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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 12 : Four Players
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absolutely awesome CI by Bear&Fox @ TDA. Thank you Ellie! :) 
“Hermione…are you sure you want to go to Hagrid’s party? You seem a bit…fidgety” Draco raised his eyebrows as he sat next to Hermione. Her eyes seemed slightly unfocused, and Draco knew she was thinking about the event on Valentines’ day because he knew her well.

Hermione looked up at him, and her toying ceased (she seemed to have been fidgeting subconsciously). “Yes, I do. I want to see Hagrid, and I want you to meet him. It would also do me some good to get used to Lavender too.” She replied finally, and sensing Draco’s concern, she smiled reassuringly at him. “Don’t worry love, I’ll be perfectly fine. We should probably go to the library now, we won’t have time near Valentines’ day” she added matter-of-factly.

Draco groaned. They had been barricading themselves in a small corner of the library to study for the past week. Even though there was still a good 8 weeks until their NEWTS. Hermione insisted on making daily trips to the library, and there wasn’t any point of staying in the common room without her. So Draco had tagged along, and they had spent hours studying, revising, and tutoring each other. But Hermione was worried enough as it is, so Draco took her hand and they left for the library, alert for any stragglers who were not at lunch. Draco didn’t know why Hermione had to study so much. She had received almost perfect grades for her OWL’s, her lowest mark being an ‘E’ in defence against the dark arts. However, her DADA skills ought to have improved dramatically since she had spent almost an entire year hunting horcruxes and battling death eaters. Draco wouldn’t be surprised if Hermione received top marks for all her subjects. Hermione, however, still refused to take it easy, and insisted on daily library sessions.

Draco and Hermione sat in the library, trying to study, but it was useless. Lunch hour had just ended, and flocks of students had entered the library, chatting animatedly and distracting Hermione from her concentration. After another 10 minutes of failed attempts, Hermione shrieked in frustration, slammed her book shut, and stood up. She took Draco’s hand and they left the library quietly, careful not to draw any attention. On their way back however, they ran into Ron and Harry.

“Hey Hermione…Draco” Harry greeted her cheerfully, with a hesitant nod in Draco’s direction. Hermione beamed at him, glad that her best friend was making an effort in becoming friends with her boyfriend. Ron however, seemed tense, as if it were too soon for him to begin to accept Draco.

“Hi. I expect you got invited to Hagrid’s for Valentines’?” Ron muttered awkwardly, still determinedly ignoring Draco, who was still holding Hermione’s hand. “Who’re you going with then? Hopefully not the stupid bouncing ferret…” He grumbled the last sentence to himself, but Hermione had heard. She shot Ron an icy warning look, and started off towards the dormitory.

“He’s still a git. But I love him, and he is my best friend” Hermione sighed, as if she was trying to persuade herself not to go back and hex Ron.

“Hermione, maybe you should just forget everything for a night…forget the NEWTS, forget…Ron, forget the party, forget everyone who disapproves of us.” Draco leaned in, his cool silver eyes smouldering. “It’s just you and I tonight…” he whispered, pressing his mouth gently to hers.

Hermione gasped and parted her lips slightly, and Draco took advantage of her momentary shock. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, lightly exploring her tongue, and tracing her soft, pink lips. She didn’t stop him, but responded with her own tongue, clashing with his as they danced around each other. Draco’s hands moved slowly down to her waist, pulling her closer, and she let out a small whimper. Draco moaned into Hermione’s lips, and she raised her legs to straddle him, climbing lightly on top of him. They were so absorbed in each other; they didn’t hear Blaise and Ginny enter the room, until Blaise roared with laughter at his sight.

With a shock, Draco’s eyes flew open, and he groaned as he watched his best friend collapse to the ground, laughing uncontrollably. Hermione had looked up at Draco’s groan, and he watched her flush pink as she avoided his eyes. Ginny Weasley was standing beside the doorframe, her eyes wide and her face pink. Her lips trembled, and she too began giggling, holding onto a post for support.
Hermione sighed, rolled her eyes and strode over to Ginny, grabbing her arms and steering her towards her room. At the bottom of the stairs, Hermione glanced back and shot a slightly apologetic look at Draco, and he thought he saw a small hint of longing. Scowling at Blaise, Draco pulled himself into a stiff position on the sofa, while Blaise was still chuckling with amusement.

“So…you and Granger are finally going for it huh? Sorry for interrupting your…uh…moment of…uh…” Blaise began mockingly, but stopped as he dodged a well-aimed pillow thrown by Draco.
“Man, you ruined it! It was going totally awesomely, and you just had to butt in. You’d better have a good reason for doing so.”
“Actually, no, I don’t. Just wanted to see if you wanted a game of poker…I ran into Weasel’s sister outside…she’s quite good looking isn’t she?” Blaise replied sniggering at Draco’s horrified expression.
“Dude…you aren’t serious…you know Potter has had a crush on her since his third year?”

“Whatever man, let’s just play a game of poker. Wanna see if the girls want to play too? We can make it interesting…” Blaise trailed off, shooting a mischievous wink at Draco.


“Ginny…why did you have to come now?” Hermione complained; her face set in a scowl as she watched her best friend giggling.
“Sorry…to break…up…what was obviously…a…wonderful snogging session!” Ginny said in between fits of laughter.

Hermione sat stiffly on her bed, waiting in silence until her friend had calmed down.

“So, Hermione, you’re really in love with him aren’t you…” Ginny asked, walking over to sit beside Hermione, her eyes sympathetic and happy at the same time.

Hermione nodded, saying, “Yea, I am. He makes me so happy…we’re going to Hagrid’s party together…you’re going with Harry right?” Ginny nodded, elated that her friend had finally found a boy that she was completely in love with.

“That boy downstairs…what’s his name? Blaise. He’s kind of cute too…very handsome…” Ginny giggled, while Hermione shot her an alarmed look. “Kidding…”

Hermione was frowning at her, but she was interrupted by Blaise yelling up the stairs, “Hey girls! Get our here and play poker with us.” Unable to stop herself from smiling, she muttered ‘Blaise’ and followed Ginny down the stairs.

“Hey ladies. Thought you might want to play strip poker with us…” Blaise announced, grabbing the girls by the hand and towing them to sit by the fire.

“What?! You didn’t say anything about strip poker before!” Hermione yelped, glaring at her boyfriend’s best friend. Blaise waved an airy hand and said cheerily, “forgot to mention it, now…let’s make the rules clear. Lowest cards take off one item of clothing, yes?”

Resigned, Hermione and Ginny nodded, while Draco sat looking amused. He was, after all, a seventeen year old boy…

Two hours, and six games later, Hermione was missing her jacket and top, exposing her lacy black bra, and Ginny missing her shoes, socks, and jumper. Draco was shirtless, and Blaise sat, completely clothed, smirking at the others.

“Looks like I won then” he crowed, grinning around at the girls, his eyes rested a fraction of a second longer on Hermione’s chest. Draco noticed, for he punched Blaise’s shoulder, (quite hard it would seem, as Blaise yelped and apologised quickly, before Draco could hurt him anymore).

“You pervert, don’t look at her like that again” Draco threatened mockingly, as Hermione and Ginny rolled around on the floor, clutching their stomachs in laughter.

“Oh yea? What are you going to do?” Blaise replied, grinning, and holding his hands up in front of his face protectively, like a boxer. Draco lunged, tickling his best friend on the stomach, until Blaise yelled in surrender, scrambling backwards out of Draco’s reach. Smirking, Draco turned to Hermione, wrapping his arms around her almost-naked torso, and leaning in to press his lips on her neck. Smiling, Hermione snuggled closer to Draco, not bothered by Ginny and Blaise’s eye rolling.

“Well, night Hermione, I’ll leave you guys alone…” She looked meaningfully at Hermione, before towing a protesting Blaise out of the room. Suddenly, Hermione was very self-conscious that she was half naked, and she blushed a pale pink. She tried to reach for her shirt, which was strewn across the sofa.

Draco sighed, and locked her arms to her sides. “Don’t put it back on, I prefer you without it…” he murmured, and she closed her eyes, and leaned her head against his chest.

“Hmm…do you want to take a bath with me?” she breathed, summoning up some of her bravery.

Draco smiled happily, and lowered his head to kiss her. “Why would you think that there is even a slightest possibility that I would say no?” Draco slid his strong arms underneath Hermione, and lifted her easily to the bathroom. She made him turn around with his eyes closed with she changed into a bathing suit, and slid into the large bathtub. Moments later, she heard Draco lowering himself into the pool of water, and slowly making his way towards her, his eyes full of lust.

“I love you Hermione…” he murmured, and held her close as she sighed and whispered back, “I love you too Draco…”

Neither of them knew what happened, but suddenly, they were locked in a fierce and passionate mouth battle, moaning and sighing as their bodies wove their way around each other. Hermione lifted her long legs and wrapped them around Draco’s waist, as he pushed her gently to the edge of the bathtub. His mouth moved down to her neck…shoulders…and Hermione twisted his beautiful blonde hair around her fingers, pulling slightly, causing him to moan in pleasure. Hermione knew that this was it, and she wanted it to be special. Draco was hungry for Hermione’s body, and he was impatient as he undid her bathing suit. With a wild gasp, Hermione brought his lips back to hers, and they slid deeper into the water.

Hermione woke, fully naked and in Draco’s bed, wrapped in a black silk sheet, and lying next to the Slytherin blonde boy, who was gently stroking her hair, smirking with pleasure and happiness. Hermione felt very sore, like she had run 10km last night, but she didn’t mind. She felt that last night was the best of her life, and she didn’t care how sore or tired she woke up feeling. Glad that it was Saturday, Hermione crawled closer to Draco’s side, and relaxed, drifting off to sleep again.

Draco was lying awake, replaying certain scenes from the previous night in his head, and he felt content; a little smug even, as he stroked the hair of the girl lying beside him. He had been with a lot of girls, but never like this. Draco knew it was because she loved her, and none of the other girls he had slept with could compare. Draco kissed Hermione’s forehead as she closed her eyes, and he followed soon after, knowing that they would need a lot of rest to make up for the sleep they had missed last night. Draco smiled, and fell into a content world full of beautiful dreams, content and happy, with the girl he loved lying tenderly in his arms.

A/N: What do you think..? Good/bad chapter? Please review and tell me what you think! Changed the story rating to scenes of a sexual nature...but this is it! the only scene in the whole story -I think- anyway, hope you enjoyed :)

REVIEW! and comment on what you think of the banner sally made for me (Evanlyn @ TDA) and my new chapter images! :D

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