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Rose and Scorpius: A Love made for the history books by Klw0607
Chapter 2 : The Heads' Cabin
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 This was going to be a long year. But not even Scorpius Malfoy was going to ruin her last year for her.

"No need for niceties Malfoy, lets just get started on assigning patrols so we can spend as little time together as possible." Rose started pulling out the list of prefects out of her purse. She had to admit though that the look on Scorpius' face when she pulled everything from her tiny bag was worth all the time spent begging her mother to let her use her bag from the Great War. "Bloody Hell Weasel did you steal Diagon Alley and shove it into that thing?" Scorpius had only heard rumors of what Muggle women could shove into their bags but apparently they had nothing on witches. 

"Oh bugger off." With that they finally were able to come up with a schedule with relative ease. When they werent fighting they made a pretty good team each being able to give a different perspective on each of the prefects. Afterwards they were able to sit in a calm silence for the rest of the train. Rose couldn't help but think about how important it was for them to at least pretend not to hate each other. Ever since the end of the Great War Headmasters had been making it quite clear that Griffindor and Slytherin had to get along. No more of the Slytherins are evil and destined to be Death Eaters buisness. Hell even the Prime Minister was a Slytherin. Rose had only met Prime Minister Zabini once but his son Evan was best friends with Scorpius. Even though Scorpius and her had always had tension Evan had been friendly with her. She laughed remembering when she had been forced to tutor him in Muggle Studies and he couldnt comprehend that there were no functions to rubber ducks.

Scorpius casually looked over to Rose. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt realize that she had laughed out loud. He couldnt help but wonder what was going through her mind to make her laugh so happily. Oh well it was none of his buisness what went through the Weasel's head. They had always been sworn enemies no need to change it now. Though Evan had looked slightly jealous when he mentioned that Rose was the other Head. Hmmm I might want to keep an eye on that. 

Just then one of the Hufflepuff prefects ran in obviously out of breath. Rose and Scorpius both jumped up at the same time and instantaniously said "Whats the matter?!" The poor Hufflepuff still panting at this point said "Somehow Liam and Albus blew up the food trolley." Scorpius merely raised his eyebrows, and all Rose could think was this was just the begining. Liam Finnegan was another Griffindor who was good friends with Rose, Albus, and Louis. He had also inherited the same tendancy to blow things up like his father. Rose calmed the Hufflepuff while Scorpius went to clean up the mess. As soon as that situation was taken care of the train pulled into Hogwarts.

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