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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 28 : The Un-united front Part II
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Chapter 27: Un- united front pt II




            Too many thoughts went through Ron’s head while he walked back to Malfoy’s. His head hung with the guilt that was piling up on him. He should have been upset about Hermione, but all he cared about was Sari.  The tall house loomed in front of him as he stepped closer to it. What was he going to say? Was the only thing that ran though Ron’s mind with each step he took closer to the menacing looking house. He let his feet drag the last few steps as he approached the door. Ron swallowed hard, he reached for the entwined serpent knocker “For the greater good.” he said out loud unbeknownst to himself to gather enough courage to ask for help after leave in such a tantrum.


            It was Draco who opened the door this time. An awkward silence sat between the two men standing on the high stoop. Draco nodded his head and backed up against the door, leaving the threshold open for Ron to come inside.


   “Where’s my cousin?” Draco asked through a sneer when Ron walked through his door and seeing that he was indeed by him-self.


“Shove it Malfoy” was the only thing Ron said. He knew the second it came out of his mouth that it wasn’t it best thing to have said, to the very same man he was in need of help from, but his ego took control in that moment, and it just came out. Whatever his feeling were, he just couldn’t stomach the fact the Hermione had chosen him out of all people. But, Draco graciously let him into his house knowing full well how hard it must have been for him to come back. They both just looked at each other in silence, in contempt. Both took a deep inhale as they passed each other into the dimly lit foyer. Ron pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose. Draco ran his hand through his disheveled pale blonde locks waiting to know why Ron was back by him-self. What’s next? Ran through each one’s mind when they passed one another, each one thinking about Hermione as they walked down the hallway by numerous doors leading to unknown rooms.


            Hermione was in the kitchen with Justice when Draco emerged with a melancholy looking Ron a few steps behind him. She looked at him with loving eyes, until she set her eyes set on Ron’s hanging head following behind him. Draco smirked and shrugged his shoulders giving Hermione the courage to speak to her husband.


 “Ron” was all she could get out, before she was overcome with feelings of guilt and anger. He looked up and met her gaze, all the color drained from his face. He opened his mouth to say something to her, but no words came out. Justice was sitting at the table looking on the scene unfolding before his eyes, trying not laugh at the awkwardness of it all. Draco looked to him for some kind of comfort. Justice took Draco’s hint and spoke first breaking the awkward silence.


“So, where’s my sister?”


Draco looked to Hermione, who then looked at Draco, making them both looked to Justice just as the reality set in. Where was Sari?


“Er, that’s why I came back. I need your help. Well, I mean Sari needs your help.” Ron said still looking at Hermione.


            All three of them looked at each other with puzzled looks placed on their faces. Justice stood up suddenly making the chair that he was sitting on fly across the room. Hermione let out a slight yelp and backed into Draco who put an arm around her for comfort. Ron watched it play out and glared with all his might at Draco who now had his wife in his arms. Hermione saw the look wash over Ron’s face and step away from Draco in an instant, who again gave her the slight nod of approval when she met his eyes. Hermione carefully took a few steps closer to Ron who still was giving them looks of death.  Justice interrupted any thoughts she had on talking with Ron.


“Why does my sister need help?” Justice spat dangerously, he instead stepped closer to Ron blocking Hermione’s wide opening.


            Ron backed up to give Justice some breathing room. Justice normally emerald eyes were almost glowing with rage. “What did you do; after you left with my sister?”


            Draco had a tight grip on Hermione’s forearm. He could feel her inching towards the two men about to fight in front of them. He knew she would want to stop any kind of upset, but he also knew that she just wasn’t going to able this time, and she had to let Ron fend for himself. Ron was about to explain the recent events when the large marble fireplace roared in the kitchen with Harry and Ginny standing dusting themselves off and looking at the scene in front of them with gapping mouths.


            Draco was holding Hermione’s arm while she tied to break up the impending fight, Ron and Justice toe to toe, the furry radiation from them. It took a minute for Hermione to realize that her best friend was standing in the room.


Hermione just blurted out. “Gin what are you doing here?”


It was Harry that answered her “When I got home there was already two Deatheaters standing in my kitchen with Ginny.”


“I’m so sorry to hear that, Harry.” Draco stated to which Ginny glared at in reply.


“Are the kids ok?” Hermione asked, once the shock of Ginny being there set in.


“At my mum’s with every protection charm around the burrow.” She said matter-of-factly.


            Hermione could only reply with a weak smile. Draco again like he was reading her thoughts answered them while they passed through her head in a soft voice close to her ear. “It’s not your fault.” Tears began to well in the corners of her eyes. Ginny didn’t miss a beat she heard what Draco said and saw Hermione getting upset.


“Why would it be your fault?” Ginny asked concernedly for her best friend and confused by the entire situation that was in front of her.


It was Ron who spoke up this time “No, Gin it’s my fault. It’s all mine; no one else. I brought this on everyone. None of this would of have happened if it weren’t for me.” He let his head drop from her gaze while he said this.


 “Ron why would any of this be your fault?” Ginny asked heatedly. Ron was about to answer when Justice broke in.


“Sorry to interrupt, but can we get back to what in the hell happened to my sister.”


            All eyes were on Ron when he started to tell them about what happened after they left Draco’s house. About how he was jinx and seeing Sari be grabbed, gagged and dragged away screaming.


Looks of worry went across all of their faces all besides Ginny. “Sorry to act daft, but who is Sari?”


            Everyone in the room went silent and looked at each other. No one knew where to begin or what to say. Hermione bite her bottom lip in anticipation, Harry and Draco ran a hand through their already ruffled hair and looked away. Justice let out a sigh, picked up his chair and sat back down on it feeling defeated. Ron walked toward the sink to splash some water on his face. He took a few extra breaths before he had enough courage to speak.


“Sari is Justice’s sister. They both are Draco’s cousins.” Ron took another long breath before continuing. He looked to each of the faces in the room. “And I’m in love with her. She needs our help?” Ron turned to Hermione “I am sorry this isn’t the way I wanted to tell you.” He said as he took a few more steps closer to her. “But, I can see that you won’t be that upset.” He added with a little venom in his words and a glare towards Draco. “I don’t know who took her, but I have an idea it has to be either Randolphus or Jugson.”


            Both Ginny and Hermione gasped at his words. “Randolphus?! Jugson?!”


“Why would they be involved?” Hermione asked cautiously once the moment subsided.


            Justice took the floor on answering this question. “Randolphus is her Godfather and Jugson had until recently had an alliance with Randolphus and the Dark Wizard Society.” He looked to Ron when he said this. “Ron, do you want me to elaborate?”


            Ron just shook his head, no. He took a deep breath. “Please don’t hate me guys” he looked at each one of them. Well, all beside Justice and Draco.


“I saved her life and she saved mine. What else can I say; I got in over my head. I didn’t mean too, but I did; sucked into a world of darkness and spit out, mangled and unrecognizable.”


Hermione was trying her best not to let the waterfall of tears escape her chocolate eyes while she listen to what Ron was saying. She took little steps away from Draco and closer to her husband.


“I took a job from Randolphus. I couldn’t help it was supposed to be an easy quick fix. I have never seen that much money in my life.” He looked to Hermione

“I thought it would make our life better, not break it apart. I’m so sorry, Hermione; all I wanted to was give you the life that I thought you deserved. It just got out of hand, so fast. One little job turned into one too many. You wouldn’t believe what I have seen; and all just to try and fix what I have broken. It was horrible and before I knew it, the life I had been building up fell apart big time, and I was locked in a crypt in Jugson’s fortress. I thought I was a goner. Randolphus set me up to take the fall for him screwing over the DWS(Dark Wizard Society). One moment I thought there was no hope; then Justice and Sari showed up and broke me out of that place then next.”


            Draco shot a look at Justice “Sorry cuz, it happened way to fast and I didn’t have time to let you in on the deal.”


Ron looked from Justice to Draco “What fucking deal?”


Harry broke in at that moment “Ron it’s not what you’re thinking.” Harry looked at Draco and Justice “I think we need to tell him?”


“Tell me what? Harry you’re in this too?” Ron asked indignantly


“Mate, there is an investigation with the ministry evolving you. There has been an open case against you for months. The U.S. is even involved; something about un-reg imports.”


            Ron went pallid, he slumped into the nearest chair to steady his breathe. He hung his head in his hands “Oh merlin, what am I going to Harry? This is real bad. This is bad enough to send me to Azkaban.”


            It hurt Ginny to see her brother this upset, she walked over to him and rubbed him on his back in hopes it would be a little comfort. She turned to Harry and said “Harry there has to be something you can do so Ron doesn’t get sent to Azkaban?”


“Don’t know Gin?” Harry said in a sad tone “But for right now we have to find Sari.” He then looked at Ron “Mate, we’ll figure out what to do about this later; right now it’s out of my hands and anyway I’m not the one in the loop.”


            Hermione was in a state of shock. She felt like her legs were glued to the floor as much as she wanted to comfort Ron, she couldn’t make herself go over to him. She felt like she didn’t know the man who she was in front of her. How could he have been so stupid? How could he let this happen? Was all she could think about. She was pissed about Sari, but more mad at him for fucking up his whole life for something as trivial as money.It was almost too much for her to handle.


“I think I’ve waiting long enough. Now what are going to do about my sister?” Justice addressed the group as a whole. Ron, Harry and Draco looked up at him at the same time. In that moment all of their auror skills kicked in.


Draco was the first one to suggest something. “I think that the girls should stay here while we go and get her back…” Draco only got the words out before he could feel the heat of eyes on him. “I know.” He started to say just as both Hermione and Ginny started to yell that they weren’t going to stay home and just wait. He then turned to them and said. “I know you both want to help, but it would be best for everyone if you stayed here. Harry and I can’t worry about you girls while we fight some of the most wanted Deatheaters. Anyway its weird enough situation as it is and we don’t need to add to it right now.” He said as he looked from Hermione to Ron.


Harry agreed “Gin, maybe it would be best. Remember you’re a mother and we need to think about them.” She huffed, but couldn’t argue, she knew he was right.


“Then it is settled.” Draco said “Hermione show Ginny to one of the guest room.” He then turned to Ginny. “Pick out anyone you want, and then have Margo make you some food, we won’t be long.”  


            Hermione just stood there with a blank expression on her face. Draco had to walk right in front of her. “Please” he said as he looked into her tearful eyes. He then gave a small squeeze on her shoulder and she turned to go up the back stairs without a word. Ginny following looking worried.


“Harry just don’t leave without saying goodbye ok” Ginny said as she looked back at him while she followed Hermione up the stairs.


            Harry looked up at her from looking at Ron. “Wouldn’t even dream of it.” With that both girls walked up the stairs and disappeared. Draco followed them to the landing and placed a silencing charm on the room just in case.


            Once the girls were gone Ron let out a frustrated cry. “Fuck man; I really messed up big this time. Harry what are we going to do, we have to find her. I have never seen her that scared. I can feel that she is in real danger. We don’t have much time.”


Justice perked up “Scared? What do you mean? She is never scared.” His face dropped and a look of worry went right across his face like a ticker sign in times-square.


“Ron, are you sure? Justice is right, she is never scared. She is a lot of thing, but never scared.” Draco looked to Justice when he said this. They both knew this had to be much worse than anyone had originally thought. “Sari has gotten herself in plenty of jams before and never gave any of them a second of thought. Are you sure it’s that bad?” Draco said to try and reassure the room.


Anger rose in Ron “Am I sure? What the fuck? Yes Malfoy, she’s scared. I can feel it in my bones. I saw the terror in her eyes as they dragged her off. I’ve seen her fight before and this time there was something different going on. It was like she had no fight left in her.”


            Harry was about to say something when Justice interrupted him with a held up hand. “Ron I know there is some other issues right now, especially with Draco and you, but right now I need you shelve it and focus on Sari. Can you see anything or feel anything else?”


            Harry and Draco looked to each with looks of puzzlement on their faces. Draco decided it would best to keep his inputs to a minimum at the moment and nodded to Harry.


“What do you mean; see or feel something?” asked Harry


            Justice began to tell Harry and Draco how Sari found Ron in the first place. How she saw the clues on where to find him in her mind’s eye, because they were “connected”. “My part was easier I had been on Ron’s tail for a while and I was already there when she showed up.”


 Ron looked up to him with another shocked look displayed on his face. “It was you that Sari saw on the docks the other day wasn’t?”


            To which Justice replied with a nod meaning yes


“That’s why she got so worried?” Ron said as it all began to make sense to him.


“Now Ron I need you to focus, close your eye tell me what you see. Don’t worry about what I have seen; it about what you can see right now”


            Harry and Draco shared looks of confusion with each other. Justice caught their looks to each other, but just shrugged it off, there wasn’t much time to explain it. Ron closed his eyes letting heart guide his thoughts. He focused on Sari and how he was worried for her life. About how much he loved her. How scared he was for her. How he wished if he could trade places with her he would; and, how he would die for her.  It was then just as the last thought crossed his mind he began to see over grown fields and broken down fences. He saw her tied up, tears running down her face, make-up smeared, breathing shallow and fast. He shot up, startling the three other men, who he had almost forgotten that were in the same room.


“What Ron? What did you see? A lone tear ran down his cheek and he couldn’t control his breath “she… she…. She… is hurt” he wheezed


“Ron what did you see?” Justice said a little louder.


Ron looked up at him and met his gaze. “I….I… saw a field, a.. a… a… broken fence. She was in a room where the furniture covered in sheets, a white and black darken hallway. Oh merlin, something feels really wrong”


Draco knew where she was and looked over to Justice who made the same connection.


“Do you think that’s where they took her?” Draco said more to Justice than the rest of the room.


“Yea, think so. Just don’t understand why there. It could mean two things. Either Randolphus got her to get to Ron; or, Jugson took her and is setting Randolphus up?”


Draco started to pace around the kitchen table. “It wouldn’t make sense if Randolphus took her. She is the only one who he loved since Bellatrix died.”


“But, he is cruel, and not to mention an f’ing psychopath. He would turn on her if he thought she had betrayed him.” Justice said matter-of-factly knowing how easily Randolphus turned his back on him when he took up his father path in life and not theirs.


Ron was looking dumbfounded at Justice and Draco.


            Harry on the other hand was following the story as best as he could. “Especially, if he found out that Sari was the one who came and got us when Hermione was kidnapped.”


            Both Ron and Justice looked at Harry and Draco followed by both them yelling out at the same time “WHAT?”


            Draco went into a shorten story about how Sari drugged Hermione and took her to Randolphus’. He stressed the fact that Sari had second thoughts when she saw what they were going to do to her. “She then decided at that point that she needed to get help and she appeared in front of us frantic outside the ministry.”


  Justice looked at Draco not believing that this was the first he was hearing about this. Draco saw the look on his face. “She said couldn’t find you, so she came and found me. I was with Harry talking about a random case when she came begging for help. What was I going to; I was standing with Harry. I had to let him in on what was happening. In the end we both went with her. To some east-end warehouse, where we saw Hermione bound in invisible chains hanging from a rafter, about to have some creature set on her.”


            This was too much for Ron who went even paler and ran to the sink to throw up. The three of them stood in shock as Ron ran across the room and empty the content of his stomach in front of them. Once he finished, he slumped on the floor with his back leaning against the cabinets.


“I can’t believe Sari did that to Hermione. I told her over and over again I was going to handle Hermione. Why would she do that?”


            It was Draco that could answer that one. “Sari grew up very darkly. She had some very dark role models. Now, I’m not excusing her actions, but she probably felt like it was a fix for her problem, not a start to new one.”


            Ron looked up at Draco barely believing that Malfoy was trying to saying something to make him feel better.


“We need to go. We are wasting time.” Ron said all of a sudden


             All four of them shot knowing looks to one and another.


“Ok what’s the plan?” Harry asked


“When we were young we would go to my Aunt’s farm in the country. By what you described it sounds like that’s where she is.” Draco said and Justice agreed.


“It looks like it going to be just us, since we can’t let the ministry get involved.” Harry said to which Ron looked relived at.


Justice took up pacing after Draco stopped “This could be a trap? You know.”


“But, it’s the only thing we got right now” Ron pleaded


“No we are going, but it may get really dicey. I was just letting you know.” Justice stated


            They all grabbed on to each other forearms making a human square and the aparated into the unknown situation with a loud crack.




Chapter 28 


            The girls went upstairs in silence. Hermione didn’t know what to say. Everything was out in the open now, her and Draco, and Ron’s slip-ups. Ginny gasped at the upstairs hallway. “This beautiful, I can’t believe this is Malfoy’s house.” Hermione only looked at her.






The tears were welling up again her eyes.


“Hermione you don’t have to say anything right now. It’s not your fault. I’m not mad at you for Malfoy, but I want details. You should be mad at me.” She looked down and away.




“I should have said something to you that other day when I was at your house when you were telling me about my brother acting weird. I have a confession.”


            They both just stood in the hallway looking at each other.


“Gin, what?”


“Percy saw Ron snogging a random blonde chick. I didn’t want to alarm you since you already thought he had been out of sorts. I wanted to have proof that it actually did happen, before I laid it on you. I’m so sorry. You’re my best friend” it was her turn to start to cry


“Gin, it’s alright. I think we have been over for a long time, just neither one of us wanted to admit it, to ourselves or anyone else.”


            Both girls felt a little better and started to walk again down the hall again.


“Here are four choices for you. There is a couple more, but in my opinion this are the best ones.”  They both giggled as Hermione took Ginny by the hand and showed her each room. The first one was a pale pink with a small sitting area that had a connection bathroom to a slightly smaller green room facing the back garden with a large picture window that had a seat built in to it. The next room was bigger than the last two with a bathroom almost in the room, just a half wall blocking the loo with a glass enclosed shower and a walk in closet. The last room took Ginny’s breath away this one was pale green with a white four poster bed with white curtains. It had a bathroom with a glass shower in it with two nozzle’s. A deep old fashion claw foot high back tub caught Ginny attention. It also had a picture window and a view of the gardens.


“Oh Hermione, this is one of the most beautifulness room I have ever seen. This is better than the one Harry and I had on our honeymoon.”


             With that she dropped her bag on the ground and flopped on the bed. Just as Hermione joined her on the bed the both jumped at a loud crack from down stairs. A look of worry went across both of their faces.


“I guess the boys left. I knew Harry would get wrapped up in his plans and forget to say bye.” Ginny said.


With a big sigh and a “Yep” was all that Hermione could say. Ginny saw how Hermione’s mood shifted and said “Ok, that’s settled; I want to see your room.”


“Oh. Ok it’s this way.” Hermione began to feel embarrassed about all of Draco’s grandness that was ever so presented everywhere.


Ginny grabbed on to the doorframe as Hermione opened the double doors that lead to the master suite. “Holy Shit, wow Hermione this is amazing. It looks like it’s from a magazine. You know what, it was in a magazine. I have seen this before. It was in “Witch Weekly Homes and Gardens” issue. “I thought the kitchen looked familiar.” They both shared a laugh while they sat on the bed.


While Ginny ran her fingers on the beige cushioned head board and the silk sheets she said. “Well, you could have done lots worse.” And with a laugh she continued “Now, spill it I want to know everything. Just forget that I’m Ron’s sister.”


            Again they both laughed as Hermione started at the beginning, seeing Draco at the coffee shop, her night with Justice and Draco at Justice’s club, all the way to where they were now. Ginny rolled over where a music box caught her eye; she picked it up and opened it. Hermione told her it was gift from Draco and the hand mirror inside was a way to contact Draco if she needed him. “Draco had been very protective since the kidnapping.”


“What?” Ginny exclaimed sitting upright on the bed.


            Hermione told her the story about being drugged and kidnapped, then having Draco and Harry saving her.


“Wait Harry knew about you and Draco?”


“Yes, but he hasn’t for long. It was his idea to tell you myself.”


“That boy is full of surprises. Did he freak when he found out.”


“Two guesses Gin.” Hermione said with a laugh and raised eyebrows “I walked in and Harry had Draco by the throat wand out and everything. It was crazy Draco’s feet weren’t even touching the floor because of Harry’s grip”


            They both rolled in laughter. Ginny got up and went to look in the mirror. She passed the huge walk in closet with changing area and gasped “Oh merlin, you have a closet here too.”


“Kinda” Hermione said feeling uncomfortable for certain now. “Draco surprised me with it my second time here.”


            Ginny walked right in and ran her hand down the lush clothes hanging up and dropped her jaw at the wall of shoes. “I hope I can burrow anything I want, right? Wait are there still tags on most of this stuff.”


 Hermione only nodded to her, feeling herself starting to blush.


“Wow, wow, wow” was the only thing that came from out of Ginny’s mouth, until they sat for dinner. Margo made a nice meal a roasted chicken with lots of veggies and Hermione pick out a bottle of wine. They did the best as they could not to fret about the boys. They could barely eat though, but killed off two bottles of wine. After they ate they went to sit by the fire pit out in the garden. Hermione kept her hand mirror close just in case Draco needed her or vice-versa. Every now again she would look at it, but she didn’t see anything.  Her insides were cringing from the thoughts that anyone of the boys could be hurt. Day turned to night as both girls sat watching the fire dance against the black back drop of the night. They kept talking pushing their fears aside counting down the moments till their loves were back.




            The air was crisp when they landed in a field just outside the property line of Randolphus and Bellatrix’s farm manor. They only had a few hours of daylight left, before darkness would come, making their mission harder, and near impossible. They didn’t know how many men were on the grounds, nor did they know whose men would be there, most likely in anticipation for their arrival. Justice and Draco felt the sudden shock of emotion on being back at a place where they both shared memories as children. They both took turns telling Ron and Harry about the lay out of the grounds and the manor house just off in the distance. They threw some plans out, but none seemed to fit the situation.  So, they agreed that the best plan for action would be no plan of action.


            The four of them ducked under fences and crept carefully up to the dark manor house. They came to an over grown hedge just as two men who were obviously patrolling came in to view. Both in dark long cloaks, wands out, and glazed over eyes. They didn’t speak to each other, but would nod to one another occasionally. Peaking over the hedge Harry signaled that they should split up and try to see if one of them could see where Sari was. They agreed they would come back to the hedge in ten minutes.


            The four of them split up and went in different directions. Draco went to the front of the house crouching low as he could, while Ron and Harry went around the back of the manor following the hedge. They had to duck every now and again, as other random men with wands out, and glazed eyes passed by them.


            Justice stayed where he was for a few moments, after the others went their ways he moved closer to a set of windows on the wall that he was facing. He took his time walking up to the window, silently praying to see his sister. A new kind of fear was in his belly, one that he had never felt before. It dawn on him that he was worried her for the first time in his life. The window he looked into was a grand sitting room that wasn’t lit, besides from the crack under the door leading to an outer room, where he could see shadows passing under the door. He then creped to the next window and peered in, to his dismay it was a small bathroom where a random Deatheater was relieving himself.  When he turned away he saw a set of patrolling men about to walk up on him, but he use some quick thinking and muttered to himself a quick spell that transformed him into a tall bush. The men walked by with not even a glance in his way. The last window he looked in was an office with white sheets covering all the furniture, but there were two men sitting on the covered sofa in a deep conversation. He counted to himself making a mental note on how many men he had seen. So, he would remember to tell the others. He returned back to the spot where he had started with and he waited for them to come back.


            Meanwhile, Ron and Harry followed the hedge into the back of the overgrown garden.


“This must have been a nice place before it was forgotten” Harry said in a hushed voice leaning in to Ron’s ear.


“From what Sari has said they use to have lots of fun here.” Ron told Harry as they ducked for the countless time.


“We can’t keep ducking like this, we’ll never be able to get close enough to look inside.” Harry said as they duck again behind the hedge out of sight of the patrolling men.




“Next time they do their rounds let’s petrify them. You shoot two and I’ll shot two” said Ron as he took a baited breath.


“On the count of three” Harry took one more look over the hedge and said.


            As three words left Harry’s lips they both shot their jinx’s in opposite directions. A soft thud could be heard as the four patrolling men fell to the ground. Ron and Harry dragged the rigid bodies to the hedge and roll them under it, before going to the back wall of the manor doing their best to avoid the deck and French doors that looked like it lead to a kitchen. One of them went to one side of the deck and checked the windows. The other walked soundlessly on the deck and peered into the doors ever, so carefully. Neither one of them saw anything and walked down the wall of the back of the manor to check the other windows the lined it.


            In one window was group of men playing cards, in another was just an empty room, and the last one finally gave an answer. They saw Jugson and two other men talking. Ron noticed he was wearing the same suit as earlier. But, neither Harry nor Ron knew who the other two men that were standing with him. As soon as they confirmed Jugson they headed back to their rondevu spot.


            Draco walked to the front of the manor and was lucky that he didn’t bump into any patrolling men while on his way. He kept his wand out and looked over his shoulder every few steps. The first three windows he saw nothing in, but shadows through the cracks under the doors and covered up furniture. He walked around the front porch under the nose of a random Deatheater smoking a cigarette. Once safely on the other side of the porch he noticed a figure in an upstairs window. He thought how lucky he was that there was a balcony by that widow. Aparating up there was out of the question, it would have been too loud. So, he stowed away his wand and shimmied up a lattice covered with ivy. Once he was over the railing, he tip toed across the white concrete to look in a set of French window double doors. His hard work paid off, he saw Sari tied to a chair. Her head was down, hair messed up, a ripe bruise was growing under her left eye, and some down both of her legs and arms.


She looked up suddenly at this moment and gave him a weak nod. She then mouthed “I’m alone”.


            Draco pulled out his wand and unlocked the doors, before carefully stepped into the upstairs bedroom. Once inside he rushed to her side. Tears started to roll down her face in faster session.


“Are you ok?” Draco asked as he wiped her face with the sleeve of his shirt. “We are all here, Ron, Justice, and Harry.”


“Ron is here? Is he ok? They shot something I have never seen before at him, and he went down hard.” She said in an almost whisper.


Draco gave her a weak smile “He’s fine. Do you know who’s got you here?”


“No” was all she could get out, before they heard steps coming closer.


            Draco swiftly stepped back outside the double doors and ducked behind the wall just as a man came in the room to check on her. He then heard a muffle yell and could hear something breaking. He risked a peek and saw Sari was knocked on to the floor with broken wood around her. She was still bound and was wriggling on the floor. The man had come to check on her had bloody lip that left Draco wondering how or what she had done to the him, before making his way back to the other guys.


            The three guys were beginning to get worried when Draco didn’t come back after another ten minutes. They were about to start go look for him when he showed up.


“I found her” he said breathlessly and slumping down to the ground with his back to the hedge. “I ran across a patroller, came from out of nowhere, but managed to stun him. I just hope I didn’t blow our cover”


“Where is she?” Ron asked, putting his hands on Draco’s shoulders almost shaking him.


“She’s in one of the bedrooms, she’s ok I talked to her.” Draco said never breaking Ron gaze.


“You talked to her?” Justice said sounding surprised


“yea” Draco looked to Justice “didn’t get too long though, before I knew it we heard someone coming. She’s pretty beat up.”


“It’s starting to get dark, we don’t have much time” Harry stated looking up at the dimming sky above.


“It was Jugson. I saw him” said Ron who was staring at the only lit window on the second floor.


“I’ve seen about ten other men while waiting for you guys here, well besides these ones” Justice said as he pointed to the two set of men still frozen and rolled under the hedge.


“So, we can at least double that count.” Draco said standing back up and dusting himself off.


“I think we should try and snatch her as quietly we can.” Harry took of his glasses to give the lens a wipe on his shirt.


        With that the four of them fell into a line and crept up to the front of the building. They decided two would stay on the ground to keep watch, while the other two went inside to grab Sari. They also decide to aparate to a separate place, before going to Draco’s in-case they were followed. All of them agreed they would first meet in Leaky Caldron where there would be other wizards that could help them out if it was need be.  Ron was the first one to climb the lattice followed by Justice. They crept up and hid on either side of the French doors that opened on the balcony, waiting for a man who happened to be in the room to leave. Harry and Draco hid in the shadows, wands out, and ready for a fight just under the balcony.


           It took a few minutes before the room went quiet enough for Ron and Justice go in.  Once in Ron ran up to Sari and wrapped his arms around her.


“I knew you would come” she said as the tears rolled down her already wet face.


“Come on, we got to be quick” Justice looked nervously to the door and then back to them.


“I know” Ron said in a frustrated voice, he was having a hard time trying to loosen the bonds around Sari.


“Ron, let me do it, back up” Justice said, and then pointed his wand at her. He was able to set her free without any words leaving his lips while Ron watched in a streak of blue light for out of his wand.


               Once she was free she hugged Ron with her loose arms and the three of them started towards the doors. Ron and Sari hadn’t made it out to the balcony when the door shot opened with a group of men shooting jinxes at their heads. A quick few steps and they were outside, Ron and Sari disappeared instantly, leaving Justice fending off the men. Harry and Draco heard the commotion above them. They looked at each other, and aparated up to aid Justice. With a loud crack Draco and Harry appeared only a step behind Justice blocking spells left and right the moment their feet touched the ground. Each shot spells hit their attackers. Half the men were on the floor when Jugson came barreling into the room. He pushed his own men out of the way while he went. They were in a full fledge duel with the three men who were left and Jugson. Green lights erupted every few seconds from outstretched hands. One grazed Harry’s arm leaving a trail of blood across his sleeve.  Harry shot a stinging jinx at the man who got him and he fell to the writhing on the floor. He shot one more at him, tying him up with invisible chains. Draco was in a fierce duel with a man behind Jugson. Who kept sending death curses at him, like it was the only spell the man knew. Draco took a deep breath and shot a brave confusion jinx right at the man’s heart, dropping him to the floor in a silent ball. He was not moving, but still breathing.


                     Now it was three against two, Jugson and one unknown man with a scar from lip to ear on the right side of his face were shooting aimlessly at them. Draco, Harry, and Justice all shot at the same time a stunning jinx at Jugson making him crash flat on his face. When the man with the scar on his face saw his boss drop, he flinched, and that all was need for him to be distracted. Justice was able to stun him while Harry bound Jugson. Since they weren’t sure how many more men where in the house, but they wanted to take Jugson in to custody they sealed the room where Jugson was and sent a patronis to the auror department for back up. While they waited for back-up, Draco, Harry and Justice started to search the manor. They cleared each room one by one each of them closely covering the other. The three of them made a good team signaling each other or reading the other body langue while rounding up the other men that litter the house. By the time their back-up arrived they had twenty six men all stunned and bound sitting on the front lawn waiting for aurors. Harry had told the aurors he had been tipped off saying one of the ten most wanted wizards was seen here and was planning an attack on muggle London. No one question it since Harry one of their bosses


                   Once the bound men and Jugson were taken to Azkaban, the only thing the three of them had to figure out; was what to do next about Ron? In silence the three looked to each other, none of them knowing what to say about Ron or what could even be done. This was the first time Harry and Draco realized how deep Ron was in with these dark wizards and none of them had a clue how to get Ron out of the mess he had created for himself. 


A/N: Another chapter. Thanks for reading my fic. I trying to fix all the mistakesd; so, thanks to all of you for being kind and hanging in there with me. Let me know what you think so far by leaving me a few kind words in that comment box. Thanks again!  

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