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Defiance by LittleBabeBlue
Chapter 1 : Connections
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    She was in a wood. A cold wood. A very cold wood. She could see her breath in front of her, and not much else. The only light was created by a large silver animal ghosting between the trees. It was moving fast. She had an irrational desire to follow it, so she did. They ran until Lily’s feet were aching from exhaustion and she felt like she couldn’t get enough air, and still the animal didn’t stop. Not willing to let it out of her sight, she ran after it until she reached a clearing.

     Suddenly it turned and she saw that it was a stag, larger than any she had seen before. It was joined by a smaller, more delicate deer with no antlers, Lily’s own patronus, a doe. They nuzzled each other for a while before the doe looked back and seemed to call to someone. Seconds later, a small fawn appeared, tripping over his own hooves, glowing brighter than the other two combined.

   He walked straight up to Lily and nosed against her thigh, as she petted his head three things happened. She saw a sharply defined lightning bolt scar on the fawn’s forehead, his emerald green eyes met hers, and a small, certain voice resounded in her head. “Mum.”

    Lily Evans jerked awake, and saw a large shape by her bed. Fear chased away the contentment the dream had left her with until she recognized it. Calming herself she whispered, “James! Go away! It’s not safe.” The stag just looked at her with large eyes. Large hazel eyes. It suddenly morphed into a tall boy with tousled black hair. He peered at her through large, round glasses, their wire rims reflecting the moonlight coming through the window.

    “Come on Lils. What’s life without a little risk?” he wheedled. “Much safer,” she cooly replied. She didn’t mind James coming into her dorm and talking to her, in fact she secretly loved it, but she wasn’t comfortable taking the chance that someone could see. They had been going out since first year when they both realized that they had found their life mate. Dumbledore said that it was rare, but that when it happened it could be dangerous. Remembering their conversation with him, Lily spaced out.

    Dumbledore was waiting for them in his study when they knocked on the door, his purple robes warm in the firelight. He had made them comfortable in a love seat he conjured -although at that time, they had thought it an odd couch- only after offering them lemon drops, which they each took. He had studied them and laughed when he realized why they were here, but seconds later his mood had turned somber.

    “As you doubtlessly know, we are in the middle of a rather difficult war. This is why it is such good news to hear of your situation. James, you always know if Lily is hurt or sad, correct?” The young boy nodded. “Lily, you can always tell where James is at any given time, is this also correct?” The short red hair bobbed in agreement.

   “As I thought. The two of you have formed a bond. This is called a Love Bond, because you are so compatible with each other, the two of you will have been romantically attracted from the moment you first met. Muggles call it True Love. You will never be as happy with anyone else as you would have been with each other, it will always feel as if two puzzle pieces have been forced together.

   But if you stay together, the pieces will match perfectly. But this produces a problem. These bonds are extremely powerful and, if broken, release an astonishing amount of harness able magical power. The cause of the war we are in is a man called Tom Riddle.” The two children didn’t react. “You may also know him as Voldemort.” Strangely it was James who reacted, while Lily didn’t even blink. Sometimes growing up without magic was a good thing.

    “If he finds out about you two, he may try to break the bond to release this power. If the bond is broken you two will change bodies and then pass away.” This grave announcement was met with a shocked determination that they would protect one another. “On a happier note,” Dumbledore continued, his pointed hat slightly lopsided, “you two will have a longer than normal life save an accident, have superior magical skills, and have something that no one on this earth as of now has.”

    They exchanged excited looks and clasped hands. “For now, I would prefer it if no one were to learn about your bond or even have any indication that you two love one another. It will not be easy, but I believe that this is the safest course of action, at least until you can sufficiently protect yourselves. Now, it is after curfew, off to your common room or Professor McGonagall will have my head!” With that he had ushered them from the room.

“Lily. Lilyflower.” James did a horrible imitation of a spacecraft, “Earth to Lils, come in Lily, earth to Evans.” She pushed his hand out of her face where he had been waving it. “Don't you have your own dorm to sleep in? Go away James. I need my rest. Besides, it’s not right for a sixth year girl to have boys in her dorm.”

    “You didn’t have a problem with it last night, or the night before that, or the night before that, or the one before that, or before that, or that, or that...” he pondered. “Hmmmm. Hey, Lily? How long do you think till we can tell the others. I hate having to pretend to be sarcastic and mean to you all the time. And I hate keeping it a secret from the other guys, as if they would sell me out.” he chuckled darkly. “Me too Jamie.” she sighed. “But we can’t let anyone know we can even stand each others presence until Dumbledore gives us the okay. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise too. Now please, go away and let me sleep.”

    “As you wish my lady.” He did an over the top bow and made a show of being servile. At her glare he stopped and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. At once a feeling of calm and rightness washed over them, like the universe fit together a little better now. They were used to it, for it happened every time they kissed, touched, or expressed their love for each other in any way. He gave her a soft look and quietly changed back into animal form and cantered down the stairs.

    She stared after him, remembering the stag from her dream. She usually forgot most of them, aside from the prophetic ones. She hoped that the day when she would have a son of her own to hold would come soon. Almost as soon as her wedding to James. Pushing aside all thoughts of the future and replacing them with ones of finishing the last two weeks of term before summer.

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