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In The Name of Brotherly Love by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 2 : Regulus Reflects
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Regulus was in the bathroom gazing at his reflection in the mirror. The bruised eye still looked angry, but thankfully his nose could be magically fixed. Glancing down into the basin of the sink in the tiny bathroom that he once shared with Sirius, he cupped his hands full of water and washed the dried blood off of his face. Before he dried his face, he stood there with his hands on each side of the sink looking at the shining silver serpent taps. He was lost in thought, as the water dripped from his chin. A sharp knock came at the door, and Regulus was startled out of his reverie.

"Regulus?" called his father. "What are you doing?" He stood staring at the black wooden door waiting for his son to reply.

"I'm just cleaning up my face. I'll be out in a minute." He calmly supplied.

He hurried to dry his face on a black towel, gave himself a look over in the mirror and headed to the door. He opened it swiftly to see his father standing on the landing holding out a letter. Regulus looked at him in a confused manner as he took the letter out of his extended hand. His father turned and walked away as Regulus started towards his room. As he went to open the door, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Sirius's name plate hanging on the door across the hall. He stared for a moment before the anger rose in his chest.

"Stupid fool is going to get himself killed." He muttered to himself.

He walked into his room and sat down on the bed, letter still in hand. He looked around the walls admiring the Prophet clippings that he had pasted upon them. Slytherin pride was a prominent factor in his room. He had a Slytherin banner hanging in the corner and on his dresser stood a small picture frame. He looked at the picture fondly as the Regulus in the picture smiled and waved back at him. It was his Quidditch picture. He was so proud to be on the Quidditch team and he was very fond of playing seeker. All of these little trinkets, clippings and Black family decor gave the room a sort of haughty grandeur. Any proud and proper Pureblood would be happy to have a room like his.

Casting his eyes downward, he decided to open the letter. It was written in a fine-handed script. The letter said:

We are having a recruiting meeting for all of those who are interested in the Dark Lord's aims and nothing would give us greater pleasure than to have you join our ranks. Join us if your blood is pure and you’re tired of living in a hidden world. September 22, 11:30 PM outside of Hogsmeade.

Regulus sighed. He had always known that this was the path that he was bound to take, but seeing it in writing made it final.

He lay on his bed reflecting on things past. When he and Sirius were young they were closer. They would run about the house playing wizards until one day when Regulus tripped over the Troll umbrella stand in the hallway and broke his arm.

Sirius, being the prankster that he was, was always getting told off by their father. Then things changed. Sirius went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. His parents were shocked and unhappy. Since then, their father would always demand from Regulus to end up in Slytherin, and his mother did to. "To protect their pureblood status in the wizarding world," Regulus whispered, remembering every detailed word his parents would constantly reiterate to him.

"Do you really think you'll be safe when he has control over the entire wizarding community?" Sirius' words crept into his mind, but the pull of his memories flushed them away.

When Christmas time came after Sirius started Hogwarts, an owl delivered a letter. The letter was from Sirius asking if he could stay at James Potter’s place, since he didn’t want to come home. Walburga was so angry she sent a howler back in return demanding his appearance during the Christmas holiday. When he had returned, Sirius sought out solitude in order to avoid his parents, but with little luck. Christmas day at the Black house was an ancient event that both boys were required to attend.

As they gathered for Christmas dinner, Orion stood up to give a toast. “To the Members of The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black,” he said pompously then he glanced at Sirius, “We welcome you all into the home of our father’s for this wonderful holiday meal."

Sirius had rolled his eyes and Regulus watched as his father turned angry. "Do you have something you would like to add?" he asked his son daringly.

Sirius shook his head while laughter could be heard emanating around the table from his cousins. The sounds of their laughs filled him with anger that surged through his body and without thinking he opened his mouth. "I wish I had gone to James'!"

All eyes turned towards him.

"How dare you utter that blood traitor's name at our table!" Orion shouted at his son as his wife let out a shocked gasp next to him.

"Some nerve you have!" Their uncle Cygnus shouted at Sirius. "You apologize to your parents for uttering such filth! If you were my son I would have knocked you halfway across the room."

"Apologize!" Orion firmly told Sirius.

“I would rather die.” Sirius spat out.

“Have it your way then. Run around with those filthy little friends of yours!” Orion shouted and made to backhand his oldest son, but Sirius ducked and knocked the book Regulus had received from their deranged cousin Bellatrix onto the floor. Orion was furious at his son and swung again. The sound that his hand made on Sirius' cheek echoed throughout the room with a sickening crack. Sirius left the table as quickly as he could and made his way to the kitchen to hide.

When Regulus crept past the kitchen he could see and hear his older brother sitting sadly on the floor tossing small toys from all the Christmas crackers into a pot several feet away. His head was resting on the cabinet behind him and there was a bruise on his left cheek.

Regulus couldn't help but feel sorry for his brother, but he also knew that Sirius had deserved it for the way that he acted. He was always so impulsive and this time it ended with him being backhanded. As he started for the stairs, something inside of Regulus ached at the sight of his only sibling sitting there alone on Christmas entertaining himself, but he knew he couldn't talk to Sirius about it.

When Sirius came home for the summer holiday, they attended the wedding of their cousin Narcissa Black to Lucius Malfoy. Sirius, annoyed with having to be in the presence of his “family”, piped up and asked their aunt how cousin Andromeda was. This started a war as their father and uncle both jumped up from the table and started yelling about filth, blood traitors and tossing curses at him as he ran off. Bellatrix relished in the change of events because she despised her sister and her choice in a mate, who wasn't up to suitable family standards. Sirius was sent to his room without anything to eat that night when they arrived back home. Although, Regulus was sure that he heard snack wrappers rustling as he walked past his door.

Before he closed his eyes for the night, his thoughts were on his brother. Even though they didn't see eye to eye, they were still brothers nonetheless. Sirius had been a senseless idiot at times, but having him around meant that it took the pressure off Regulus to be perfect. Sirius was supposed to be the family heir, but since he defected from the entire family and their "ways" the pressure fell squarely on to Regulus' shoulders, something he despised his brother for.

In his dreams that night, Regulus found happiness in the ranks of the Death Eaters as they stood for pride in the purity of blood. Living mirthlessly as a wizard in hiding, it excited him of about the possibilities that lay ahead. No masks to hide their faces, they were free to do their master's bidding like puppets on strings. His dream changed and he was in a dark, large room. He could tell its size by the way the echoes would bounced off the walls. He heard a long, soft hissing voice speaking in his head. He couldn't understand it, but he couldn't mistake its meaning. "Kill." Then, without warning, a flash of green light blazed through the room. He awoke with a jolt to find himself covered in sweat.

Regulus stood up and paced the room unsure of what to think or how to feel at the current moment. He closed his eyes and Sirius' image pierced his mind. He stopped his pacing, grabbed his dressing gown, opened the door and quietly made his way to Sirius's room across the landing. He looked up at the sign on the door: 'SIRIUS'. He ran his finger across the engraving of his brothers’ name and with a pang in his heart he became angry.

"Stupid git." he kicked the door, turned to walk away when it creaked open slightly making the memories of the day flood back into his mind.

Still angry with his brother he walked over to the door determined to destroy everything in his room. He kicked it open the rest of the way and began to pull the bed linens off, thrashing about in a malicious manner. He pulled open the drawers on his desk and dresser, throwing the contents within around the room, and ripped up the books and then made his way for the Gryffindor banner. He found Sirius's knife on the floor, picked it up and began to viciously tear the banner into pieces. He would have torn everything on the walls of the room down, but blast his clever brother for putting a permanent sticking charm on them.

He sat down on Sirius's bed and felt the anger course through his body. His mother was right for disowning Sirius. If this was the type of son that Sirius was going to be, Regulus was going to be the complete opposite. He chose right then and there that he would join the recruiting meeting this fall. When the time came he would smear it in his blood traitor brother's face like he so rightfully deserved.

He stood up looking around proudly at the mess he made in Sirius’ room. His handsome good looks that others would compare to that of his older brother were now contorted into something sinister.

“When the time comes Sirius, I will have my vengeance.”

He walked to the door and took one last look around before pulling the door closed behind him. Regulus would never go in there again.

Miles away, Sirius was wakened with a jolt. He felt odd, like he had forgotten something very important, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was that he felt he was missing.

"James." Sirius whispered through the darkness. "James!"

"Wassamatter?" Came James' rushed voice.

Sirius sat up in the camp bed, brushing his hand through his hair. He turned in the direction of James' bed before he stated, "James I have an awful feeling that something is wrong."

"You probably just had a bad dream, those do happen you know mate." James stifled a yawn then rubbed his eyes before turning over on his side to face Sirius' bed.

Sirius thought for a moment before shaking his head, "No, it's not like that, it's not a dream."

"Well what makes you say that?" James questioned.

"Because something hurts." he pointed to his heart with a despondent expression on his face.

James sat up to see that Sirius was pointing to his heart. He looked carefully into Sirius' face where he saw an expression that he had never seen before. Unease. James looked at him in a curious way. He had known Sirius for years now and for him to go on about something like this at - he checked his watch - 5am, then something must be off. Sirius was already on his feet pacing like a dog confined to a kennel.

"What do you think it has to do with?" James asked cautiously.

Sirius contemplated James' question, "I...I don't know. So much has happened in the past few hours that it could be anything."

He stopped pacing and ran his hand through his hair, closing his eyes as he did so. Two images swam to the forefront of his mind like parts of a dream. The first was the tapestry at Grimmauld Place with a burnt space with his name under it. The other was Regulus.

"Reg..." he stopped short.

"W-wait you mean this has something to do with your brother Regulus?" James yawned laying back down on his bed.

Sirius nodded. “I’m going to go for a walk care to join me?”

He turned around and saw James had fallen back asleep in his bed. Sirius decided against going on a walk since James wasn’t going. He really wanted someone to talk to. He lay back down on the other bed and fell back into an uneasy sleep, one marked with men in cloaks and masks, and hoped against all odds that one wouldn’t be his baby brother.

Author's Note: Again, thank you for reading. I hope you are enjoying the story so far and the changes and additions that have been made to them. I want to send a special shout out to TheLastMarauder for the very awesome review and for the credit of the line change in the letter that Regulus received. I am so grateful that you pointed it out! Please leave a review! :)

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