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In The Friend Zone. by ScarletEye158
Chapter 2 : A Rose Weasley Type Of Problem.
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Beautiful chapter image by Paradox @ TDA! <3

Rose’s POV:

Just as I was taking the Gryffindor tie off from around my neck, my cousin Dom came rushing into our dorm at top speed and pulled me over to one side so that no one could hear what she was about to tell me. She’s done this millions of times before with the latest gossip, so I didn’t question it, but never in my wildest dreams would I think of her telling me something like this.

“Rose, I think Scorpius likes Molly!”

“What?!” I asked. “There is no way in hell he would stoop that low,” I said. Molly was our least favorite of all of our cousins and Scorpius knew exactly how we felt about her.

“I just saw them by the Entrance Hall at dinner. It looked like they just came in from outside, and he hugged her, Rose. HE HUGGED HER!” I sighed. Dom was making way too big a deal out of this.

“I’ve hugged Scorpius plenty of times, Dom, that doesn’t mean he fancies me!” but I was still suspicious. What would he be doing with MOLLY?

“I think we need to investigate,” said Dom mysteriously. She winked and went rummaging through her trunk, obviously looking for something.

“We’re 6th years, Dom, who investigates when they’re 17?” But secretly, my heart was pumping. This used to be the favorite past time of Dom, Al, Scorpius and I when we were younger. We would even dress in all black to blend into the shadows and take Al’s invisibility cloak so we could sneak around when Prefects were out.

Dom pulled out a black shirt and some black jeans. She really wanted to go all out, I guess. “Come on, Rose! Get your stuff before the other girls get back!”

“Dom, it’s not even 6 yet, I don’t think we’d do a good job at sneaking around right now…” I said. She looked disappointed, and many pouts later, I finally gave in.

“Alright, if he gives us any reason to think he’s sneaking around with Molly tonight, we’ll go. But we’re waiting until after curfew.”

“YAY!” she said, and hugged me so tight, I could barely breathe. “Let’s go find James and get the Marauders map, we’re gonna need that tonight!”


We went down into the common room, but it was pretty much empty. James was nowhere to be found, not even in his dorm, so we went down to see if he was at dinner.

Dom and I chatted about the old times on the way down there and had a good time laughing our arses off at the memories from when we were younger: Sneaking up on Prefects under the invisibility cloak and scaring them, going out and busting couples who were snogging behind tapestries, and throwing stuff at an unsuspecting Peeves. Sadly, though, it had all come to an end in fourth year. We could no longer fit all of us under the cloak, and we’d been caught way too many times for it to even be worth it anymore.

Half way down to the Great Hall, we were interrupted by an out-of-breath Scorpius.

“Rose!” he yelled. “Wait up!”

Dom and I stopped walking, and when he finally caught up to us, he had to catch his breath. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” he said. “Can I have a word?”

“Sure,” I replied. He looked slightly uncomfortable and I realized he meant he wanted to talk alone.

Dom seemed to have gotten the message too, because she grabbed my arm and said “I’ll go and find James, I’ll see you later.”

Scorpius let out a long breath that almost seemed like a sigh, and I started to get impatient. “Soooo,” I said irritably.

He blushed a little, (What? He never blushes!) and then he finally spoke. “I need you to help me with something,” he said.

“Okay?” I said a little confused. Why is he acting so weird?

“Well,” he said. “Al sort of set me up on this blind date…” he explained, and when didn’t say anything, he continued. “And well, I was wondering if you’d maybe help me out with it?” he asked.

My jaw almost hit the floor. ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER SET HIM UP WITH MOLLY! 

“Um, yeah sure…” I said. “Who’s the girl?” I wonder if he’d even tell me. But by his reaction, he wasn’t budging. 

“Well, it’s a blind date, Rose, I don’t exactly know.”

Fine, don’t tell me. I get to see you make a bloody fool of yourself though; of course I’m going to help you.

“And why are you asking me?” I said.

“Well, you are probably one of the only girls in this school I haven’t shagged, so therefore you are probably one of the only girls who would be willing to help me.”

I almost laughed in his face. Scorpius shagging girls? And I was under the impression he was a virgin…

“Of course I will help you,” I said smiling. “When’s the date?”

“Tomorrow,” he informed me. “We’re going to The Three Broomsticks.”

“I have one day to help you prepare for a date?” I asked. “Bloody hell Scorpius we are going to need way more time than that!” I joked.

A huge smile appeared on his face and he gave me a back breaking hug. “Thanks Rose, you’re the best! I’ll see you tomorrow?”

I nodded, and he practically ran away. He seemed excited. This seemed to annoy the hell out of me, apparently because by the time I found Dom, I was in such a foul mood.

“I got it!” she squealed. “Surprisingly James didn’t ask what we needed it for, but I’ve got it! Oh, what’s wrong?” she asked, looking at my face. 

“Why would something be wrong?” I snapped.

“Wow, what crawled up your arse?” she asked, just as snippy. Apparently that bubbly-ness from before can disappear just as fast as it can come.

“Sorry,” I muttered. “Scorpius asked me to help him get ready for a blind date for tomorrow.”

“Excuse me?” she asked. “Who set this up?!”

“Al…” I said, slowly.

“OH MY GOD, AL IS SETTING HIM UP WITH MOLLY!” she said in an outrage, repeating my thoughts from before. I knew she was my cousin for a reason. We are way too much alike.

“You think this is actually a blind date?” I asked. “I think he’s just acting like it is so I don’t make fun of him.”

“You think?” said Dom. “Well, we are definitely going there to watch this!” she laughed.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“I bet he’s going to try and meet Molly somewhere tonight,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.

Damn, she managed to suck me in.

"Dom," I said. "I think it's time to investigate."

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