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Reality Bites by Fallen Angel_21
Chapter 4 : Taking Care of Buisness
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 Hermione was working on her 12 inch essay for Potions when she felt a presence behind her, and saw a shadow fall over her table. Instantly knowing who it was Hermione tried to ignore them. The presence didn’t go away in fact they moved in front of her and sat down at the table across from her.



“Hermione, can I talk to you please?” Ginny said in a soft voice.




“Go ahead, can’t promise I’ll listen though.” Hermione said not looking up from her books and parchment.




“Mi, I’m sorry for what happened between us.” Ginny started as Hermione took a deep breath and look up at her old friend.




“First off my name is Hermione. Second what happened between us YOU let happen.” Hermione said as she resumed her work on her paper.




“I know and it was so stupid of me to blindly follow Ron’s anger even knowing what had happened.” Ginny said looking down at her hands.




“That will be an understatement.” Hermione blankly replied.




“What do you mean?” Ginny asked clueless.




“Ginny, your brother cheated on me for 8 months. You knew this. He got mad at me when I found out and broke up with him. You blindly and stupidly followed him. All of you, every single Gryffindor turned their backs on me, when I found friendship else where; because I was on my own with a broken heart and shattered friendships. You stood around and watched as that slut and her friends beat the shit out of me and left me half dead. You stood around and watched as your brother ridiculed me and insulted me day after day, calling me a Death Eater, and saying horrible things about my friends, and about my boyfriend. I move on and things get worse. I’m now known as a slut because of what your brother and Lavender spread about me, while again you stood on the side lines. I had to switch houses because I wasn’t safe in my own house. You talk all this shit about losing a friend, but what have you really lost? Yes you lost a friend because of blind stupidity. You lost the trust of your brothers and your mother. You and Harry no longer talk and act like a couple. But the worst thing you lost was a sister you almost never had. 




You want to know what I lost. I lost friends, I lost my identity, the place I lived for 6 years, people I considered family. I lost everything I have ever known in this world Ginny, everything. I haven’t talked to anyone in Gryffindor in months. When I finally start to put my heart back together. When the rumors start to die down. Me and Draco go public and they start back up. You and Harry all of a sudden want to be my friends again. How do you think that makes me feel. All I want is friendship and love. From both sides of my friendship family. I only have it from one side. Your brother will not let you be my friend because of who I associate with now.




You think of everything I just said and give me a real answer on why your mad at me and why you so blindly followed your brothers rage. You think and tell me what it is you really lost. You think of what I have lost and what I have to go through day in and day out, and tell me if I made the right choice in the friends I chose. And tell Harry and Ron that the guys are going to get them. I assure they will go easy on Harry, but they will beat Ron worse than what I was. think about everything and see if it’s worth it.” Hermione said as she stood up and packed her bag to leave. Looking back at Ginny who was already deep in thought Hermione sighs and heads for the entrance to the library.




Hermione was walking through the halls when she was cornered again but this time by Harry. Stopping in her tracks looking up with a blank expression Harry just stared back with deep self loathing and regret in his eyes.




“Hi Hermione.” was all he could say in a small voice.




“Hi Harry. What do you want?” Hermione questioned also in a small voice with no harshness or hatred. 




“Can we talk? Privately.” he asked as he beaconed towards an empty classroom.




“Fine, but make it quick Draco is a little apprehensive about letting me wander the school by myself. You understand why.” Hermione said a little harshly as she followed Harry into the empty room.








Hermione walked into the Slytherin common room just as Draco and Blaise were walking towards the entrance with looks of concern on their faces.




“Oh thank god. We were getting worried and decided to look for you.” Draco said as he and Blaise both sighed in relief.




“Sorry Harry wanted to talk to me, and try to apologize. I told him the same thing I told Ginny that I would listen but couldn’t promise a good out come.” Hermione said as she lead both boys back to the black leather couches by the roaring fire.


“What are you going to do about them. I mean they’re trying to get you back as a friend. The Weasley chick has tried twice. It sounds like she really regrets her actions.” Pansy said as Hermione sat down.




“I know but I can’t forget what they put me through. They turned their backs because of Ron and now all of a sudden they want me back in their life. I don’t understand it, it’s so confusing.” Hermione said as she put her head into her hands.




“I know it is, but think of it this way. You will have your sister back. I don’t particularly like her but you love her. Don’t throw that all away.” Pansy said as she pulled Hermione into her arms to comfort her.




“How can you not like her? You don’t even know her. I bet if you spent five minutes talking to her you will love her like I do. Believe it or not you’re more alike than you think.” Hermione said with a small smile.




“Mi.” Draco said looking out the window towards a white owl.




“It’s Hedwig, Harry’s owl. Let her in.” Hermione said as she looked wearily at the owl.




Said owl flew into the window and circled above until she spotted Hermione. Flying to Hermione she landed on her shoulder and held out her leg at the same time she leaned on Hermione’s head in a sort of hug. Hermione took the letter and rubbed Hedwig’s head before she flew off up to the owlry to rest for the day. “here goes.” Hermione said as she took a big breath and broke the seal. 








I know anything we say may or may not make any difference. We were not the friends you met in first and second year. We were harsh and cruel. You have always been there for us. You were there for me when I got Possessed by Tom Riddles diary that Malfoy’s father put in my cauldron when I was 11, you didn’t even know me then. That’s when we met. You have been there for Harry since day one.  You were the brains behind the finding of the Sorcerers Stone in your first year. You found out what was terrorizing the muggleborn’s in your petrified state in the hospital wing in your second year. You helped save Serious and Buckbeak as well as punched Malfoy in the face in your third year. You helped Harry with the TriWizard Tournament  even when Ron turned his back on both you and Harry in your fourth year.




You were there for Harry when that toad Umbridge was making his life hell. You helped make Dumbledore’s Army and taught us almost all of the defensive spells we now know. You, Me, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Luna all went  and broke into the Department of Mysteries and fought against Death Eaters to get the Prophesy in your fifth year.  You got your heart broken for the first time by Ron when he started dating Lavender. You fought along side us on the infiltration of the school in your sixth year.  You spent months on the run without a shower. Going days without food in search of Horcruxes. You stayed by Harry’s side when Ron left for weeks. Broke into the Ministry for the second time and broke into Gringots. Got tortured and Mudblood carved into your arm and broke out of Malfoy Manor. You again fought along side us in the Battle at this very school were Harry defeated the evilest thing to walk this earth in what was supposed to be your seventh and final year. 




Seven years of being there for us and showing what true friendship and love was. You get your heart broken again by Ron after you give your heart to him and find a new boyfriend and friends when we weren’t there for you. Seven years of being loyal and a part of my family and it only takes three months to ruin it all on my and Harry’s part. Yes Harry and I no longer talk like we used to Rons hatred and problems got between us to the point that all we did was argue and caused us to beak up. I all I want is my Best friend and sister back all Harry want’s in his other half to what was known as the Golden Trio. 




We were horrible friends we treated you like shit. Your own house treated you like shit. You weren’t even safe in your own house because of us. We didn’t protect you like real friends should have and we regret it every second of every day. There is not a time since we turned our backs and effectively destroyed our friendship and relationship with my family that I don’t hate myself. There is not a time were I am not consumed by self loathing and just want to run head first off of the astronomy tower. We HATE our selves for what we did. We no longer take part in class and it shows because we have spent to much time to try and get you back. We barely eat because you are always on our mind. All we want is you back in our life even if that means being friends with Slytherins then so be it. All we want is you and we don’t care what happens to us as long as you know that we are very truly soul deep mind consuming sorry.




Hoping you will forgive us 




Harry, and Ginny






Hermione finished reading the letter out loud and just sat there staring at her friends who had tears in there eyes and astonished looks on there faces. “ I didn’t know she new that much about what we were up to in the years spent at this school.  I know what I’m going to do.” Hermione said as she stood up for dinner as dinner had already started and they were the last to arrive. Hermione followed by Draco, Pansy, and Blaise walked out of the common room and out of the dungeons to the closed doors of the Great Hall. Looking at one another they set and determined look upon each of their faces and pushed the doors to the Great Hall opened to the sea of talking students. They entered and stood in a straight line as the entire hell become silent teachers included. The group started walking down the isle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables toward Harry and Ginny who were looking at them warily in hope and apprehension. Stopping right behind them the group waited for them to stand up.




“I’ve read the letter out loud to my friends.” Hermione said as both Harry and Ginny who both became very nervous as Hermione continued to speak. “and I’ve come to a Conclusion.”




“Hermione please. I am so sor…” Ginny got cut of from her sentence as Hermione hugged her tight crying and making the young girl cry as well.




“I’m sorry, so so so sorry. I don’t care who I’m friends with as long as I have you back in my life.” Ginny said in a muffled and choked voice as she hugged Hermione back tightly. “So sorry. So sorry. So sorry Mi.” She kept saying over and over again. 




“I know Gin, I know. I forgive you. I’m back in your life but not in your house. I no longer belong in Gryffindor.” Hermione said in an equally choked voice.




“So truly very sorry.” Ginny said again now consumed in sobs. Both girls were crying so hard were they could no longer talk. All you herd was breathing and sniffling form the two choke inducing hugging girls. All around them you could hear sniffling and mild hyperventilating from both boys and girls of the students and teachers. After ten minutes Hermione and Ginny broke apart and just looked into each others bloodshot eyes.




“I’m so sorry.” Ginny said again unable to say anything other than those words.




“I know and I forgive you.” Hermione said as she held Ginny by her face. “weather it be blood or anything else You. Are. My. Sister.” Hermione said causing Ginny to start crying again.




Hermione let go of Ginny and stood in front of Harry who was trying to be a tough guy and keeping his tears at bay. Hermione and Harry both looked around the hall and they could see the teachers dabbing at their eyes and students both male and female crying the girls hugging one another as the sobs became more pronounced. They looks back at one another as the whole all held their breath. Hermione made the first move by launching at Harry and hugging him just as tight as she hugged Ginny. There was no words exchanged. Anyone looking on could tell that the hug they shared said at all. They hugged longer then Ginny and Hermione both had tears running down their face as Harry gave up in trying to keep them at bay. After about fifteen minutes they pulled apart Harry still holding onto Hermione by her shoulders.




“Hermione, I am so sorry and even if I have to be…. Civil to this lot just to call you a sister again you bet your god damned ass I will. “ Harry said cry openly and unashamed. As the whole hall was crying along with the long time friends the only people who were not crying were the people who thought Ron was not in the wrong and nobody paid them any mind as they were all trained on the group standing in the middle of the hall. Harry let go of Hermione and looked at the group behind her at the same time Ginny did. The group just looked at one another for a few before Ginny and Pansy made the first move by hugging. Harry and Draco looked intensely at one another until Draco raised his hand in a truce for his girlfriend. Harry looked at it for a second before he took it and shook his hand to finalize the truce as well as hugging Pansy and Shaking Blaise’s hand. “ does this still mean I’m going to get my ass kicked?” Harry asked warily. 




“haven’t decided yet.” Draco said seriously.




“SO are you and Ginny going to get back together?” Hermione asked as she wiped more teirs from her face.




“No me and Ginny came to the conclusion that we have drifted to far apart to reconcile our relationship. We are going to stay friends. Besides I’ve had my eye on another.” Harry said as he eyed Pansy intensely making her jaw drop and blush.




“As have I.” Ginny said looking at Blaise and with that Hermione become friends with Harry and Ginny again bid them good bye and walked to her table wit her friends and boyfriend excited about the hogs made trip the next day, but little did she know a certain angry red head was plotting in his head ways he could get back at Hermione as he still believed she was at fault and now blamed her for his friend leaving him and family no longer trusting him.



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