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Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 6 : The Midnight Thieves
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Okay, sorry that its taken forever for a new update for this story, you guys should stop pitching me from the moon immediately! Anyway, hope you enjoy and don't be a hussy and not leave me some sort of review so I can know what your thoughts are! Otherwise, please enjoy!



Albus hoped Scorpious wasn’t sitting in the dark taking the wings off of butterflies when he climbed into the portrait hole, his hand gripping Lavender Patil’s gently as she struggled to follow him inside.


The Common Room was filled with students and there was a lot of noise going around so Albus barely heard her thanks as she gave his hand a nervous squeeze and darted off as fast as she could.


He watched her for a second or two before shrugging, thinking that all girls were weird and began looking for his friend. If he wasn’t taking the wings off of butterflies, he was kicking puppies.


Unsure if there were any puppies around, Albus grew slightly sure that he was actually doing it but then thought that, once again, his imagination was really outlandish because he spotted Scorpious sitting alone at a study table.


He was glaring over a scrap of parchment and looking as if he would soon take his quill and run it through with it. “What are you up to?” Albus asked him once he slumped into a chair next to him.


Scorpious glanced up with a grin. “How’s Creevey?”


“Haven’t seen her,” Albus said with a laugh.


There was a ghost of a grin on Scorpious’s face. “She deserved it. I mean, how can one person be such a hag?” he asked while Albus shifted uncomfortably. “Oh, come off it, Albus, you could do better.”


“What are you talking about?” Albus asked; his voice oddly high.


Scorpious held up his hands. “Whatever. Anyway, I’ve got a lot on my mind right now,” he groaned, “how can one person have such a horrible first week at Hogwarts?”


“You’re not alone, if you want to be miserable, let’s do it together,” Albus offered while yawning loudly.


Scorpious grinned and pointed his quill at him. “You’re on Potter Jr.”


Albus ran his fingers threw his hair and nearly banged his head on the table. “I can’t believe that we have a full week’s worth of detentions with him! He’ll eat our entrails,”


“Or boil our heads.”


“Make us sew each other’s lips shut.”


“Show us pictures of ugly feet.”


“And then make us read bad books!” Albus cried as the two of them started to laugh uproariously at their own fate. “All while listening to his horribly evil soundtrack of terror!”


Scorpious was laughing so hard that there were tears coming out of his eyes and he looked a lot calmer since the last time Albus had seen him. Admittedly, anyone would have dumped something on Sally Creevey’s head, “Albus, you know it’s going to be terrible.”


Albus nodded, his good mood shifting like smoke. “Of course it’s going to be terrible, it’s Zabini!”


“You don’t really think he’s a vampire do you?” Scorpious asked him now, looking suddenly grim. “That thing in the Prophet about the other Death Eater kids,” he said, “why would a vampire do something like that, just targeting them?”


Albus frowned and thought for a very long moment. “I don’t know much about vampires, maybe we could ask Hagrid? He knows a lot about monsters, he once had a pet hippogriff and everything!”


He thought fondly of Buckbeak for a moment, it had been a real thrill riding him with James and Lily when they’d been kids all over the countryside. It was a shame that he had died, Hagrid had been miserable for months.


Scorpious looked a little interested in riding a hippogriff, but it was nothing like riding a broomstick but Albus didn’t want to ruin that for him. “Better yet, we could just go to the library.”


Albus waved that off. “Let’s just go to Rose, she’s practically a walking library.”


Scorpious scowled and folded his arms. “I’d rather not spend more time with your cousin than necessary.”


“You know, she’s really nice once you get to know her.” Albus said with a pleading look.


“I don’t doubt you but she’s just like everyone else.” Scorpious said as he leaned back in his chair and stared moodily up at the ceiling, “just because I look like my dad doesn’t mean I am my dad, as soon as I graduate I never want to see him again, being connected to a coward like that makes me twitch.”


Albus could never imagine having this sort of relationship with his father; he loved his father very much.


Even though it was sort of irritating to live up to other’s expectations of him he would never say that his father was a coward and that he would be glad to be rid of him, it made him gloomy just thinking about it.


And then if he did that he would most likely be found; beaten up and buried if Lily or any of his cousins got a hold of him. They didn’t tolerate desertion in his family, they stuck together.


For a moment he wondered what it was like for Scorpious, whose parents were divorced and suddenly being the first one being different in centuries. Albus was no Slytherin but he wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed either.


And he wasn’t funny or popular like James or constantly, sickeningly happy like Lily. Though he loved them both, he was what he was and that sometimes made him a little upset.


There was no way that he was ever going to save the world.


At least Scorpious understood, he expected nothing and odd though it was, Albus thought it was a big fat relief. “So why is she so upset about being in Ravenclaw if she’s so smart?” Scorpious asked.


“I guess, well, our family always told us such great stories of when they were kids and growing up. Most of them,” Albus shrugged lamely, “all of them were in Gryffindor and they made it sound like some big adventure and I guess it really went to Rose’s head, her brother Hugo is a lot more laid back, he doesn’t care about that sort of thing.”


Scorpious stopped staring up at the ceiling but didn’t look at Albus. “I used to hear nothing but nightmares about Slytherin. Granddad didn’t hesitate to tell me what an honor it would be to follow in the family traditions, he went into too much detail.” He said with a cold look.


“My Granddad went to school with yours,” Albus said with a sullenly. “They were Prefects together apparently.”


Scorpious seemed to find this announcement very amusing but went on as if he hadn’t heard him. “My Mum and Dad told me that it would make my whole seven years great, that it would open up all these opportunities but I found out some other things.”


He flicked his wand up at the ceiling and made red sparks fly out and create a small crater. “I might change my whole bedroom red and gold, just to make them mad.”


Albus wasn’t sure what to say to this at all so he stayed silent and eventually, when he was sure that Scorpious’s bad mood had dissipated enough, he reminded. “We do have to wait for Rose to give us the signal later.”


“Do you know what it is?” Scorpious asked him blandly.


“Oh, trust me.” Albus said with a chuckle, “I know what it is. Why’d you suddenly decide to do this anyway? Not just because of the bet or anything but is it because you really want to know?”


Scorpious turned his stormy grey eyes on Albus’s apprehensive green ones with a little smile. “Don’t you want to know? What if it was wrong? Can the Hat make mistakes?”


Albus wasn’t sure he liked the idea of putting the Hat on just so it could tell him that he really was a Slytherin. But if Scorpious and Rose could take a chance and do it; why not him? “I’ll do it. But if you’re right, don’t make Rose prance around in her underwear okay?”


Scorpious choked with laughter. “What is it with you and underwear?”


Albus rolled his eyes but laughed too and they spent the next few hours coming up with horrible things that they might be doing for their detention with Zabini and what their parents would say to them.


“Mum is going to be pissed and Lily will just laugh. Think I might get a spanking too,” he said gloomily, but then he brightened. “My Dad might think beating up a teacher is funny, especially after I tell him why.”


Scorpious nodded. “I was writing to Emily just when you came in to explain to her what happened, I know she’s going to write a fifteen inch long parchment sheet on how I’ve destroyed the family and blah, blah, blah. She’s always so bossy and anal,” Albus laughed. “Grow up!”


“When Zabini told you he would write to him, who did he mean?” Albus asked as he thought of the little monster that might be Emily Malfoy.


She was probably ten feet tall, about as wide as a tree trunk and had a really wide, thin mouth and why he pictured more of a troll in place of a human he would never know.


Scorpious frowned and looked at Albus in an assessing way, as if he were wondering if he would suddenly sprout tails. “My Granddad, he was threatening to write to him,” he said scathingly. “He’s been trying to…convert me.”


Albus wasn’t sure what he meant by that but as he was wondering just what kind of horrible person his granddad could be, there was a small explosion outside the portrait hole and it smelt suspiciously like…


“Holy Merlin, what the heck is that?” Scorpious asked as the foul odor seeped through the cracks, making the few students that were left in the Common Room flee to their dorms.


Lavender Patil was too busy reading her Charms book to notice what was going on, though Albus thought he saw her eyebrows curling with the power of the stench.


Albus pushed his robe to his nose and gagged a little, “She didn’t have to use all of them and it’s only eleven thirty!” he cried in outrage.


Scorpious stood up with him and they wandered over to the portrait hole and glanced back at the embers in the fire and quietness of the dorm.


Albus was fixing his wand up his sleeve as he tried to preserve his nose but it was of little use, the smell was simply revolting. “Dungbombs? Where’d she get those from?”


“Must’ve borrowed them from James or Mason earlier,” Albus coughed as he knocked on the portrait hole and whispered. “Rose, is that you?”


“No, it’s Merlin.” A drawling, arrogant voice said.


Scorpious groaned, “Why’d she send you?”


“Rose got into a conversation with the Gray Lady about house-elf rights and I thought I would at least bring you to her and then we could go to the you-know-where,” Sue Corner said with what Albus could imagine with an eye roll.


Albus said, “Why don’t we wait until she comes to us? We don’t have a lot of time for this!” he hissed back.


“Oh, don’t be such a wuss, Potter. Thought you were used to being—” Sue Corner broke off as she heard footsteps, “oh, here she is. Rose,” she hissed annoyingly, “talk about your mother’s work some other time, okay?”


“Sorry,” Rose panted. “She was really adamant that Lindolyn the Strange actually created a liberated house-elf army a hundred years ago. I mean, really, that’s completely ridiculous, it was obvious that Lindolyn commanded them to go around the country trying to turn everyone into radishes but she just didn’t—”


Rose!” Albus hissed angrily as Scorpious stuffed his fist into his mouth to stifle his raucous laughter.


“Sorry, sorry, could you open up? Albus, did you, did you get it?” Rose asked hesitantly.


“I forgot!” Albus cried in aggravation.


 Scorpious glowered. “Could we get this over with?”


Albus gave him a dry look and started running back to the boy’s dormitory and once he got there, he quietly opened the door and snuck inside.


He fumbled for his wand, going to his trunk, “Lumos,” he murmured and the tip of his wand lit, it was a good thing that James had taught him this spell (though James had done it so that he could properly sneak around at night doing only Merlin knows what) because he would have fallen flat on his face by now.


Getting on his knees, he opened his trunk, ignored the Gobstone set that was still there, but suspiciously mishandled and broken and sighed, “Dammit James,”


He continued looking, pushing aside socks, Lily’s diary, and a few other things until he finally found what he was looking for.


Inhaling with relief, he picked up the Cloak and watched as it floated sensually over his fingers, more fluid than water and softer than silk.


His father’s old Invisibility Cloak would come in handy tonight, though he wasn’t sure how all four of them were going to squeeze underneath it and not get caught by Filch.


Clutching it to his chest and slowly creeping back out, he was surprised to see that Scorpious had allowed the girls inside the Common Room. “What’s going on?” he asked.


Rose was looking around in awe, her own wand tip lit and Sue Corner was yawning and picking at her quill, which looked very sharp.


Apparently she was going to still be recording what happened and he thought that was very annoying, “Wow, it’s so cozy looking!” Rose was saying.


“Our Common Room is cozier, we get a view of the mountains when we wake up, this is nothing.” Sue Corner said with another eye roll.


Scorpious aimed a kick at her but stopped when he saw the look Albus was giving him. “Anyway, are we ready? What’s this big idea of yours?”


Albus grinned at him, “You’ll see. Now, everyone, I’m not sure how we’re all gonna fit.” Rose pursed her lips. “What?”


“I was thinking that we could borrow it and then give it back to you.” Rose said with a sheepish expression.


Albus held the gift to his chest. “You know my dad gave this to me before I came to Hogwarts, I can’t just give it to you!”


“What is it, a robe?” Scorpious asked curiously.


“An Invisibility Cloak, how dense are you?” Sue Corner asked.


Scorpious raised his fist threateningly.


Albus cut him off before he could whack her, “Its mine and I want to go anyway!” he said furiously. “You’re not just the only one who’s in on this, Rose!” he said stubbornly.


“It’s just for a little while Albus and what were you going to do with it anyway?” Rose asked annoyingly, her hand held out.


Albus didn’t want to tell her that he had been planning on sneaking into the Prefects bathroom with James, Mason and Scorpious to put chocolate in their bath water. “I was gonna use it for something serious!”


Rose rolled her brown eyes. “Oh, I’m sure you would have.”


Scorpious sighed. “Well, are we doing this or not? We’re wasting time here.”


“Would you all mind keeping quiet? I’m trying to read.” Lavender Patil said as she looked up from them from her veil of black hair. Her Charms book was poised on her lap and her wand lit as well and her eyes were slightly red from reading for so long, “and if you want to be invisible so bad why not use my Cloak?”


“You…you have a Cloak?” Rose asked doubtfully.


Lavender nodded annoyingly, and Albus grinned at her.


She immediately turned pink and even in the dim light he could see her eyes darting away from him, “My Mum gave it to me. She never says where she got it from but I think it was my dad’s, though she says she doesn’t know who he is.”


She said all of this glumly but Albus and the others exchanged uncomfortable looks. “Wait a moment, I had to steal it back from my sister Nora, she likes to swim naked in the Black Lake…” she stood up and ambled away towards the girl’s dorm.


“What an odd one,” Sue Corner said rudely.


“What a loudmouth you are,” Scorpious snapped back.


Albus was smirking, “I like her, she reminds me of Lily and Aunt Luna,” he said and Rose gave him a look as if he were insane. “She’s really smart too”


Scorpious snorted. “And scared of her own shadow.”


“True,” Albus said with a laugh. “But both of us were scared about the sea monsters—”


Rose turned to glare viciously at him for his stupidity. “There are no sea monsters! I wish that you wouldn’t listen to James. There are only Mermaids, Grindylows—”


“What are those?” Scorpious asked.


“Water demons, honestly,” Sue Corner said.


Rose went on as if they hadn’t interrupted her. “And the giant squid’s babies, there are no sea monsters!”


Albus stared at her in disbelief. “Rose, I don’t know about you, but those sound like sea monsters to me.” His cousin threw up her hands in irritation.


A moment later Lavender Patil came back, her hair pushed back a little as she held something silky in her arms.


It didn’t have the brilliance of Albus’s Cloak but it was still a very good one and she handed it to Rose with a little sigh, “Please don’t tell my sister that I let you borrow this. She really likes to be naked.”


Rose’s face was pasty as she thought of something to say, but there was no sound except for Scorpious asking Lavender where her sister was at this very moment and Albus coughing into his fist. Sue Corner was busy looking at her nails, “Uhm, how about you come with us?” she eventually asked uneasily.


“Why would I want to do that?” Lavender asked her blandly.


“You know, get out a bit…” Rose offered lamely.


Lavender thought about it. “No, I would rather read.” She looked at Albus, “I hope you don’t get into trouble, I would like to talk more, you know, at dinner.” She blushed, nodded at the others and stumbled back to her chair to read the rest of her Charms book.


Rose grinned teasingly at Albus but he was pointedly looking in the opposite direction. “Well?” she asked. “Should we go?”


“All right. Scorpious, get under here with me, Corner, you get with Rose,” Albus said as he held out the Cloak and flipped it over Scorpious when he came over. It covered them all the way down to their toes and his friend gasped in surprise.


The girls looked at each other and then Sue Corner said. “We should hold hands so that we don’t lose each other.”


“No thanks,” the boys said in unison.


Rose stomped her foot. “Really, are we adults here or what?”


 “We’re not,” Albus clarified. “We’re only eleven.”


His cousin gave him a dry look and held out her hand. “Take it, Al, I don’t want to lose you guys, we’re going to have to keep really close.”


Albus took her hand reluctantly as Sue threw the Cloak over them and the two girls started going to the portrait hole.


He saw Rose’s pale hand in the light and thought it very creepy for a moment, suspended apparently in thin air before they all stumbled out and started down the corridor.


“You know, you don’t have to hold my hand too Scorpious,” he snapped at some point.


“I wasn’t holding your hand!” Scorpious snapped.


“Then what were you doing?” Albus asked him dryly.


Scorpious snorted just as dryly. “I was trying to get your attention!”


“About what?” Albus asked him.


“What’s up with you and that Patil girl?” Scorpious asked with what Albus knew would be a cocky grin.


He groaned. “Nothing, she’s a friend, I guess.”


Scorpious laughed. “I bet she is. Honestly, as weird as she is, I’d rather it be her than that Creevey girl.”


“Why’d you put potatoes on her head anyway?” Sue Corner asked, her voice sounding oddly pleased.


“She’s an annoying hag,” Scorpious said and Albus heard Sue Corner laugh for the first time and it was slightly unnerving. “And everyone likes potatoes.”


Rose didn’t think so as they all navigated around a corner and down some stairs. “That was very rude of you, you know.” She said, huffing, “I saw her while she was leaving the hospital wing. She was crying so much!”


Scorpious merely laughed while Albus felt bad. “Who cares? Maybe she should keep her fat chipmunk mouth shut for a change?”


“You have no manners or class Malfoy!” Rose hissed back.


“Says the person that’s so determined to steal the Sorting Hat and still wind up in Ravenclaw!” Scorpious snapped back at her, angry already.


Albus sighed, “Oh, give it a rest you two! Scorpious, you didn’t have to grip my fingers to get my attention to bug me about Lavender (Scorpious jeered, “Ooh, so its Lavender is it?”) and Rose, for Merlin’s sake, would you lay off for five seconds?”


Rose gripped his hand tightly and it hurt. “He started it.” She mumbled morosely and he groaned.


Scorpious spat. “I wasn’t trying to hold your hand!”


“Sure,” Albus drawled, rolling his eyes.


Scorpious snarled. “Get over it, Albus. You’re not even remotely my type.” He paused thoughtfully. “A little scrawny for my tastes,”


They chortled and Sue Corner snapped. “Would you two idiots shut up? Gryffindor’s,” she said with distaste.


Albus and Scorpious chuckled quietly to themselves as the four of them walked silently down corridors, upstairs and around many corners.


Once, he thought he might have seen Peeves the Poltergeist wearing a pair of pink panties but it was surely his imagination because really, when was that ever going to happen?


Rose apparently knew where she was going and the four of them were soon standing in front of a pair of gargoyles that were blocking the entrance to somewhere.


“Okay, now this is going to be sort of hard, I had to ask a lot of favors to find out what the password to her office is.”


“Wait, whose office is this?” Scorpious asked.


Albus had a feeling and cold dread skipped down his spine. “Rose, are you completely mental? This is Headmistress McGonagall’s office! We’ll be turned inside out if we’re found here! What have you done?” he hissed angrily.


Rose ignored him and said to the gargoyle. “Pardon me, but is the Headmistress in?”


“No,” one of the uglier of the two, if that were possible, croaked.


Albus had a feeling that Rose was looking at him smugly and her hands, though warm, had gotten slightly clammy with sweat. “Rose, we shouldn’t be—”


Rose turned back to the gargoyle. “All right then, diligence,” she said confidently.


Albus prayed to every deity in the universe for this not to work out right but when the gargoyle’s stepped aside and they were permitted to ascend the stairs; he groaned and nearly kicked Rose in the back of the knee.


As they walked, he stumbled a bit and Scorpious cursed fluently behind him until they all stumbled into a beautiful circular room that had a presence of influence and warmth that made Albus feel even guiltier.


What looked like hundreds of portraits of old Headmasters and Headmistresses lined the walls and he was thankful that most of them appeared to be sleeping peacefully as they all gathered farther into the room.


His eyes were so wide and so big that he wasn’t sure how they hadn’t popped out of his head and after a moment he saw a familiar old man wearing half –moon spectacles and twiddling with his wand.


He looked very, very old and Albus was wondering if he could see them because his head jerked up but then he realized, to his shock that he had been asleep all along.


 Albus knew without a doubt that the man was Albus Dumbledore, the person his father had been close to and had named him after. It felt very wrong to be doing this now and he wondered just what kind of favors Rose had done for people to be able to sneak into here.


“Do you see it?” Scorpious whispered.


Rose shifted and then, slipped off the Cloak so that she could have a better look around. Albus wanted to really kick her then, “I know it has to be around here somewhere,” she murmured while walking behind a large, beautiful desk and peering up at a thousand shelves that were filled with books and interesting shaped objects. “I see it!” she cried excitedly.


Sue Corner had also taken off the Cloak. “Well? Can you get it?”


“Can’t reach!” Rose said as she hopped up and down, “do you guys know any spells?”


“Uhm, I don’t know,” Albus said as he took off the Cloak and Scorpious walked round the desk, and tried to reach it, being slightly taller than the rest of them.


Sue Corner frowned. “We don’t learn about Summoning Charms until fourth year!” she said annoyingly in a fierce whisper.


Albus sighed and walked over, placing his Cloak on the desk and making sure that Sue Corner didn’t stuff Lavender’s away in the corner. She did, however, put it in her robes, carefully folded. “I bet Lavender knows how to, she’s been reading that bloody Charms book all day.”


“Maybe we should have convinced her to come with us?” Rose asked him desperately.


Scorpious was irritated already. “I thought you Ravenclaw girls were supposed to be smart if we’re even considering talking about bringing Patil up here! Did you know she saw a spider the other day and nearly fainted? She’d get us all busted for sure!”


Albus frowned a little and defended. “But she would probably be a big help, so lay off!”


Sue Corner raised her eyebrows. “I wouldn’t think that she was your type Potter. Really, you could do so much better.”


Scorpious gave Albus an annoyed look and said to her. “Oh, like you? Albus, look out, the ice queen sounds interested.”


Albus groaned in irritation but he shuddered at the possibility of that happening, although Sue Corner sneered a little. “Uhm, could we get back on track please? Rose, you could think of something?”


“I don’t know any spells!” Rose snapped at him furiously, looking around for something that could help.


Albus stared around until his eyes landed on his blonde haired friend, who was glaring daggers at Sue Corner, who’d begun to look at her nails again.


He had to be the moodiest person he knew so he asked as gently as he could, “Scorpious, do you think you could give Rose a lift?”


Me?” Scorpious asked hotly, disgusted. “I don’t want to feel things from your cousin that I don’t want to, Albus!”


Rose glared at him. “What century do you live in, Malfoy? Give me a budge up!” she commanded angrily, “I’ll sit on your shoulders.”


Scorpious sighed and bent down on one knee, looking up at her scathingly.


“Don’t get used to any blokes doing this for you often, Weasley,” he sneered and Albus smacked his forehead, the two of them were going to get them caught.


Rose’s cheeks flushed and she, on purpose or not, stepped onto Scorpious’s back extra hard. He groaned in frustration as she draped her legs over his shoulders and he hoisted her up.


They teetered dangerously for a second or two, Scorpious cursing and Rose flailing like a windmill before Albus and Sue had the bright idea to wander over and hold Scorpious’s legs.


Sue pressed her hands to Rose’s back to hoist her up more. “I’m not trying to touch your butt, Rose!” she hissed, “so stop squirming and we won’t have to wash ourselves in germicide later!”


Albus gave her a dry look. “Could you complain some other— Scorpious, what the heck, stay still?” he snapped.


Scorpious was starting to get cranky. “Weasley, grab the damn thing!”


Rose was now on his shoulders, teetering dangerously but flailed once or twice before grabbing the worn brim of the Sorting Hat and cried in a low voice. “I’ve got it!” it was just then that Albus lost his grip on Scorpious, Sue lost her hold on Rose and the four of them fell with a horrible, crashing thud onto the ground.


There was a lot of cursing, blushing and hands going places they’d rather not have wandered before they were able to push each other apart. “Ugh, Potter I think your hand touched my breast,”


Albus’s face was beet red but he shook his head, refusing to believe that something that disgusting had happened to him. His hand felt like it was crawling with bugs and he wiped it on his pants leg, “You wish,” he snapped.


She didn’t say anything for a moment and he hoped that she hadn’t been thinking about it but it turned out that she was still trying to get off of him.


Her knee dug into his thigh for a moment and one of her arms was draped over his shoulders at an awkward angle. “Why are you so scrawny? You’re supposed to catch me!”


“Do I look like I could carry you? Sorry, but I left my muscular, damsel in distress carrying body at home!” Albus hissed painfully as her elbow jammed into his jaw. Tears sprang in his eyes, “you did that on purpose!”


Whatever she had been about to say was drowned out as Rose and Scorpious fought furiously with each other to come apart.


Their robes and legs were oddly connected and they looked like a wriggling mass of black slime, “Weasley, I swear to God I’ll jinx you within an inch of your life if you touch me one more time!”


“I’m not trying to touch you and why are you so skinny?” Rose complained hotly, “you’ve got no reason to be walking around so cocky you know! I could break you over my knee!”


Scorpious groaned in aggravation. “I wish you would then I wouldn’t have to feel your hands on my butt!”


Rose shrieked and Albus hissed for her to be quiet, “Like I would!”


“Oh, I bet you long for it, Weasley. First and only chance,” Scorpious snapped furiously as they continued to struggle with each other.


Sue was now sprawled next to Albus and Rose had made some progress in disentangling herself, but she was still draped over Scorpious’s legs as she held the Sorting Hat, grinning wildly.


“I hope you’re happy, Rose!” Albus snapped angrily while rubbing his sore jaw. Sue Corner was glaring at him triumphantly, obviously pleased at the sight of his pain and misery, “we could have woken up half the castle by now!”


Rose grinned and her eyes sparkled a little in the dark, “I am happy! I’m going to be a Gryffindor for sure now!”


“So put it on!” Albus cried anxiously.


“No, I wanted to—” Rose started.


“Weasley, get off me, you’re on a sensitive area!” Scorpious hissed from beneath her, his pale cheeks bright red for a change. “And no, I’m not happy about it so stop looking at me like that!”


Rose glared down at him, her freckles standing out in horror at where she was lying, “Albus help me up!” she cried but Albus was looking around at some of the portraits, they had woken up.


A sour looking man with hard black eyes suddenly swiveled around to glare at them all. “S-students? Out of bed? Potter!” he cried, probably thinking that Albus was his father. “And three more?!”


He quickly flitted out of his portrait, fussing the entire time.


Albus and the others cursed and cursed and cursed until they had the sense to grab their cloaks, Albus somehow winding up with Sue Corner and Rose with Scorpious. “Let’s get out of here!” he cried desperately.


Rose nodded, “Let’s go before someone comes in!”


Without hesitating for another second they bolted out of the Headmaster’s Office, down the stairs, clutching each other’s hands and nearly flying down the corridor, unsure where they were going, just needing to escape.


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