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Hated for Who I'm Not by TheCarrowChild
Chapter 10 : On My Own Again
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 It’s been three months since I’ve seen or talked to Draco Malfoy. In that time span I’ve befriended Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson.  Also spring has finally startedwhich in England just means more rain only slightly less frigid temperatures. It was now the end of April and nearly time for the year to be out so we could all go home to our respective homes. Only this year hadn’t been one filled with happiness, the closer it got to the end of term, the tenser the air in the castle seemed to become.

It was lost on no one that this would be the year of the Final Battle and that it was fast approach it’s due date. Harry Potter and his gang of friends must’ve been getting close to something because all the known cohorts of Voldemort that were seen around the castle were seen speaking in hushed whispers quite agitatedly.

I was currently walking back to my dorm after another long day of lessons which I’d received numerous homework assignments from. I was planning on going back now to my dorm so that I could have free time after dinner to relax with my friends and beat Zabini at Wizard’s Chess again.

As I entered the Head’s common room the atmosphere felt different. I felt as if I was being watched but by whom I didn’t know. I didn’t want to stay to find out so I quickly rushed through the common room and ran into my room slamming the heavy door behind me. I felt better in here no longer with the apprehension that I felt down in the common room.

I toss my bag to the floor beside my desk and head to the bathroom to wash my face and fix my hair which had become disheveled after Flitwick’s exam this morning. Satisfied with myself once again I reenter my bedroom only to notice a small piece of purple paper on my bed that hadn’t been there when I left this morning. Curious I approach the note and cautiously open it unsure what the writer could have intended.


I know I’ve been gone for quite some time and that I have no right to tell you what to do. But, I need you to trust me just this once and listen very carefully to what I have to say. You’re going to pack your things and leave your room. I’ve set up a room for you that is never used on the second floor. This is because the Battle for Hogwarts is going to happen in the next couple of days. You are to go to this room and seal yourself within it; you are not to open that door until the battle is over. It is vital you do exactly as I ask and do NOT tell anyone about this. Snape has already written an excuse for you to be out of class. Please don’t be stubborn just this once and listen to me. Tell no one where you are going or why or that I’ve even written to you. I’m taking a great risk to both of our safety in doing this. I broke into your room earlier to leave this I was hoping you’d be there so I could see you one last time. I don’t know what’s going to happen after this and so I’m going to take this time to tell you something that I may never get to say to your face. I love you Isabella Carrow and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t protect you this one last time. Please do as I’ve asked, I will try to find you once this is all over, I promise.



I don’t move, I don’t blink and I realize I’ve stopped breathing when my body suddenly sends me into a coughing fit. I can’t believe a single word I’ve just read so I reread the note, and after the tenth time it begins to sink in. I hurriedly pack my trunk with all of my things and shrink my trunk to fit into my bag. Hopefully I’m able to find this mysterious room, if he says I need to hide, I’m not going to argue with him, I’m not a Gryffindor, I’m not some valiant superhero who seeks out danger. I’m more like the one you’ll only see the back of as I run away. I’m not a coward I’m just not dumb enough to put myself in harm’s way.

I sneak out of my room taking one last look around to make sure I haven’t left anything of importance. As I turn around I run straight into someone’s very hard chest and stumble backwards as they catch me. I look up into the muddy brown eyes of Theodore Nott.

“Sorry Iz, I came to find you to see if you wanted to work on that Charms essay with me?” He smiles a sheepish grin as he rights me.

“Uh, Theo, I’d uh love to but uh I have something I have to do…rain check?” I say stumbling past him and down the stairs hoping I don’t look as frazzled as I feel.

“Is something wrong Carrow? You’re as white as Sir Nicholas! Did Blaise prank your room again?” He says turning the knob of my door, I bolt back up the stairs and step between him and my door taking his hand off the handle.

“N-n-n-no, my room is fine, just a bit messy for boys to see it, you’ll think less of me.” I say regaining some composure.

He bends down and whispers huskily into my ear, “I could never think less of you.”

Suddenly aware of how close we are I push past him locking my door with a flick of my wand over my shoulder. “Don’t wait up for me, I won’t be getting back until considerably later.”

“Um, Carrow, there’s a Hogsmeade trip coming up. I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go with me? I-I-I mean Blaise and Pansy will be with us.” Nott yells from atop the stairs to my retreating figure.

“I’ll have to see what I’m doing that day, I’m sorry Theo I can’t give you an answer straight away, but soon I will, things are just a little hectic at the moment.”I say waving my goodbye and heading towards the second floor, hoping not to run into anyone else. My nerves were on edge and I felt like at any second I could jump from out of my own skin. I didn’t enjoy lying to people especially people whom I considered my friends. Also…Theodore Nott was acting very strangely and it appeared he’d begun to fancy me which would only complicate matters in my life more than they already are. Besides I didn’t want to be responsible for any bodies during this war and I had a feeling if Draco Malfoy found out his mate was making any kind of advances at me he’d be avada kedavraed faster than anything.

I search around the second floor aimlessly hoping to stumble upon this unused classroom when I notice a hallway I’d never noticed before. It was dusty and dingy and didn’t have much in the way of lighting so I of course went down it. I was convinced at any moment a serial killer was going to jump from behind one of the many suits of armor and hack me up into small pieces. Perhaps I had watched too many muggle films. Near the end of the hall I came upon a door, it appeared to not have been touched in years. Maybe this was the room I had been sent to find? I could only hope, believe it or not a shrunken trunk gets heavy after awhile.

I open the door apprehensively and peer inside. Within this old room I see a small bed with a beautiful royal purple silk duvet with several black satin pillows on top. I know this is the room he’d made up for me and he’d even remembered my favorite color, which I’d only mentioned once. I shut the door and conceal it so no one will be able to find me here. After I set my bag down and take my trunk back out and unshrink it, I decide to finish exploring my new room.

There was a picture of the two of us beside my bed which I never even knew was taken. It was a picture of us on our first date, I was laughing at some cheesy line he had used and he was grinning at me seemingly pleased with himself. Beside that was another note with my name written on it. I decide to pocket the note for now but I will read it before doing my homework for the night.

I turn around and see a large armoir set up just waiting for my clothes to be put inside and a vanity table set up with a new necklace with a small amethyst heart surrounded by diamonds on it. I can’t help by smile at the small touches he’d put into this and knew he was trying to make up for all the time of not telling me how he felt, and all the time of torturing me for his own sick pleasure. Perhaps I would get used to the idea of having Draco Malfoy to call my own once again.

I find a door leading to a small bathroom with just enough room for the amenities I would require. Next I found a cupboard filled with my favorite foods and several pitchers of pumpkin juice being kept cold by magic. Exhausted with the stress of the entire situation I decide to take a small nap before tackling my homework and dinner. I get under the covers and emerse myself in the luxury of the world’s softest mattress. Before long I’m out like a light, contented by the smell of a familiar cologne which had been sprayed on my bedding.

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