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A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch by ScarletRoses
Chapter 3 : Regulation Shorts
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“No!” I shrieked. Sally was walking around me as I stared at myself in the mirror, my eyes as large as quaffles. “There is no way I’m wearing this!”


I think it looks great!” Sally argued. I glared at her, looking at my rear-end again.



“Yeah, that’s not saying much from the lady who has yet to take care of those horrible roots. They’re coming in, you know.” I told her. Zing. I had managed to get that in.


“This is my natural hair color!” Sally hissed, her face turning beat red.



“And I’m the Minister of Magic.” I responded. She let out a dramatic sigh, but crossed her arms in defiance.


“It’s too late to order any other ones. The order date was up last week. You’re going to have to wear those.” Sally told me. I nearly gasped.



“These cannot be regulation!” I told her. She shrugged, returning to her pad. I stared at myself in the mirror, my long legs sticking out of the unbelievably short-shorts. I think the only thing they covered was my bottom. I spun around. Sure enough, just barely covers my bottom. The Quidditch Association would not allow me to wear these. I was sure of it.



I heard a wolf whistle from my door and spun around, my wand raised. I was in no mood for pleasantries. James stood with his hands in the air, but a large smirk on his face at the sight of me. Matt was behind him, an equally large smirk on his own face.



“Now who are you trying to impress?” Matt asked, coming around James as I lowered my wand.


”Apparently the whole Quidditch Association.” I told them, glaring at Sally who was still buried in her notepad. She didn’t notice my glare.



“Are those even regulation?” James asked. I shrugged, unsure myself. I was sure they weren’t. “I’m sure they aren’t.”



“That’s what I told her.” I said, jerking a finger in Sally’s direction. Still no response from her.


“Well…we have to go meet with Coach to discuss tactics for next weeks game. We came to grab you.” Mat told me. My eyes were as big as bludgers.


“Sally! Why didn’t you tell me about this?!” I shrieked, rushing into my bedroom to find some suitable clothing.


“Hmm? Oh yes. I thought you would already know.” Sally said from the other room. I grumbled as I heard her strike up conversation with James.


“Let’s go!” I said, dashing past Sally and out the door.



“Jacobs, I want you to play right field.” Coach told the room, writing it down on his board. I nearly choked on my own spit.



“Right? But Sir, I’m-“ he turned, glaring at me.


“Harley could play any position, even though he was left-handed.” Coach Smithson growled. Everyone was silent in the room, their eyes darting from my red face to the Coach’s.




“I’m not Harley, now am I?” I asked him. His glare deepened.



“No. You have no where near the talent!” Smithson growled. My jaw clenched as the anger built up inside of me. How dare he compare me yet again to Harley.



“I bet I can score more goals than he did against the Magpies next week!” I challenged. The Coach let his head roll back in a laugh.


“And when you can’t?” he challenged in tern. I hadn’t thought of that.



“Play me at center next week. For one game. If I don’t score more goals than him, you can put me at right for the rest of the season. When I score more goals than he did, you keep me at center.” I told him. He glanced around the room, trying to make up his decision.



“Fine. Then no more complaining out of your mouth as well.” He said.



“Fine.” I mocked.



Coach turned back to his board, writing with more vigor as he erased me from right and put me at center. He placed James and Matt in their respective spots, talking about plays that I had memorized the day I had gotten the play book. I knew the Falcon’s plays up and down. I could play the keeper at this point.



“You’ll have to score thirteen to beat Harley’s record against the Magpies.” James whispered to me. I frowned at the prospect of thirteen goals against such an amazing team. Magpies were brilliant and had an amazing keeper.


“I’ve done better.” I told him. James raised his eyebrows at my comment.


“Not against the Magpies. When you played for the Meteorites, you scored eight times against the Magpies.” James said. I turned towards him, my eyebrow furrowing.



“How do you know that? I don’t even know that.” He simply shrugged at me, a smirk on his lips as he leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head.



“I had to research the new team member. Hope you don’t mind.” James winked casually at me. Insert butterflies here.

What? I’d be stupid not to think James frickin’ Potter is drop dead gorgeous. He has been Quidditch Weekly and Witch Weekly’s most eligible Quidditch Star two years in a row for three consecutive months. I was willing to bet that the fact that his father was so famous had something to do with it as well, but I’m not picky. It was nice seeing his almost-nude body on the covers of those magazines.



“Do you two mind or do you need us to leave the room so you can have a good snog?” Coach’s voice rang in my ears. I felt my face go beat red as a few snickers were heard. I didn’t notice that James was leaning towards me so that I could hear his whispers.


“No, sir. S’alright. Carry on.” James said, not any bit of color in his face.


There’s one thing I wouldn’t be able to get used to: the attractiveness of this team. Or the fact that the Coach actually hated me. That was something that was very new to me.





The next few days were brutal. I’d wake up sore only to have to go back to the grind all over again. For an exhibition game, everyone was taking this game far too seriously. Although the Magpies were in our division, they wouldn’t be playing at their best either. Rumors were even going around that they were going to give their reserve seeker a chance to play next Saturday.



Nevertheless, not a single Falcon let up. James would come over every morning and wake me up, seeing as how I preferred to sleep in. James was a morning person. Matt would come in a half hour later. We had been switching who would do the breakfast cooking every morning. Turns out that without magic, neither of the two could cook a decent breakfast.



I was currently studying a large bruise on my ribcage that Barry had hit towards me. I had gotten six laps for not dodging out of the way. I had actually deserved the laps this time. We had been practicing bludger dodging. Matt had cracked a joke and I was in the middle of laughing. I was almost knocked off my broom from the force.



I went to conjure a magical ice pack when Adam came into view. I still heard his comment of “I’ll be the keeper to your heart” in my head. I cringed as he took a good look at my bare stomach.



“Need some help?” He asked, handing me an ice pack. He didn’t strike me as the kind type, but I guess you helped your own.


“Thanks.” I mumbled. I placed it carefully on the bruise and immediately felt the magic working. Thank Merlin for magic.



“Coach has me doing extra training too, you know.” He said nonchalantly. I nodded, suddenly feeling my muscles tense up again at the thought of having to lift weights still. They made my arms feel like jelly, not any bit stronger. “We could train together, you know.”


“I’m doing weight lifting training, Adam.” I told him with a snort. Though I wasn’t sure what he was doing for extra training, I’m sure it wasn’t that.



“I know you are.” He told me. He sat down on a bench and I followed suit. He suddenly looked nervous as he shuffled his feet. He was avoiding my eye contact as he ran a nervous hand through his hair.



“Nervous, Freeman? Oh god, you’re not going to ask me out, are you? Because the answer is no,” I scooted slightly down the bench. Did the guy not take a hint?


He chuckled, the small spark of Adam coming to his eyes. “No, but I wouldn’t object if you asked me out. I’m bloody handsome…it’s just…well, I have a different kind of training.”


“Are you trying to tell me you’re with the Coach?” I asked him. His eyes were as big as quaffles.



“No, Gigi, gosh!” he exclaimed, slapping my shoulder. “I have trouble remembering the plays.”

”They’re easy.”


“To you. Not to me.” He mumbled, staring down at his hands. “I was thinking…I’ll help you with your weight lifting if you help me remember the plays. You looked like you had the plays memorized the first day you got here.”


“That’s because I did.” I said with a large smile. He rolled his eyes at my confidence. “But I’d love to help.”


“We can do other stuff too!” He wiggled his eyebrows.











I stared down at the three letters in my hands, a frown on my face. All the handwriting was distinctive, having its own style, but I recognized all three different letters immediately.


I’m the youngest of three girls. Jenny was 23 and looked like my twin (as we are reminded daily). She gave birth to the most adorable child when she was 18. The father left the picture. Carter (my nephew) is her pride and joy. Gabriella is the oldest of us, being 26. She’s actually engaged to the love of her life, Ethan. Though she looks nothing like us, I’ve been told I act just like her. My mom is in her early 50s, my dad being in his late 50s. They loved all of us girls. They had made a promise to keep in touch with me when I signed with the Falcons.


This was them doing that.





How is everything going? Are you getting along well with your teammates? We miss you so much here; this letter isn’t telling you that enough. If you weren’t out of service, you’d be receiving countless phone calls. I’m going to make this brief, since I’m writing this on my break at work. Dad sends his love and asks when he is going to get his free tickets. We’d all like to know, actually. I can’t wait to see my baby playing with the best! You deserve it. Grandma sends her love as well.



We are so proud of you, Gigi. Don’t forget that. 


Love Mom 



Please tell me you’ve gotten laid over there. I won’t accept a letter from you unless it says this. You need to get laid. I’m serious. Your team has some of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. Did you have sex with any of them yet? If not, I might when we all come to visit. I’m just warning you.



Carter misses his Auntie! We all pre-ordered your jersey and plan on wearing it to your first game (the actual season game. I’m not paying galleons to watch an exhibition game). Carter says he is going to wear it every day, since it says his name too. If he refuses to let me take it off of him, I’m blaming you.



I miss having a babysitter! Let me know when I can come visit and we can go clubbing. I heard London has some amazing clubs! 


See you soon,




Jenny and Carter






Dear Gigi,



Are you doing well? Making a lot of money, I’m sure. Probably forgot about your small town family over here in Wisconsin. We’re still here, so you know. Waiting patiently for our share of your money (only kidding).



I want to hear all about Britain. Is it as beautiful as they say? Now you’ll never be coming back to little Wisconsin. We’re just a dot on the globe to you now, aren’t we? I don’t blame you; if I was a Professional Quidditch Player, I would want to forget all about Wisconsin too.



Speaking of which, when do we all get to see you in action? Sure, we’ve seen you play with the Meteorites, but that’s nothing compared to the Falcons! Ethan ordered Quidditch Weekly and sure enough, you were mentioned in multiple articles. Teams aren’t ready for Gigi Jacobs to enter that pitch!



Keep in contact, will you? We all miss you. Mom’s going crazy. Bought cheese curds yesterday to remind herself of you.



Love always,


Gabby and Ethan


I felt like I should be tearing up at this, but I wasn’t. I was so close to my family that it had been one of the hardest things to leave Wisconsin. The Meteorites are based out of Canada, so apparition was possible. I had lived close to the rest of my family. No one had moved more than ten miles away from one another, so now that I was across the ocean, everything felt like it was changing.


“What’s that?” Adam asked, peering at me over his playbook. I tucked the letters into my pocket.



“Nothing. Just letters from home.” I told him, watching him go back to scanning the playbook with a furrowed brow. “What now?” 


“I just…” he turned the playbook upside-down. “Which one am I again?”


I groaned and reached over, snatching the playbook from him. He was the keeper, it wasn’t like it was hard to distinguish. I pointed at the blue X moving on the left-hand side of the drawing, next to the hoops.


“Right there.” I pointed. “You see, I don’t understand how you cannot understand hovering at different goalposts for certain plays. Your job is not hard!”


“And I don’t understand how you are so weak,” Adam hissed back. I crossed my arms, pulling my grandmother’s quilt tighter around me.



“If you are going to be so bitter, I will not help you.” I growled. This proceeded to him throwing the rather large playbook at my head. I caught it at my fingertips.


“Freeman!” I shouted, throwing the book back at him in malice. He caught it with ease, laughing at my pitiful attempt.



“You really do need those weight lifting exercises!” He said between laughs. I sat there, dumbfounded, while he continued to laugh.


“I do not!” I growled. This seemed to make him laugh harder. Great, now I was a joke to him.


There was a knock at the door as Adam continued to laugh at me. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” I mumbled, pushing myself off of the couch. I wrapped the blanket securely around me before opening the door.



A tall blonde stood in the door, towering over me. Hey, it wasn’t my fault I was only five foot five! I blame my parents for being short. To make matters worse, she was wearing heels. Her jean shorts wrapped around her bottom, showing off her excessively long, tanned legs. She was wearing the smallest tank top I’ve ever seen, I was pretty sure it was in child sizes. She was shockingly beautiful- at least as beautiful as one would assume of a stripper.



At least that was what I assumed she was.


“Did Freeman call you here? Freeman, why couldn’t you call them to your own flat?!” I hissed in his direction. He looked up from his spot on my floor and immediately jumped at the sight of the girl in the doorway. His eyes were the size of quaffles (I make this analogy a lot…but quaffles are big!).



“Matt told me you were up here, Adam!” the girl chirped, smiling at Adam. Adam wiped his hand over his face, seemingly wiping a smile onto it. It was incredibly forced. This was interesting.


And funny.


“Y-yeah…thought I’d visit Gigi here…I thought I told you I was busy today, Amelia?” Adam’s voice was so high pitched that I would’ve thought he was going through puberty. I didn’t bother to hide my unattractive snort. Both sent me a glare.



You’re Genevieve Jacobs? The new chaser?” She seemed very offended by this. She looked me up and down. I suddenly was very aware of the fact that I was wearing the things I had worn to practice today. I probably still smelled like I had rolled around with skunks.


“Erm..yes?” I was unsure how to answer her question. She pursed her lips in an unattractive fashion.


“Adam!” she whined, stomping her foot on the ground. I raised an eyebrow at him. He cringed at her voice. “You said she wasn’t pretty!”


I blinked a few times. I should take that as a compliment, right? Well, I was going to. Except that Adam had said I wasn’t pretty. That was a bit insulting.



“Look Amelia, I’m really busy right now-“



“I don’t care how busy you are. It’s time to take me out to eat!” she chirped again. I had to cringe at this, it was a bit ridiculous. It was never what she said, but how she said it that irked me. It was just her voice that did me in.


It was like watching a muggle soap opera. Grandma had gotten me into them. There was so much drama, you just couldn’t look away. I was tempted to conjure up some popcorn and sit on my couch and laugh at Adam’s misfortune. His smirk told me that I should probably keep watching. Except there was a sparkle in his eyes and I saw them flash over me.



Oh, no. He had something horrible up his sleeves. Something definately not good.



“You’ve just been spending so much bloody time with this girl! You’d think the two of you were shagging or something,” she mumbled, crossing her arms like a child. I had to blink to make sure this was real.




Yes, it definitely was.


“That’s because we are.” Adam said simply. Not only did Amelia gasp, so did I. I gasped so hard, I started to violently cough.


What?” both Amelia and I said in unison. I could feel Amelia’s glare on me, but I didn’t care.



Let me get one thing straight: Adam and I are not “shagging” (I had figured out this meant doing the dirty). We weren’t even friends with benefits! We weren’t even friends! I was his teammate who felt it was necessary to make sure he knew the plays. He was my teammate who needed me to have a stronger arm so we could win games. That was it. So you can understand my shock at his words.



“Oh love, you don’t have to hide what we do. Nothing to be ashamed of.” Adam came forward, wrapping an arm around me. I was shocked, dumbfounded even. I was unsure how to react to him claiming we were shagging.



“Oh you two are disgusting!” Amelia hissed, stomping towards the door. I stared at her, my jaw slacked. This couldn’t be real, could it? Adam nuzzled his face into my neck when Amelia turned around. “Don’t think this is over!”



She slammed the door shut, knocking my framed jersey off of the wall, sending it to the ground with a crash. I barely cringed. Adam re-coiled his arm from around my neck and groaned, throwing himself on to my couch.



“I just can’t get rid of her, can I?” Adam asked rhetorically. Was I in a soap opera? Was that what Britain was? First I sleep with a teammates cousin and now apparently I’m sleeping with a teammate. Except the last one was a lie.



“You lied!” I gasped. He looked at me with an eye roll. Well, that wasn’t what I was trying to convey with my words (I was a compulsive liar myself). “I mean…I wouldn’t sleep with you…ever!”



“Oh you would. Everyone would.” Adam said with way too much confidence. I picked up a decorative pillow and smashed him in the head with it. “Ouch! Don’t take offense, Jacobs! I was only joking!”



“About me having sex with you!” I hissed at him, smacking him with the pillow again. When will these boys learn? I felt more like their mother than their teammate.


“Aha! So it is true! I thought Amelia was just going crazy or something.” James exclaimed, bursting through the door. I threw my arms up in frustration, smacking Adam with the pillow again.



“Ow! He’s the one who said it, not me!” Adam screamed, covering his head.


“It’s all your fault he even thinks that!” I hit him with the pillow again for good measure.


“Oh so you’re not?” James asked, spreading himself out on my loveseat.


“No!” I told him, flopping down next to Adam on the couch. “Do you know how to knock, James?”

”Yes,” he told me, a large smile on his face. “I just prefer not to.”




“’Course not,” I mumbled.



That was when I heard pounding yet again. Except this time it didn’t sound like it was on my own door. It sounded further off, but I couldn’t place my finger on where it was coming from. James had the same look on his face that I surely did, as did Matt.



“Is that coming from your flat, James?” Matt asked. James shrugged, pushing himself off my loveseat and over towards the door. He stuck his head out and proceeded to shout to whoever was making the noise.



“Oi! You lot! I’m in here!” he shouted. There was a lot of laughter of all sorts coming from the hallway. I raised my eyebrows at Matt.


“He’s got a big family. They’re close, so they’re here a lot.” Matt answered my nonverbal question. Maybe he was getting smarter.



Suddenly, people were filing into my flat. It was big, but how big did James think it was? There was Fred, him I greeted with a glare. A small, gorgeous red-head filed in behind him. Another red-head, looking more sophisticated than the first, came in next. Yet another red-headed girl filed in after the first two, looking younger than the lot. A boy looking just like James came in, supporting large rimmed glasses.



“Oh my goodness!” the gorgeous red-head squealed. She was staring straight at me, a huge grin on her face. “I’ve read so much about you! You’re such an amazing player!”


“Who, me?” I asked her. I glanced around to see if Matt was behind me or something and if he was looking at him by accident.



“Of course! You’re my role model!” the girl threw herself at me, wrapping me in a hug. “Rose, you need to get a picture of me with her!”



The sophisticated red-head rolled her eyes, mouthing a “sorry” to me before snapping a picture on her portable camera. I had to blink at the flash. I would never get used to that. James grabbed the girl next to me by the arm, yanking her away. I felt ten times better than I had in a while. I had a fan!



“Well, this is my sister Lily.” He gestured to my fan. I smiled at her, which made her grin widen.


“Pleasure!” she said before I had a chance to speak up. She took my hand, shaking it vigorously.


“You know Fred.“ Matt, James, and Fred shared a smirk. “this is Rose-“ he gestured towards the sophisticated red-head. “-she’s my cousin. This is Roxanne, Fred’s sister and my other cousin-“ he pointed at the smallest red-head. “And my brother, Albus.”



“Nice to meet you all.” I said, waving awkwardly. No way in hell would I remember all of their names.



“You don’t have to remember our names. There’s far too many of us to do that. Matt over here just calls us all ‘Red’,” Rose told me. Oh thank Merlin, there was no way I would be able to keep it all straight.



“Except don’t call me red,” Albus grumbled. I smirked at him, crossing my arms, ready to dig into him.



“You might be the only one I want to call red.” I told him. He noticed my smirk and smiled at me in tern.


“Oi, don’t flirt with my little brother. He’s only twenty!” I felt James nudge my side and laughed.


“My first and only love is Quidditch.” I told him. James seemed relieved at this to which I shoved him. He barely moved.


“So d’you got a boyfriend yet, Red?” Adam asked, coming up next to Rose. Rose scoffed, rolling her eyes at him.



“Yes. I do.” She said matter-of-factly.



“What?!” it seemed all of James’s family responded to this. Rose’s face went as red as her hair at this.



Really, I must be in a muggle soap opera at the rate this is going. I glanced around to see if there were cameras watching me. No, but it sure as hell felt like it. Adam looked at me with raised eyebrows, obviously just as confused as I was. He joined me at my side as we watched.



Was Rose not supposed to have a boyfriend? It was obvious that none of them knew. Why had she chosen to drop that kind of bomb while in my flat?! Rose was gorgeous, were they really that surprised that she found herself a boyfriend? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was hiding it all along.



“It’s not him, is it?” James asked, his hands tensing at his sides. Rose looked ready to turn into a cherry…or maybe into her hair. She seemed to be trying to hide behind it anyways.



“Should we get some popcorn?” Adam whispered, to which I smacked him.



This was a rather funny situation….but I had a feeling I shouldn’t laugh.


“James Potter, it is none of your business!” Rose chirped, her voice mocking that of Amelia’s. Whoever this “him” was, I’m pretty sure she was dating him.


“It is him!” Lily shouted, though she looked more amused than James and Fred did. James looked ready to rip “his” read off, as Fred looked…well, like Fred.



“So what? So what if it’s him? I’m twenty; I can make my own decisions!” Rose hissed, glaring at both Fred and James.


“Does Uncle Ron know?” Fred asked. This caused Rose to pale.



“N-no…but I’m sure he’ll be okay with it!” Rose didn’t look too sure of her words.


“I need to meet him.” James crossed his arms, daring Rose to say differently.


”Isn’t that a job for Hugo?” Roxanne asked. James glared at her words. I wasn’t aware there was so many more in the family. Until now.



“Hugo would agree to have me meet him.” James was still staring at Rose.



“You’ve met him before.” Rose tried. James let out a harsh laugh.



“Not as your…boyfriend.” James looked ready to spit up the word. I raised an eyebrow, but stayed out of the conversation. This was in between family. I shifted nervously.



“Fine…but only under one condition.” Rose told him, a smirk covering her face.



“What’s that?” 


“She comes.”




Rose was looking directly at me. James turned his gaze to me as well. Oh shit, what do I do? Were they really talking about me? There was no way in hell I was going to go on a double date with James and his cousin and mystery boy! I was here to play Quidditch, damn it! No way. No way in hell was I going to-



“Deal.” James cut off my thoughts.


“Excuse me?” I squeaked.



“Fine. Tomorrow night. Meet us at the Leaky Cauldron.” Rose hissed at him. I opened my mouth, but Rose turned towards me before I had the chance to say anything. “It was lovely meeting you, Gigi. I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”



Before I had a chance to even say ‘goodbye’, she was gone.



“You know, you could let me take Gigi,” I heard Albus say. I spun around, glaring at Albus now. I wasn’t even going!



“Bloody hell, no.” James answered before I could make a comment.



“Potter, I am not doing this!” I hissed at him, finally finding my opening to say something.


“Why not?” James asked. I scoffed.



“I’m just…not!” I fumbled. Okay, so I didn’t have a particular reason. “I’m not playing all of your mothers!”


That seemed like a good reason.


“Come on, Gigi! I need your help. This guy is absolutely horrible for her and I need to rip him apart.” James looked ready to get down on his hands and knees.


“Fine, I will-“


“Thank you!” James engulfed me in a hug, almost cutting off my oxygen.


“Wait! You haven’t heard the terms!” I shrieked as he lifted me off the ground. He set me down, taking a step back. The smile on his face almost made me feel guilty for setting terms. Almost.




“Yes, oh-so-perfect-Gigi?”



Now he was just kissing ass. I liked it.


“You make sure I get every shot during the Magpie game. I need that center spot.” I told him. His face seemed to freeze as he contemplated this.



“You make us lose and I’ll never let you live it down, Jacobs.” James warned me. I smiled at him, taking my turn to hug him tightly. 

Author's Note: So I know my chapters have so many different lengths. I was going to post the next chapter for Letters to L.C, but this one was already written so I couldn't resist! 

Let me know what you think. Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Anything is welcome. I love hearing what everyone has to say.

Until next time, loves.

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