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Remember the Slytherins by iLuna17
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The Week of Tears
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The rating is there for a reason. There are some sensitive topics and issues as well as some scenes of a . . . violent. . . nature.

Also, this is a "Slytherin pride" fic. I've read too many fics where, though I love the fics just the same, they automatically make the Slytherins the antagonists. This is my version of showing my house pride, as I am a Slytherin on the boards. This idea has been forming in my head for a while, probably from when I got over the shock of being sorted into Slytherin.

I don't own Harry Potter, J.K. does. Also, many, many, many thanks to my amazing beta, Abi. (crazy717 on the boards)

A/N: This is really short, but I feel it is necessary. It provides a strong opening to the story, but I promise the next chapter is (at least) 3,000 words, and I'm not sure if it broke 4,000 words or not.

Many thanks to Abi, crazy717, my amazing beta, who helped me out both grammatically as well as characterization, plot, and helped me sort out a few issues. Enjoy!


Just ... beauty. Beauty by Camila @ TDA.


The first week of Hogwarts was meant to be magical. Wonderful, blissful; a dream come true. Not in the Slytherin house. For us it is made of salty, wet tears. Introducing innocent eleven-year-olds to the harsh world that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Showing them the hexes, the taunts, and the prejudice. The harsh awakening. Where people of green and silver are seen as filth at the bottom of everyone’s shoes. Only the strong are put in Slytherin, for only they can survive the seven years of torture. But it all starts in the first week. I remember my first week, but it wasn’t the worst for me. It was the worst for my best friends, Albus Potter and Piper Longbottom.

I stumbled up to the stool, and eagerly placed the hat on my head. My parents had worn the exact same hat, and even if I couldn’t see them, Hogwarts was where they spent seven years of their life; it was the next best thing.

“Another Warrington at long last. I sense this school means more to you than others, perhaps in the same way another young student who wore this very hat many years ago. He ended up saving the wizarding world. Alas, this is about you. You have the fighting spirit of a Gryffindor, yes, but the brains of a Ravenclaw and the loyalty of a Hufflepuff.

So where to put you? You could do great things in all three houses, but I believe you are meant for something different. You could do extraordinary things in Slytherin. You are strong, and one of the few I believe could survive in the house of the hated.
” I nodded in my head; my parents were Slytherins. Having never known them, my eleven-year-old self wanted nothing more than to feel close to them, even if I was merely in the same house they were. “SLYTHERIN!”

For me it was a chance to follow my parents. They hadn’t done anything wrong, but it was their past that tore them from me. I knew Slytherins had made some questionable choices during the war, but I had hoped times had changed. They had, but not for the better. It had been easier for me; I was used to being shunned and unwanted. Hardly anyone was sorted into Slytherin anymore; we were the least populated table, lucky to have five new first years. Hogwarts was still abundant with those who were resourceful, driven, and intelligent, but none wanted to be in Slytherin. In the end, the Sorting Hat would not be able to force them into Slytherin, even though it was where they were meant to be. The hat could not allow any student to be miserable, even though it was the best option for some. There were only three of us in my year, as everyone else who could be in our house was either too weak to withstand the torture, in the hat's opinion, or thought Slytherins should be killed like cockroaches or rats, some both. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were becoming overpopulated.

It was true, most students weren’t strong enough to withstand the tormenting that came with the green ties. Poor Al, his own family shunned him. Only his parents, aunts and uncles seemed to understand, but it could be because they would be seen as hypocritical if they didn’t accept him. His brother and sister refused to speak to him after his sorting, as they thought him a traitor; joining the house where the man who tried to murder their father multiple times came from. Obviously, if one bad wizard came from Slytherin, we were all evil. His cousins were even worse, they hexed him as if he was just another disgusting snake, a filthy creature that couldn’t be human, not if they were a Slytherin. Those bright green eyes had seen so much sadness and harm it was horrific. Imagine going from having an entire family to just adults in the space of a second. If you truly can, then you can understand Albus Severus Potter.

The worst part is, the rest of the world isn’t like Hogwarts. Those who fought in the war understood the value of unity, and would be ashamed to hear of their children acting in the manner they have. The Potter and Weasley families would be furious if they knew. If they knew. The fact is that they do not. If Professor Longbottom found out about the severity of his students’ actions, Harry Potter would know. Another flaw: he didn't know. Mostly the professors who were aware of the situation still held grudges against our house, some to the point of pure, fiery hatred. They were searching for revenge on those who hurt them or loved ones. However, it is not justice, making the children of those who made one wrong choice pay for their parents’ sins. There was still the option that Professor Creevey was simply a sadist, though.

Anyways, even Al didn’t have it as bad as Piper. She grew up as the youngest sibling to four older brothers, who all made Gryffindor. Her dad was the Gryffindor head of house! Her mum’s name was Hannah, and both Professor Longbottom and her were subjected to torment and torture by Slytherins during the war. When Mrs. Longbottom found out about Piper. . . she couldn’t look at her the same again. She couldn’t see her daugher; all she could see was the colour of her tie. Professor Longbottom tried to accept it, but even the glorified war hero couldn’t look in his own daughter in the eyes. Having to see your father every day, but knowing he couldn’t bear to look at you, who had betrayed him, tore Pipes apart. Professor Longbottom did not approve of the tormenting or the hexing, but I could always sense the feeling of betrayal. So, Piper lost her family to her house.

What they say about us is true: Slytherins tear families apart. Because we are Slytherins our families are ripped from us; we’re shunned. My parents were brought to Azkaban in the December of 2006, only six months after I was born. It was eight years after the war, and my dad had no way to support our family because of his participation in the war. To try to stay afloat, he and mum tried to sell some of my dad’s parents’ things. They were arrested for selling dark objects, which appeared to be harmless tea pots, even to them. I, Nicole Anne Warrington, was officially a ward of the Ministry. I was shipped from foster home to foster home, but no one wanted the daughter of “dark wizards”.

They weren’t bloody dark! It was a mistake, just like in school! Throughout their life, they only made two mistakes, that’s all. And it lead to them rotting in Azkaban. My “social worker” is Ms. Dominique Weasley, who of course hates me because my (deceased) grandad knew the werewolf who hurt her father. Some of the houses she put me in. . . No. I won’t make you lot hear about them.

In short, I’m never sure where I’ll be during the summer, except that I’ll end up running. My most creative bed so far has been in a sewer, but the Ministry were close to catching me so I had no other option. I couldn’t sleep in the open, as I would either be detained or dragged back to the home.

This was only scratching the surface. No one knows how strong you have to be to survive school wearing emerald robes. We work twice as hard as the rest of them, yet our efforts often bear no fruit. That doesn’t mean we won’t fight; no. That means we will fight a hundredfold harder. We are Slytherins. We. Do. Not. Give. In.

The next time you think Gryffindors are the heroes, the ones who persevered, who fought against injustice, remember us.

Remember the Slytherins.

A/N: I know I should be working on Shattered, but I just had to post this for you guys. This is the prologue of my main story on my main site, and I love it to pieces. I'm a Slytherin on their boards, and there are so few of us, and though we're not hated, in almost every fic Slytherins are the antagonists.

(More good fics like this are Lion, Eagle, Badger, Snake by Sheriff and Al Potter's Very Epic Plan)

So, please tell me what you think, in a review! ;)

Thanks a million,

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