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Insanity by Wicked_Obsessions
Chapter 1 : Insanity
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I remember very clearly the day my older sister lost her mind.

It was also the day she killed for the first time.

Growing up, my father had always made sure we know out place in the world. As purebloods and one of the oldest magical families our lives had been planned from birth. For starters, Bellatrix had been betrothed to one of the LeStrange brothers since she was old enough to walk.

We were never to associate ourselves with halfbloods, mudbloods, and most definitely not muggles. It had been drilled into our heads that they were below us and needed to be wiped from existence. They posed a threat to our way of life. If they were allowed to live than surely witches and wizards would be tempted to mate with them, even have children. Our ancient bloodlines would be soiled.

Bellatrix supported this belief and rallied behind the dark lord’s cause. She had never seen the man in person but had heard the stories from out parents. He was a man that would preserve our family’s noble blood for future generations. We could ret assured that our children and our children’s children would grow up in a world without fear of being wiped out by these beings of lesser status.

All we had to do was follow him. Bow to him. Acknowledge him as our leader.

And we did.

My sister took her mark at the tender young age of fifteen. She bragged about it, showing it off at home by keeping the sleeves of her robes rolled up. My father watched proudly; a hand on her shoulder, a smile on her face, and a “that’s my girl” whenever their were guests. Always fellow Death Eaters, that’s what they called themselves. It had terrified me at the time.

Still, she had never hurt so much as a fly.

When my other older sister, Andromeda, was eighteen she went off to stay with a friend for the summer. Father was not happy, said the family consisted of nothing but blood-traitors. However, with a little convincing from my mother, he gave in.

I remember being terribly jealous. At fourteen I had never gotten to spend time with my friends outside of school. If they could be considered friends. In Slytherin, you could trust no one.

One morning I woke to the warmth of the sun streaming through my window and the sound of glass breaking downstairs. I dressed quickly, eager to find out what was going on. There was a rule in my family, no one walked around the house in their pajamas. Only lazy mudbloods did that.

My family was gathered together in the dining room. Mother was crying over a paper at the table. A broken china plate that had once belonged to my great-great-grandmother lay broken on the floor. Father was pacing the room, red faced and angry.

It was Bellatrix that concerned me. She was at the window, staring blankly out over the gardens and absentmindedly rubbing her arm over the dark mark.

“What is it? What’s going on?” I was worried, never had I seen them like this. It was a rare occasion that anyone in my family display any kind of emotion.

My mother looked up still sobbing, “It’s you sister, she-”

“Don’t call her that.” Father hissed, lifting another plate from the table and throwing it at the wall. The valuable china smashed into a hundred little pieces, the sound startling me even though I had known it was coming. “Andromeda is no longer a member of the Black household.”

“Why?” My heart lurched. Andromeda was being disowned? What could she have done that was so terrible?

“She is a blood-traitor, Cissy.” Bellatrix finally turned, “Betraying her family and the ones she loves for a mudblood.”

My mother gave another loud sob and buried her face in her hands.

Bellatrix grinned, “I guess this shows how much we mean to her. She must think very little of us to abandon her parents and sisters for such filth.”

Andromeda had done the unthinkable and now I had lost her forever. There would be no more nights of sneaking into Bella’s room with her to share secrets. No more demanding sweets and candies from the elves before dinner. For years whenever I had been punished I would go to Andy for a comfort, but no longer. She was gone for good.

I kept my eyes on Bellatrix. Something was wrong. Her breathing was shallow and quick. Just as I was about to tell her to sit and drink some water, she apparated from the mansion.

Hours passed. I waited in my room, hoping that at any minute my eldest sister would return. I needed her right now. There would be no hugs or comfort from my parents. They were not those sorts of people, must pureblooded parents weren’t.

Night fell and still there was no sign of Bellatrix. I ate dinner in my room, not willing to deal with Mother and Father at the moment.

Still, she did not return.

In fact, there was no sign of her until noon the next day in the gardens. Her hair was falling from it’s loose bun, black curls twisted and danced in the breeze. She was staring down at the flowers Andromeda had planted with mother in the spring.

“Hello, Narcissa.”

Her voice sent chills down my spine. “Bella, are you alright?”

The dark haired girl laughed and turned towards me, “Of course. Cissy, everything will be just fine. Don’t you worry.”

I had no idea what she meant. Then I noticed it, blood on her clothing. Not just her clothing but her hands as well. There was even a bit of a splatter stain on her cheek.

Bile rose in my throat but I swallowed it down.

No, not now.

Her eyes were wild and excited. The grin she wore was feral, like a wolf who had just picked up the scent of it’s prey. Or a snake after it’s kill.

She rested a bloodied hand on my cheek, leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead. “Little sister, it is just you and I now.”

Then she was off, stomping through the light blue flowers with a grin. She disappeared into the mansion through the back entrance.

I reached up, feeling the liquid warmth on my face. When I pulled my hand away, my finger tips were covered in blood.

The Daily Prophet told the story of a muggle family of six that had been killed the next day. The youngest was only five years old. Death Eaters visited the home next day to congratulate my sister on officially becoming one of them. I couldn’t look her in the eye.

She wasn’t my sister anymore. She wasn’t the same person I had grown up with.

It seems Andromeda was the one thing holding Bellatrix together. Sometimes she called me Andy by mistake, we had the same blonde hair.

The day my sister lost her mind was the day I lost both my sisters.

I would give anything to have them back. But it was too late now and I have a son to protect. I couldn’t lose him too.

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Insanity: Insanity


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