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Act of Vengeance by accioHPFF
Chapter 3 : Grief.
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A/N: I can't believe I'm updating this again! Here it is, chapter three...


Everything was dark.


Everything was miserable.


Everything was Black.




Darkness filled Narcissa’s mind as she became restless, fighting against the nightmare that consumed her. Swirls of darkness were broken by the flashes of light produced by spells. But she knew it wasn’t the magic that she had learnt during her time at Hogwarts, it was magic that would never be on the Hogwarts syllabus. It was dark magic, magic intended to inflict injury, induce pain, and even cause death. It was her sister’s magic.


She could hear her sister now, her distinct cackle clear above the sound of curses racing through the air, slicing through it like a knife. Her knife. The knife that she had killed the House elf with. The look of pure evil on her sister’s face as she had thrown the knife had frightened her. She was shocked that her sister could enjoy murder like that. Narcissa had seen the knife as little more than a family heirloom, something to be locked in a display cabinet.


“CRUCIO!” Narcissa could hear her sister’s roar, followed by another woman’s scream. This was her sister’s favourite curse, her weapon of speciality. Narcissa remembered the pet cat that she had as a pet during her school years. Just before she left for her final year, the cat became reclusive, hiding wherever it could when she entered the room- whenever anyone entered the room. It was two days before Narcissa left, when she heard a sound coming from her eldest sister’s room, the sound of something in pain. What she found there had horrified her. Standing outside the door, she could hear her cat crying out, and her protective instinct forced her inside. When Narcissa pushed the door open, she saw her sister stood with her wand raised, as the cat struggled desperately on the floor.
She ignored her for weeks after that. After all, finding your twenty one year old sister using dark magic on your pet was not something that was easily forgiven. She would sit in her dormitory and stroke and play with the poor animal, desperate to make amends for her sister’s crime.




She woke with a start, shaking. These were all of her worst memories of her sister. Her mind was full of them, and in the eleven months since Bellatrix had died, trying to forget them had been a constant battle. She was plagued with her sister’s crimes, and it was as if they were branded onto her forehead. Everywhere she went, she was the victim of glaring and people crossing to the other side of the road to avoid her.


In spite of all of this- Narcissa loved her. She loved her sister. And she missed her so much. For all of the evil things that Bellatrix had done, she was family- flesh and blood. She was family that had been taken, murdered, whilst her killer was allowed to walk free, celebrated as a war hero. Celebrated as the woman who killed Bellatrix Lestrange.


Narcissa couldn’t accept this, and after eleven months, she wanted revenge.


A/N: Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave me a review... :D Thank you to Marina for the support, your comments really meant a lot. :)

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