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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 1 : Sweet Merlin
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CI by azimuth @TDA





“A heart don’t forget, no a heart don’t forget

I said a heart don’t forget something like that

Oh, not something like that.”

                                -Something Like That (Tim McGraw)
















“Excuse me could you please repeat that Professor?” Katherine asked her head of house Professor McGonagall. The strict looking woman adjusted her glasses and looked down at her student sighing.





“You will be tutoring as your punishment, every Monday and Friday for two hours until further notice.” My jaw dropped. It’s not like anybody got hurt. Well, maybe there were a few minor bumps that required the attention of the School nurse, but it’s not like I meant for that to happen to anyone besides my intended target.





“Professor you must be mistaken, I can’t tutor anyone. Having one of the dungeons cave in wasn’t my intention. I swear.” The honey-brunette tried to make herself look as innocent as possible by forming her heart-shaped face into an angelic expression.





“Oh I know it wasn’t your intention,” I began to let out a sigh of relief. “But,” There’s always a ‘but’ she thought to herself angrily. “Don’t think I don’t know what your real intention was. Mr. Snape is lucky that spell missed him, as are you that could have done serious damage.” The Professor finished sternly.





“It’s unfortunate I missed then isn’t it?” I mumbled quietly. McGonagall either didn’t hear that comment, or ignored me.





“Like I said Ms. McEwen, you will be tutoring a student every Monday and Friday in the subject of Ancient Runes. I have it all worked out with Professor Vector. Consider this a light punishment to what it potentially could have been.” The look I was on the receiving end of at that moment made it clear I wasn’t to argue anymore. Bloody hell. I let out a slight sigh as a thought popped into her head.





“Who exactly am I going to be tutoring Professor?” Please don’t let it be a Slytherin, or one of the members of the Marauder’s bloody fan club, anyone but them. As long as it wasn’t anyone in those two categories it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean sure I would lose a few hours of my time, but it’s not like I had any friends besides Remus. However, I rather enjoyed Ancient Runes, and was pretty good at it if I do say so myself. My hope was soon diminished as I saw a slight frown begin to form on McGonagall’s face.





“Regulus Black.” She said in a clipped tone. Of course it was a Slytherin. I mean it’s not like I know him, so he could be just fine. But, from the things I overheard Sirius ranting about in the common room when I was with Remus where quite nasty.





“Does he know this? I didn’t think he would really want to get help from someone like me.” I saw Minnie (a name I wouldn’t dare ever call her to her face) frown again slightly. I was a Gryffindor after all. And not just any Gryffindor, a muggle-born one at that. Even McGonagall couldn’t ignore the fact that Slytherin’s, lately, have been becoming a little more violent towards muggle-borns than usual.





“Mr. Black is aware you are tutoring him. He’s agreed to meet you in my classroom.” There was a note of finality in her voice and I knew my case was lost. That bun she always had her hair up in must be cutting off the circulation to her brain. She was a bloody Gryffindor, she knows about this never-ending rivalry with Slytherin.





 Despite the occasional hex sent at someone I was virtually invisible to everyone, but my housemates. Well, everyone besides Remus is more accurate. Maybe, this was a good thing though. Regulus probably didn’t know who I was. Sure, we have classes together, but I tend to blend into the wall. Besides someone like him wouldn’t pay attention to a Gryffindor muggle-born unless he and his death-eater wannabe friends caught them wandering the corridors alone. Syltherins really were a bunch of pansies; only attacking others if they were in a group. McGonagall’s voice drifted into my thoughts.





“Well, I expect Mr. Black to be here any minute now. Let this be a lesson to you about dueling in the corridors.” She left me alone and walked swiftly out the door. What a bitch I thought to myself. Snape’s an arse and thinks he can say whatever he wants. I had enough, I’ve never even done anything to the git, and he still felt it necessary to be rude to me. Now I’m stuck tutoring bloody Regulus Black, and Remus is going to be pissed, and it’s all Snivellus’ fault. Picking up my bag and slamming it down on my desk I didn’t notice the latest arrival to the classroom until I turned around and saw him staring at me. Creepy, how long had he been there exactly? There was a long awkward pause as we both just stared at each other. Well, at least try and be friendly Katherine I said to myself.





“Um, hi I guess I’m your tutor.” I said in a voice that was surprisingly stronger than I thought it would be, and offered him my hand to shake. He looked at it and grimaced sitting down at the desk. Rude.





“Well I’m Katherine it’s nice to meet you.” All he did was look at me with his dark grey eyes. That must be a Black trait or something, because I could always here those annoying stalkers of Sirius rambling on about how you could lose yourself in them. He was still staring, and it was starting to make me nervous. Didn’t he play seeker or something like that?





“Aren’t you..?” Before I could finish my sentence I was interrupted. Ah he speaks.





“Yes, I’m unfortunately Sirius’ brother, and no I will not put in a word for you, because I no longer speak to him, and even if I did I still wouldn’t.” Regulus said venomously. I liked it better when he didn’t talk. Seriously, I was trying my best not to judge him and he automatically assumes I’m one of those mindless bimbos obsessed with his brother.





“Actually, I was going to ask if you were the seeker for Slytherin’s Quidditch team. However, if you’re just going to be jumping to conclusions I’ll get straight to the point. I don’t want to be here, and it’s obvious you don’t either. The sooner we get started the faster we both get out of here.” I said trying to maintain my composure. He seemed a little shocked, but masked his face into a neutral look before responding.





“I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” He said once again staring me dead-on. To be honest he and his brother did look pretty similar. The long black hair, grey eyes, strong jaw-line, but there were noticeable differences too. Like when Regulus walked in he was clearly taller than Sirius surprisingly. Also, his eyes seemed to be alert to everything going on, and he had an air about him. I just couldn’t tell what it was exactly.





“It’s fine. Let’s just get started.” I asked. He looked at me curiously for a second.





“You really are straight to the point. No questions about why I need help, or if I’m even going to be decent to you, because of who I am and what I’ve been known to do.” He said. So he did know I was muggle-born?





“I can answer both of those questions on my own thank you. For the first one I really don’t need to know why you need help, all I need to know is that you do. Personally I don’t care. Secondly, I really don’t care what your opinions on my heritage are.” I told him looking him straight in the eye with my head held high. Now was definitely not the time to be shy little old me. The prat didn’t even respond, all he did was take out a piece of parchment and a quill.





“Let’s start with the basics. Luckily, I have my notes with me with the short-notice McGonagall gave me. Stupid Snivellus.” I mumbled the last part; as I didn’t really want to offend him, but thankfully he just acted like he hadn’t heard my comment and listened to me start to talk about the more simple translations.





Surprisingly the two hours went by fast, and Regulus really wasn’t that bad. No derogatory comments, he was just quiet. Maybe, his brother could learn a thing or two from him, because he never shut up. Ever.





“Alright, I guess I’ll see you Monday. Same time same place.” I said trying to sound cheery. All he did was nod, gather his things, and march swiftly out the door his robes billowing behind him. Cool.





Letting out a small sigh, I gathered my things and decided to go to the Great Hall and grab something to eat. Remus should be there, and I’m sure he would want to know what happened. Thinking about my upcoming tutoring sessions with Regulus took my mind off the walk to dinner, and I was there in no time. Looking around Remus was indeed there, looking quite ill. His mother’s sickness really was starting to take its toll on him. Remus noticing that I was there waved me over, and it wasn’t until I swung my feet over the bench next to him and started to pile potatoes on my plate that I noticed who Remus was sitting across from. Sirius fucking Black, just my luck really.





“Nice work on the dungeons there Katherine.” Sirius said with a laugh. I was kind of surprised he was talking to me as he usually just ignored me when I was around Remus. I gave him a weak smile in return.





“You should have just ignored him Kay.” Remus said sternly using his nickname for me. Technically I knew he was right, but a girl can only take so much.





“I know, but I kind of just snapped. I can only take someone constantly being a complete arse to me for so long.”





“Well, what’s your punishment? How many points did we lose?” Remus asked warily. Not that I blame him, James and Sirius always were losing points he had every right to be annoyed. However, I’m sure he would rather me lose points, than have the punishment I do now. Being one of Sirius’ best mates, he wasn’t Regulus’ biggest fan.





“None…” Before I could continue, I heard a voice that only James loved. Sweet Merlin Lily Evans looked pissed. Her green eyes were narrowed, and she was a madwoman on a mission. Fucking fantastic.





“There you are McEwen. What were you thinking? Do you know how many people ended up in the hospital wing, because of your little stunt?” She demanded. Good Godric, was I the only one who thought little Miss Head girl was a complete pain in the arse?





“Please enlighten me Evans.” I said sarcastically. Which I have to say surprised everyone including me, usually I would have just apologized, but like I said there was only so much a girl could take. The only one who seemed to be enjoying this was Sirius who perked up at my remark. That boy always did love a good fight.





“Six people including me and Professor Slughorn. Merlin knows how many points you lost us. Be mature and just ignore them if you can’t even aim properly with your bloody wand.” She snapped. What. A. Bitch. Remus tensed beside me, and put a hand on my shoulder to calm me. Oh hell no. I stood up from my seat, and got right in her face.





“Oh heaven forbid the complete walrus of a professor, and his kiss-ass little student get injured. Who cares about everyone else,” I said sarcastically. “You know what Evans? You’re just a selfish bitch. Why you were made Head girl I have no idea. I can only take being called a mudblood so many times. How dare you tell me to be mature? You’re the freaking psycho who comes stomping in here like she had a right to know everything. Here’s a warning back-off or I’ll show you just how well I really can aim.” I yelled and brought out my wand for good measure. Her eyes got big and her face changed to the color of her bright red hair, because besides today’s incident everyone who had Defense against the Dark Arts with me knew I was the best in dueling. Remus, Sirius, and everyone in the vicinity’s jaw were on the floor. Most of these people probably hadn’t heard me talk before, let alone bitch out Lily Evans. Even Evans took a while to regain her composure.





“Of course it’s my business to know what your punishment was. I’m head-girl, a member of your house, and one of the people who got hurt, because of you,” She said with a smug look on her face. “Remus back me up here you’re a prefect.” The red-head continued. Remus didn’t have time to respond, because surprisingly enough Sirius Black stood up as well. Whelp, of course he’s going to defend Lily, his best mate is in love with her. Evans seemed to be thinking along the same lines as her smug look got even wider.





“Evans shut up for once.” Wait, what?





“E-x-c-use me?” Little Miss Perfect stuttered.





“You heard me, I’m sick of you being a hypocrite all the time. And Katherine didn’t even lose us points did you?” He said looking at me. Oh shit this wasn’t good. His grey eyes sparkled with encouragement. I quickly shook my head no.





“Oh really then what is her punishment?” Evans asked crossing her arms. Again Sirius looked at me encouragingly. Thankfully there were only a few last minute stragglers in for dinner, and none of the teachers were there. Remus nudged me slightly telling me to answer. Oh, well here it goes.





“I’m tutoring someone for the rest of the year; In Ancient Runes.” Her eyes narrowed slightly. Probably, because she had to drop it when she failed her O.W.L. I l would have laughed, but given the circumstances…





“Who?” Remus asked curiously.





“Ohumregulusumblack.” I mumbled quietly and grabbed my bag planning on making a dash for it. A warm hand closed around my arm though. Damn.





“Excuse me what did you say?” Sirius asked his eyes flashing. Remus was up out of his seat trying to remove Black’s hand from my arm. He really did have a strong grip.





“I said Regulus Black. Now could you please let go.” My voice sounded angrier then I intended, but I looked at his hand pointedly and he let go. Finally that was really starting to freaking hurt.





“Why would you do that? I know you’ve heard me tell Remus what he’s like. He’s evil, and he’ll hurt you. I know you wouldn’t exactly consider us friends Katherine, but I do care about you, and I don’t want anything to happen to you. You aren’t tutoring him.” He said firmly. Remus shook his head, knowing the worst thing you could do; would be to try and tell me what to do.





“Listen Black. We aren’t friends, because you ignore me. Don’t try and feed me that bullshit that you ‘care about’ me,” I could only imagine how red my face was at this point. “You have no say in the matter of who I tutor, and it’s not like I had much of a choice according to McGonagall. And your brother isn’t evil, he seems perfectly fine. So back-off.” Finishing my rant I stormed out of the Great Hall, leaving a very confused Sirius, and shocked Remus in my wake. I didn’t even both to see what Miss Perfect did. So much for being invisible I thought to myself angrily and kicked the cement wall in the Entrance hall.





“Shit, that hurt!” I yelped grabbing my foot and hopping up and down. This day officially sucked. After a few more minutes the throbbing in my foot seemed to cease and I turned to walk up the staircase. But low and behold someone was watching me. Regulus fucking Black. He has a serious staring problem.





“What?” I snapped. His face looked momentarily amused, but then it went into that neutral mask again.





“You’re different than what I thought you would be.” He said quietly leaning up against a wall observing me.





“Oh? What did you think I was some ditz that worshipped the Marauders, and didn’t think for myself?” I asked sarcastically looking into his eyes. Not once did he even flinch before answering me.





“Something like that.” He murmured and then turned on his heel and left towards the dungeons.





Sweet Merlin this day was something else.






Author’s Note: Hey everyone! I’m trying to portray Regulus how I think he really was like. My character Katherine is a shy girl, that doesn’t have many friends besides Remus, but excels in things like dueling and ancient runes. She’s finally starting to break out of her shell. This story is going to be a slight alternate universe towards the ending, but until then I’m sticking as closely to the original story as I can. Leave a review and let me know what you think so far! Also, for every chapter I’m going to post lyrics to a song that I like to listen to when reading the chapter!

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