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Legos by banshee
Chapter 1 : Legos
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The pain was excruciating, every part of his body felt like it was on fire. It started from the bottom of his foot and shot through his leg, instantly buckling his knees and causing him to fall to the ground. He took in a sharp breath, as he tried to call out in agony; but the throbbing pain had shot up to his brain, and seemed to stunt his voice from calling out to his wife. Through squinted eyes he could see her in the kitchen, feeding their son. His beautiful boy. He’d get through the pain for him. He reached for his foot and tried to rub the spot the pain had started. His eyes swelled up, as touching the sensitive patch on the bottom of his foot only seemed to intensify the agony. A gasped profanity finally escaped his lips, causing Luna to turn around. She started to tell him how children of his age absorb knowledge like some sort of spongy creature, but she cut her sentence short when she saw him lying on the ground. Disappointment instantly turned to curiosity as Luna walked over and rested her hand lightly on his shoulder.

"Draco, why are you lying on the floor? If you’re searching for the flitterberry bugs, they only show up in spring time." She stated, a mild amusement dancing in her voice. He took a few quick breaths, trying to force the fatherly strength back into his voice before answering his wife.

"Those bloody muggle Legos." He said stiffly. "I told you we should have gotten him a toy broom." He muttered, grabbing the small red block and throwing it across the room in spite.

"Children of his age need simple toys." Luna replied, choosing to leave him on the ground in insufferable pain. She pulled out her wand and gathered the Legos, sending them upstairs.

"How’d they even get down here?" Draco questioned in an irritated tone as he limped towards the kitchen table to feed his son.

"Tobian brought them." Luna replied simply, letting a soft chuckle escape at the discomfort of her husband. She watched as he balanced his weight on his left foot, while he slowly fed his son the apple preserves. Luna took his silence that he was done with the Lego topic, and left him to brood against them in his mind. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms gently around his shoulders, placing a small kiss on the back of his neck. She felt him relax as he ruffled the top of his son’s blonde hair, before turning and standing up to face his wife. He pulled her into a hug, remembering exactly why he loved her witty insight.

"It’s a small piece of plastic, but it feels worse than the cruciatus curse." He muttered, kissing her forehead.

"You’ve just got to toughen up a bit." Luna replied as she stood on the tips of her toes to give him a quick kiss. Love it was.


A/N: If you’ve never stepped on a Lego, you wouldn’t understand! I like this ship, and I hope I did it some justice.

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Legos: Legos


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