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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 13 : Hospitals
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And, here it is! Chapter 14! :D 

A HUGE thank you to all my reviewers from the last chapter: 

Bella Bug, Brookeweasley23, Lizzard, GrangerDanger76, gnuern, and of course, Gin-gin06. I love you guys so much. You keep me going. :) 


Rose’s POV:


I stifled a scream and nearly lost my grip on the tree. Scorpius was hurt… badly. I felt tears form in my eyes and made my way down the tree as slowly as possible, not wanting to repeat Scorpius’s fall.


I finally reached the ground and fell at Scorpius’s side. I instantly began to cry. I didn’t want to move him for fear of hurting him more.


Victoire looked like she was going to cry and I couldn’t handle it. This was all her fault.

“VICTOIRE YOU BLOODY IDIOT!” I screamed through my tears. I had never been so upset or scared in my life. “WELL?! WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE GO GET HIS FATHER!!” I was standing now, yelling directly in her face. Tears glistened in her eyes and with a crack the sheet of blond hair vanished and I sank to the ground.


“Scorp… please don’t do this to me. Please be okay. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I brushed some of his hair off his face and collapsed onto his chest.


My whole body began racking with sobs and my face was buried in his chest when another crack sounded and a severely exasperated Draco Malfoy came running over to his son’s side.


“What’s wrong?! What happened?” He asked, his voice cracking slightly as he stood over his son, seeming to be in shock.


“We were up in the tree… Victoire apparated here, I’m assuming to tell us that we needed to go back to the house… the noise must’ve caught him off guard… he—”


“Fell?” Draco offered when I couldn’t finish the sentence and I nodded. He nodded curtly and reached his hand down to me. I looked up questioningly and he smiled slightly. “I’ll apparate the 3 of us to St. Mungo’s. We can send word to your family from there.” I smiled best I could, despite my tears, reaching for Mr. Malfoy’s hand before feeling the familiar sensation of apparation.


~*~*~*~ 3 hours later ~*~*~*~


I was sitting in a hospital chair in the waiting room with my family… my entire family. When Mr. Malfoy and I arrived, everything seemed to go by in a blur. They whisked Scorp away from us and told us they would inform us after they took his vitals and such. Mr. Malfoy sent a patronus to my family, one of those talking ones, and informed them we were at St. Mungo’s.


Within 10 minutes, my entire family had apparated into the waiting room. I hadn’t really taken much in since we’d arrived. The healers informed us of his condition and all I really caught was head trauma, stitches, and something about a coma.

I sank into a chair, feeling as if I were about to pass out. They said they would tell us when he was ready to have visitors. Mr. Malfoy gave my hand a reassuring squeeze before he made his way to send someone an owl regarding what had happened to Scorp.


Several family members tried to talk to me but I shooed them away. Not wanting to talk to anyone.


My family took up nearly the entire waiting room. And they were loud. I couldn’t concentrate anymore and I wandered off in the direction of the cafeteria.


I entered the cafeteria and sighed as I smelled coffee. I barely registered what I was doing as I made my way to the coffee and creamer. I filled a cup and stirred in creamer and sugar as I normally would do and paid for the coffee before sitting down at a table in the corner, inhaling the strong aroma the coffee provided. I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair.


“Rose?” I heard softly from next to me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mr. Malfoy standing there. I gave him a quick smile and took a sip of coffee, turning away from him “Mind if I join you?” He asked and I shook my head.


The sound of metal on linoleum floor rang out as he pulled out the chair across from me.


“The healers said we could visit within the next hour or so.” He said quietly. “They said that these next 24 hours or so will be vital and that there should be improvements to his health by then. Coma victims are rumored to be able to hear you when you talk to them, so make sure and do that….” He trailed off and I could tell he was as upset as I was, if not more. It was his son after all. I nodded and was doing my best to hold back the tears. “I’m going to get some tea. Need anything?” He asked me and I shook my head.


I nearly downed my entire cup of coffee within 5 seconds, burning my tongue in the process. I barely noticed the pain and simply set the cup down, staring at it.


Mr. Malfoy came back over and sat down a few minutes later, a steaming cup of tea in his hand.


“You okay?” He asked, looking worried.


“Never better.” I choked out.


“Now that is a lie. I know you love my son. Merlin, I could tell from the way you two looked at each other. That’s the same way I’d look at your mother when she wasn’t looking.” I gave him a quizzical look, “I know Scorp told you about that, don’t worry. I know this is hard for you…” He trailed off and shook his head. “I’m sorry…I promised  myself I’d keep it together. You’re a brilliant young woman. You’re strong like your parents.” He gave me a weak smile, “Scorp is strong too. He’ll pull through. Just you wait. Just have to give him his time.” The last little bit sounded like it was more for his sake than mine. I nodded and gave him the best smile I could.


“I know Mr. Malfoy… your son will pull through. And you’re right, I do love him… I suppose I always have. Everyone else seemed to know it before I did. I would never do anything to hurt him. I don’t know what I’d do without him.” As I said the last sentence a tear escaped and made a salty trail down my cheek. The words seemed to really hit home and I stood up, feeling an onslaught of tears coming. “I have to go use the restroom, I’m sorry.”


I made my way from the table, running across the hall to the restroom. I needed some quiet. A place to cry.


I collapsed on the bathroom floor. Not even bothering to enter a stall. I cried. I cried even when random strangers walked through and shot me looks of concern. They left me alone, probably assuming I had lost a loved one. I cried when Dom came in and tried picking me up, screaming at her to leave me alone. She looked hurt, but seemed to understand. She nodded curtly and made her way out. Then came my mother.


I jumped up and hugged my mother. I had never needed her more than I had now.


“Shh. Love, it’ll be alright. Scorpius will wake up. He’s strong, he’ll fight his way out of this. If not for himself, for you.” She said soothingly to me and I found myself gasping to breathe. The tears had stopped, I had cried myself dry. She pulled away from me, making her way to the sink to grab a paper towel, wetting it in the sink and making her way back to me.


She wiped my forehead and my cheeks with the towel, finally wiping around my eyes. She kissed me on the forehead and grabbed my hand, leading me out through the door.


Mr. Malfoy was waiting for us just outside.


“Dom came to get us after she found you in here. I’ve just finished my visit with Scorp. You’re next.” He said, smiling at me. I nodded and followed him down the hallway. My mother finally released my hand and nodded in Draco’s direction before making her way to the waiting room.


“Just through there.” Mr. Malfoy said, pointing to the room with the number 777 hanging from it. I took a deep breath and opened the door,  preparing myself for the worst.


As soon as I stepped in the room, I turned to face the door, closing it as quietly as I could behind me. I took a deep breath before turning to look at Scorpius.


I finally managed to gather my strength and faced his bed. There he lay, peaceful as ever, eyes closed, breathing slowly. In and out. In and out. I walked towards him, trying my hardest to remain calm.


I stifled a gasp as I realized half of his head was shaved and a ghastly wound ran down the length of it. I realized it was more than 20 stitches and I collapsed onto the chair beside the bed, trying my hardest to breathe.


I knew he had stitches, but I hadn’t realized it was this bad. I looked at the boy I loved, realizing at once how quiet the room was. The only noises were the machines monitoring his health, and our breathing. The machines were all lined up behind his bed. Unlike in Muggle hospitals, the machines didn’t need cords. They were all specific to him using complicated spells and could tell the healers just about everything they needed to know.


Like Muggle hospitals however, we didn’t have miracles. If someone was in a coma, they were in a coma. Just like there was no spell to bring someone back from the dead. I sighed and scooted the chair closer to his bed, grabbing his hand as I did so.


“Scorp… I’m so sorry. I feel like this is my fault somehow… I shouldn’t have agreed to climb that tree when I got such a bad feeling about it being covered in snow and ice. I don’t know why I did. I just… I guess it was because it was our place? It gave me a chance to get close to you. To actually have privacy… I’m such a bloody idiot. You can’t leave me Scorpius. I don’t know what I would ever do without you.” His finger twitched and I continued, “I love you too much.. and I’—” wait. His finger twitched?! “BLOODY HELL SCORPIUS IF YOU CAN HEAR ME WAKE UP! YOUR FINGER TWITCHED!” I realized I was screaming and took a deep breath. “Scorpius… please. You have to wake up. For me, for your father. For Zara and Jace. For Al and James and all my other cousins. You’re a part of the family… we can’t loose you. I love you too much.”


I was crying at this point and I found myself on the bed, curled up next to Scorpius with my upper half on his chest. I knew I was soaking his hospital gown as well as my sweater, but I didn’t care.


“Rose?” I heard distantly, “Rose? Wake up love.” I realized I was sleeping and opened my eyes begrudgingly. I was exhausted. I sat up and stretched, suddenly realizing where I was. Scorpius’s hospital room. On his bed. I looked down to Scorpius and my heart dropped as I realized he was still in a coma… eyes still closed. I realized it had been my father calling me and I looked at him sheepishly.


“Come on love. It’s best if we give him some time.” My dad said, and I nodded, fighting back tears. I slid off the bed and my dad put his arm around my shoulder, leading me from the room.


My father led me out to the waiting room. My whole family was eying me cautiously and Mr. Malfoy gave me a curt nod before getting up to speak to a healer. My father led me to a chair and sat down in the one next to me.


“Well, love, we’re going to head back to the Burrow. Do you want to join us or stay here with Mr. Malfoy?” He asked, trying not to look worried but I could tell he was.


I eyed my father, trying to get a reading. I knew he was concerned, but I wanted to stay. I would be fine. “I’ll stay.” I said, giving him the most convincing smile possible.


“Oh, well. Errm. Okay.” He said, standing up. I stood up as well, giving him a father.


The next 5 minutes were spent hugging my family goodbye and receiving words of comfort. As if Scorp was dead and not in a coma. I still hadn’t told anyone that his finger had twitched. I wanted to tell Mr. Malfoy.  


My family was finally gone and I collapsed into a chair, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes.


“Rose?” I heard a tentative voice ask from in front of me. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Malfoy standing over me. “I’ve talked to the healers and though they don’t normally allow it, they said it would be okay if you spent the night in Scorp’s room. I’ll be out here if you need me. Just thought you should know so you could get comfortable. They said to just be careful with his head.” He gave me a sad smile and I nearly leapt out of the chair.


“Oh, no. I would hate for you to have to sleep out here… I mean, you can sleep in his room if you want.” I said hastily, wanting nothing more than to go sleep next to Scorpius but not wanting to take that opportunity from his father.


“No, it’s fine, really. I’m sure you’re exhausted and I’d feel much better if you were in that room. I feel like it would be far safer. Go, it’s fine.” He said, smiling and giving me a hug before sitting down in the chair and waving his hand at me jokingly.


“Thank you.” I said, nodding at him and giving him the first genuine smile I’d mustered all day.


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