had a beautiful voice.


“What did I tell you about not concentrating?” shouted a woman that looked to be her mother. But this ‘mother’ just smacked her 6 year old daughter up the head for humming a tune! The girl’s eyes widened and her eyes began watering but she looked as if she was determined not to cry. My own expression was probably one of shock but when I turned to Mayfield, she didn’t look surprised.


I know my own family was cruel and vile. Sadistic because of futile blood prejudice and disgusting discrimination. What I didn’t realise was there was someone who was going through what I was- but she wasn’t even doing anything wrong! Well, neither was I, but there was still a shock to me that things like this were going on. Not only that, but it reminded me of my own childhood. I have no idea how I survived it to this day! There must have been something which I couldn’t remember that helped me get through it; but my memory remembers everything. Even things a long time ago… I remember every detail of my beatings, etc…


“You’re not done yet?” asked the mother impatiently, red in the face, pulling me out of my thoughts. The girl weakly shook her head, trembling, and the women’s expression flared.




I ran up to the woman in fury but Mayfield held me back. “Remember, nothing we do affects them. We don’t exist,” she whispered in my ear, and my skin tingled with the hot breath, but I was too distracted to notice.


“It was a rhetorical question you ungrateful little child! Now stay here and don’t think about coming back home until it is all finished,” fumed the woman, who then stormed off.


The girl looked so sad and hurt. She was shivering with fear and slowly a tear rolled down her cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tear simultaneously rolling down Mayfield’s cheek and it felt like a punch in the gut. Who was this girl?


The girl stuffed her head in between her knees after bringing them up to her chest and began gently rocking.


“Hey,” greeted a boy quietly, sitting beside her on the bench. He had familiar shaggy, black hair and looked to be the same age as he. He was in a black suit but it was scruffy with the sleeves rolled up and mud splattered everywhere. He was quite a handsome and cute 6 year old.


The girl lifted her head out of her knees and wiped her tears. “Who are you?” she sniffed.


“Sirius Black, though if you’ve heard of the Blacks, I don’t like them. My mum’s mental. She just used the whip on me again.”


I cringed on hearing the whip and looked over to see Mayfield’s reaction, but she was expressionless.






Oh my merlin! A mini me is involved!


“Alex Mayfield, nice to meet you Sirius.” And within that moment everything clicked. This was a memory- and it was about Mayfield and I.


The odd thing was I couldn’t remember the girl, now known as mini Mayfield, and I prided myself on my long term memory. I could remember each part of my body that has been whipped on which day from my whole childhood. So why couldn’t I remember Mayfield? Maybe it would be explained ahead…


“Why are you doing Charms already?” asked mini me.


“Ah, you’re from the Blacks. So, you’re obviously a wizard. And, aren’t you starting Charms? I’ve began Transfiguration and Potions as well.”


“Of course not, that’s what Hogwarts is for! Do you do muggle subjects as well?” Mini Mayfield nodded. “So when do you play?”


“I don’t.” Mini me’s mouth dropped open and mine did the same.


“No play?” mini me repeated incredulously. Mini Mayfield shrugged. “When do you need to be back home?”


“Mother told me not to go back home until I’ve done my work which means an hour at the maximum.”


“Come on. I’m going to show you how to play!” exclaimed mini me eagerly.


“But, the work…”


“My only awesome cousin Andromeda will help you with it! She only lives nearby. Come on!”




“No buts! Come,” he ordered holding out his hand. Mini Mayfield’s eyes flickered from mini me’s hand to his eyes and once the innocent chocolate and playful blue met there was no decision to be made and mini Mayfield took mini Sirius’ hand. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Mayfield, what the hell was going on?


Suddenly, the world spun and went into blackness, before we emerged in a different place. It looked to be the same park, but the spot where we stood before was much further ahead, and we were near the swing set.


I looked at the swings to see two inhabitants smiling and laughing. Mini Mayfield and Mini Me. They seemed to have grown 2 years, and had a glow on their faces that was lacking before they met. They needed each other.


MM (mini Mayfield) had now jumped off the swing and was chasing MS (mini Sirius a.k.a. Mini Me) round the park trying to tickle him. I knew I was terribly ticklish.


“I’m gonna get you!” she grinned, her hair open and soaring behind her.


“Never!” MS warrior cried, taking a moment to say it with full passion, then ran even faster when he realised MM would catch up if he stopped. But it was too late, she had already caught up and jumped onto of him, making them both fall to the ground. She began tickling him fiercely and the boy laughed madly trying to fidget and get away from the girl’s devil hands.


I heard a light laugh from beside me, and out of the corner of my eye, saw Mayfield staring somewhat wistfully and joyfully at the pair of close friends, if not best.




And my eyes widened. This was odd. A memory with my dear mother which I could not remember! Something was up here…


“Oh, mother, how lovely to see you,” MS replied politely, but anyone could sense the venom beneath the words.


“What on earth do you think you are doing you slimeball of a heir? Hanging out with such filth; a mudblood probably! And you escaped again! You were grounded and were supposed to stay in your room!” screeched my mother, fists clenching and seething.


“I don’t care. I wanted to see my friend. And don’t you dare call her filth!” retorted MS defiantely and defensively. She smirked sadistically.


“Your friend, ey? Let’s see if you’re still her friend after a strong beating! I told your father he was too soft on you!” The woman grabbed MS’ arm with a vice grip and pulled him roughly towards the path.


“How dare you treat him like that? You have no right!”


“Oh, attitude. Do you want a little beating as well? It’ll make all that cheekiness disappear!” screamed Mother Black now advancing on MM, who was surprisingly standing her ground.


“NO!” I could tell MS was thinking after the outburst. “Beat her with everything, not me at all.” MM looked shock, but I immediately understood what the mini version of me was doing. He had lived with my mother long enough to know that she would like to do whatever would cause the most pain- whether that be hurting someone else, or her son. In this case, if MS would show how much MM meant to him, his mother would torture MM and make him watch it. But, if he said for his mother to beat MM and not him then she would do the opposite, so beat mini me and not hurt MM.


I was smart. And a bit cunning, but you have to be in a house of Slytherins.


“Fine then, I guess only my precious son will be getting it today. Leave mudblood! And beware if you try to meet him again you will be severely punished with him!”


MS’ and my old mother left, leaving MM on her own. She looked frightened- more frightened than when her own physical health was threatened. She looked on the verge of crying, but looked to be toughening herself up, controlling the tears and staying strong.


She lay down on the bench, and soon fell into a restless sleep.


The scene went black and swirled again. This time it was the exact same location as before, and MM was on the bench still. The only difference was in this one the sun was rising, not setting and MM was sitting looking like she had just awoke.


“What are you doing here? You never handed in any of the work and you had the whole day to do it!” shrieked MM’s mother and my blood boiled on seeing the horrible mother again.


The girl though didn’t look upset, but she looked indifferent. It was as if she was inspired at seeing MS stand up to his mother, and she wanted to do the same.


“Because I did not want to do the work,” she said clearly as an answer. The mother was in shock. YES MAN. MM: 01; Mother: 00.


You did not want to?” she seethed. “Since when has your personal choice ever came into the matter! I don’t care about what you want or don’t want!”


“Well, you should,” replied MM, still going strong.


“How dare you talk back to me young lady! You are going to return home at this very moment and do whatever I tell you to do. You will not be allowed out of the house- there must be someone with a bad influence around you.”


“Why should I?”




“That’s why.” And with that, the mother grabbed MM by the collar of her white shirt and pulled her gruffly towards the opposite facing path.


I hated that woman. Hated her so much that words cannot describe it.


The scene changed again and now we were at a small house. I could spot the park not too far away, but not right up close either. It was okay, but looked to be in a bit of a dull condition, with no signs of joy or liveliness In the whole house. A small boy, that I recognized to be mini me, looking to be only about a week older, running with a large ladder. He seemed to be wanting to stay quiet but failing.


He quickly checked to see if anyone was watching before opening up the ladder and balancing it against the side wall of the house. Scampering up the steps he reached the second floor window, and if I squinted I think I could see MM inside.


I was correct. MS knocked as hushed as he could on the window while still getting MM’s attention, so she hurriedly came to the window. If I listened carefully, I could hear the conversation.


“What are you doing here?” hissed Mayfield looking around.


“Come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t missed me. I’ve missed you so much, I needed to see you again.”


“That’s all very well, but how did you find our house? And get inside, stupid,” she muttered, letting him get in and pulling up the ladder.


“I got one of my friends in the neighbourhood to follow you and see which number you were on which road. Then it was easy,” replied MS, clambering inside MM’s bedroom.


Once he got in and they closed the window, the two friends immediately embraced each other, in a huge warm bear hug.


“I missed you, Snuffles,” sniffed MM. Snuffles. The nickname…


“Snuffles? Really?”


“Yes. Because you’re such a drama queen and decided to get a ladder and climb into my bedroom at 2 o’clock in the morning!”


“Fine, you can be Lexander because you’re real name is Alex and you’re so boyish, the boyish version of Alex is Alexander, but without the beginning a sounds cooler.”


“I just thought Snuffles was good for you.”


“Well I think Lexander’s perfect for you.”








“Splendid.” Both friends grinned at each other.


The scene changed once again. It looked to be two years later as they looked around 10. MS was again clambering through the window into MM’s bedroom. MS was turning out quite ruggedly handsome, if I do say so myself.


“Be careful!” squealed MS (I was 10!) when MM tripped over a bucket with a clang.


“Still afraid someone will catch us?”


“Not really, but still. What if they do?”


“What can they do?”


“With us going to Hogwarts!” Both children flopped down on the bed.


“We’re going to Hogwarts,” muttered MM in awe.


“I can’t believe it. Magic spells!”


“Ghosts and a huge castle to discover things in!”


“And most of all…”


“No parents! No mum!” the two said in unison, holding hands and MS squeezed MM’s consolingly. Most children would say the same thing, but in a joking manner. I knew MS and MM were being dead serious. How do I remember none of this?


MM got up, MS following, and went to the window, looking out to see the stars shining upon the park. They could make out a couple sitting together under the moonlight, sharing a soft and tender kiss.


“I wonder why kissing is made out to be such a big deal…” thought MM out loud, and MS agreed.


“I don’t see what’s so special about it. It sounds disgusting!” MM nodded.


“Maybe if we try it ourselves? Maybe we’ll know then?” suggested MM. MS looked at her awkwardly.


“Yeah, but we don’t have to like date or anything, do we then?”


“Oh no! No!” rejected MM immediately, appalled at the idea. “Friends. I just am curious.”


“Okay,” said MS shrugging, though inside he was very nervous about his first kiss, tugging on his sleeves. MM grinned at him.


“Don’t worry about it. It’s just me, good ol’ Lexander,” laughed Mayfield, and they bent slightly awkwardly down so their noses were touching.


They stayed silent and unmoving for a second before they began sniggering.


“Wait, don’t you tilt your head? If I tilt it to my left and you, your right?” asked MM.


They both tried it but ended up tilting the same way.


“I know! We both have to tilt right,” cheered MS, and MM high fived him.


They both tilted their heads, bent in, and their lips touched. It was soft, and stretched out for a few seconds, and they pulled back.


“Still don’t see what’s so great,” muttered MM.


“Same! Oh well, at least we know we’re not missing out,” offered MS, and MM nodded in agreement. Oh young minds, wait till you get hormones mini me…


“Well, well, what do we have here?” snarled a voice from the door. It made my spine curl and it felt as if every word was like a stab. MS immediately jumped off the bed and MM’s eyes widened.


The mother went mad in the next few moments.


Vases were smashes, books were ripped- the bed was even broken in her anger. MS had received 2 slaps already, and MM four.


Finally, she was now longer mental, slowly recovering, but that didn’t mean she was not still furious.


“Boy. Come with me. You are responsible for everything my daughter has gone down in. Studies, effort… All because of you!” But there was a moment of hesitancy before she continued. “However I am going to let my daughter see herself what a mistake you are. I will do nothing to you apart from lead you out of this house. I am not even going to ask how you got on. And you,” she said, more calm and authoritative now, directing herself to MM, “will not leave this room till I come back up. Understood?” MM was about to object, but MS gave a small sigh and a small shake of the head to signify it was not worth it when they started Hogwarts only a month later anyways.


The scene quickly changed to be replaced with the familiar and welcoming Platform 9 ¾. This I can remember! My first year! I can’t remember Mayfield anywhere in it though…


The girl who I immediately recognized as Mayfield was looking around for someone, and I knew it probably was mini me. The problem was where was I?


“Look, Alex. I will say it to you again. Focus. On. Your. Studies.”


“Why should I? I’ve worked so hard before! I want to relax, to play! To hang with my friend and you can’t stop it!”


“Are you sure he’s your friend? Does he really care about you?”


“Yes he is! And of course he does- more than you do,” MM huffed.


“Oh? So that’s why he didn’t put up a fight when I asked him to leave?”


MM replied with “He knew there was no point when we would see each other at Hogwarts!” but inside she was worrying. I could tell she was doubting herself, but was trying to still keep him on the positive side at all costs.


“Fine. Just don’t come crying back to me when he doesn’t care for you, now he has better, smarter and nicer looking friends than you who aren’t as stubborn or annoying. Goodbye.” And then, the mother was gone. I nearly cheered- I knew I would never be so harsh as to do anything like that. Plus, Mini Mayfield and Mayfield were both amazing. Not perfect, and they had flaws, but they were what made them unique and special. And seeing MM and MS together made me feel like they needed each other, so suck on that MM’s mother!


MM looked indifferent, but I could tell those words had dropped her self-esteem down another notch. Yet, she bravely pushed on with her trunk. No owl, no broom or Quidditch gear- only the necessities. I was guessing they didn’t have much money, but like I care.


She hopped on the train and her face lit up on seeing so many witches and wizards, staff and students, and the whole amazing atmosphere (excluding nasty Slytherins like my damned cousins). She peeked into all the compartments until finally she spotted the one which I must have been in. She quickly knocked on the door and I made sure I could see.


Yes! It was me, with Prongs, Moony and Wormtail! Wait, my first train ride… With my friends. There was someone who knocked on the door! And now I think about, she looked exactly like MM! And I… didn’t know her. I didn’t recognize her! I said there are some compartments with some first year girls in, you can use one of them, but not this one as it was Marauders only and she looked really hurt so I thought she was a weirdo at getting so hurt at a request.


And it played out exactly like that. But why didn’t I remember Mayfield? And why could I not tell who she was a month after I had seen her?


This was all too confusing. I followed Mayfield as she ran down the corridor and hurriedly shut herself in an empty compartment. We were locked out but I could hear sobs. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so guilty in my life.


Then I thought that there was someone else watching this memory too. Watching her younger self cry over the guy she was standing next to. Shit.


To be continued…


A/N: How was it? What did you think? The memories aren’t finished yet! A few more to go! A lot revealed, ey? Now you know why Mayfield got touchy with our Sirius sometimes! But it’s not Sirius’ fault, read the next chapter to find out!



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