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Falling In Love. by Magicalis Writer
Chapter 7 : Girl-To-Girl Talk.
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Ginny woke up to a pillow hitting her face. She groaned and rolled over to see Hermione holding a large, white pillow.

"What was that for?" Ginny asked tiredly, rubbing her eyes. It was still dark outside and the clock on the wall read 5:00 a.m.

"We're going to make a birthday cake for Harry," Hermione answered, setting down the pillow, "And have a girl-to-girl talk."

Ginny had no clue how to make a cake, and she knew that 'girl-to-girl talk' roughly translated to 'lets-talk-about-Harry-and-Ron' but knowing that she had this 'talk' coming, she followed Hermione down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Okay, we'll need one cup of sugar," Hermione advised. Ginny searched the cabinets for sugar and found a jar of what seemed to be it. She set it down on the table and started looking for a cup.

"Ginny, this isn't sugar..." Hermione sighed, grabbing a salt shaker. "This is."

"Aren't you getting the two mixed up?" Ginny asked, looking over Hermione's shoulder at the jar entitled 'Sugar'.

"Nope. Ron and George must've switched the two for a prank... no wonder my oatmeal has been tasting weird." Hermione muttered shaking her head. She dumped the salt into another jar and took out a bag of sugar.

"Um, 'Mione, what kind of cup should we use?" Ginny asked, holding a mug in one hand and a glass cup in the other.

"A measuring cup." Ginny looked at Hermione as though she were speaking a foreign language. "See, this is why I think people should take Muggle Studies. It's really useful-" Hermione was cut off by Ginny's bored look. "Fine, I'll find the rest of the ingredients, then you put them into that bowl, okay?" Ginny nodded and sat down at the table.

"So... you said that we had to have a 'girl-to-girl talk'?"

"Yep. And it's about you and Harry," Hermione answered, putting eggs and butter on the table.

"It's...complicated." Ginny said lamely. Hermione looked at her in understanding.

"It's always complicated. It's complicated for you because you want to have Harry as a boyfriend, but you also want to know more about him. But at the same time you're angry that he isn't making a move, and you want to make one yourself, but you can never find the right time to do it." Hermione stated.

"Umm... how do you know about...well...everything?" Ginny asked, feeling uncomfortable.

"Because, Ron and I are the same way. At least we were. Think about it, Ginny." Hermione suggested, setting yet another ingredient on the table, "You and Harry are alike in a lot of ways. You're both stubborn, rash, and have a temper. But you also are both dedicated, kind, brave, and selfless." Ginny blushed at Hermione's compliment, but looked even more confused.

"Then why doesn't he do something about it? He told me that he was falling in love with me, but he doesn't express it at all. But when I told him that I was falling for him... he seemed really happy, like he never heard someone say anything like that to him in his entire life." Ginny replied.

"That's because he hasn't. He wasn't raised with love like most people are. For over half of his life he had no one to tell him that they loved him everyday. I think that you might've actually been the first person to say something like that to him. He knows that Ron and I love him like a sibling, but when he sees you... it's something special, Ginny. He adores you, and you can see that if you look close enough."

Ginny thought about this for a moment. She never considered the words 'I love you' to be very much. But to Harry they must've meant a lot.

"I never thought of it that way," Ginny replied quietly as she poured the ingredients into a bowl and mixed them together.

"I don't blame you. Harry's sweet and loving, despite everything that happened to him. But despite the fact that he's gentle, he's still scarred by everything that happened to him. When you're with him... he looks like he's forgotten everything bad that has happened to him." Hermione smiled as she said this. "You need someone like him. And he needs someone like you. Let's face it, you two are both stubborn on a level that no one but yourselves can handle." Hermione teased, pouring the batter into a cake pan.

"I am not stubborn!" Ginny shouted stubbornly.

"Shh..." Hermione hushed, looking towards the stairs. "We don't want the boys waking up- or your parents. What did you get Harry for his birthday?" she asked, putting the cake in the oven.

"It's kind of a long story..." Ginny admitted, feeling a bit guilty.

"We have time. Lot's of it." Hermione smirked.

"Okay, well, I was thinking about what Harry would want for his birthday. A new broom, a new watch, something homemade, or nothing at all. But then I remembered his house in Godric's Hollow... I Apparated there-don't tell my parents, I taught myself." Ginny added quickly, "And went into the house. Most of it looked untouched. There were baby toys everywhere, some old books and a lot of photos of the Potter's family and friends. I took some of them. Then I went upstairs... it was almost collapsed in. Lily and James's room was across from Harry's. There were a few journals, which I also took." Hermione remained silent the entire time.

"I never thought of it like that. While we were hunting horcruxes we went to Godric's Hollow and visited the graveyard. Harry's parents were buried there. It was the first time that I actually realized that Harry was an orphan. I always knew, but I never stopped to think about the fact that Harry has no parents. He didn't even know them for that long. And they were a perfectly normal family." Hermione started tearing up and stopped talking.

"His room looked like something out of a nightmare," Ginny said, feeling herself tear up too. "It was covered in rubble. You could see where the curse hit Harry..."

"Well," Hermione sighed wiping the tears from her cheeks, "He wouldn't want us to be crying over his past. Anyway, I think that you should give him something else as well," Hermione said, smiling mischievously. "Maybe you should re-use the gift you gave him last year..."



A/N: So I just wanted to write that chapter as a warm up for the exciting chapters to come! Sorry I haven't updated in a while... I had a terrible case of writers block. Anyway, please review for another chapter: I read and reply to every review I receive! Thanks for reading! ~Magicalis Writer

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Falling In Love.: Girl-To-Girl Talk.


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