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I'm closer than you think... by Hp_Generation
Chapter 1 : Back to Hogwarts
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Never in my life did I think I would feel like this. It was only an internet relationship! I didn’t even know her name for goodness sake. I’d met her on ‘wizardingnet’, her online name was LittleLion. So helpful on my quest to finding out whom she really is. Every time I’d signed onto the website, my eyes would immediately scan for her name; if it wasn’t there, I’d log off and go back later when I was sure she’d be on. If it was, my heart would skip a beat as I debated whether or not to talk to her. Did I annoy her? Did she even want to talk to me? Did I blab on about the same thing when we spoke? Did she know who I was and not want anything to do with me?
The Hogwarts Express sped through the British country side as Pansy sat next to me, going on about how her mother had let her design her own clothing range for the shop they owned in Diagon Alley. Oh how excited I was. I felt like screaming and jumping around the compartment in excitement, shouting about how happy I was for her. To be honest, I couldn’t care less. Tree after tree, hill after hill, field after field, the country side seemed endless just like Pansy’s constant chatter.
“Don’t you think Draco?” Shit. She asked me a question to do with whatever she’d been going on about for the last 10 minutes or so.
“I haven’t been listening. Sorry, I’m awfully tired. Father and I were up er... talking last night.” Just a slight lie to add to the collection of millions I’ve told over the years. She didn’t need to know about LittleLion and how long we’d spend talking every day. Her pug face fell, clearly she thought I’d actually found the subject interesting. Right, that’s why I was staring out of the window in complete boredom. What did she think I was doing? Imagining clothes on every tree that went past?
The compartment door slid open to reveal a very tired looking Granger. “What do you want?” Crabbe grunted through a mouthful of cauldron cake. My eyes raked her up and down. She’d changed. Her stomach was flat and toned, shown off by the tight vest top she wore that stopped just before the waist band of her jeans, showing a thin band of tanned skin. Her legs were significantly slimmer too, hugged tight but a pair of pale blue skinnies, ripped fashionably here and there. My line of sight wandered lazily back to her face, her normally bushy hair hung straight and tame around it. She had a disgusted expression across her features as she watched Crabbe stuffing his face.
“Professor McGonagall wants to see you Malfoy.” She snapped.
“Why?” I sighed idly.
“Your Head Boy duties, or have you completely forgotten about the letter you received over the holidays? I wouldn’t be surprised with a brain capacity the size of yours.” Ouch. She turned around and stalked away from the compartment down the corridor. She has a nice arse too.
I let my head flop back before pulling myself from the tiny gap Pansy had left between herself and the wall in her desperate attempts to get me to ask her out. I’d sooner buy a dog and call that my girlfriend. “See you at Hogwarts.” I muttered to the others as I trudged out of the door and down the long train corridor to the carriage at the front. As I walked past a compartment of second year Gryffindors, I noticed a little creature on the seat moving around as the crowed to see it. It was a miniture lion. A small lion... a little lion. I wanted to storm into the compartment and throw the thing out of the train window. Why wouldn’t she get out of my head?! She was all I could think about! Just when my mind was pre occupied with being Head Boy, a group of stupid, pathetic second years had to ruin it! Why didn’t someone just brand her name on my hand where I’d see it every day?
I sped up, walking angrily up the train, my hands balled into fists. Unfortunately for him, a first year bumped into me as he looked for a compartment to sit in. “Watch where the fuck you’re going you stupid little twat!” he looked up at me, panicked tears in his wide eyes then ran past me, not looking back. Whoops. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll get over it.
Finally I got to the front of the train and opened the door to see Granger sat on one seat with her legs folded. She shot me a really dirty look. “Took your bloody time.”
“Miss Granger. That’s quite enough thank you.” McGonagall warned. I smirked at her and she gave me a look that made ‘if looks could kill’ scatter through my mind. “Have a seat Mr Malfoy.” The professor indicated next to Granger so I sat down and leant back slinging my arm across the back of the seat. “As you know, you have both been selected to be Head Boy and Girl this year. You will be sharing a common ro-” Both Granger and I sat bolt upright shouting ‘What?!’ at the top of our lungs. No way on this earth was I going to be sharing a common room with that. We both started to protest, first as if the other wasn’t there but then turned on each other and started firing insults, sparing no feelings, forgetting McGonagall was there, pointing and swearing at each other. “Excuse me.” She said but neither of us payed the slightest bit of attention. “Excuse me.”
“Miss Granger! That’s quite enough from both of you! I am absolutely appalled! You have put me in the right frame of mind to send you both back to your compartments and call two other people to represent our school!” we sat with our heads hung, McGonagall could bash even the worst behaved child into shape. She was worse than Father when he was angry; he I could stand up to without a problem. “Now, as I was saying. You with be sharing a common room but will each have your separate dormitories.” Bloody better have. “You will be having regular meetings with myself and Professor Flitwick. The prefects, as you know, have patrolling duties, you will need to be making sure that they stick to the rota. You will also have to patrol corridors but you will have less hours that the prefects. Is it understood that there is to be no fighting among you or there will be consequences. Is that understood?” we nodded slightly. “Is that understood?” she asked more forcefully.
“Yes Professor.” We chorused.
“Good. After dinner Professor Flitwick will show you where your common room is. I am going back to the school. You are to stay here.” She flicked her wand and our bags appeared on the racks above us. She gave us a stern look and disapperated with a loud pop. Granger stood up and stalked as far from me as she could in the little compartment. She has a really nice arse. She whipped around to stare at me.
“What? What are you staring at? Huh? What is it that you find so fascinating about the back of me?” I put my hands up in a ‘I surrender’ gesture. Spreading myself across the seat, I smirked.
“You have no idea how much I want to slap that stupid smirk from your face Malfoy.”
“You say my name like it’s a disease Granger. Whats the matter? Not looking forward to spending the year in the same common room as me?”
“Not particularly, why? You looking forward to it?” She cocked her head to the side and looked at me with these huge puppy eyes that would have made me melt if they hadn’t been hers.
“Yeah you never know, might get a shag or two out of you.” I grinned at her, really looking forward to her retort.
“Your un-fucking-believable you know that! If you even think I’d let you near my dormitory, you have another thing coming!” Oh this is going to be so much fun!
“Never said it had to be in a dormitory.” Slap. Her hand struck my face. For the second time since we’d met. She didn’t even have a legitimate reason! I jumped to my feet furious at her.
“What the fuck was that for?!”
“Oh come on, don’t play stupid, what do you think it was for?!”
“It’s called a joke, Granger! Get a sense of humour bloody hell.” I didn’t want to fight. I was too tired. Besides if Father got a letter saying I’d been withdrawn from being Head Boy, I’d probably be disowned and left to live on the streets. I got up and heaved my trunk from the rack and began taking out my uniform.
“Er, hello? I am still in here.” I heard her sounding very pissed off from behind me.
“It’s not like I’m gonna be starkers. It’s just my abs.” I winked at her and began getting changed.


He started to get undressed, right there in front of me, completely unashamed. He took his shirt off and I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander down his torso. Wow. I mean... er, yeah he has nice abs, so what? Oh but they weren’t just nice abs. They were gorgeous! They were toned into a smooth six pack, his chest firm and muscular. The skin stretched over the tight muscles was so pale, it was like snow.
“Like what you see Granger?” Shit. He’d noticed me staring and my jaw had dropped.
“If it was on anyone else but you, then maybe yeah.” I said cockily. That hit him below the belt, I saw it on his face. He snorted.
“Yeah Vincent Crabbe with this six pack. Six pack of rolls more like.” He pulled his school shirt on and started doing up the buttons. I had to hide my face so he couldn’t see me laughing. Hauling my own trunk from the rack above, I too began to take out my school uniform. I sat down, watching the world speed past, waiting for him to finish getting ready. He slung his green and silver tie lazily round his neck and looked up when I cleared my throat.
“What?” he asked, oblivious to the fact I wanted to get changed. I tipped my head to the door. “Oh just get changed would you? It’s not like I haven’t seen a girl naked before.” I shrugged and turned around so he at least wouldn’t see my chest. My stomach and legs though... I wasn’t overly comfortable but oh well.


When I said that, I must admit I’d expected another slap or at least for her to shout at me but she just shrugged and started getting undressed. She removed the skimpy vest top to reveal her tanned skin. She wore a lacy scarlet bra that clipped around her back in a perfect fit. I hadn’t noticed but she’d started putting another vest top on, white this time. She stopped moving with her arms above her head.
“Er... Malfoy?” her voice broke me from my reverie.
“Pull my top down, please. I’m stuck.” To my surprise, I chuckled and helped her pull the white top down. My hands brushed the skin on her waist. It suddenly seemed like someone had pressed the slow motion button on my life. Her skin was so soft, like a feather; it was smooth, I’d never felt anything like it in my life. My eyes widened as they took in her stomach. It was beautifully toned, muscled but not too prominent. Her jeans stopped just on her hips, which were perfectly rounded and in proportion. One thing I never ever thought I’d think was that Hermione Granger was fit. Yet here I was thinking exactly that. The white top covered her body up and my trance ended. She look me in the eye and must have noticed that I was staring because a smirk covered her face.
“Like what you see Malfoy?” she winked and carried on getting dressed.
I pulled a book from my bag and started to read. Over the top of the huge volume I saw her remove her jeans. Fuck. I thought she had a nice arse before. Screw that. She has an amazing arse. Argh. I was doing it again.
Snap out of it Draco. She’s Granger. You hate her. I told myself sternly. Yet I couldn’t help but peek over the stop as she rummaged through her trunk searching so her trousers then keep staring at her legs and backside as she pulled the skin tight trousers up. Then she turned around, looking for her tie. I dropped my eyes back to the book, not actually taking in the words but replaying what I’d just seen in my mind.
“You seen my tie?” she asked accusingly.
“No.” I replied shortly, not wanting her to see right through me. When she found it and tied it round her neck, she sat with a book and got her nose so close to it I swear she was kissing the pages. Eventually I gave up on the book, sighed and threw it back into my trunk and stared out of the window thinking. I was wondering where LittleLion was right now; what she was doing, how she was... who she was. We’d said our goodbyes last night, promising to talk over through the website as soon as we could. Thank god wizards had found a way of connecting to the internet. Muggle connection devices would never work near Hogwarts, there’s too much magic. Maybe she might be online. I guess it wouldn’t harm anyone to check. Deciding to check just in case, I pulled the slim connector out from my jacket pocket and signed into the website. My eyes immediately scanned the screen for her name.

So many people online. Except her. Angrily I dropped the connector into my lap and ran a hand through my hair. I wanted to ask her who she was. Then the list shifted. There right at the top was her name.


My heart did its usual skip and I clicked on her name.
Hi:) I typed.
Hello! I’ve wanted to talk to you Her reply came almost immediately.
We only spoke last night:L
Oh shush, don’t deny it, you’ve missed me too:)
Alright you got me.
Ha! Knew it;) awh, I’m flattered!
You should be not many people get someone like me to like them this much.
So, er... I’ve wanted to ask you a question...
Knock yourself out:)
Well... who are you?
LittleLion silly
No, I mean, behind that
I don’t think I should really say
And she was gone. She’d signed out. I too signed out and angrily shoved the connector back into my jacket pocket. Who was she? Why didn’t she want to tell me? Was she ever going to talk to me again? All these questions battered my mind. Shaking my head, I sat down and sighed. Another sigh came from next to me; turning my head I saw Granger lying down on the seat staring at the ceiling.
“What’s the matter with you?” I snapped, pretty damn sure it wasn’t worse than my problem.
“What is it to you?” she snapped right back, slammed her book shut and replaced it in her trunk before shutting that as well. She sat by the window watching everything speed past. I found myself watching her as she shifted in her seat every now and then like she was thinking about something. It was really beginning to bug me. Thankfully, the train began to slow and as soon as it screeched to a halt, I grabbed my blazer and flung the door open, not looking back. That was torture.
Stepping onto the Hogsmeade platform I breathed in the fresh air. Ahhhh. So much better. The carriages were waiting in their usual place, only this time, I could see what was pulling them. They were skeletal horse like creatures; midnight black in colour with long wings stretched out. The oaf Hagrid had shown us these in our 5th year, only I hadn’t been able to see them then. What was it they were called... thestrals, that was it. Then I realised why I could see them. Only those who have witnessed death can see thestrals. So when I’d fought in that wizard war and seen thousands of people dropping like flies around me, I’d gained the ability to see the creepy things. Oh whoop-de-doo. I clambered into one of the carriages and waited for it to start moving towards the castle.
After an elongated journey thanks to the group of third years that had joined me in my carriage, much to my delight, we finally arrived at the castle. I practically flew from the giggling third year girls and up to the Great Hall. The Slytherin table wasn’t very full yet, so I strolled over and sat with Blaise Zabini and the others from my dormitory.
“Draco.” Zabini nodded to be as I sat down.
“Blaise.” I greeted back.
“Good holidays?”
“Satisfactory. Yourself?” we only ever spoke to each other in short sentences seeing as neither of us had a particular way with words.
“Exquisite.” The conversation ended there as hundreds of Slytherins, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors thundered into the hall and took their seats. Silence fell as McGonagall began her speech. I zoned out then my name got mentioned and Blaise was elbowing me in the ribs and telling me to stand up as everyone clapped. Across the hall, Granger was stood up at the Gryffindor table too, so I guessed it had something to do with Head Boy and Girl. When the applause died down, I immediately took my seat again. I hated being centred like that. Finally the feast began. Golden plates of roast chicken, beef, lamb and turkey appeared in front of us; bowls of potatoes, boiled, roasted and mashed, tankards of thick gravy and dishes of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and parsnips. The Hogwarts feasts were always the most extravagant. I sat in silence, eating whilst listening to my fellow Slytherins complaining about their holidays, others butting in about how they’d been hunting with their Fathers or whatever, I wasn’t paying that much attention.
“What about you Draco? What did you do over the holidays?” Pansy asked in her annoying voice. Swallowing the piece of carrot I had in my mouth, I thought through my answer very carefully.
“Well, I spent alot of time with Father at the Ministry but then he had to go away on important business so Mother and I stayed at home most of the time. Although we did go to Diagon Alley and I got the new FireBolt 2000. I must say, it’s spectacular.” That was a valid answer right? Okay maybe I haven’t tried out my new broomstick but it looked amazing. And maybe I left out the tiny detail that I was up every night talking to LittleLion but hey, they don’t need to know every aspect of my personal life do they.
When the plates cleared themselves of desert (chocolate trifle, cheese cake in just about ever flavour and some weird looking stuff I didn’t fancy trying) we were sent to our dorms. Just as I was leaving I remembered that I was to have my own dorm this year. That part I was pretty darn happy about; it was just the sharing a common room with Granger that set it back. Maybe she’d fall down the stairs and break her leg and have to spend the rest of the year in the hospital wing. Then again, Madame Pomfrey can mend bones with a flick of her wrist. Silently so I didn’t have to answer any questions, I left the others and headed back to the hall to see Granger stood tapping her foot next to the tiny Flitwick.
“Ahh, Mr Malfoy.” He squeaked as he saw me approach. “Both of you follow me please.”
We followed him up about six stair cases, along several corridors before at last stopping before a portrait of a young girl in a strange flowery hat.
“Hello Professor.” She smiled at Flitwick.
“Hello Amelia, dear. These are our new Head Boy and Girl. There are strict orders that there is to be no fighting between them, so if there so happens to be a fight, do not hesitate to contact the headmistress or myself immediately.”
“Of course sir.” She grinned again. Suck up. “Hello Draco, Hermione. How are you?” We both nodded, not really sure what to say. “My name is Amelia, I do hope you like the common room, I tried my best to find out what you liked from your former portraits.” Again, we both just nodded.
“Yes, the password is Patronus and only you two will be allowed in. I think that’s everything. Right, I’ll leave you know. Remember, no fighting.” He gave each of us a stern look then tottered off down the corridor. I immediately turned to Amelia.
“Patronus.” I instructed in a harsh tone. The slightly surprised portrait swung open; I climbed in and took the staircase to my right, not even bothering to look around the room. The damn door was locked. I trudged back down again, this time actually taking note of the common room. It was large and round, a fire burned directly opposite the portrait door with a cushy sofa in front of it sided by two arm chairs. A rectangular coffee table sat in the middle of them, upon it a tray with two mugs of hot chocolate and a note. Granger picked up the note, sat down and began to read it out loud.
“Dear Draco and Hermione, it is my pleasure to inform you that as Head Boy and Girl this will be your common room for your next year at Hogwarts. A house elf has been assigned to each of you. Hermione, your elf responds to the name Doxie, Draco yours to Ladel. You each have your own dormitory, secured with an individual password to ensure your personal space and privacy. An envelope is enclosed for the both of you with your passwords in them. Your timetables are also enclosed in this envelope. Have a good term. Headmistress Professor McGonagall.” She looked back into the envelope and threw a smaller folded piece of parchment with my name on it. Then another piece with a timetable on it.
I turned my back on her and walked up the stairs again, unfolded the paper then stopped at the door, muttered ‘parselmouth’ and twisted the door knob to reveal my dormitory. The bed was a large four poster with the black head board against the back wall; a Slytherin green quilt lay across the dark sheets with a silver stripe across the top along with green pillows. In the opposite corner a black wooden wardrobe stood tall and proud, right next to it was a chest of drawers of the same demeanour. To the right of the bed was a wooden desk made of the same black wood; my trunk was at the foot of the bed, ready to be unpacked.
Undoing my shirt, I pulled my music player from my trunk, set it on the side and let it play. I danced around like I usually do when I’m alone, putting shirts, trousers and blazers in the wardrobe and boxers and socks in the drawers. Just as I was putting my jeans on a hanger, there was a light knock on the door.
“Pause.” I called out to the music player and it stopped right where it was. I opened the door to see Hermione stood on the step.
“You left your wand downstairs.” She said in a way so civil that it took me back for a second. I took my wand from her out stretched hand, looking her in the eyes the whole time.
“Thanks.” I nodded. She nodded back slightly and turned around to walk back down the stairs. As I almost finished closing the door, I heard her turn around again.
“Malfoy?” opening the door, I looked at her questioningly. “I know neither of us particularly like each other but can we at least try and be civil? Call each other by first names and stuff?”
“Alright.” I smiled slightly. “See you later Hermione.”
She nodded, looking down. “Draco.” I shut the door again.
“Play.” The music resumed and I lay back on the huge four poster.


My common room was lovely. A big four poster with an oak wood head board against the wall to my left, a large French window leading to a balcony next to it; a Gryffindor scarlet quilt covered the bed with a gold stripe across the top, two scarlet pillows sat comfortably at the top. In the corner opposite a tall oak wardrobe stood looking warm and welcoming, a chest of drawers next to it of the same characteristics. To the right of the bed was a writing desk made of the same golden oak wood, a full book case looming next to it. I played my music as I emptied the old trunk I had used for the past 7 years to carry my belongings to the enchanted school. The orange pink sky caught my eye out of the window; so pulling the French doors open, I stepped onto the curved balcony and leant against the edge, breathing in the crisp evening air.
“Pretty isn’t it?” a voice made me jump. Malfoy stood on his own balcony next to mine.
“Yeah.” I leant on my elbow, thinking about being back in the Gryffindor common room with Harry, Ron and Ginny... It was weird without them. He sighed and turned to go back inside. “Draco?” I called, keeping to the truce to call each other by our first names.
“Yeah?” he paused.
“Are you okay? You seem really pissed off at something?” he laughed once and shook his head before looking at me.
“Tell me, have you ever met someone and spoken to them endlessly, day dreamed about them, dreamt about them, thought about them without even caring... but never actually met them? Have no idea who they are behind a mask? You’ve been so close to them and risked everything on one question, asking it and everything falling to shit?” he looked into my eyes. Yes. Yes I have. “Then you won’t understand how I feel.” He walked into his dormitory and pushed the doors shut again. I should have said yes. Because I did know how he felt, I had just been through it.
All summer, I’d been talking to this guy on ‘wizardingnet’. I didn’t know his real name, all I knew was that his username was SnitchSeeker but that could be anyone. I suppose they had to be on any of the Quidditch house teams but he never said what school he went to so he could be anywhere in the country right now. We stayed up late into the early hours of the morning talking about anything and everything, convosation never running dry. I missed him already; it had only been a day. Maybe I should ask him who he was. Maybe it was better if we knew; we could get to know each other better? I sighed and ran both my hands through the thick brown curls of hair, locking my fingers together at the back of my head as I stared down at the floor, unsure of what to do.
Just as I was turning around to go inside and get changed, a small black shape on the horizon caught my eye. It was getting bigger as I focused on it. The shape sprouted wings as it got bigger and its outline became more defined before I eventually realised what it was. A huge eagle owl soared towards me and I held my arms up to my face as it looked like it was going to land on me but instead it landed on the barrier of the balcony, holding its leg out. A parchment envelope with the name ‘LittleLion’ in emerald green ink settled in the middle of the envelope. I eagerly took the letter and squealed excitedly. There was only one person this could be from.
“Thank you thank you thank you!” I grinned at the owl before it rolled its eyes and flew off again.


A high pitched squeal was coming from outside my French doors; I could hear it even over the booming bass of the music. I frowned slightly and commanded the player to pause. I flung the doors open and leant out. Hermione was dancing around on her balcony clutching something to her perk chest. I hadn’t noticed earlier but she had removed her school shirt so she simply wore the clingy white vest top accompanied by a pair of grey sweatshirt shorts. Drawing my eyes from her body, I looked at her face which was lit up with excitement, so happy about what looked like a little bit of paper.
“What’s so exciting, Gra- Hermione?” he corrected himself mid-sentence. She stopped dancing and turned around slowly to face him as he leant against the wall.
“Er... how long have you been there?” she looked at her feet, shifting them shyly.
“Only a couple of minutes.” She blushed like crazy, her whole face going a bright pink before she muttered ‘it’s just a letter’ under her breath and shuffled back through to her room, leaving the windowed doors open. I rested my back against the wall, looking up at the now almost black sky. I hoped to god that my owl had found LittleLion okay... I loved that owl so much. We had a strange relationship; it was almost like she understood my struggle with my parents at home, the struggle to keep up the expectations of the Malfoy family. At times when I just couldn’t take it, she was always there to talk to and she’d hoot back in a comforting little way. I missed her when she was away, hunting at night, delivering letters, whatever it was, I always missed her. I sighed and turned back into the doors and switched off the music player, not in the mood for the upbeat tunes anymore; instead I striped my uniform down to my boxers, shut the doors and wandered down the stairs to the common room.
Hermione came out from the kitchen just as I walked down the last few stairs, carrying a steaming mug of coffee. She saw me and closed her eyes, scrunching up her face and cocking her head slightly in annoyance.
“We share this common room you know.”
“No shit.” I spread myself across one the sofas by the fire and opened one of the books on the small wooden table.
“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t strut around in your boxers. No offence.” She added cockily.
“Get used to it, biatch.”
“Prick.” She fired unexpectedly.
“You want to suck my what?” I winked at her, waiting for the slap that was sure to be coming my way. Instead she tipped coffee on my chest ad she walked past, snatching the book from me before I could throw it at her.
“Whoops. I slipped.” She said smugly.
“What the fuck?!” I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer, shoving it against my chest to numb the burn. She smirked and buried her nose in the book. “Jesus Christ. No wonder Weaslebee and Potter don’t stand up to you.” I muttered to myself. She couldn’t help herself but grin. Her pearly white, perfectly straight teeth reflected the light from the fire. If the grin was on anyone else under any other circumstance, I would have thought it gorgeous but seeing as she’d just poured coffee on me and it was Granger, no thank you.


He cursed over and over, holding the bag of ice hard against his chest. Okay, so maybe it was a little harsh considering I’d just made the coffee but if he wasn’t suck a prick it wouldn’t have happened! He bought it on himself really. I sat with my book, hiding its pages from Malfoy. What he didn’t know was that I wasn’t reading the book; I was reading my letter. I’d read it a million times over and yet a rush of excitement ran through me every time I looked at it. My eyes scanned the neat words again.
Dear LittleLion,
I hope my owl found you okay... I’m sorry about the other day. I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. I really would love to know your real name but if you don’t feel comfortable with me knowing, that’s fine. I miss our late night convosations. Every night, I try and get my connector to work but it just won’t...
I was thinking, maybe we could meet up some time? No never mind. It’s a stupid question.
How’s school? Hope you’re okay, I worry when I don’t get to talk to people. Write back as soon as you can! I miss you already!!
Write back quick!

Little did he know how much I missed him too. I wanted to write back but my owl was still away, delivering a letter to my mum and dad. As soon as she got back I’d promised to the sheet of paper I’d write and send her on her way as quick as I could.
“Ugh. You’re such a cow! Look at this! Look. At. This!” he stood up and pointed at his burnt chest in fury. I flicked my wand, sending a jet of freezing water him.
“Better?” I threw down the book and letter, knowing he’d fight back. He looked at me with the devil’s eyes, his boxers clinging to him, his hair flopping over his eyes. If he had been anyone else it would have been sexy.
“Aguamenti!” he shouted, spurting a jet of water from his wand. With a flick of my own, I put up a shield, bouncing the water back to him; another flick flinging a flock of birds at him, their beaks sharp and pointed. He blocked them and watched as they exploded in puffs of feathers.
“Rezati!” a large gash formed down my arm, blood streaming everywhere. I ignored the pain and carried on firing spells at him. We got closer and closer to each other and ended up fighting without wands, rolling around on the floor, me hitting every part of him I could get to while he tried to push me off, hitting me back at the same time. Then, just suddenly for no reason at all, we stopped. I was sat on his waist, he had his knees bent behind me and both my wrists grasped in his broad hands. Slowly, I leant forwards slightly and pulled myself up, loosening his grip on my hands, brushing my chest against him. Once I was on my feet, I sauntered over to where I had dropped my wand, picked it up, summoned the book and letter and walked up my staircase, wiggling my hips a little the whole way. As soon as my door was shut, I giggled to myself and bandaged my arm before pulling my hair back and writing back to SnitchSeeker.


Damn. I lay there, completely still, staring at the ceiling not quite sure what had just happened. I had let Granger sit on me, held her wrists in my hands then she brushed against me and it was like she’d electrocuted me. Why I have no idea, I mean, it wasn’t like I hadn’t touched a girls boobs before... never bare but still. In the flick of a wand, I was on my feet, shaking her from my mind; she was messing with my head.
Pull it together Draco. It’s only the first day of term. She’s messing with you, forget it. I told myself sharply. Without a backwards glance, I picked up my wand and jogged up the stairs and flopped down on my bed, listening to the wind through the trees and watching my black and white owl sit proudly on her stool, preening her feathers.
My eyes followed the intricate patterns of the ceiling. Left, right, swirl, twist, turn, bend, loop; the pattern was endless. My eyes began to tire of watching the constant twists, loops and turns so I switched off the lamp and turned over to go to sleep, thinking of new jinxes I could learn to get Granger with.

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