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Nobody by badgernymphadora
Chapter 2 : Platform 9 3/4
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Mum and Dad both were coming this year to Platform 9 ¾ to send Hugo and I off, as it was my last year. So far, it has been a nightmare. Every two seconds (I swear I’m not exaggerating), Mum would start crying all over me about this being my last year at Hogwarts and that I wasn’t her little Rosie anymore and Merlin knows what else. Growing up with an annoying little brother and a house full of more obnoxious cousins only three grates away, I have become accustomed to tuning people out. Instead of listening to my mother wail as we walked through King’s Cross to Platforms 9 and 10, I began to think about this school year.

This year is my seventh year! My last year! And somehow, despite my normal mentality, I want to make it count. I want to do something important or exciting or completely mental. I just want to have an adventure before I tie myself down to working at the Ministry in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (Mum had taken the initiative to apply me for every department and this seemed to be the most interesting). Even though I’m excited to work at the Ministry, I just feel like I need a change. This state of mind makes me feel like a hormonal teenage girl constantly changing her mind. I need to get a life.

“Rosie, darling! Here’s the barrier. Why don’t you go through first with Dad and Hugo and I will follow.” Mum smiled at me and gestured towards Platforms 9 and 10. Dad grabbed one of the handles of my trolley and put his other hand on my back.

“Ready, Rosie?” my dad whispered to me through my mane of red hair. I could feel the smile in his voice.

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” I heard my dad chuckle into my hair. I smiled and together we ran towards the seemingly solid, brick wall.

When we broke through, I immediately smiled ever harder. Seeing all the students running amok, little first years holding tight to their parents and seventh years reuniting with their friends after a long summer apart, I finally felt like I was going home. I glanced around the platform for my cousins and my best friend, Willow. Soon enough, I felt a pair of arms enclose around my middle from behind.

“Hey, favourite cousin!” From the moment he opened his mouth, I could tell it was Albus. His voice is very distinctive as it’s slightly lower than one might expect coming from his scrawny body.

“Hey, Al!” I retorted, turning around to give him a proper hug.

“How’d you know it was me Rosie?” Al squeezed me, squishing his cheek next to my temple as I’ve grown enough over the summer to be only a couple inches shorter than him.

I let go of him and cocked me head to the side, smiling. “Do you have another favourite cousin?” I asked jokingly.

“Course not!” Albus smiled, creating little dimples on his cheeks. His messy black hair had fallen into his face and in front of his round glasses, so he flicked his head to get it out of his eyes.

“Merlin you’ve grown Rosie! Your hair isn’t as frizzy! And you’re taller; soon you’ll be as tall as me!” Al said jokingly. When I was younger I was always tiny and he would constantly tease me, saying that I would never grow. Nowadays, Albus was about 6’1” to my 5’11” stature.

“You knew I would catch up to you eventually!”

“Whatever!” He rolled his eyes. “But it’s honestly great to see you. And…” Al stepped back to look at me and then, with a confused look on his face, “you look pretty hot! I’m going to have to start beating away the boys with a stick!” I blushed looking down at myself. I was wearing dark skinny jeans with a white t-shirt, tan leather jacket and a floral scarf.

“Thanks, Al,” I smiled mischievously, “but I think I can handle myself in the boy department.” I winked and Al chuckled.

“But if any boy should come within a metre of you so help me I will hex them to Mars and back.” I laughed and hugged him again. He gave me a noogie and messed up my curly hair. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Al!” I heard Aunt Ginny yell. I looked over at her. That woman could be very scary if she wanted to be. “You know that a woman’s hair is sacred! Don’t tease Rosie.” I laughed and Al rolled his eyes.

“You know Rosie, us Slytherins are prepared to take the Quidditch Cup this year. I don’t know if you heard, but I’ve been made captain,” He said haughtily, “I’ve set up a new practice plan and I can guarantee that you don’t stand a chance!” Al grinned at me.

“Right,” I said, “Because you Slytherins are just too good for the Gryffindors. Even If you’ve never actually managed to beat us! Our talent will prevail against your…against your…” I wasn’t sure where I was going with this.

“Incredible good looks and extraordinary tactics?” A familiar voice from behind finished for me. My blood went cold. Be nice Rose. Be civil. Don’t let him get to you.

“Hello Malfoy,” I said coldly. I didn’t turn around. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Can you two just get along for once? I don’t want my best mate and my favourite cousin to be worst enemies!” Al pleaded. I gave him a look that I hoped read ‘Do-not-ask-me-to-be-nice-to-him-or-I-will-murder-you-in-your-sleep’.

Malfoy stepped around to give Albus a “man-hug” and I caught my first sight of him after the summer. Before the summer, he had still been pretty scrawny and average height with light blond, almost white, that fell flat on his head. Now, he was taller than Albus (probably around 6’4”) and he was no longer scrawny. Actually he was really buff. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to his muscles so you could see a six-pack through the layer of fabric and his strong arms. His hair had become more of a golden colour and had gained a bit of a wave, but was still super shiny and it looked really soft. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to run my fingers through it. His ivory skin was unblemished and when he turned to smile at me, I saw adorable dimples in his cheeks.

HOLD ON. WAIT A MINUTE. AM I REALLY THINKING THESE THINGS ABOUT MY WORST ENEMY? ABOUT SCORPIUS MALFOY? I must be some sort of sick person. I would never be more than an enemy to this boy.

Malfoy opened his arms, as if he expected me to hug him. “Friends?” He said, biting his pink, soft-looking lip adorably. Honestly? Was he really doing this to me? Does he really expect to be friends after everything we’ve been through and everything he’s done to me? I’ll admit that I’m not exactly an angel myself, but I’m not the one bloody asking to be friends!

I was really fighting an inner battle here. Do I go with what I want and hug him, maybe being able to feel some of those delicious muscles, but having to accept being civil towards him, or do I not hug him, therefore not being friends (like I want) and not being able to hug him (which as much as I deny it to myself, I really really want to). Finally, I come up with the perfect solution.

I hug Malfoy, only for a brief second, but what a heavenly brief second. I could feel his strong back and I could smell his scent, a spicy one that made me weak at the knees. Quickly, I gather myself and take a step back, running my hands down his arms to rest on his hands. Then, I grin, and slap him.

“I hope it leaves a mark,” I say coldly before marching away to find Willow. 


A/N: Finally a Chapter that is not extremely boring and painful to read! So far, I am quite pleased with this story! I really love writing this so far because I ADORE Rose/Scorpius and since I am writing the story, it can be exactly how I want it!

So...Rose and Scorpius interaction! Maybe Rose could have been slightly more civil for Albus' sake but too bad for him! Predictions? Thoughts? Care to share what you want to happen (just to have some reader input). And please review! It would make my day! And as a little bonus, I will name a character after the first reviewer! So hop to it!

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up, but hopefully within a week or so! Adios!

Edit: 06/27/2012 - Spacing, some more Canadian language (not American) was replaced by British language

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Nobody: Platform 9 3/4


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