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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 6 : Strange Boys and Strawberries
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Albus Potter is a strange boy. This was the thought that had been going through my head since the embaressing conversation in the Kitchens yesterday. Perhaps you could call him an imigna. I am the sort of person who likes to get people, to understand them. But with him, since forever, I just can't seem to get a clear picture. He's definately not like James, who basks in the glory of being a Potter or like Lily who quietly gets on with life, well quiet for a Wotter anyway. He's always been a mystery to me. His family not so much but him always. I just don't understand him. Perhaps that along with that strange kiss from years ago is why i'm so keen to know. I can't ignore it all like I used to now. I hardly talk to him but he fascinates me. The truth is that I, Anya Parker am glad that he doesn't fancy Helen. To be honest I think the reason behind this is that I actually really do think he's the best guy I know. Regardless of the fact that I hardly talk to him and that he seems to hate me right now.

Oh how do I get myself into these pickles? I keep thinking about speaking to him, maybe apologizing, but then we were never close anyway so what's the point. I glance another lok over my shoulder to where he's sitting with Scorpius on the Slytherin table. Damn why does he have to be so good looking, it certainly doesn't help my situation. Before I can answer my self directed question and stop ogling Albus I feel a sharp poke in my side.

"Anya, are you okay? You've not even touched your strawberries! You bloody love strawberries, you normally steal mine." I hadn't even realised I had strawberries on my plate. Trust Kirsty to notice the small things.

"I'm fine, absolutely brilliant" I replied and stuffed a strawberry into my mouth as a means of proving myself

"Don't lie to us, Anya. We all know you're not okay. Just spill already babe" Helen said whilst licking the cream of the strawberry in her hand.

"I just" I was so determined not to tell them but then I realised. These girls where my best friends for all of Hogwarts. We'd been through hundreds of boy related crisis and we'd always come out on top. "I think..."

"Anya, can I uh have a word?" This has to be the first time that I honestly did not want to hear the voice of Albus Potter. Exspecially the voice of Albus Potter being directed at me.

"Please, just come with me, it'll only take a minute honestly" Same bloody annoying sexy voice!

"Fine" I said as I got up and followed Albus outside of the hall. On a positive note I swear that I could see a look of annoyance from Rose directed to her cousin, which was definately a first and rather entertaining. What can I say, Rose is always entertaining. Once we were outside sexy voice started again, okay thats a really bad nickname and I promise never to use it again. Even inside my head.

"I wanted to apologise."

"Huh. What for?" I interrupted before he could get another word out. Me and my big mouth.

"Umm, you know. The party, what I said to you." This had to be the most awkward apology ever. Not that he should actually be apologising considering it was all my fault.

"It was my fault. I should have realised, I just jumped to conclusions. I'm an idiot I know. It'd the red head anger thing I think. Or that's what my mum says." I blurted out, he gave me a funny look. Mind you it was a sexy funny look. And then he laughed. This amazing guy just stood there laughing hysterically at my apology.

"Whats so funny?" Oh Merlin. Me and my red head anger. Mind you considering everyone in his family is virtually ginger the boy should know better!

"You. Not in a bad way though" he added after seeing my expression "It's just most people would except an apology then move on, you started going on about your hair."

"You can talk. I distinctly remember that time you had to apologise to Professor Chang in front of the whole school for putting a kniffler into her office! You stuttered the whole way through and ended up talking about what a good idea it was and how your dad suggested it."

"You seriously remember that, it was in third year! I was sort of hoping everyone would've forgotten!" He exclaimed throughout laughing

"In your dreams, no one is ever going to forget that!" It was at that point I heard the sound of students and realised that it must be time to get back to dorms.

"I better go, see you around" And then he left before I could say anything else except a hurried bye echoing towards the direction of the dungeons.


As I walked back into the sixth year dormitory I couldn't help but be in a genuinely good mood. All the things that had made me so sad at the beginning of the night had sort of just dissappeared. This didn't make what I had to do next any easier though. I had to tell the girls. Gryffie Girl Code states as much!

As I walked in Rose was the first to launch on me with the questions.

"What did my cousin want?"

"Just to apologise, for the other night, I told him it was my fault." Honest is the best policy right?

"Oh good, I'm glad he did. I told him he was being a dick about it actually. Can't believe he too notice of what I said for once though."

"Oh shut up with the small talk Rose. You were going to tell us something at dinner, what was was it?" Trust Helen to go for the blunt approach. I genuinely feel quite nervous right now. Maybe I should just bail.

"You are not going anywhere so don't even think of bailing! What made you so emotional at dinner?" Rose again going in with the bad cop act

"I fancy someone" came out in a muffled whisper

"Severus Snape!"


"Oh My God, Who is it?"

"Is he in Gryffindor?" from the look on my face Helen obviously decided not because her next question was much closer to the mark.

"He's not in Slytherin is he?"

Insert a guilty look from me followed by three awful looks of realisation on my friends faces.

"Well not all of them are bad, I mean Al's all right isn't he" stated Rose
At this I decided the best idea would to be look at my feet. I mean feet don't ask difficult questions do they.

Then I heard it. The sound of resounding laughter around the room.

"Oh, you're a banana Anya Parker, you know that?" Rose said from the other side of the room

"Did you honestly think we didn't know? Personally i think we knew before you did. I've seen this one coming for months! Why do you think I was so relieved that he didn't fancy me" Helen said

"And if your spying on the Slytherin team wasn't a big clue, then the way you kept glancing at hiim from across the hall made it obvious, along with the way you kept flicking your hair when he was talking to you!" Kirsty added, well thanks for making me worry girls.

"It's alright, we've seen this coming for a while now. Personally I think you'd be good together, know just to set you up" Rose winked at me

"This is gunna be so much fun" muttered Helen

"Tell me about it" said Kirsty

So clearly my life is no longer in my hands. Well at least I never had to properly tell them I suppose. Now I just have to stop them from creating any crazy plans. Easier said than done!

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Who Is She?: Strange Boys and Strawberries


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