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The Noblest of Snakes by She_Potter
Chapter 1 : The Calm Before the Storm
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A/N: First off, let me thank you for giving your valuable time to read my story! That is awesome! This idea has been jumping around in my head for years and just recently i've figured out how i can share it. So without further ado, here is the first chapter of the Noblest of Snakes!










My heart races as another half eaten face pops up on the black and white screen. I jump and hide behind my hands, instantly making me feel safe. I don’t know how though because hiding behind my hands doesn’t really protect me from anything. Well besides a punch, it could lessen the blow now that I’m thinking about it. But the chances of that happening are slim. I’m more likely to be turned into a rock then being punched in the face.






“‘It’s not scary, Regulus.’ ‘It’s totally fake Regulus,’” My best friend does a very shrill and girly impression of me from my right.






“I’m not afraid,” I say stubbornly from behind my fingers.






“Because doing this,” He does another impression of me but this time giddy and overly jumpy, “Isn’t being afraid,”






I’m silent because I don’t know how to respond without him being named victor and I coward.






“The real thing is way scarier than this,” he says pompously while shoveling a gracious fistful of popcorn into his mouth, “It’s just a muggles imagination gone mad,” he adds when his mouth is full.






“You’ve got to admit it’s damn near identical,” Though I’ve never personally seen the walking dead I’ve read about them at school. They’re slow, stiff, and want to consume the living.






Regulus chuckles, “I’m not going to lie, Cassie. For starters, they’re moaning. Animated corpses don’t moan because they’re usually under a spell therefore cannot think on their own,”






Of course I knew this, I was just hoping that he wouldn’t remember. Seeing as he’s more concerned with the female anatomy and Quidditch, I’m surprised he spouted that bit of information, “Well I think the muggle did a fantastic job. And I’m not the only one seeing as it made a mountain load of money within the first month it was released,”






Regulus pops another kernel into his mouth before saying, “Goes to show how pathetic the muggle imagination can be,”






My face turns into a grimace, I befriended Regulus when he was eleven about five years ago. He’s come a long way from the elitist little prick that he used to be. But I still get a little on the defense when he spews out his pureblood supremacist beliefs every now and again.






“You mad at me?” He says slightly apologetic and lays his head on top of mine.






“What gave me away,” I say angrily sarcastic.






“That Popeye face you make,”






“For someone who doesn’t appreciate muggles you sure do make a lot of references to the culture,” I say with my arms crossed and my face still set in a grimace.






“If I didn’t know anything about muggles I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with you. I had to slum it to understand anything you say,” He says sincerely but I think a better choice of wording would have delivered the blow with less sting.






“So to talk to me is like slumming it?” I say with a nip in my voice.






“Please don’t let that red head fury interfere with our calm conversation,”






“But you’re allowed to use your pretentious pureblood attitude?” I punch him in the shoulder when he doesn’t wince or even acknowledge it, I try again, “You’re such a jerk!”






Punch to the other shoulder and still no response to it.






“And inconsiderate!”






Punch to the gut finally a slight wince but not much. And though it seems sadistic of me I punch him again a little lower on the gut causing an appropriate reaction, his eyes to shut and for him to double over in pain.






“Quit doing that!” He grabs my fist as he begins to breathe in shallowly.






“You brought this on yourself,” I say satisfied.






He sits up after regaining his composure, “You resort to primitive brutality to prove your point? Might as well have been raised by a pack of wolves they’d’ve done a better job,”






My satisfaction from the earlier blow deflates. I think my dad and granddad did a great job at raising me. True I’m not as prim or refined like the other girls my age but at least I’m not dead or eating off the floor. If anything I think I was raised to be a strong young woman, I know how to punch hard with both hands and I know how to fix up automobiles. Well, tractors because ours always breaks down but I imagine all vehicles are closely related.






I go to make another hit with my free hand, this time to his perfect nose. But he catches it midair, “Let go!” I shout.






He chuckles, “Why? So you can strike at me again? Sorry but no, that is not happening,” He grins which makes me want to punch him even harder. I try and wiggle free instead I look like a worm wriggling on a hook.






“Are you afraid of being punched by a girl?”






“No,” he says confidently, “I’m just afraid of being punched by you,”






That sends me over the edge I make another attempt to prove my point through physical pain and do not succeed. Instead I have pushed Regulus off the couch and we are now wrestling on the ground. Just at that moment Gus, my other best friend, walks in.






“I leave to get a drink and more popcorn and the two of you are rolling around like a couple of Hippogriffs in heat. If you wanted to be alone all you had to do was say so,” he jokes as he takes a seat on the couch.






“Please,” I say while trying to pull my left hand free from Regulus’ vice-like grip, “I could do a lot better than him,”






“Don’t kid yourself, Cass,” Regulus says arrogantly from under me, “it’s too much for any woman to deny such deep urges,”






“Ugh,” I say in annoyance, “So what you’re saying is, if I have any urges, that I need to stand by them?”






“Exactly,” He smiles confidently.






This is my chance, so I stop fighting him and try my best to put on an alluring smile. His face contorts in confusion when I lean down and my face is hovering just above his. He closes his eyes and loosens his grip on my hands. I pull back which allows my hands to go free. Quickly I deliver one last punch to his arm.






“Pervert,” I say while getting up and joining Gus on the couch.






“You were coming on to me!” Regulus says in defense while he rubs his arm to soothe the pain.






“No one better have been coming on to anyone!” My Uncle Andy says while running into the room, “Davis is insane to let you kids be alone,”






My uncle forces his steroid infused body into the small sitting space between me and Gus. He must have been at the top of the stairs listening in on us.






“Dad said to leave us alone,” I say from my crevice of the sofa.






“Pfft,” He says while digging into Gus’s popcorn, “I’m not letting you get pregnant,”






“Dad!” I yell out in embarrassment.






Regulus breaks out in a peal of laughter, which puts him in the direct path of the O’Ryan death glare.






“Watch it Reggie,” Uncle Andy says while spraying chewed up bits of popcorn on Regulus.






Dad walks in with half his jaw covered in shaving cream, “What is it, Cassie?”






“Your brother here is insinuating that if he isn’t sitting right on top of me and my friends that I’ll get pregnant,” I say with venom.






Dad sighs and runs a hand through his shaggy blonde hair in annoyance, “Anderson, leave Cassie and her friends alone,”






“How can you trust them, Davis?!” he says like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.






“Cassie is mature enough and she respects this house and her body,” Dad says. His steely grey eyes are hard and don’t look away from his brother, “Do we need to have the talk again?”






Uncle Andy pushes off the couch. He has much of the same mannerisms as a toddler when doing so. His arms are crossed and his lower lip is slightly jutting out as he leaves. Dad looks to worried. I give him a reassuring look before he returns down the hall and to his shaving.






The room is silent in their wake. The only sound to be heard is the muffled moaning coming from the television. That is until Regulus breaks out in laughter.






“I don’t see what is so funny,” I say still sitting in my small corner of the sofa.






“Gus and I would never stick it to you,” He says loud enough for my relatives to hear, “You’re practically one of the guys,”






I don’t know why I let Regulus get under my skin. He says stupid stuff all the time. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I stand up and jump back on top of Regulus and resume our wrestling from earlier.






“Any guy that wants to stick it in would have to be certifiably mad,” Gus says in a whisper, but I have good enough hearing to catch it.






“What’s that supposed to mean?” I yell at Gus while I have Regulus in a chokehold.






“He’s saying you’d break it off because you’re so damn aggressive,” Regulus says from under my arm. I punch Regulus in his chest, “Ow! Why are you punching me?!”






That’s how things are between me, Gus, and Regulus. Slightly violent at Regulus’ expense, high chances of an argument breaking out, my Uncle Andy making everything completely awkward, but that’s who we are. If I had known that things would change so drastically over the next school term, I would be relishing this moment. And probably not bruising Regulus like a banana.






“Oh, by the way happy birthday, Red,” Gus says from his safe haven on the sofa.






“Yeah, Cass, Happy birthday,” Regulus chuckles while he pins me down to the carpet.


A/N: I hope you liked it, the story will be taking a more dramatic turn after this but i needed to establish relationships first. Feel free to leave a comment i would love to receive feedback on what you think!

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