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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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“ATTENTION ALL HOGWARTS STUDENTS! The Quidditch Queen has arrived for a hearty feast!” I yell as I run into the great hall with Andi on my back laughing hysterically.


Okay, in my defense she only beat me by an inch. Plus the wind blew really hard as I was about to reach the finish line causing me to blow off course a little. What? I’m not being a sore loser! I’m just defending myself.


Staying true to our deal, I allowed Andi to climb on my back and I began the hike back to the castle. She really wasn’t heavy at all and we were laughing so hard at the situation that it was actually a lot of fun. Everyone is looking at us now like we are crazy and the teachers are scowling at me for having just yelled in the great hall. But what are they going to do? Give me a detention? That would scare me straight.


“You may place me on my throne next to my royal subjects, Sir Scamander and Madame Finnagin,” Andi tells me when we reach our table.


“As you wish my queen,” I say as I giggle and slide her off my back next to Lorcan and Stephanie.


“You two have officially lost your minds,” Lorcan says to us as he scoots over to let Andi in.


“Where have you been all day?” Lucy demands “I know you didn’t finish your potions work before we went to Hogsmead. You know your mom will kill you if you don’t turn it in.”


“Calm down Lucy, we finished it hours ago! We were down at the quidditch pitch. We ate lunch with dad earlier today and shopped some more in Hogsmead before we came back,” I tell her happily.


“You forgot to mention the part where I beat became the Quidditch Queen,” Andi teases.


“I swear I don’t know what you are talking about. Where’s Lily?” I ask Lorcan.


I noticed she wasn’t sitting with everyone when we sat down. I hope she still isn’t mad. I’m not sure why she is mad to tell you the truth. What did she expect us to say to her when we found out about her and Lorcan? Congratulations?


“Why would I know? She hasn’t talked to me in weeks.” Lorcan replies emotionlessly.


Stephanie visibly stiffens at the sound of Lily’s name. I take it she isn’t going to forgive her right away for what happened between them last time we were all together.


“I saw her in the library before I got here,” Lysander tells me. “She must have stayed there instead of coming to dinner.”


It’s not like Lily to skip a meal. I know she makes fun of me a lot for eating so much, but try as me might she still has Weasley DNA and I know she enjoys food just as much as I do. I make a mental note to go look for her after I finish dinner.


“Did you enjoy your sleep over?” Lysander asks me.


“Yes, it was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again.” I tell him before I start shoving mashed potatoes into my mouth.


“I’ve been thinking..” Stephanie says breaking her silence.


“Well that’s a first.” Andi teases.


“Har Har. No, I’ve been thinking that we should have a Halloween Party. Maybe in the Room of Requirement. We’ve all been working our butts off so far and haven’t really had any time to relax and cut loose since we got here. Well except for you girls but we don’t all have daddies that give us everything we want,” she says.


Ignoring her last comment, I tell her that it’s a great idea and that Andi and I can plan it since we seem to be the only ones who aren’t affected by the massive overload of work. Halloween still isn’t for another three weeks, but the prospect of a party instantly puts everyone in a cheerful mood and we get through dinner without any problems.


I go searching for Lily after I finish my third serving of dessert. It didn’t take very long to find her. She is too predictable sometimes. As soon as I opened the door to the kitchen two house elves bounced up to me asking me what they could get me, but I regretfully told them I didn’t need anything.


“What are you doing here?” Lily asks once she spots me. Her voice sounds raspy.


“Coming to ask you why you skipped out on dinner.”


She sighs and pushes her food away thanking the house elves who made it for her. When she turns to me I notice her eyes are bloodshot and her nose is red and puffy like she has been crying all night.


“I don’t want to be around any one. Especially now that all of you think I’m some slag who gave her virginity to a boy who won’t ever love her back.”


I notice Lily’s eyes are filling with tears quickly and rush to embrace her. Immediately she starts crying into my shoulder telling me she is sorry for disappointing me.


“Shhh,” I try calming her. “Lils nobody thinks that about you. It was a bit of a shock, but you’re no different from the Lily you were last week, okay? Besides, do you think you’re the only girl in the family who has shagged a boy before? Hell I think we were the only ones who hadn’t. You are not disappointing anyone!”


She nods her head and whimpers. One of the house elves brings her a tissue, which she thankfully takes and begins to wipe the tears off her face.


“Maybe I am just disappointed in myself,” she finally says. “I’m Harry fucking Potter’s only daughter and I’m eating dinner alone with house elves and crying my eyes out every night because one boy doesn’t notice me like I want him to.”


I can’t help but laugh at her use of words. “Maybe it’s time to start looking for someone else Lils?”


“Maybe your right.” She smiles at me and hugs me again, “I’m not sure how to look for someone else though. I’ve never really noticed anyone but Lorcan.”


“I know exactly what you mean,” I tell her honestly. “Lucy can help you out there though. She’s been with enough guys to start a quidditch team.”


“I don’t think I want that kind of help,” she replies seriously but laughs nonetheless.


“Well I will help you find a new guy in less than three weeks, so have no worries.”


“Why in three weeks?”


I forgot that Lily doesn’t know about the Halloween party yet. Hopefully by then Lorcan will have dumped Stephanie so Lily can go with him. I know I just told her to basically move on, but I still think her and Lorcan would be a perfect couple.


“We’re throwing a party in the Room of Requirement. Sort of like a welcome back, Halloween, blow off some steam party.” I reply enthusiastically. I guess I shouldn’t tell her that it was Stephanie’s idea. Somehow I think it would make the idea less appealing.


Lily’s face brightens immediately. “A party just might be the perfect thing for me right now.”




The first week after our sleepover in Hogsmead goes by rather quickly. The word has traveled about our Halloween party and the castle is buzzing with gossip about who is going with who and what everyone is going to wear.


Lily thought of the idea of having a costume party, in the spirit of Halloween. I think she just wanted to one up Stephanie’s idea. Lucy let slip that Stephanie suggested the party so naturally Lily wanted to steal her thunder.


I haven’t figured out what costume I plan on wearing yet, I still have two weeks to come up with an idea though, so I’m not stressing over it. Andi, Lily, Lucy, and myself are all going to Hogsmead next weekend to find costumes together. I’m almost positive that Lucy will pick out the costume with the least amount of fabric on it, while the rest of us go with something more modest.


We decided to wait until next week to look for costumes to give each other enough time to find dates. That way we could possibly match our costumes to what the guys will be wearing. I already have a date (go figure) but Lucy is the only one else who has managed to snatch up a hottie to go with.


I know that several guys have asked Andi already, but she politely declined. I can’t say I blame her. I love her to death, but even I couldn’t resist teasing her if she showed up to the party with one of the third years who asked her.


Lily says she has someone in mind but refuses to tell us who it is. I wonder if she is just saying that to get us off her case about it. Lucy thinks she is holding out to see if Lorcan will break up with Stephanie before the party. I don’t really see that happening though.


It seems like after getting beat up by Lily, Stephanie has had a major attitude change. She’s been extra nice to us girls and her and Lorcan are more inseparable than ever. It’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping the fight would push her away from everyone, not bring her closer.


Lily has decided to act like neither Lorcan nor Stephanie exist and doesn’t acknowledge them at any time of the day. Especially during dinner (which is where we find ourselves now) when Stephanie feels the need to spoon feed Lorcan his own food. Talk about disgusting.


“Guess who has a date to the Halloween party?” Andi exclaims as she sits down at the table.


“Really? Who are you going with?” I immediately reply.


“Frank Longbottom!” she announces proudly. “He just asked me.”


“Way to go, he is quite the catch,” Stephanie replies politely.


“No he isn’t. That’s our cousin Andi.” Lily remarks.


“He isn’t technically your cousin, and he is very sweet, I think he will be a fun date.” Andi says.


Frank is in his seventh year at Hogwarts, and I’m sure you have guessed that he is Neville Longbottom’s son. I personally think it’s great that Andi is going with him. He is always so busy during school that we don’t get to hang out very often. He is a good friend of the family’s though (we have a lot of those) so we do spend quite a lot of time together outside of Hogwarts. Who knows, maybe Andi will start dating him and it will give her an excuse to visit over Christmas break.


“That’s great, now everyone has a date.” Lucy comments.


“Ugh not everyone, Lily is still going stag. Isn’t that right?” Stephanie smirks at Lily, wiling her to disagree. So much for the change of attitude.


“Actually, I have a date,” Lily replies nonchalantly and continues to eat her dinner.


“Oh really?” Stephanie sneers, “And who is this imaginary date?”


“Holden Sanders.” Lily says. Lorcan chokes on his food and goes into a coughing fit.


Now it’s Lily’s turn to smirk. I don’t know how many years Stephanie spent doodling Holden’s name on her notebooks. They dated briefly in fourth year, but it turns out Holden was only doing it because of a dare. Everyone knows that Stephanie never got over it, even if she has dated other people since the incident.


“You’re lying,” Stephanie replies instantly.


“I guess you will just have to wait and see for yourself then. By the way your boyfriend is choking to death,” Lily nods her head towards Lorcan who had to drink an entire glass of pumpkin juice to stop from coughing.


“You hate Holden! Why would you agree to go with him?” Lorcan asks after he gains his composure.


“Actually, I asked him,” Lily says. It’s the first time she has spoken directly to Lorcan in weeks.


“What? Why? You know what kind of guy he is. He only has one thing on his mind,” Lorcan replies.


“It really is none of your business who I go to the party with. Or what we decide to do after the party.”


Lorcan is speechless. All of us are speechless for that matter. I know I told Lily that she should start looking for someone else, but I figured it would be someone who she actually likes a little. Just last weekend she was telling Lucy how much of a scum bag he is. I guess girls do crazy things to get back at people.


“Well that’s great Lily,” Andi says, “This party is going to be amazing.”


“Thanks Andi. And thank you Stephanie for coming up with the idea,” Lily says almost too politely.


When we finish dinner, Lysander and I decide to go for a quick walk around the castle. Ever since our little argument in Hogsmead, Lysander had made a point of trying to spend a few minutes alone with me every night.


He takes my hand and guides me to our favorite tree in front of the lake. He pulls out a small blanket from his school bag and lays it down in the grass for us. I happily take a seat next to him and lean my body up against his.


 “What do you think about Lily going to the party with Holden?” he asks me.


“Well I think she can go with whoever she wants, though I am surprised by her choice.”


“Lorcan wasn’t too happy about it.”


“Yeah, but he doesn’t really have much room to talk. I’m sure Lily isn’t too thrilled that he is going with Stephanie.”


“Well Stephanie is his girlfriend. It wouldn’t make much sense to go with someone else.”


“So it’s different because Lily isn’t dating Holden?” I ask.


“Yes, it’s obvious that she is just doing it to get to Lorcan and Stephanie,” he replies matter-of-factly.


“Well maybe she is just trying to move on, and is actually interested in dating Holden.”


“I doubt it. I personally think she is acting a bit dim witted. Lorcan wouldn’t ever date someone out of spite to her. He really cares about Lily.”


“Lorcan isn’t as wonderful as you may think,” I mumble.


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“I just think maybe you should get the whole story from your brother before you rush to defend him.”


Although I appreciate the effort Lysander has been making for us, our nights usually end up in little arguments likes this. The first couple of times it was about me not spending enough time studying. All because I only got an A on my potions essay (but considering that Andi and I finished in thirty minutes, I think we did exceptionally well). Then there was the little fight about me getting detention. Lily and Andi got it too though and you didn’t hear him scolding them. Now it has come to him insulting my cousin for getting a date, albeit a random date, to the party because she obviously couldn’t go with her first choice.


“Why don’t you tell me, if you think you know the whole story?” Lysander snaps, obviously getting annoyed that I’m not taking his side and defending his brother.


“It’s not my place to tell. Besides, it’s getting late. We should probably head back inside.” I say, trying to avoid another thirty minute argument.


“Yeah okay, you should spend at least thirty minutes practicing for transfiguration tonight. You didn’t seem to have the technique right today,” he tells me as he packs up our blanket and walks off toward the castle.


I purposefully walk a few steps behind him the whole way back to my common room. His last comment really offended me because I thought I was doing rather well in transfiguration today. At the portrait hole I give him a quick kiss and tell him to sleep well.


Everyone seems to have gone to bed early tonight because the common room is almost empty. Andi looks up when she seems me arrive and a big smile appears on her face.


“About freaking time!” she exclaims. She slams her book shut and runs up to me grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the portrait hole where I just came from.


“Where are we going?” I laugh as she pulls me down the stairs and towards the Hufflepuff Common Room. Lucy’s sister Molly was the only one in the family to be in Hufflepuff and unfortunately for us, she forced us to have a sleep over with her during our first year. That’s the only reason I know where their common room is.


“To the kitchens, where else?” Andi asks sounding appalled.


“Oh I should really get back to the common room and practice for transfiguration. I didn’t quite understand the technique today,” I reply unenthusiastically.


Andi stops in front of the kitchen portrait and drops my hand. “You’re kidding right?” she eyes me skeptically.


“No, I’m serious.”


“You did an amazing job today. You’re probably one of the only ones who don’t need to practice. Lucky for me I had some free time while I was waiting for you to get back, so we have plenty of time for desert,” She tells me smugly.


Thankful for the reassurance, I reach up and tickle the pear causing the door knob to appear and enter the kitchen with Andi by my side. The good think about Lysander being in Ravenclaw is that he will never know I didn’t take his advice and practice my work tonight. Instead I spend the next hour in the kitchens with Andi laughing about random things (and not arguing once I might add).





A/N: Reviews would be awesome right about now! What do you think about Lily going to the party with Holden? Or what about Roxanne & Lysander arguing a lot recently? I'm not sure if I like this chapter, so let me know what you think of it. :)


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