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The Many Secrets of Victoria Malfoy by Hplover1008
Chapter 6 : Back to Happy Times
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A/N-So this chapter is going to be Victoria telling Harry how she and Fred started to date. So when she says “you”, she means Harry. When it isn’t in Italics, it’s Harry and Victoria talking in the present time. But if it’s in Italics and doesn’t have quotation marks on it, it’s Victoria narrating. Hope you like this chapter!


It started in Second Year. I just turned twelve and met Ginny. She was so cute, being a first year and all. You and Ron were nowhere to found. The Whomping Willow was probably attacking you at the time. It worried Hermione so much. Anyway, dinner had just ended and I went up to the Gryffindor Common Room. I was looking for Hermione. She had abandoned me when I was talking to my brother. I didn’t blame her. That year, Draco was being a real prat.

“Stop laughing Harry or I won’t finish the story.”

“Sorry. Go on.”

So, when I went to the Gryffindor Common Room, I saw Hermione. She was sitting near the fireplace with a fairly large book, as usual. There were these two red headed boys sitting on each side of her. They were identical. At first I thought I was hallucinating. But then I thought again. I knew that red hair. They were Weasleys. All I had to figure out which ones they were. I went over to Hermione and sat on the floor next to her. I had silently entered the ear range of their conversation.

“Come on, Granger,” one of the boys said.

“Yeah, it won’t bite,” said the other one.
“Say what you will boys, I’m not falling for it.” She closed her book and went upstairs. I thought she didn’t notice me sitting there. I didn’t really seem bothered by them. That was, of course, until they noticed I was there. I had in my hands the journal I have today. I was drawing the moon again. One of the boys was looking over my shoulder as I drew. I looked at him and saw a scar on his neck. It was almost unnoticeable, but I noticed it.

“What are looking at?” But he wasn’t talking about me looking at his scar. When he said that, I looked back down at my book.

“What’s that?” The boy on my right took it out of my hand.

He and the other boy held the book up to their faces. I tried to take the book from their hands, but they kept throwing the book to one another. I got fed up after ten minutes of chasing them around the common room.

“You two act so immature. You’re fourth years? You act like second years.”

One of the boys lowered the book and stared at me. I looked frustrated and tried to get my book back. He slipped it out of my grasp just in time. My eyes narrowed, one of the boys pretended to look scared. I cocked my head. Then, I jumped on the couch and got on one of the boys’ back. I tackled him to the ground and got my book back.

“Thanks a lot, love,” I said, jokingly, while leaning over one of them.

“Someone likes to get rough. Then again, we always do. What was in that book that you wanted to hide from the world?” The one with the scar said.

“Tell me your names and I’ll think about telling you what’s in here,” I reasoned.

The twin boys looked hurt. I gave them a confused look and raised my eyebrows. They looked as if they were the most famous people in the world, and somebody didn’t hear about them.

“Well go on.” I pushed.

“Want to do the honors, Georgie?” One said.

“Sure, Freddie. I’m George and he’s Fred. We’re identical,” they both said at the same time. “And what’s your name gorgeous?”

I cocked my head and clicked my tongue.

“I’m Victoria Ma- I’m Victoria,” I smiled.

“Well, Victoria. You’re in the same year as our brother.”

“Yeah? I know him. What’s your point?” I snapped.

“Oh, she’s a feisty one, isn’t she, George?”

Fred, the one with the scar, was leaning on George. Up against the couch, they were. On each side, they were taking up the whole space. Sitting back to back, they leaned each other’s heads on the other’s shoulder. I stood over the couch and they peered at me. I slowly started to get my stuff together, but then one of the boys, probably George, stopped me.

“Where are you going, beautiful?”

“I hope these nicknames don’t become permanent.”

“Oh trust us, they will.”

“Great,” I muttered.

“So, Fred and I want you to stay. We hardly know anything about you.”

“I don’t think you want to know any more,” I said as I winked at him. He totally loved that. I started to walk upstairs and saw George smirk as he left too. I looked over the common room and saw Fred gazing up at me. I stopped and subtly eyed him at the bottom. I smiled at him and walked up to the girls’ dormitory. When I opened the door, all eyes were on me and it was silent. My eyes widened in shock, my mouth was opened slightly.


“Did you just tackle one of the Weasley twins?” a girl rushed up to me.

“What does it matter?”

“Just answer the question Victoria,” Hermione said firmly even though she didn’t look like she really cared.

What had I done wrong? All I did was tackle one of the hottest guys in Hogwarts, which was what everyone thought. Girls would’ve loved it if Fred or George even pranked them let alone talk to them. Even though they acted like they hated it. I analyzed the room and saw hurtful faces on most of the girls.

“Yes. Still, what does it matter?”

Most of the girls had excessively hyperventilated by the time I had finished my question. They were pacing the floor, as if somebody told them someone had died. I didn’t understand what was so awful for tackling George to the ground. I definitely did not have any bad feelings afterward.

“What’s wrong?”

“Victoria, they are the hottest guys in school. Nobody stands up to them, and now a second year girl just tackled one of them to the ground. Don’t forget, they are also two of the most popular boys in school.”

“How could I forget?” I said sarcastically. I jumped on my bed and rubbed my eyes. I was so happy that it was the weekend after a long week. The girls were mumbling to each other as if I wasn’t there. They always do that. It irritated the life out of me. I glanced at Hermione, who didn’t really care anymore.

A knock had come from the door and everybody turned, even me. There stood Ginny Weasley looking around the room. Every girl except for Hermione and I had stood around Ginny. When she saw me, she walked over to my bed.

“Are you Victoria?”

“Ginny, I have Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts with you. What can I help you with?” I smiled.

“My brothers want to see you,” she whispered to me. That’s about when my smile turned into a stare.

I saw the looks on the girls’ faces. They knew that I was going to be punished, but they didn’t know what for. I mean could I be punished for playing around in the common room? And with the hottest guys in Gryffindor? I got my bag, and Ginny led me back to her brothers. As soon as I closed the door, I knew that they were talking about me. I sighed and when I went downstairs, they all scurried to the overview of the common room.  

I stopped in front of the Weasley twins and dropped my bag. They shared a look between each other and smiled. They took me over to the couch and sat me in between them. All of the girls started to laugh as I saw them subtly. George noticed this and tugged Fred. He saw it too and looked at me. I looked so upset with my head down and me muttering ‘go away’. When I looked up, George blew a kiss to all of the girls, causing them to blush and rush into the room to gossip more. Hermione was the only one left, but she left as soon as George saw her. I scoffed and glanced at the both of them. The both of them had a small smile when I looked at them.

“What do you want? It’s finally the weekend and I’d love to start it in peace.”

“That’s exactly what we wanted to talk to you about.”

“We want you to come to Hogsmeade with us tomorrow,” the two bounced from one another.

I raised my eyebrows and laughed softly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Is that a no?”


“She said yes!”

“NO!” The whole common room got quiet. Many of the boys left, but the girls stayed to eavesdrop. I rolled my eyes. “I said yes to your question asking if I said no. And that’s my answer, no.”

“I’m hurt, Victoria.” He put his hand over his heart.

“Yeah, I do that to most people,” I said solemnly. Fred and George noticed that this time, I was serious.

“Why are so hard on yourself?” Fred questioned.

“I’ve been like that to myself for my whole life. It’s just something I do. I don’t even know why you want me to come. Maybe you want to pull a new prank on a girl you hardly know, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to spend time with you, the both of you,” I smiled as I got up.

George cornered me as I tried to go up the stairs. I turned the other way and Fred was there, blocking my other way. I sighed deeply and whacked George with my bag. He was knocked over and gave me a chance to go upstairs. Fred jumped back in front of me and smiled.

“What do you want from me?” I said loudly.

“We just want you to come with us to Hogsmeade tomorrow. If you don’t like it after an hour, we’ll go right back to Hogwarts. George and I swear on it. Don’t we George?”

“You bet,” George smiled as he joined his brother with their hands over their hearts.

“If I say yes, will you let me go to bed?”

“No, we want you to stay down here with us. It’s much more fun to stay up late.”

I rolled my eyes and sat on the floor, next to the fireplace. I raised my arms up to signal them that I wouldn’t hurt them. They smiled at me and I shook my head slightly. I laid my back to the ground and saw the boys do the same. The two of them were on the other sides of my feet. As I stared at the ceiling, I laughed to myself. The hottest guys in school wanted me to hang out with them. Me. It was weird. I had always gone unnoticed and I loved it.

“I like messing with your heads,” I said quietly as I fell asleep.

“George, do you think she’s asleep yet?”

“I’m not sure, but I think she’s knocked out.”

“Wanna take her to the couch?”

“You got her feet?”

I woke up before they picked me up. I was half asleep. I swatted their hands away and walked. I didn’t go upstairs, but to the couch. They sat beside me and I leaned up against Fred. I put my feet close to my stomach and had my hands in my robe pockets. As I fell asleep, I was pretty sure that Fred put his arm around me, making me so much warmer. Then, if I remember correctly, George then fell to my side and went to sleep. It was an odd night, Harry. Trust me on that.

“So, what did you think?” I smiled, looking at Harry through the darkness.

“It sounds nice. So?”

“So, what?”

“Did you go to Hogsmeade with them? I told you I wanted to know everything.”

“Yes, I heard you, loud and clear. Let me think. Oh yes. The morning after,” I started.


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