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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 3 : Christmas Joy and Drama
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Draco and Scorpius look at me with a confused look. I just keep smiling and motion them to open it up together. They begin to rip open the paper and I begin to get butterflies in my stomach.


They get down the last layer of paper and the baby blue onesie comes into view. The outfit is held in Draco’s hands. They began to dissect the present to figure out the meaning behind it. “This is one of Scorpius’s onesie,” Draco says.


I nod and smile. “Yeah. This was your favorite, Scorpius.”


“And,” He ponders. “You gave that to us why?”


I was the worst at keeping secrets from Draco. “I’m not going to say anything. You need to guess!” I giggle.


“It’s a memory keepsake for me?” Scorpius says.


I shake my head no. 


After a couple of minutes of silence and confusion, I couldn’t take it anymore. Inside, I was screaming to tell them the big news.


“You’re... you’re,” I could tell Draco was trying to put his finger on the word, but couldn’t


“You’re you’re,” Scorpius joins in with Draco.


“YOU’RE PREGNANT!” Draco says quickly. He thinks about what he just said and then his face goes blank. “You’re pregnant!?” He smiles.


Yes!” I say squealing as Draco hugs me and kisses me on the head.


Draco says nothing but smiles at me. I could see tears beginning to form in the very back of his eyes. “I’m going to be a father again!” Draco says chuckling and was soon laughing.
I laugh and look to Scorpius who is strangely silent. I study his facial expression and try to decipher what he was thinking.


“You okay Scorpius?” I ask.


“Yeah aren’t you happy?” Draco asks as he hugs me and holds me close. I rest my head on his shoulders. 


Scorpius looked as if he was going to say something. But stood up and ran up to his room. I could hear him slamming the door and locking it.


I look to Draco. “He’ll get over it.” Draco reassures. “It’s just a shock that’s all.”


How could this be a shock! I think a shock would be a scream of excitement and a lot of hugs! Not a lock myself in my room thing! It’s going to something much worse, I could tell!


“Are you excited?” I say to Draco trying to block out the punch in the chest when Scorpius left the room angrily. “I have to start preparing a room and getting all those cute clothes and baby toys!” I sigh and pause to think. “What do you think you want to name it?”


“I don’t know yet!” Draco says laughing. “We don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. Or if there’s more than one.”


“I should probably check back on Scorp.” I say looking up the stairs. “I knew that he wasn’t going to take it well.”


“Don’t beat yourself up for that,” Draco soothes as he hugs me again. “I’ll go check on him in a little while.”


“Okay” I say as I playfully kiss him on the nose. Soon, the OCD part of me kicks in and I have to clean up the ripped up wrapping paper. Draco looks at me and chuckles.




My stomach drops and my face turns white as Hugo hands me the pink wand. I suddenly wasn’t hungry for Christmas Eve dinner. Why did I leave it in the bathroom? I tried to grovel and apologize and say sorry, but the words weren’t coming out.


“Let me see that Hugo,” Ron says as he grabs it from Hugo. I tried to say no but the words weren’t coming out. It was too late. I was going to die early and young.


Ron grabs the wand and studies it. His face immediately goes white. He turns to Rose and roars. “IS THIS YOURS?!?”


“No!” Rose says as she stands up from her seat to protest. “Honestly Dad! It’s not mine! I don’t even know what it is!”


“It’s a bloody pregnancy test that’s what it is!” He says.


Rose folds her arms. “I love how your first guess is me! Honestly Dad! You think I’m a slut already? Honestly!” 


“Just answer the question,” Ron seethes.


“It’s not mine!” Rose says. “I haven’t seen that thing in my life!”


He takes a sigh of relief and begins to study the wand again. “Then who’s is it?” He ponders as he’s looking down on it. My  Instantly, he looks to me. His voice is quivering.


“Is it yours?”


I instantly burst into tears. Speech obviously hasn’t come back to me yet so I just nod.


Ron’s voice is still quivering. “You’re- you’re pregnant?” He says pregnant such a weird, alien way that I hate it when he says it. It’s like fingers on a black board.


“Ron I-”


“Mom you’re pregnant?” Rose says.


“Why didn’t you tell us?” Ron says his face going white. “How long have you known this!” His voice rises to a small rage. He turns to the kids. “Go upstairs. NOW.”


This kids listen to him and run faster up the stairs than I’ve ever seen. Rose peeks her head around the corner and stares at me before running upstairs. 


“Ron I-”


“That’s all you said so far. ‘Ron-I’” He mimics me. “Why didn’t you tell me right away!”


“I tried bu-”


“Did you ever wonder about us?”


“I did! Of cour-”


“Ever think about what the kids would think?”


“Ron just le-”


“How could you be so selfish!”


“RON! Let me finish!” I say yelling at him. “You keep interrupting me! Just let me finish!”Ron silences himself and let me talk. “Of course I worried about the four of us!”


Ron rolls his eyes. “Yeah. If you cared about us, you would have told us.”


“How dare you!” I shout at him. I can feel my face going red. “I cared about us as a family. Especially was worried about telling you!”


“I would have understood!” Ron says with anger in his eyes.


“Oh please Ron!” I say. “Let’s just take a look down memory lane!” I say putting my hands on my hips “I told you I was pregnant with Rose. You leave for two days. I was pregnant with Hugo, you left for a week. Did you not care about me or the family when you left so many times?” I take a step forward after yelling at Ron. “And don’t you dare make up excuses for that. YOU obviously did not care about the family!”


“This isn’t about me!” Ron roars. “This is about you hiding that you were fucking pregnant! From your family!” I gasp at that word. I’ve trained Ron very well over the past years to not curse in front of the kids, or at all. It was one of the first times I’ve heard him say that word in a while. 


“Yes it most certainly is about you!” I shout back at an equal volume. “I was afraid to tell you because I knew that you were going to act just like you’re acting now! Being immature and throwing cusses out like it’s no big deal! Grow up!”


“Well you never would have known how I would have reacted when you told me when you first found out!”


“Ron! That wasn’t an option at the moment!” I say as I feel tears form. “I was scared enough as it is! I didn’t want to add more stress.”


“It just doesn’t add up!” Ron shouts. “How could you be so stupid?”


My face turns tomato red for a second time and I can feel my fists clenching. “Did you just call me stupid?”


“Yes. ‘Cause all you could’ve done was come talk to me. Instead you hid this ‘secret’ of yours until your son found that goddamn pregnancy test!”


“Okay, Ron let’s just get this fucking straight!” I shout. I’m too the point where I don’t care what comes out of my mouth, I’m so mad! “If I would have told you. You would have yelled at me like you are now and then run away from your problems and your family!” I shout.




I don’t know what Hermione was thinking. I would definitely NOT run away from something like this. And now she was yelling at me? I was trying to be a caring husband. But when she doesn’t tell her family something like being pregnant? I doubt that would go down well with any family.


“What? Are you trying to hide something?” I ask her.


“What the hell are you talking about?!”


“Nothing,” I say


She stares at me with an open mouth. “Wait.... wait... you think I cheated on you!? Is that why I hid this pregnancy from you?!”


I shrug my shoulders. ‘Stop it Ron.’ That voice of reason says in my head. ‘You’re just adding fuel to the fire now.’


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, you think I’m some sort of slut now!?” 


“Well you have been hanging out with that Durmstrang bloke recently......”


“How can you be so ignorant?! You expect me of cheating on you?! I would never do that! I love you, Ron!”


“If you loved me, you would have told me about your situation.”


“Ron, just say it already! I’m fucking pregnant!” Hermione shouts at me.


“Just tell me this.” I say shaking with anger. “How long have you known that you were-” I couldn’t even come to the word.


“Since the kids came home.” Hermione says also shaking. “And if you want to get technical, right after YOU left us for two hours!” She was back to yelling again.


“I had to leave the house!” I shout. “If I would have stayed her any longer, I would have gone insane!”


“Oh yeah insane by me right?!” She yelps. “Oh crazy Hermione! Driving the family insane again! Let’s just fucking piss her off some more by LEAVING FOR TWO HOURS!”


“I WASN’T TRYING TO PISS YOU OFF!” I shout back. From all our shouts it feels like the walls are shaking.  “I KNEW IF I WAS GOING TO STAY HERE ANY LONG! WE WOULD HAVE SAID SOME THINGS! Things we would regret saying later,” I avoid eye contact from Hermione. “Things we couldn’t have said sorry for.”





“I can’t believe it still,” I say in disbelief to Astoria. She smiles. She is absolutely glowing now, I’ve never noticed it before.


“Aren’t you excited?” Astoria looks to the door. “Now that i think of it, there’s so much that we have to do to plan for this baby,” I could see the wheels turning in her heads.


I grab her hand. “Slow down there,” I laugh. “First thing we need to do is figure out what’s going on with Scorpius.”


Astoria’s face falls. “I feel so bad. This was such a selfish thing to do.”


“Being pregnant is not a selfish thing,” I order to Astoria. I say it quickly and forcefully in order for her to get that statement into her head. “And don’t you dare beat yourself up for that.”


Astoria smiles at me and kisses me. “I know,” She sighs. “But still, I feel bad.”


“Don’t,” I say. “I’ll talk to him.”


“I’m going with you,” She says sitting up.


The two of us walk up to Scorpius’s room. I open up the door.


“Hey,” Astoria says. “Can we come in.”


“Whatever,” Scorpius says as he sits up on his bed.


“How are you feeling about this?” Astora says as she hugs Scorpius.


“It’s okay. I guess,” He says looking at his shoes.


“You can tell us,” I say. Astoria looks at me as I sit beside Scorpius.


“Well I don’t know,” Scorpius starts and then stops himself.


“Go ahead, dear,” She says as she puts an arm around Scorpius. Scorpius shakes his head. She whispers. “Are you scared?” Astoria was great with Scorpius, it amazes me.


“A little,” Scorpius says.


“What else,” Astoria says. Scorpius stays silent. “Do you think that with a baby around, we’re going to forget about you?”


“Kinda,” Scorpius mutters.


“Aw sweetheart,” Astoria says as she holds Scorpius close. “That is never going to happen,” She begins to stroke his hair. “Your father and I both love you so much. When the baby comes, we’ll still love you. No matter what,” Scorpius nods and shifts in his seat.


“Is there anything else?”


“Not really,” Scorpius says.


“You sure?” Astoria asks.


Scorpius nods. Astoria stands up. “Okay, then let’s go downstairs for dinner. I think Binky made us a good Christmas turkey!” She smiles at Scorpius and the three of us walk downstairs.






Hugo and I stand at the top of the stairwell, listening to the sounds below us.
Muffled shouts from Mum and Dad are coming from the kitchen. Hugo and I look at each other. “What’s going to happen?” Hugo asks.


“Nothing.” I wasn’t sure of it. But I had to stay strong for my little brother.


The shouts began to get louder and more clearer. Words like “What about us!?” and “Quiet! The kids will hear us!”. Every shout added another butterfly in my stomach.


“What about Christmas?” Hugo says worriedly.


I shrug and we continue to listen. A loud crack comes from Hugo’s room and Hugo and I rush for it. James and Albus are lying on the carpeted floor of Hugo's bedroom. 


“Happy Christmas!” Albus croaks as he grabs his elbow.


“What are you two doing here?” Hugo asks. 


“We wanted to try and see if Jame’s can do a side along apparation,” Albus explains. 


“Well if looks like it didn’t work!” Hugo says grabbing James by the arm and helps him get up. 


“Just got my license,” James boasts while grinning. “We weren’t expecting it to work. But look, Al! You got your arms still!” 


“Well pin a rose on your nose,” I say dryly.


“I see what you did there!” James says chuckling. “Way to get creative, Rose!” 


I roll my eyes and put my hands on my hips. “Now can I help you?” 


“Can’t we come over and say Happy Christmas to our cousins?” Albus asks as he plays with his glasses. I can always know when Al is lying, he always fixes his glasses when he’s lying. I glare at him, I knew the real reason he was here. “Alright, Dad cooked dinner tonight and we’re hungry.” Bless Uncle Harry’s heart for trying, but he can’t cook at all. 


“Well you’re too late,” Hugo says. “We didn’t even eat anything.” 


“Aunt Hermione didn’t make anything?” James asks. 


“She’s too busy,” I say. I really don’t want to get my cousins involved with my family’s drama.


“Too busy doing what?” James asks. “Since when is she too busy to cook?” 


A huge crash comes from downstairs and Hugo and I jump. James and Al look over and try to peek out the door. “Is there, uh, something you’re hiding from us?”  


I open the door and motion them to come out. They hear the shouts and cusses coming from downstairs. Jame’s jaw drops when he hears a word come out of Dad’s mouth. 


They push Hugo and I back in and close the door. “What the bloody hell is going on?” 


“Mum and Dad got into a fight,” Hugo explains. 


“Again?” Al says. I wish it wasn’t true, but it was. Mum and Dad are the most bickering couple I have ever seen. I’m surprised they’re not divorced. 


“The worst one we’ve seen,” Hugo says. 


"Thank god they're not using their wands," Albus says. "Uncle Ron would never have a chance against Aunt Hermione!" My stomach does a flip flop, could that really happen?


I cross my arms and sigh nervously. “If there was only one way we can see what’s going on.”


Al looks at his brother and grins. “There is one way,” James says grinning


I stare at Hugo who is equally confused as I am. “How?” 


Al takes out a cloth out of his bag and tosses it to me. “There you go, Weasley,” I hate it when they call me that, I’m not just one of that Weasley clan! 


I look at the cloth and examine. “It’s some sort of cloak,” Hugo observes. 


“Not just any cloak!” Al says. “Dad’s invisibility cloak!” 


“How did you get this?!” I ask. This could seriously help Hugo and I find out what’s going on. 


“Dad keeps it in his drawer all the time, James got it out.” 


James holds his hands up in a ‘I’m guilty’ type of way. “What can I say?” 


“Thanks, Potter!” I say laughing. 


“Just send it back when you’re done with it,” Al says. And with a loud crack, the Potter brothers are gone.


I put the cloak over Hugo and I and we sneak downstairs. As we go behind the dining room table, Dad and Mum were really at it now. The fight was escalating worse and worse.


“Have you ever thought about what this was going to do to us financially?!” Dad says.


“Of course I have!” Mum shouts angrily. “What kind of goddamn mother would I be!”


“A mother who didn’t tell her family she was pregnant!”


“We went over this before Ron! I don’t understand why you’re going back to the same topic! This part has been solved! I don’t see why you need to get your point across AGAIN! I get it! I did a dumb choice!”


“How could this have happened!?!”


“RON! THIS WASN’T PLANNED!” Mum shouts at him. “Maybe you should have thought about using protection when we had sex!”


“Oh, so this is my fault now?!”


“YES. I even saw protection in your bathroom! Why couldn’t you have used that?!”


“I wasn’t thinking that this was going to happen!”


“Ron! When people have sex, there is a fifty-fifty chance that they could get pregnant! Maybe you should have told that to Rose! You did think that pregnancy test was fucking hers!”


I can’t take this anymore, this is getting extremely awkward. Now my parents are talking about sex?! And Dad thinks I’m a slut?!


“Well what would you expect me to do?” Dad shouts at Mum.


I can see both of their faces over the table, they’re both red and blotchy in the face. Mum’s hands were clenched in a tight fist as she waves it around when arguing with Dad. 


“Maybe if you actually talked to her once in a fucking while, you would know a few things about her? More importantly that your daughter is not a slut!” 


“I talk to her!” Dad argues back.


“Oh really! Then you would know that you’re daughter is not going around Hogwarts giving out free shags!” I can feel myself getting sick. Hugo and I both hate it when they put us in the middle of their argument. Does Dad really think of me like that? 


“Well when’s the last time you got pregnant? Thirteen years ago! I didn’t think you were going to get pregnant anytime soon!” 


“So you thought that it was Rose! I don’t blame you! You barely talk to Rose! Not to mention Hugo! That boy needs a father in his life, a supportive father!”


“I talk to them!” Dad argues back. “And I’m supportive!” 


“Please Ron! You and I both know that that’s a lie! When’s the last time you and her have had a heart to heart conversation? Not to mention you leave the house all the fucking time! I don’t see you come home until at least after dinner! And you’re too tired to even socialize with me, you’re wife! You’re too busy with work all the time!!” 




“Watch your language Ronald.” Mum says seriously. I’ve never heard her call him Ronald.


“In case you haven’t noticed our kids are still in the house! They can probably hear us too!” She begins to walk upstairs. “I’m going to go check on them!”


“Don’t you dare walk up those stairs.” Dad bellows. “Not until we are done with this”!


“I am done with this.” Mum says. Her face hardened in a serious look. In all of my sixteen years of living on this earth, I’ve never heard Mum yell like this. “I am done talking to you. I am done.”


“I wish you could just understand how this is affecting the family.” Dad shouts.


“I DO!” Mum says walking back into the kitchen. “YOU DON’T THINK I’M SCARED TOO!? I am terrified.” Mum face has tears falling on her face.


“Oh come on Hermione, don’t cry now!” Dad says annoyed. “It always ends up with you crying in order to make me feel bad! It’s not going to work this time!” 


“This is getting worse. Can we go back upstairs?” Hugo whispers over Dad and Mum shouting.


I nod and we walk upstairs as we are still hidden under the cloak. We were both shaking.




“That was horrible,” Rose says as she sits on my bed.


“I hate it when they fight!” I sit down next to her.


“Trust me, Hugo.” Rose says to me. “I’ve seen their fights and this is the worse it’s been.”


“Is it because of us?”


“No. It’s because of the baby.”


“Oh yeah, the baby.” More shouts and noises were coming from downstairs. Rose shudders.


“Do you think they’re going to-”


“Divorce? A couple days ago I would say no, not in a million years. But now, I honestly don’t know.” Rose says and looks at her hands.


Louder and louder shouts are coming from downstairs. The fight has moved to the living room. Rose and I rush to the top of the steps.


“Don’t you walk away from me,” Dad says. “I’m not done with you!”


“Oh yes you are!” Mum says. “I am done hearing you complaining! I’m pretty sure we argued over the same thing thousands of times! I’m tired of it. My voice hurts. I. Am. Done. I’m pregnant. Get over it!”


“You can’t just end it like this!” Dad says. “I want answers.”




Mum takes a sigh. “Get out,” Mum whispers to Dad.


“What?” Dad asks.


“You heard me. Out,” Mum orders.


“You can’t do this," Dad argues.


“Get out of my house!” Mum shouts with anger.


“It’s my house too, Hermione! It’s my house too!” Dad shouts back. Mum knew she couldn’t kick out Dad, he’s too stubborn


Dad mutters something and we hear the door slam. Mum slouches down on the couch. At first we hear nothing. Then a small muffle of sounds that we couldn’t make out. Then sniffles. Finally, sobs.


She was crying.





The conversation we had at breakfast:


Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, and more baby! I was getting tired of hearing that word!


“Scorpius, any ideas on what we should name the baby?” Mom asks me.


I pick at my Christmas peas. “I dunno,” I mutter. “Can we go to Hogsmeade today?” I say as I look up.


“Not today, dear,” Mom smiles. “We’re going to Grandma and Grandpa Malfoy’s house today.” Dad smiles. “We’re going to tell them the news.”


I sigh. “Okay,” This stupid baby is ruining everything.


“Well,” Dad says pushing his empty plate away from him. “We were going to tell you later. But I think now is a good time.”


“What?” I scowl. “Dad’s pregnant too?”


Mom and Dad laugh at that a long time. The sad part is, that wasn’t a joke. Mom wipes a tear. “No,” She manages to get out. “We got three tickets to go to Hogsmeade on New Year’s eve! A great celebration before you’re off to Hogwarts.” Mom smiles at me.


Tickets had been sold out for that for weeks. I don’t know why they would sell tickets, but they do for that. I grunt and continue to eat my breakfast.


Dad looks at his watch and almost jumps a couple of feet. “Good god! We’re going to be late!”


I roll my eyes as he ushers the two of us into the other room to use floo powder.


“Remember to speak clearly, dear,” Mom warns. We go over this drill every time we take the floo network. “Do you want one of us to go first?”


“No I think I got it,” I say as I grab a handful of floo powder. I stand in the middle of the fireplace and shout. “Grandma and Grampa Malfoy Manor!” I quickly leave the fireplace and show up in the living room of Grandma’s house. I get tackled with hugs and kisses.


“Scorpius!” Grandma says. “Good to see you! Happy Christmas!” Grandpa is awkwardly standing behind her.


“Hey Scorpius,” As Grandpa respectfully shakes my hand. “How’s school.”


I give the man credit for trying. “Great! I’m a prefect!”


"That’s great!” Grandma says as she hugs me again. “Now where are your parents?”


“They were right behind me.” I say puzzled as I turn around.


Instantly Dad walks out of the blinding green flame. “Hey Mom, Dad,"


“Draco,” He says. I don’t understand why they are so awkward with each other. 


Dad looks to Grandpa and nods back as Grandma gives her son a hug. Mom shows up from the fire and stands next to Dad as Dad puts his hand around her waist. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy!” She smiles.


“Please Astoria!” Grandma scolds. “How many times must I tell you! You can call us Mom and Dad!” She laughs as she goes to hug Mom.


“Oh. Okay erm Mom,” Mom says awkwardly. She wasn’t use to this. Happy Christmas!”


“Happy Christmas to you too!” Grandma smiles at Mom. She ushers us into the other room and we sit in the living room that has three large presents on it.


“Scorpius. Here you go sweet,” Grandma smiles at me. “Open it up! We’ve been waiting to give this to you forever!”


I rip open the paper and toss it to the side “Don’t worry, Linxx will take care of it.” An old house elf appears and takes the paper away. Underneath the tight packaging was the a full broom repair kit.


“We heard you got a new broom. Using this will definitely beat those blood traitor Gryffindors!” Grandpa smiles and me and I smile weakly back. Little did they know that Hogwarts has changed since the second wizarding war.


“Thanks!” I hug both of them as Mom looks as if she was trying to say something. Dad beats her to it though.


“Mom? Dad?” He puts an arm around Mom. It’s sometimes gross how lovey dovey they are. “I have news for you.”


“What he means is ‘we’” Mom interrupts. She smiles back at Dad.


Dad and Mom look at each other with excited looks. “We’re expecting,” Dad says smiling, awaiting his parents approval.


His parents are speechless for a couple of minutes. Dad looks scared out of his mind.


“That’s great!” Grandma says as she squeals for joy. “Isn’t that great, Lucius? We’re going to be grandparents again!”


Grandpa smiles. “Great!” He smiles at my Mom and Dad.


Dad looks to Mom with a smile as she passes her a small present. “I wanted you to open this here.” He whispers to her. She smiles and begins to open it.


A/N - That's right, I made the Malfoy family the cheesy family :-) I couldn't help myself!! But I hope you enjoyed the chapter! It was surprisingly quick to write! What's the opposite of a writers block? I don't know what, but I had that! I hope you enjoyed reading it and leave a review if you want! I answer them all :D Thanks for the support! 

The Brightest of Her Age :D  

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