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My Marauder by Lunalove21
Chapter 1 : Bad Dream
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I could feel my long dark brown hair gently wrapping around me as i soar higher in the air on my broom. I was searching the deep purple skies, only lit by the full moon, for the devilishly winged golden tempestuous that would evade me at every turn. Only for a short moment, before i would grasp my small soft hands around the cold snitch.

As I reached out my arm, my finger tips touching the flickering wings, i was at least ten feet in the air, i saw something out of the corner of my eye. Forgetting the snitch, i give into curiosity. I swiftly turn my broom zooming to the edge of the pitch,i hear the creature clearly before seeing it. The intense, ear splitting, howl of a werewolf.

For the strangest reason, I began to fly towards the beast , but flying higher as i came closer. When i was over fifty feet in the air and almost directly above the werewolf, it howled violently. I lost my balance on the broom i was falling, fast.

I bolted up right in my bed,not fully aware of where i was, remembering, only too well, my dream. I noticed I had kicked all the blankets off my bed, and my forehead was covered in a light layer of warm sweat.

I took a deep breath, stretched my arms, and gently rubbed my eyes. As i wiped away the sweat from my forehead, i glanced at the clock that sat on my navy blue night stand, reading seven thirty. "Hmmm" i sigh has i hit my head back in to my pillow, hard. I abruptly turn; loudly knocking my book on to the floor. "Damn" I muttered. This causes my to sit up, once again. I realize that i won't be getting anymore sleep on the last day of my summer holiday.

As i get out of my bed, praying that my mum didn't hear the book fall. I listen for any sign that she did, i didn't hear anything. I pick up my copy of the muggle book Oliver Twist. After placing it on my book-shelf, i have the misfortune of encountering my reflection in the mirror. I gaze for a moment at myself, my 5 ft 6 inch stature, 120 pound weight, my not extremely curvy body shape, my pale skin,and straight mid-back length hair. I can't help but feel average. I look at my electrifying blue eyes, and smile at the only part of my appearance i didn't dislike. I reach for my favorite book, Hogwarts, a History.

I felt a warmth spread up from my finger tips to my arms. This book was the first chance i had to learn about magic. I would stay up all night, in my summer before my first year reading this book, i reminisced. I sat down on my bed,noticing the half packed truck at the edge of bed. I placed my nose deep into the familiar text of the enchanting tales of Hogwarts. 

I didn't bother to look up from my book, until i heard rather loud footsteps coming towards my door. I place my book on the rim of my bed, and walk eagerly towards my bedroom door. "Hi", I greeted my mum. 

"Good morning, love" mum said "Want to help with breakfast, i was thinking pancakes and eggs."

"Of course" I beam "I'll be down i a minute." I hurry past my mum to the bathroom. After brushing my hair and teeth, I glide down our stairs, still in my sweatpants and old tee shirt.I bear hug my mum spinning her around over towards the most amazing smelling pancake batter. I release her and inhale the Familar aroma of my mornings.

"Chocolate chips,or blueberries" I ask. 

"Both"my mother smiles grabbing the bag of chocolate chips from the cabinet.I opened up our refrigerator to get some fresh berries. We laugh and joked around the whole time.  My mum was only 16 when ever she was pregnant with me, so she is more like a friend, sometimes. We both ended up covered in flour and pancake batter. 

While we sat down at the table mum asked me about my plans for the last day of holiday. "Well", I respond "I was hoping to go over to Alice's house, maybe talk to Xeno"

"Okay, are you packed?" asked mum. 

"No, almost." I sigh as i finish my pancakes. I put my dish in the sink and swiftly return to my room to finish packing. By 11 i had all my books (which is a bunch, even for a ravenclaw), all my homework was neatly organized in its folder (which will not stay like that for long), and my clothes; new robes were at the top of the trunk. I Smiled as i easily zipped my bag, thanks to a nifty extending charm i learned( not in any class,it was at a much higher level of magic). 

I decided to go take a shower before dropping by Alice's house. I walked across the narrow hallway that had two other doors- a guess bedroom and a large bathroom. As I enter the bathroom, I smile slightly at the color scheme that i had choose- silver and blue. I feel my muscles relax as the steaming water engulfs them. 

An hour later i hug my mum, and walk to the little corner shop, that has a floo network. I wish we had one, but mum's muggle born and doesn't understand. Umm, i sigh in my head. As i inconspicuously tilt a non-light candle and go in the little compartment that contained only a fireplace and a large glass bowl of floo powered. 

I almost gracefully erupted from Alice's living room fire place. Alice wasn't there, so i walked out side, noting the incredible heat, even for summer- at least 95 degrees. As i turned the corner of her house, i felt my jaw drop. 

Alice was snogging some boy, so vigorously that i couldn't make out a face on the bloke.   "Umm"  I cough very loudly to make my presents noticed. They hastily brake apart.

"Ohhh, no! Don't stop on my a count." I call to my blushing friend. I get a proper look at the bloke and he seems familiar, he's tall, curly haired, and bit nerdy looking, but i works well for him.

"This is Frank, Frank Longbottom." Introduced Alice.

"Hello" I greet "Cora Rosewell." Upon shaking his hand i notice they're soft and rather large compared to my hands. I also recognize him now. He's a Gryffindor.

"Is anyone other than me hot out here" he asked

"Yes" I and Alice respond in unison. While i fight back a need to add a sly comment. 

"Shall we go inside." Alice ask. We all start to walk up the hill.

After sitting down in her living room with glasses of water, i half-heartedly asked "So when did this start? I mean it's not like i would know since i haven't heard from you since your OWLS fiasco. You never sent me any letters." I playfully wag my finger. She counters by punching me gently in the arm.

Alice moves closer to Frank as she tells me about how they meant  2 weeks ago when they were both on vacation in Paris, and how they both wanted to be aurors. After that conversation they switched to OWLS. I had gotten outstanding in every class, Frank gotten almost all E's with accepting of DADA an O and charms an A. Alice got all E's with an outstanding in herbologly and DADA. "I heard we're suppose to do nonverbal spells this year." i began "I manage it a few times at the end of last term when i practiced, but they weren't very good." I voiced my nerdy fears. Both Alice and Frank didn't seem to understand, because they both looked impressed. "Wow! That can take months to get, you can't seriously be worried." exclaimed Frank. 

I ignore the comment, and started to ask him about Gryffindor. He talked briefly about Lily. I kind of knew her, she was in the library with me often in fifth year. We were kind of friends now, i think. He said something about a group of pranksters but i wasn't really listening at that point,until the topic switched to Quidditch.

Before we know it we were out in the heat, which had gone down about 15 degrees, playing Quidditch. I wasn't on the team, but i never tried out for the team, i want to focus on school. After i got the snitch we went back inside for some food, since it was about 5 o'clock, we were hungry.

After eating some delicious Shepard pie, Alice asks if i have had any dreams lately, since i appear to have some seer in me from my dad ( who i have never meant). I remembered, all to well, the dream i had last night. Both of them thought i was mental, maybe i was but it still bothered me, so i put it to the back of my mind. I left around six, since her mum and dad came home at six thirty, and her mum was really scary. Frank and I both left, after making plans to meat tomorrow on the train.

As i arrived back home i found my mum...snogging. "What the hell?" i yell as i walk into the kitchen. As mother pulls back, she looks shocked. " Oh Merlin, is everyone, but me, snogging today." I add angrily.

"Th, This is Brian, he is a chef at my restaurant" Stuttered my mum. He looked ashamed, and quickly said goodbye and bolted for the door. "He is just a friend" Mum said blushing slightly.

"He is a very nice friend" I say with smirk.

"Ohhh, please Cora, don't be this way."

"I was just teasing, i am happy if your happy."

"Good, so how was Alice?"

I recap my visit, and go up stairs, double check my trunk, feed my owl, Hibou, and fall into a peaceful sleep with Oliver Twist at my side. I look forward to the return of Hogwarts, it was where i belong. 


Just so we are clear i own absolutely nothing, well except the plot and my o/c. The rest belong and always will to the brilliant J.K. Rowling.

I don't really like this chapter, it's really short I just wanted to set-up Cora's back ground. The next chapters will get better i promise.

PS- i know i suck at english, so if i made any mistakes that leave you confused, just ask. I REALLY suck at english, sorry :(




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