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Behind These Castle Walls by If Only
Chapter 6 : Murder Screams Malfoy
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 At times like these, we never know when change is to come, but either way, like it or not, we must one day face the fact that change is enevitable...

-If Only

Mrs Weasley looked up as four cracks sounded in the lounge room. Relief flooded through her as she realised that that could only be Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry. She quickly sat down the mop she was holding and waved her wand so that they could resume the jobs themselves. She had only begun in the first place to have something else to think about other than worrying about the four teenagers. She walked hurriedly to the lounge room, where she saw all four of them slumped lazily on a couch or chair. Molly spread her arms as if to hug a bear and she approached the four with a wide smile spread across her face.

“Hello dears,” she said warmly, sitting in an armchair beside Harry. They all replied, tiredly attempting to smile, but deciding it was too much effort to be wasted on such a tiny gesture. “Are you hungry?” She asked looking at the four exhausted faces. “I have roast beef and vegetables with mash potato ready,” She had made them roast specifically for today as she had already expected them to come home in a state of hunger.

“Absolutely,” Ron said, perking up immediately at the mention of food. It was definitely a way to get his attention.

Harry chuckled behind him, but followed him never the less, “Sounds good to me,” He said, lifting himself from the lounge he had formerly been resting on.

“How about you two girls?” Mrs Weasley asked in a motherly tone, ushering the two girls into the dining room where they each took a seat and Mrs Weasley began to bring out the freshly cooked food.

Hermione hadn’t told the others about the encounter, and wasn’t sure whether or not she should. She knew that Malfoy was a sensitive topic with the other three and that they hated him, but what would happen if in the future it would just slip out? They would notice the loose ends and she would have to find a way to tie them up. It would probably be wiser to tell them now rather than later, but it wasn’t until later on that day, after dinner, when they were all in Ron and Harry’s room helping them pack, that she brought up the topic.

“I saw Malfoy today,” she said nervously, cutting Ginny off. She watched as all their faces snapped to attention and all six eyes were on her, boring into her face as if the more they burnt a whole in her face the more information they would be able to get. She looked down, unable to bare the intensity of their stares.

“As in Draco Malfoy?” Ginny asked. Hermione nodded her head watching as her brown curls bounced around her face.

“What happened?” Harry asked slowly.

“Where at?” Ron asked, giving Hermione his undivided attention.

“Well … I was at the book store, and I had an argument with him.” She said, answering both questions.

“The book shop?” They all asked, confused and in a united voice.

She nodded once again.

“What was he doing there?” Harry asked.

“He got a job there, just for the holidays though.” She couldn’t help but show a bit of disappointment in that she hadn’t gotten the job.

“But you have been applying for that job ever since…” Ginny said, “Well ever since I can remember!” She exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air in a flustered manner.

“I know, but I guess it was just bad timing,” Hermione said, trying not to pity herself.

“Damn straight bad timing!” Ron exclaimed, also throwing his arms in the air. “The rascal probably cursed his way in, that little dirty rat!” The tips of his ears began to turn into a scarlet red, brighter and brighter with every word he said.

“I don’t think he would,” Hermione said softly, looking down at the floor she was sitting on, allowing her crazy hair to create a curtain between her and everybody else.

The others began to laugh, as if it were the most hilarious thing in the world, between gasps saying that she should become a comedian. She smiled half-heartedly.              

“No, but Ron is right Hermione, Mr and Mrs Tobakon love you to bits. There is no way that they would choose him over you,” Harry said after everybody had settled down a bit.

“Never the less,” Hermione began, “I don’t think Malfoy would-“

“Would what Hermione? The little shit was on Voldemorts side, Voldemorts! Or have you forgotten? I don’t think he would stop at anything to get his way!” Ron bellowed, “There is no telling of what he could do next!” The other two nodded in agreement, but Hermione somehow knew that Malfoy wouldn’t do something like that.

“He was forced to!” Hermione said in a small tone.

“Why are you being so defensive Hermione? He was never forced to insult us year after year, especially you!” Harry said, the anger and rage slowly seeping through his voice, furiously striding up and down the room.

“Yes I do remember Harry, but it is possible for people to change!” Hermione said back in a heated tone.

“We are still talking about the same Malfoy, right?” Ron asked stupidly.

“You know what? Forget about it! Forget I brought up the subject even!” Hermione almost yelled. Was it impossible for them to just give him a chance? Yes, he may have been and most probably is still a jerk, but some things change and they probably would in time. Although Hermione knew that Malfoy was unlikely to change from his snobbish manner, she still wanted to give him a chance.

All the other three were looking at Hermione in surprise at her outburst. She stood up, her face going pink and left the room quietly, and walked to her own.

The others looked at each other and Ginny made a move to follow Hermione, but Ron pushed her back, “I’ll go calm her down,” He said and without another word, he too left the room to go to the girls’ room.

As he walked in, he closed the door behind him. Hermione was sitting on a desk chair, by the window, hoping that an owl would come soon from Murray; that would be sure to cheer her up. She didn’t turn as she heard Ron enter the room and shut the door; she simply huffed out a little sigh and continued staring, into the sky that had begun to darken.

“’Mione…?” Ronald asked from behind her. She simply sighed in reply, not wanting to talk, because she was afraid that if she did, she might say something hurtful that she would later regret.

“Are you alright?” He asked walking forward and putting a hand on her shoulder. She nodded, her curls bouncing around wildly.

He turned the office chair around so that she was facing him; he hated talking to her back. She looked up into his face with expressionless eyes. He sighed and raised a hand to stroke her face and she closed her eyes, letting him.

“We were just worried, we didn’t mean to upset you,” He said, using his thumb to caress her face. She opened her eyes, deciding that enough anger had subsided to allow her to speak rationally and with control.

“I know,” she whispered quietly standing up.

He raised her face to his and kissed her on the lips, she kissed him back, feeling it was the right thing to do, but did so only half-heartedly. He didn’t seem to notice or care and he intensified the kiss and pushed her onto the bed, laying her down.

“Ron,” She said against his lips, “Ron, not know,” She said, but he went on, pushing his hand up underneath her blouse and trying clumsily to unhook her bra. She stopped kissing him, and pushed him off of her, “I said not now.” She said sternly.

“C’mon Hermione, why not? Give me a good reason why not.” He said. She looked at him disgustedly.

“Get out,” she said resignedly, but sternly, “Just go.”

He left the room and she used her wand to shut the door. She lay in bed, just thinking and wondering. Did she really think that Draco could change, did she really think that he had the capacity in his head to fully change his wrong ways. Whatever… She thought to herself, turning over and putting out the lights, she surrendered to her bed, and fell into a rather uncomfortable sleep.


The following morning, Hermione was the first to awaken. She turned over to see that it was only five a.m. She tossed and turned restlessly, she had had an awful night’s sleep and she was unable to fall back to sleep, so decidedly threw the blanket off of herself and tiptoed out of the room so as not to wake Ginny up. As she walked down the stairs, she took care not to step on the creaky step near the bottom, instead, lightly jumping over it. As she walked into the kitchen, she put some tea to boil with some honey and a half a stick of cinnamon. She then turned to look out the window as she waited for her beverage to begin to boil and saw the Daily Prophet on the window sill. She picked it up and moved to the table, unfolding it as she walked.

It all popped out of the page in an instant; a large picture of a dead body on the floor, in front of a rather familiar, old book shop and a large picture of Draco Malfoy next to it with a bold question mark over his face. Hermione looked into the grey eyes that stared up at her from the thin parchment. The eyes looked up at her and occasionally blinked, as it looked around him. She read the large heading that was fixed above the two images, and then read down the page, under the images.


It was not until eleven-thirty last night that a cold corpse was found in front of the beloved, old store, Flourish & Blotts on the cold, brick floor of Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley has not been home to any criminal activity since the downfall of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. However, now the statement is often questioned, especially after the events of last night. Have they all come to the end of their cruel, dark magic? Or are there still some remnants of the Dark Arts lurking behind the shadows, completing the unfinished and incomplete ‘task’ of their so called ‘Master’?

Muggle born, Eric Shattice, was found dead, just in front of oh-so-beloved bookstore Flourish & Blotts screaming in quite a shrill voice ‘Draco Malfoy!’ Not long ago, Mr Shattice was reported missing by the Ministry of Magic’s Mistreatment and Findings of all Wizards and Witches Department. His sister Alena Shattice had called a few weeks ago and reported that their shared house had been ‘turned upside down and there were remnants of blood here and there’. The Ministry’s department immediately took to this case, searching the house from top to bottom, but found no trace of the criminals. After three weeks and two days, he has now been found, the reason he died unknown, but still being searched.

‘The life of this man,’ aged twenty six (26) ‘seems to have been taken a while ago,’ Coroner, Doctor Amelia Roowef states. ‘All evidence shows that he died up to two weeks ago, so he was long gone. However, it was interesting to find no maggots or insects eating away at his flesh, this gives the idea that dark magic was done to the body,’ Our question though, was the dark magic the reason why he yelled ‘Draco Malfoy’ or was that a consequence or back fire of a spell?

‘It could definitely be the reason,’ Roowef says, tiredly after a day of hard work.

We go back to the scene of the findings of the body where prime suspect, eighteen (18) year old Draco Malfoy was working a night shift at Flourish & Blotts.

Mr Draco Malfoy who is currently under one year probation says that he would not harm this man.

But after all, it leaves us with yet another question; was this muggle born targeted just for his blood status and therefore did Draco Malfoy commit this crime to show his hatred and loathing towards muggle borns? It would make sense though, that the son of a former Death Eater and being a Death Eater himself, that some of the hating ways would have rubbed off onto Mr Malfoy himself.

Draco Malfoy, however, stated that there is no evidence showing that the death was at his hands, but is the name-yelling not evidence enough? ‘I wouldn’t stoop so low,’ he says passionately, but many of us already think that you have stooped low enough Mr Draco Malfoy…

The decision is left with the Ministry of Magic to debate tonight. What do you think that the verdict would be …?

Hermione stared once more at the two images… she could now see that the corpse looked sunken, his eyes closed and purple, his mouth open, supposedly yelling out Malfoy’s name. She folded the paper in half, hiding the pictures, her mind racing. It couldn’t be him could it? Draco Malfoy, a murderer? He sounded so calm in the paper, how could he be? But then again, it wasn’t like she could hear his tone of voice. She could not believe her eyes and decided to leave the paper, folded, on the table as if untouched. She walked over to the kettle on the stove that was now quietly whistling and poured herself a cup of tea, allowing it to warm her insides momentarily, before disappearing altogether. No matter how hard she tried, the headline still crossed her mind over and over again. She had thought that all these targeted murders would be over by now. Obviously not though…

The heading kept whispering itself into Hermione’s mind, bringing back unwanted memories and thoughts, Murder Screams Malfoy… Murder Screams Malfoy…

Hey everybody, thank you for reading yet another chapter, may I just say that those who have stood by me so far during this story are absolutely unbelievable and completely awesome people! May I thank all my reviewers for my FANTASTIC reviews, they make my day and even occasionally make me tear up – no joke, haha.

So what did you think about this chapter? Quite interesting eh? Do you really think Draco did it? ... ooh, I don’t know, but guess away my dears, guess away, I would love to hear what you think. But most of all did I do okay in this chapter? I really loved the idea and all but I wasn’t really sure if I had written it true to heart, you know? Well any who, please don’t avoid the reviews box, it gets lonely at times, but never the less, review or not, I will love  you all the same :D Until my next chapter... xoxo - If Only <3

P.S. Ooh, and let me know, whether or not you would all like sneak peaks for the next chapters, because I could add that in my author notes, if you would like...?

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