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the years that followed by jamessirius
Chapter 2 : The Potters
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 Now I am sure you are wondering why I skipped the almighty, famous Potters. Well, that's my immediate family. As in the people I live with, not the other ones. Dad, Mom, Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily. And there's me, Alastor. Ally for short. Yeah I am aware that I have a boy's name. But apparently he was a really tough guy and my parents wanted him to be remembered. Personally, I think the name fits and so does every one else. I may not have the Weasley hair, but I sure did get the temper. I can be quite scary when I want to be. I am sure you are wondering what I look like if I did not get the red hair. Well, I did not get my dad's hair either. I am a metamorphagis, like Teddy and his mom. Weird, I know right. But it got me the middle name Nymphadora like my cousin and Teddy's mom. Better than Colin, like my parent's friend who died in the battle. Really, mom and dad? Two boy names, jeez come on guys. But its all good. I am Alastor Nymphadora Potter.

So anyways, I do not have the Weasley hair or my dad's hair, well I can if I want to. But normally my hair is, well, actually I change it all the time, but my current favorite color is purple. Like dark purple. But sometimes I feel like thats too extreme so I just have brown hair with blonde highlights because no one else had that in my family so it makes me different. Everyone else has blonde, red, or black hair. Everyone except me, Teddy, and Hermione who has medium brown hair. Teddy's hair is normally turquoise, its so cute.

Anyways, my family. Dad, you know Harry Potter, the awesome, never-dying savior of the wizarding world. Well, to me hes kinda dorky and goofy. But hes quite funny, nice, and always there to pick me up. He's now the head-Auror at the ministry with uncle Ron as his right hand man. My mum, oh wow, she's just crazy. Not in a bad way of course, more in a Weasley mom way. She can glare at you like Nana and immediately you confess, its quite hard to get away with things when shes around. Shes also a rockstar at quidditch, although she no longer plays. She now writes the sport section for the Daily Prophet.

Teddy is my oldest brother. Even though hes not blood related, hes still part of the family and lives with us. Hes three years older than James, which makes him one year older than Victoire, the “love of his life”.James my oldest blood related brother is one year older than me. He looks like dad, but he has mum's eyes. I guess he looks like dad's dad who also had brown eyes. Apparently, he acts like my grandpa and my dad's godfather, always causing trouble at Hogwarts with Freddie. Hes also a womanizer like Freddie, but I ignore that part about him. Wouldn't want to lose my stomach every time I am with him. Albus, aka Al, is my dad in miniature. Exact replicas. Oh and hes my twin. Hes sweet and kind. But hes also in Slytherin so I guess hes cunning and ambitious, too. First Potter to be in Slytherin. Weird. James took the mickey out of him for a while, but soon he got over it. Lily, oh sweet, scary Lily. She's like my mum. She has that Nana Molly glare. My brothers hate it. So does dad, but dad mostly sees the “I'm sweet and innocent, buy me that puppy” face. Shes in Gryffindor with me and James. Two years below me and Al.

And there's the family dog, Duke. He's a black lab. And there's the owl, Hermes. And my black kitten, Theodore, Theo for short. There are some other random animals in the house of my siblings, but I’m not quite sure what the are. I think there is a pygmy puff and maybe a newt, who knows really. Now all seven of us and our assorted pets live in a big white house in the Burrow's neighborhood. It has a big front porch and black shutters. Its really open and airy, which I think is a result of dad's childhood in a cupboard under the stairs. On the first floor is the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room. On the second floor is my parent's room, both of their offices, and two guests bedrooms with a jack-and-jill bathroom. On the third floor is the kid's rooms. There's mine and Lily's connected with another jack-and-jill bathroom. Same with Al's and James'. Teddy had his own bathroom because hes the oldest. But hey, whatever. Lily spends way more time in the bathroom than I do, but I dont really mind.

Well, I guess you probably want to know what I am like since I already introduced you to all my cousins. Like I said I'm a metamorphagis and tend to change my appearance, but I usually keep my eyes bluish-gray. I find them mysterious like that. Anyways, besides physical qualities, I tend to be silly and kinda tom-boyish. I feel like I am a mixture between all my family members. I can be snobbish and a know-it-all like Hermione and Percy; I can be hot-tempered like mom; I can be selfless (occasionally) like dad; rude like Ron; and I like to think I can be cool like Bill.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I am telling you all this when you can go to any book store and pick up a book all about my family. Well, in sixth year my life got a little hetic. I had my demanding older brother as my Quidditch captain, my little sister as the potential school whore, and my best friend and boyfriend as the children of my family's nemesis.

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