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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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“Roxanne you have five minutes to finish up or we are leaving your arse here!” I hear Lily shout through the bathroom door.



Tonight is the night of the Halloween Party. Andi, Lucy, and Lily have been waiting for me in our dorm room for thirty minutes but I don’t think I’m going to leave this bathroom anytime soon.



“I’m not coming!” I shout frantically and hear all three girls moan.



“Get out here now!” Lucy shouts back.



I take another look in the mirror and shake my head disapprovingly. My father would not be proud. I had a momentary lapse of judgment last weekend and allowed Lucy to pick a costume out for me so I could spend the day with Lysander. Bad idea. Even more so considering that we ended up fighting all night because I refused to work on homework for three hours straight.



 I’m a Healer. Or should I say, I have a Healer costume. Sounds normal enough right? Wrong.



Normal Healers wear long green robes. Robes that cover their entire bodies. My “costume” is a lime green (at least they got that part right) skin tight dress. I’m almost positive that it is made from some kind of plastic. The dress barely covers my bum and is so low cut the top lacy part of my bra is showing. There is a small crossed wand and bone insignia on my chest and I have on stockings that reach the middle of my thighs. To top it all off I’m wearing a pair of heels that I am almost positive will break my ankle by the end of the night. Brilliant.



“Roxy come on. I bet you look fantastic. Let us see please.” Andi begs from the other side of the door.



Ah Andi, you don’t want to see what a slag your best friend has become. Nonetheless, hearing her voice helps me muster up the little bit of courage I have left.



You’d think being in Gryffindor I would be full of courage but not now. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to important things in life I can be brave but when it comes to wearing a skimpy outfit in front of the entire school, not so much.



I take a quick breath, whisper a quite apology to my family, and throw the door open before I can overthink my decision.



Silence. That’s what I hear. Can you hear silence? I knew this was a bad idea. I can’t pull this off. I’m not going. I start to turn around to barricade myself in the bathroom for the rest of the night but Andi grabs my hand and pulls me all the way into the room.



“Whoa!” Lucy remarks. “Rox you look amazing.”



I smile shyly. “You don’t think it’s a bit…”









“Irresistible.” They say finishing my sentence.



“I was thinking more along the lines of slutty, desperate, and disgusting,” I laugh.



“Oh please, Lysander won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.” Lucy tells me.



I notice their outfits for the first time and suddenly don’t feel as bad about mine. Lucy is a cat. Don’t ask me why. But she looks amazing with her two piece furry costume complete with a tail and fuzzy ears. Lily is a quidditch player. No surprise there. Although like my costume, it is slightly modified. Meaning there is barely any fabric covering her body. Andi looks the absolute best in my opinion. She is dressed like an angel (most likely an angel that was kicked out of heaven for her lack of attire). A bit cliché, yes, but fitting to her. It reminds me of the first day I met her and was stunned by how great she looked. Almost as if she has an out of this world beauty.



“Well you all look absolutely brilliant!” I tell them truthfully.



“Thank you. Now let’s get a move on, or our men are likely to find new dates,” Lucy jokes.



We decided to meet up with Lysander, Frank, Holden, Lorcan, and Zander (Lucy’s date whose name just so happens to rhyme with my boyfriend’s. Lucky coincidence?) in the great hall. That way we have plenty of time to get ready together and be able to surprise the boys with our costumes.



Stephanie decided to get ready with a couple of her friends from Ravenclaw instead of with us. She stopped being so hateful towards us all after her fight with Lily but ever since Lily announced that she was attending the party with Holden she has been eerily quiet and depressed around us.



“As if they could. They have the four best looking dates in Hogwarts, I bet we could show up an hour late and they wouldn’t mind,” Andi jokes.



We all laugh and head down towards the great hall to meet the guys before we go to the Room of Requirement together.



Andi slips her hand in mine as were walking and whispers to me so Lily and Lucy can’t hear (not that they could anyways because they practically sprinted down the hall and are nowhere to be seen.) Hand holding is our new thing. I know it probably looks weird but we’ve been doing it as a joke ever since our Hogsmead trip a few weeks ago. We figured Lucy can’t blackmail us if we openly joke about the fact that we fell asleep holding hands that night.



“I’m nervous of what Frank will think of me tonight,” she tells me. I can hear the panic in her voice.



“Andi you are incredible. He will probably fall in love with you after the night is over,” I tell her reassuringly.



“But what if he wants to start dating after the party is over?”



I can’t help but laugh at her question. “Isn’t that a good thing?” I ask.



“Well yes, I suppose….”



“You suppose? Can you give me an example of why it wouldn’t be a good thing?”



“I just don’t know if I want to be tied down to someone right now..”



“Why not? Are you trying to hold out for someone else?” I ask, half joking.



“I don’t know, maybe.” She replies quietly.



“What? Who?!” I am around Andi ninety percent of the day, so I really can’t imagine what boy she could have fallen for. Unless it’s Lysander or Lorcan, which is highly unlikely.



“It’s nobody.” She replies quickly. “I’m just nervous. I bet I’m just scared Frank will reject me or something,”



“He would be barking mad if he did.” I assure her.



“You’re just saying that because you have to.”



I stop walking and face Andi who looks at me questionably. “Trust me,” I tell her, making eye contact. “He is lucky to even have the opportunity to date you. You are beautiful, you’re fun, intelligent, careless (in a good way). You are basically the whole package.”



As soon as the words leave my mouth I know they couldn’t be closer to the truth. Andi is, in my opinion, the most desirable girl at Hogwarts. Is that weird to say about another girl? Probably. But it is true. I actually found myself being jealous that Frank was taking her to the party. I mean, how crazy is that?



 “You’re so sweet Roxanne, that’s why you’re my best mate. It’s like we were made for each other,” she blushes as red as my hair and pulls me into a passionate hug.



We stand in the middle of an empty corridor wrapped in each other’s embrace for what seems like an eternity. My heart is beating wildly against my chest. I’m not even sure why. We have hugged a million times, it’s what friends do, but there is something different about this one. Almost as if we are both secretly craving more.



“I love you Roxanne,” Andi whispers in my ear. I’ve heard those words so many times. During conversations, before we go to sleep, if we let each other copy our homework, when one of us says something stupid, you get my point? Again, this time is different though. She sounds so sincere.



I whisper the words back to her and feel her arms tighten around my body pulling me closer to her. As our skin brushes against each other I instantly feel the heat radiating from her. I have a hunch that she is feeling as intense as I am right now.



I inhale deeply and my mind is instantly clouded with the sweetest smell imaginable. Merlin she smells amazing! I can feel her breath on my neck and it sends shivers through my entire body. Suddenly my mouth is dry and all I can think of is how sweet her lips would taste against mine…



The moment the thought crosses my mind my body stiffens and I break free from Andi’s arms, looking everywhere but her eyes.



“So..umm everyone is probably wondering what happened to us.” I mumble to her.



Andi looks taken aback at my sudden awkwardness but quickly agrees and starts walking in the direction Lily and Lucy disappeared to.



I fall into place next to her but make a point of keeping my arms crossed as I walk so she won’t be able to hold my hand anymore. I don’t know what just happened back there, but it terrified me. I’ve never had such strong feelings like that when Lysander held me, so why would I feel that way when Andi hugged me? It just didn’t make any sense to me.



Once again I find myself thinking that there is seriously something wrong with me.



A/N: Okay so I know this chapter was SUPER short and nothing super big happened but I had a bit of free time and wanted to post something for you guys to hold you off until Tuesday (which is when I will most likely be posting new chapters). What do you guys think of the little incident between Rox and Andi? Was it to random? To lame? Just right? Let me know in a review. :D

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Unexpected: Chapter Eight


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