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Rose and Scorpius: A Love made for the history books by Klw0607
Chapter 1 : The Last Train
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The Weasley's:


Hermione frustratinglly rubbed her forhead while Ron ran all around the house. 

"Ron what is it now?"

"I cant find the car keys."

Ron finally stopped to look at the scene below him. His wife, the true love of his lifeand it was shocking how much love he still felt for her. Analyzing her he could see the little changes that had happened since the Great War, her hair was shorter and had more gray hairs but to him that didnt matter since he was sure he gave them to her speaking of which he noticed her giving him the disbelieving look that she had perfected during their childhood, his daughter Rose the spitting image of her mother, but of course his imput was the fire red hair with a temper to match. His baby girl was now 17 going off to her final year at Hogwarts, and head girl at that!, he couldnt help but have an internal sigh of relief at the fact that she never had to deal with the horrors he experienced at her age. Then finally there was Hugo if Rose was Hermione then there was no doubt that Hugo gained most of Ron's genes. It was obvious by the look on the 15 yr olds face that all he wanted to do was go eat a giant chocolate frog then play a game of Quidditch with one of his cousins. Only after this did he notice his keys dangling from Rose's hands.

"Bloody Hell Rose why didnt you say you had the keys."

Rose merely rolled her eyes "Dad, I told you that I had them at breakfast. But you and Hugo were to busy chomping down all the bacon to realize it." "You know not to try and say anything important during a meal! Meal time is food time, not talk time." 

"Oh will you two please quiet down." Both Ron and Rose finally turn around to see Hermione and Hugo who had loaded the car while they were arguing. "Ron I gave her the keys because this is the last time she will be able to drive with her Muggle liscense until after school. And you wouldnt have driven anyway because your liscense got revoked AGAIN! Now lets go before we miss the train." With this the entire family went to the old Weasley car, which had been magically repaired numerous times over the years, Rose skipped merely to the driver's side while Ron muttered "Stupid Muggle laws, people should be allowed to park ontop of other cars." 

The Malfoys:

"Alright Scorpy are you sure you have everything?" "Yes mother, and please dont call me Scorpy." "I'm sorry dear, you know how anxious I get before you go off to school."

Scoripus looked around at his home for the last time until Christmas. Malfoy Manor and significantly changed since it had once been Voldemort's headquarters. Gone were the cold furniture and harsh colors in their place was warm wood furniture and flowers everywhere, Astoria Malfoy always had a soft spot for herbology. The Manor felt less like a prison and more like a home. Even his father had fnially been able to relax. Scorpius couldnt help but wonder to himself  what it must've been like to grow up in the foreign home that he had only been able to view through photos. But oh well at least Draco would be able to come to see him off to school, the first time since his first year, usually the Ministry needs  him for some type of trial every year. "Oh well I guess this is it. Lets go! Scorpy can you please grab your father from his study." Astoria's voice brought him back from his wandering thoughts. Before he could respond Draco said "No need, Im here." It was astonishing about how close the two Malfoy men resembled each other. Both tall and pale with the signature Malfoy blonde hair and clear gray eyes. Though Scorpius' held a hidden kindness that the elder Malfoy's eyes didnt achieve until he met Astoria. With that the trio of Malfoys apparated to King's Cross.

Platform 9 3/4: 

As always the atmosphere was a buzz with the excitement and energy of young witches and wizards off to another year at Hogwarts. Then of course there were the whispers of the Potters and Weasleys going back to Hogwarts. Everyone knew the story of the Great War, and those who had fought through it still had the respect of the entire Wizarding World. But to Rose this was just another day that she got to see her evergrowing brood of cousins. Her thoughts were interupted by being tackled by Albus and Louis. "Excited to go back, Miss Head Girl. You know your gonna let us get away with everything right?" Albus said while elbowing his partner in crime Louis. Even though Louis was a year older than both Rose and Albus he was still in their class because of an unfortunate accident his first year with James and a bludger. Rose could only attempt not to grin while saying "Of course not. I expect you two to be on perfect behavior this year." At this the trio burst out laughing. Louis was the first one to be able to catch his breath "Nice one Rose, WOW hey Albus take a look at those Ravenclaws over there. Well err we'll meet you on the train Rose, Bye!" Rose didnt even have time to mention that she'd have to sit in the head boy and girl compartment before they dashed away. For as much as Rose loved her cousins even she had to admit they were heartbreakers, Louis with being half veela and Albus inheriting the Potter good looks.

Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny saw this all happen as they were observing and talking about their children. Then Ron spoted the Malfoys enter the station and his smile disappeared as he noticed the Head Boy badge on Scorpius' chest. He motioned for Rose to come near "Now baby girl I want you to be the best Head Girl you can be, and make sure to give out more detentions than the young Malfoy.....except not to your cousins. Your Aunt Ginny would have my hide if she found out Albus got another detention."

Rose smiled and hugged her family goodbye and made her way to the Heads' compartement. She couldnt help but remember the horror she felt when she discovered that she had to share a dormitory with Scorpius. They had always been in competion since that first year. Both excelling at academics, him being the one keeper on any of the House Qudittich teams that could stop her from making a goal. And there was always the constant teasing, a skill she guessed he inherited, and as the years went on it only got worse as he grew into being almost as much of a heartbreaker as her cousins. And she should know because if the girls in the common room werent whispering about them it was Scorpius. Speak of the devil she thought as she entered the compartment to see him lounging on the seat.

"Well well welcome back to Hogwarts, Weasel" 


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Rose and Scorpius: A Love made for the history books: The Last Train


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