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In The Name of Brotherly Love by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 3 : A Sirius Situation.
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Sirius awoke later than he intended to that morning and was sluggishly in the process of getting out of bed when Mrs. Potter entered the bedroom. She walked over to the windows opening the curtains with a flick of her wand which let in the dreary, cloudy day.

“Boys,” She said loudly, “Come on lazy bones! Lets get you two up and get you moving! We need to get some breakfast before we head to Diagon Alley this afternoon.”

Slowly James and Sirius crept out of their beds. James complaining whole heartedly that he would have liked another half hour of sleep, but changed his tune when Mrs. Potter gave him a stern look. James gathered his stuff and raced Sirius to the loo, beating him by a matter of seconds. Sirius swore so loudly as he walked out of the room and down the hall to one of the other bathrooms he even made the Potters house elf Tinky jump.

After they cleaned up and dressed they went downstairs and met Mr. Potter in the kitchen to have breakfast. He was looking over the Daily Prophet when the boys entered. They sat down at the table and began to help themselves to bacon, eggs and toast.

“Mr. Potter,” Sirius started, “Was that the Dark Mark I saw on the front of the Prophet?”

“Yes.” He responded gravely.

“But Dad I thought the Auror’s were catching the Death Eaters.” James stated.

“The Death Eaters are growing in numbers at an alarming rate. They have been killing muggles for fun. The Auror department is doing everything they can, but it’s just not enough. You-know-who has grown so powerful that they aren’t sure how much longer they can hold him off before he takes complete control.”

James and Sirius looked at one another. They had known now for awhile that the world that they were living in was slowly starting to turn into chaos, but they had no idea just how bad it actually was.

“Well people are resisting him though.” James stated.

“Yes, James they are. The problem is that who ever stands up to him doesn’t usually live to tell you about it.” Mr. Potter finished.

"He's bound to show himself eventually isn't he?" Sirius asked Mr. Potter as he shoved more bacon onto his plate.
Mr. Potter nodded gravely. "Yes. One of these days he will come out in the open, it is only a matter of time. Why? I don't know. What he'll do when he does is anyone's guess."

"Charles do you need anymore coffee?" Mrs. Potter called to him from the kitchen.

"No dear," he called back to his wife and lowered his voice before addressing the boys again. "Please don't talk about this in front of your mother James. She is worried enough with what is going on and she doesn't need to worry about it."

Just as he finished his sentence, Mrs. Potter and Tinky came walking into the dinning room to join the rest of them for breakfast. Sirius watched her when she sat down and she smiled warmly at him. As the others around him continued to enjoy their meal, Sirius realized that Mr. and Mrs. Potter were not the young and vibrant couple they used to be in the pictures he had seen of them in their younger days. James seemed to not take notice.

Sirius and James didn’t forget the conversation they had over breakfast with Mr. Potter as they got ready to head to Diagon Alley early that afternoon. Mrs. Potter was waiting for them in the sitting room when they arrived. They flooed to the Leaky Cauldron, stepped out of the fireplace and brushed themselves off. The pub was full of people eating lunch as they were done with there shopping or else getting a drink before they had to get back to work. Following Mrs. Potter closely they made their way to the brick wall in back that held the passage to the Alley. Mrs. Potter tapped the bricks and they were admitted at once.

“Boys, I need to get some quills, ink and parchment. Meet me back here in two hours.”

“Okay” they chorused together.

Walking down through Diagon Alley was like taking a breath of fresh air after being under water. It just made you feel refreshed. People were busy bustling all around the alley and chatting merrily, but Sirius noticed that they were always in groups of two or more. He had a sinking feeling when he thought about how they had just parted was with Mrs. Potter who when on her own to do her shopping. Before he could mention this to James, the later had at once decided that he wanted to visit the Quality Quidditch Supplies shop and the thought left his mind. There next stop was Flourish and Blotts to buy their last year of school books. After that they had just enough time left to go to the magical menagerie. This is when Sirius caught something odd out of the corner of his eye.

He tugged on James’ robe sleeve and they huddled against the front windows of a shop. There ahead of them were three people, they were wearing hoods and the one in the middle seemed to be struggling against the two on the outside. They drew suspicion by moving swiftly yet erratically and turning into Knockturn Alley. James and Sirius shared a look that both said “lets go.” So they followed along as quietly as possible.

Sirius and James watched as the three hooded people walked down the Alley way. Sirius motioned to James that he wanted to follow, but James stopped him.

“Merlin James! I have a bad feeling about this! Then again, I've had a bad feeling about this since I woke up this morning.” Sirius stated, “We need to see what they are up to.”

“I know Sirius, but look,” he pointed to a sign that read Knockturn Alley. A small chill ran up Sirius’s spine.

“Great, just bloody great! If we go through there and get seen, we’ll be in for it.” He said tossing his hands up in the air as if in defeat.

James grinned mischievously. “Have you forgotten something else?”

Sirius looked at him quizzically. At that moment James pulled out from under his traveling cloak, a shimmering cloth that ran smoothly through hands like silk; the invisibility cloak. Sirius grinned back at James.

“Let’s do it Prongs.”

“You got it Padfoot!” He grinned back.

James took the cloak and threw it over the both of them making sure that their feet were hidden. Then at a quickened pace they headed down through the twisting Alley. Passing by shops dedicated to the dark arts and a few dodgy bars that accepted what James considered “all sorts” they had found the three hooded people that had caught their interest in the first place.

The hooded figures walked into a dodgy run down old shop at the end of a side alley. The bell on the door tinkled as it admitted them while James and Sirius slowly crept up to one of the windows. Then without warning the door was opened again, but slightly this time to admit a late entry. A large snake slithered into the shop. James and Sirius exchanged looks and peeked back into the window.

Bellatrix Lestrange was the first to lower her hood. She peered around maliciously with her darkly set eyes and waited. Next to her another hooded figure lowered his hood. Lucius Malfoy’s appearance was striking with his long blond bright hair and he seemed to be waiting for something to. Other death eaters stood around the room, some masked, some still hooded. Then their heads all turned in the direction of the back room as Lord Voldemort walked towards them.
James and Sirius kneeled in shock at what they were seeing. In the middle of the day here was Voldemort, but what they didn’t understand was why.

Voldemort came to a halt in the middle of the room looking down at the third figure that James and Sirius had seen with Bellatrix and Lucius. They now realized that this person wasn’t here on their own free will. They were forced into this shop. As the person shook, Bellatrix cackled.

“We finally caught up to her my Lord.” She said in a loving manner.

The poor woman shook even more violently as Bellatrix spoke each word. Bellatrix removed the hood to reveal a woman with a heart shaped face, brown hair and big blue eyes that were watering with fresh tears. She had been tortured that much was clear, by looking at her and here she was surrounded.

Voldemort twisted his lips into a sadistic smile." Ah, finally. It took you long enough to find her. Too long, but I shall deal with the pair of you later."

"Yes, my Lord." Belltrix muttered out and sullenly crept back into the shadows along with Lucius by her side.
"I am afraid that you may have to much worth to those who may come asking annoying questions later on..." He hissed out. "Because of this, I am going to enjoy killing you Amy Benson. You probably don’t recognize me now though do you? No, I don't look like the boy you knew so long ago. I told you I would one day haunt your dreams."

Scared for her life, Amy called out in a small voice "T-Tom?" Her eyes were wide with fear and her face was as pale as a ghost. James and Sirius watched from the window as Voldemort raised his wand and spoke an incantation that no one could hear over her blood curdling scream, but saw the jet of green light.

Around them James and Sirius heard several pops just before the scream diminished. Then all hell broke loose. Voldemort’s face became paled and deadly as his death eaters ran to form ranks at the now visible forms of duelers scattered around the entrance of the derelict building.

“Dumbledore.” Voldemort said as he began to duel with the nearest person. A man with a bright blue eye that rolled in its socket. Bellatrix was now fighting two red haired men who had to be brothers by the looks of them and three others were in combat with Lucius and two other death eaters.

Curses flew everywhere and it was everything James and Sirius could do to keep the cloak on and dodge the curses flying all around them as the fighters spilled into the Alley way. They were able to safely hide themselves in a nook in the corner to watch the scene unfold in front of them. Suddenly there were small cracks from the death eater’s disapperating, but not before one was able to cast the dark mark over the shop. Then a loud bang shook the Alley and the duelers, James and Sirius were all tossed onto the ground, Voldemort had disappeared.

As others began to flock to the scene of the fallen duelers, someone noticed a foot sticking out in the corner; only the foot had no leg or blood. James and Sirius had bumped their heads against the wall when Voldemort disappeared. The next thing the boys remember is two red haired men looking down at them.

“Their alright Albus,” Shouted the one on James left side, “They just bumped their heads.”

James sat up with the aide of one of the red haired men. Sirius did them same.

“I’m Gideon Prewett, you are?”

“James Potter!” shouted Albus Dumbledore, “Sirius Black!” He knelt down and looked at both boys in shock.“ What are you two doing here?”

“Well Professor,” Started James.

“James? JAMES!” Came a harried voice through the crowd of people that gathered around the duelers.

James turned to see his mother rushing towards him looking him over. Sirius cut in.

“Professor Dumbledore, we saw three people walking this way that looked suspicious so James and I decided to follow them to see what they were up to.”

Professor Dumbledore gazed intently at Sirius with his sparkling blue eyes through his half moon spectacles. Sirius felt rather uneasy like he was being read like a book.

“I want to see you, James, Remus and Peter when you return to Hogwarts.” He stated simply.

Finally breaking free from his mother James asked, “Does this have something to do with today sir?”

“Yes, James I’m afraid it does.” He stated simply before standing back up and allowing Mrs. Potter to fuss over her son and his best friend.

Once she finally calmed down, Mrs. Potter seized the opportunity to get James and Sirius out of there as quickly as she could. When they left the reporters from the Daily Prophet were starting to arrive and were questioning as many people as they could. When they arrived safely back at Potter Manor, James and Sirius took their stuff upstairs.

“Padfoot, I don’t like what happened.”

“I know Prongs, me either. What do you think Dumbledore wants to talk to us about?”

They both pondered this question. Their was no doubt in their minds what it had to do with, but fully couldn’t understand to what extent.

When dinner time came that night they were deep in conversation at the table, both boys talking about the days events much to Mrs. Potter's dismay. James and Sirius recalled to every last detail –minus them bumping their heads- what had happened and about the people that had showed up.

“Those two red heads are Fabian and Gideon Prewett, the man with the wild eye that you described is Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody, Dorcas Meadows, Benjy Fenwick and Caradoc Dearborn.” Mr. Potter finished.

James and Sirius looked to one another.

“Dad,” James started slowly. “Aren’t they part of the resistance? The Order…um…” He was having difficulty remembering the last part.

Sirius whispered, “Of the Phoenix.”

Mr. and Mrs. Potter abruptly stopped eating before Mr. Potter hesitated and answered “Yes.” He then gave his wife a knowing look, in which she seemed to read his mind. James missed this interaction as he simply went on eating his dinner, but Sirius didn’t let it go unnoticed. Something about it intrigued him and haunted him.

When James and Sirius went to bed that night he was still wide awake after James had fallen asleep thinking heavily on what had happened. They were lucky, he knew that, but what did Dumbledore want with him and his friends? Then finally shutting his mind down he fell into a mildly peaceful sleep.

Sirius awoke late the next day to the sun already shinning brightly into the large bedroom. When he sat up he realized that James wasn’t there and must have gone down stairs. But just then James walked into the room carrying some toast and looking exactly like he had just gotten out of bed with the way his hair was ruffled.

“Morning, mate.” James smiled as he handed a piece of toast to Sirius.

“Morning.” Sirius replied groggily.

The two boys sat on the bed eating their toast joyfully remembering what today was. Moony and Wormtail would be arriving today.

“Prongs,” Sirius started a short time later. “What do you think could be going on with my brother?”

“I don’t know Padfoot. I’ve never had a real brother to understand that bond.”

Sirius pondered this for a moment, but then decided that he shouldn’t let his dream worry him any longer. It was just a dream after all. Somewhere off in the distance the birds chirped outside signaling to the boys what an eventful day it would be. As they dressed and headed downstairs, the flames in the fireplaces turned green. Peter Pettigrew stepped out looking around.

“Oi! Wormtail!” James shouted in glee.

A moment later and the flames became green again this time exiting Remus Lupin into their midst.

“Moony!” Sirius barked.

James and Sirius went over to help Peter and Remus take their things upstairs.

“Sirius, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” Remus supplied.

“Yeah about that,” James cut in before Sirius had the chance, “Padfoot left home for good, so now I guess you could say he’s living here.”

Remus and Peter’s jaws dropped.

“Wait,” said Remus, “You left for good?”

“Why?” squeaked Peter.

“Because I had enough of the bull that they were trying to force feed me about proper blood status.” He said simply giving them both a look of disgust.

“Oh come on Padfoot! Tell them about the fight you had with your brother.”

“What!?” Peter and Remus said at the same time.

“Okay so I might have broken his nose and given him a black eye, but he deserved it. He threatened me called my friends filth and I snapped.”

The truth was that Sirius wasn't exactly wanting to tell them all about what had happened. Sure he had told James and his parents, but he wasn't so sure that he wanted to tell Remus and Peter. Besides, the dream he had that he was trying to desperately forget was starting to creep back into his mind whenever his brother or parents were brought up for the topic of conversation.

Peter chuckled along with James as Remus gave Sirius a concerned look.

“What Moony?” Sirius asked with a raised eyebrow and a high sense of discomfort that Remus knew exactly what Sirius was thinking.

“I…well,” Remus struggled as he gave Sirius a curious look.

“Lost for words mate?” James asked.

Remus turned red. He was lost for words because he still lived in fear that he was going to be shunned by his friends for being a werewolf, even though they have known for a long time. He had always been insecure about it and being insecure himself was something that he had long come to be able to see in others. He could sense that there was something more to the nonchalant way that Sirius simply stated what occurred at home. His mannerisms seemed off to Remus. Before he could ponder his curiosity further, James changed the subject to what had happened yesterday when they were at Diagon Alley.

After telling them everything and about Dumbledore wanting to talk to them the speculation grew about what he would want to talk to the four of them about. Sirius remained guarded on this subject and only responded with nodding when occasion called for it. In reality he was internally struggling with what he felt and the haunting feeling he had from his dreams and yesterday.

Author's Note: Well I hope you enjoy this revamped chapter of this story!! Please review and let me know what you thought!

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