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Defiance by LittleBabeBlue
Chapter 2 : James, not Potter
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    The first thing a rather grumpy Lily saw the next morning was a face. More precisely, the face of Hanna Thompson. Hanna was a bright, chirpy, blond girl who was also -oh the horror!- a morning person. A loud morning person. As Lily slowly surfaced from sleep, her best friend chattered on about the day ahead of them. Then she said something that almost gave Lily a heart attack.

     “I had a really weird dream last night. There was a stag in our dorm room and it was talking to you. Then it transformed into James Potter and you guys talked and kissed, but you would never, ever do that, so I guess it was more of a nightmare than a dream.”
    Thankfully, she took Lily’s horrified face as shock over the idea of the two kissing and Hanna’s ever active mind quickly moved on. “Come on, Lily. I’m hungry. Let’s go to breakfast now or we’ll miss it.” Lily frowned, “Hanna, breakfast isn’t for another half-hour.” Her hyperactive friend still didn’t calm down.
    “Well than, I wanna go down to the common room and see Siri.” Lily groaned, she honestly had no idea what had made her be friends with someone who was a girlfriend of that Marauder. Although, a small voice piped up in her head, it does give you more time with James. She crushed it down, it wasn’t worth being around Sirius Black.

    She prepped herself for the day, brushed her long, red, softly curling hair until it was passable, packed up her bag, and slowly made her way down to the common room. Lily groaned at the sight of Hanna and Sirius wrapped around each other, she knew that they wouldn’t be surfacing anytime soon. She walked over to the three other boys who sat on the couch, cheering on their friend.

    “Hey Remus, Hi Peter,” she greeted two of them, “Potter.” “Looking good, Evans!”  he said with a trademark smile that made other girls melt. “Oh, grow up Potter.” she shot back. She sent him a look, they had gotten good at it over the years and could read each others facial expressions with a startling degree of clarity. Now she filled her face with mild annoyance at Dumbledore, love for James, and exasperation for the couple beside them.

     James silently chuckled as he got her message and surreptitiously checked to see that no one had been looking. Lily walked over to the couple and tapped her friend on the shoulder, “You know, for being so excited over breakfast, you sure don’t seem to mind that you’re missing it.”

    At that both Hanna and Sirius broke away from one another and ran to the portrait hole. Lily could hear the frightened screams that followed those two as they tore down the stairs to reach the Great Hall quite clearly. She shook her head at the antics of their two friends and the remaining Marauders plus Lily headed down at a much more sedate pace.

     Arriving in the Hall she plopped herself down by the Marauders and sent a small smile to James, neither of them noticed Remus watching them as he had been doing for the last few days. As Lily ate, her mind returned to the dream she had had last night, about the deer. She was certain that it was a prophetic dream and that it concerned her, James, and their unconcieved child. She would have to tell James about the dream soon. She was brought back to the Hall as someone nudged her.

     “What, James?” she asked sharply and turning her head saw that he had hit her on accident and was now choking on his toast. Several bags thudded to the floor and the Marauders and Hanna stared at her incredulously. “ called me James.” he managed to speak past the burnt bread in his throat, “James, not Potter.” Amid the amazement on his face she detected a warning about discovery, and some hope that they could tell everyone. She shot him a look that mimicked annoyance, but was actually a calm, flat no. “So, Potter? Nothing’s changed.”

     They had had this bond for so long that they could have entire conversations without exchanging a word, and they had a hard time not breaking out in giggles when nothing had been audibly said. Neither of them saw Remus intently studying their faces. He had managed to catch the entire covert conversation.

    They managed to get through their classes for Friday until late at night when they could be alone. James slipped on the invisibility cloak and crept from his dorm room, down the stairs and under the secret tapestry that only Lily and he knew about. He had no idea that he was followed.

    A mane of red hair momentarily obscured his vision until he patted it down and pulled Lily into a hug. “I missed you,” she said, “all day.” “Me too.” James replied then got quickly to the point, “Lily I think we should talk with Dumbledore about our situation.” At her exasperated look he quickly explained further, “I still agree that we shouldn’t tell everyone, but I want to tell the other Marauders. Sirius is clueless as usual, as is Peter, but I think Remus suspects something. We can protect ourselves now. Were old enough.”

     She nodded, “Yeah. I saw him studying us at lunch today, I almost thought he could catch our entire conversation.” They stood in silence for a while before James pulled Lily closer. They looked into each others eyes and pulled themselves into a long kiss. A long kiss which was rudely interrupted when the tapestry was thrown aside and someone yelped in shock.

    It was Remus. Of course it was Remus.

Lily and James jumped apart and hid their faces. James could feel Lily’s face burning red through his shirt, and he knew that his face wasn’t exactly pale either. “We have to explain,” he muttered to Lily, “or he’ll get the wrong idea.” Remus was now slumped on the couch banging his fist into his head when Lily came over and sat next to him.

    “Don’t do that Moony or you’ll lose Brain cells that you desperately need.” Instead of calming down he lunged at James and slapped him across the face. Hard. “Ow! What was that for?” James quietly yelled. “How dare you do that to her?” He turned towards the redhead on the couch, “Lily, don’t worry, I’ll break the charm, it’s okay. Just, uh, stay calm. James, when I fix her, you are going to DIE!”

    Remus stormed. “Um, Remus, what’s wrong?” asked Lily timidly. She had expected him to be shocked, but not violent. She now saw that his amber eyes had darkened considerably and was scared that he was letting the wolf inside him take over, it had only been a few days since the last full moon. “Lily, it’s alright. Damn him for using Love Potions!” James, who was now entirely lost, held his hand to his cheek to stop the stinging. Lily laughed as she finally realized what Remus thought was going on. “Remus, stop. He hasn’t  slipped anything into my food!”

    This brought the raging werewolf to a complete stop with his mouth hanging loosely. “Sit. There’s something we need to explain.” Remus sat down and stared at the two of them as Lily sat by James and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, all but sitting in his lap.

    Remus’ eyes had lightened again, but were now bugging out of his skull and Lily hoped that they would not fall out and roll across the floor. 

     “This is a long story,” she warned him, “it could well take us a few hours.” Here she paused to see if Remus was okay with that and he nodded.
    “Very well. All my life, I felt like something was missing, something important. I felt like this until I got my Hogwarts letter. After that it eased considerably, but I still felt it until I met James on the train. He offered to help me with my bags and I let him, but we both reached down at the same time and brushed hands.”

    James picked up where she had left off. “Suddenly I felt like the universe was completely right. I spent the entire day on the train with you, Sirius, and Peter, but I couldn’t get her off my mind. Later that night, in the common room neither of us could sleep so we both went down to the fire. We met each other at the bottom of the stairs. We talked and the weird feeling of contentment came back. This went on for quite a while.”

    Lily nudged James’ arm and took over, “We went to Dumbledore and he explained it to us. Apparently, we are the perfect match for each other. We will never be happy with anyone else. It’s a bond called a Love bond or true love. if this bond is broken, the wizard who breaks it will have a tremendous jump in their magical ability,the size of our magic combined.

    If it is broken, both of us will die. If one of us dies, the other cannot survive for longer than a day. This is why Dumbledore wanted us to keep it a secret until we were strong enough to protect ourselves. You see, James and I have never hated one another, we’ve been going out since first year. We’ve been hiding it for our own protection.” Remus looked shocked at the end of this and more than a little surprised.

    He leaned back into the couch and gave them a long look. “Well, you certainly seem happy together.” With that he pressed them for more information until he had a reasonable sense of the entire story. They talked long into the night, and when they finally went to bed, the rosy fingers of dawn were spreading across the windowsill.






Just so everyone knows, I'm thinking of changing the title of this story, it may go from "Defiance" to "To the Last" tell me what you think. Also, I'm debating wether or not to show the summer. I have a really good idea for the start of the next school year, so I may fill in the summer chapters after all this is done... Opinions are dearly loved. Review!
- LittleBabeBlue

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Defiance: James, not Potter


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