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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 7 : New things.....
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A/N; *Warning* There is a reason why I rated this mature. The title says it all SXRXRR

                                                            Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Roll....

Wait till the next chapter if you have tender eyes or turn back now, lol. Also, no Dramione in this chap, Draco/OC. I promise this is a Dramione first and foremost, and there will be lot's coming up I promise.

Well, thank you very much for the read. Kick tush and Enjoy!







Chapter 7


 It was a bumpy lift ride. Draco kept looking over to Sari worried, but she just smiled at him. “It’s ok. Just trust me.” she repeated.


                                     He didn’t know why, but for some reason when she said it a second time, he was able to take her words to heart. He didn’t know why he trusted her, they had only just met, but he did trust her. The grimy steel doors opened into a lux penthouse on the top floor. The open marble foyer had four off shoots to pick from leading into other parts of the layout. The doors closed quitter than when they opened leaving an eerie silence in its wake.


“Where are we?” Draco questioned


      The record company has this suite on retainer. When I saw Big D I asked him if the room was being used tonight, he told me no, so here we are.” She shrugged before continuing. “I told you I knew somewhere it would be quiet.” Sari left Draco standing in the foyer absorbing her words.


“You come here a lot?” Draco asked, but received no answer back. She left Draco and walked down one of the corridors that was on his left. He followed her into a great kitchen. The cabinets were of dark cherry wood and the dark gray counter tops had a sheen that could rival most diamonds. Along the way into the kitchen Sari took off her jacket, then her shoes, and finally she clipped up her hair leaving a trail behind her. She walked to the farthest cabinet and opened it revealing an assortment of gleaming bottles. It was unnerving to Draco how she seemed so at ease. She plucked out a bottle that he was familiar with and walked to the center island where she pulled two glasses from out of nowhere. Draco still unsure of the situation watched her from the door way while she poured the drinks. “So?” she said meeting his eyes for the first time since they left the party.


“So…..” Draco repeated. Sari could see his body langue was off. “Ok, what’s wrong?” she asked frustrated.


Draco wanted to pick his words carefully he didn’t want to come to any conclusions, but was having a hard time not to. “How long have you known Ginny?”


“Really!? Ginny is your problem. She’s a friend. I used to work with her when I first came to England. We had loads in common and she showed me around the city. It was great to see her, it’s been awhile.” Sari could tell her answer wasn’t the one he was looking for. “But?......” she added before walking out of the room


“What about D?” Draco’s posture was a little better. He took the drink she had poured for him and followed her into a sitting room adjacent to the main bedroom. Sari couldn’t help laughing. “D what?” Her smirk told him everything that he needed to know but he had to hear her say it.


“ D and I no.” She paused for a second to see the relief draw itself across Draco’s face. “I dated his business partner for a while and I got to know the scene around here.”


“Was just checking, you know. I have to choosey with girls.” Draco closed the distance between them and took a seat on the ivory leather sofa next to her. “They say I’m going to be a rock star.” He said with his usual arrogances.


“Oh, ok, well did I pass the test then?” She asked while looking up from under her thick lashes at him.


“Almost” Draco said in between sips. The cold glass felt good under his clammy hands. He didn’t realized how upset he had gotten himself, until his snarky answer left his lips and they both share a laugh.


“Finally” Sari said abruptly 


Draco looked to her “What?!”


“Finally?!” She exclaimed “I was wondering how long would it take for you to loosen up. I like it when real you is here. You dropped down your walls.” She rested her elbow on the sofa in relief, leaned her head on it, and looked into his eyes “Hiya” she said in a low voice next to his ear.


Draco mimicked her position. “Hey”


“You were amazing tonight, but you already know that. I got you a little present; something little, ahh… Well, something to show you how good you really are.” She stood up and left the room. Draco sat there wondering what possibly could she have for him. What could feel better than his night? Moments later she was back, but Draco couldn’t see anything in her hands and she was still in the same clothes. So he was slight baffled on her quick disappearance


“Um? You are defiantly different than most people I know.”


Sari only smile at him as she cut across the room and sat back down next to him. She had a sly smile on her face, but Draco noticed she had a hand behind her back.


“Oh, I see”


“You see nothing” She replied, but kept both of her hands out of his sight.


                                     Draco interested was peaked. He was used to getting surprises, but he wasn’t used to waiting for them. His parents would just present them to him then go back off into their own world. “Come on” he asked playfully, but Sari still choose to ignore him. Instead she reached for her glass to take a sip. She was enjoying toying with him. Draco grabbed her hand gently. “Please” he said while looking into her eyes. He was hoping something would be betrayed by the way she was looking at him. Draco even went as far to use one of his gifts to pry into her mind, but saw nothing beside her affection for him. He thought it was a little weird not to get any clues from her mind, but was too occupied by the thoughts of what her gift might be.


“That’s all you have to say.” Draco questioned.


 Sari kept he mouth closed and opened her closed palm to relive two tiny diamond shape pills. Draco backed away from her. He didn’t mean to, it just happened. His body needed the room to think. Sari understood his reflex to back away.


“You have never done anything like this before? Have you?”


                                     Draco looked at her blankly. He didn’t know how to answer her. He was afraid that he would seem unmanly or not cool if he told her the truth. Sari didn’t need the truth however she understood his silence. “It’s ok. I’m sorry if I’m pushy. I forget there is an outside world from the one I live in. I have just been in the scene for so long I forget there are people out there who have other ideas of fun. I should have known when you barely hit the j or wasn’t sure about the pill before that this wasn’t a good idea and not your thing.”


                                     Draco edged back closer to her “No it alright. Those other things were fine, but I’ll admit it I have no idea what any of it was or even what this is. I had a pretty sheltered childhood” he had to laugh a bit of the last part of his statement, but left it at that. “Maybe, if you explain it to me it will be ok. I mean the other stuff helped and I’m still here.”


                                     Sari debated to herself about this. She never had been anyone first in any way and wasn’t sure if she wanted to expose him to such a dark world. It had always been her experience to being doing these things with so called experts. She wasn’t sure if she wanted the responsibility of taking him under her wing, but then she looked at him. All rational thoughts left her pretty head and a wave of selfishness ran through her, she wanted to do it and to do it with him. “Are you sure? This is pretty heavy shit.”


                                     Draco was almost trilled by the unknown adventure that was being presented to him. “Maybe what is it like?”


                                     Sari took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A smile appeared across her face “Well, you know the feelings of first love, you know the butterflies. Imagine that tenfold and tingling throughout your toes, then image all your happiest feelings and wrapped them in one. Every sense is magnified; every touch feels like a million, and all filters and walls are gone for a night. You can be your true self, the one you’re afraid of being.”


                                     Draco thought about this. “Can anything bad happen?”


“Something bad can happen if you cross the street at the wrong time. Bad things can happen at any time.” Sari however was done with talking and left it at that for him to make his own decision. She turned away from him, grabbed her drink and swallowed the little diamond shape pill. She held her glass out to Draco. “Wanna join me?”


                                     Draco thought about. He figured if it was his time to go, then what could he really do about it. He was intrigued about what Sari had said. His true self. He wondered if he really even knew what his true self was like. So, with baited breath he took the glass from her hand. He lost himself momentarily in the glossy brown liquid and the clinking ice within the glass. There were random colors and shapes in the reflection on the condensation that was growing on the glass. He waiting for a sign to tell him this was a bad idea, but he saw none. He was still fixed on the idea of feeling happy and in one swift action he popped the pill in his mouth. He cringed as it got stuck in the back of his throat. He couldn’t believe how bad it tasted, but then again skelt-o-grow didn’t taste very good either. Draco hadn’t noticed that Sari had left the room. He was temporary unsure what he had done was the right idea. He began to wonder if there was a way to get the pill out of him, but he couldn’t think of any besides sticking hus fingers down his throughout and to him it wasn’t a good option. Sari came walking back into the room holding a jug of lemon water and was dress in light gray pj’s.


“Now it’s very important to drink lots of water. So, drink up.” She handed him a large glass of water. The coolness of it was refreshing as it went down his throat and it hit his stomach. Sari press a button and a TV appeared from behind the cabinet. “Now, Just relax. Trust me, it’s all good.”


                                     Draco took a deep breath and watched her flip through the channels. She stopped at some random cartoon. Draco was happy, it was mindless and they didn’t have to talk. Sari was watching him out of the corner of her eye. She was waiting for a sign that he was feeling it. She kept her mouth shut, but couldn’t wipe the smile that was growing on her face.


                                     The colors of the animated background all of a sudden shifted for Draco. He gasped and look to Sari who he thought had seen it too. He could feel his heart beat begin to slightly quicken and felt a rush in his belly than outwards. With each breath he took the feeling it intensified. He could hear Sari’s words, but couldn’t make her out. “You’re feeling it? Its ok, don’t fight it. It’s good.” She said as she closed her eyes to relish in the feeling herself.


                                     Draco didn’t feel her lead him into the bedroom and lay him down. But, once on the bed and when he didn’t have to hold his head up anymore the waves of euphoria washed over him. And, his trademark smirk found its home again on his lips. Sari curled her body next to him, she was feeling it just as hard as he was, but she was used to it, and knew how to handle it. With light caresses she ran her finger nails down his sides and across his back. Her little movements rocked Draco into new state of being. His fears, his bad memories were gone. The world outside of the bed was gone, it was just him, and the person who had giving him this gift of happiness.


                                     More out of an act of comfort Draco rolled on his back and put his arms over his head. “You weren’t kidding, it feels like a swam of butterflies are flying through my body.”


“Oh, really” Sari said. She rolled up herself, then got up and turned on some background music. Draco had no idea that she had even moved. He was lost with his eyes closed. It was her touch that brought him back to reality. He felt her lips brush his cheek, followed by her fluttering eye lashes. He had never felt anything so sublime before. Everywhere she touched, expanded under his skin, and rippled throughout his body. He leaned up several times to bring his lips to hers, but his head was just too heavy. He watched her sitting on top of him. He could just make out the outline of her body against the darkness of the room. “You might just the hottest girl I have ever been with” he said with rolling eyes of bliss.


She answered him locking eyes with him and smiling “I doubt that” 


 His hands found her body. She felt hot under them, as he felt the goose bump grow on her skin. She let out a slight moan, before lifting the shirt from off of him. The freedom that he felt once the shirt was off was liberating. It gave him a second wind. He rolled out from under her and let himself go to the urges he was having. He had to have her right now. It wasn’t a want, it was primeval need. So, he took her and she let him.


                                     It was a feeling that he had never felt before. This time was different from all the other time he had done the deed. It felt the cosmos we connecting through them. He could feel her energy with every contraction of her body under him. When their fingers interlocked, he felt like there was a light growing from within them that could out shine the brightest sun. Time was stopped the only thing that mattered was this moment and this moment alone. He felt like he could take on the entire world and nothing could stop him. He felt her body giveaway under his and he knew that she was his completely. She kissed his neck and that was enough to make his world explode around him. He just laid there reveling in the moment, she had been right this felt good. It felt better than good. Draco lay with Sari the entire night, both of their heads together telling each other their deepest darkest fears, worries, and wishes. Before both of them knew it was morning and the sun was peeking through the patio window.

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