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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 2 : Positive
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Positive. I shook it again as if it were an etch a sketch. Positive. My hands are shaking. Could I be pregnant? I run to the medicine cabinet and find another one. I wait a couple more minutes. Positive.


Draco and I have never really talked about having another child. We were happy with Scorpius. But there was that one conversation that we had:
“Did you ever think of having another baby?” I asked as Draco was reading. Scorpius was down for his nap.
“I guess,” Draco says now looking up from his book.
“I guess? Draco, this is a serious question. You can’t just answer I guess.”
“Well I don’t know. Don’t you want to wait until Scorpius is a tiny bit older?”
“Draco, he’s five. I think he’s old enough,” I say looking at Draco. Draco wasn’t looking up from his book. “Can you pay attention please?  
“I think we should wait a little bit. At least until Scorpius can fully understand that he’s going to be a big brother.”
“But he might understand it now.”
“I don’t think we’re ready to have another child,” He look back down to his book. I knew then, that that was the end of this conversation.
I sigh. “Okay.”

Scorpius was 16 now. I think he would be old enough to understand now. But what if he doesn’t take it well? I tried again five more times. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. It was official. I was pregnant.
It wasn’t even a special occasion when Draco and I had sex! It was just a “what the hell, let’s do it” type of thing.
I was reading a book on the bed as Draco walks in from the kitchen. He leans across the bed and puts his arm around my waist and kisses me on the cheek and shoulder. I know enough about Draco’s body language, and I could tell what he wanted.
I sigh and groan. “Not tonight, Draco,” I complain. I really wasn’t in the mood tonight to do anything except fall asleep.
Obviously Draco didn’t hear me well enough. He began to kiss me on the cheek and would slowly move down to my shoulders. “Draco!” I plead. “Please!”
“Come on,” He persuades kissing me more. “When’s the last time?”
“Draco!” I squeak as I giggle as Draco leans over more and more. He and I are both laughing now as Draco begins to take his shirt off and slowly moves to take mine.

I began to pace the room. How could we have been so irresponsible? How was I going to tell Draco? I’m sure that Draco would take it pretty well. But what if he doesn’t? When we wanted to have a first child, it took months and months to play everything down to a T. This was so, out of the blue. Well, not really, obviously Draco and I should have been smarter. I’ve been thinking about it, but I haven’t really been able to have a chance to tell Draco about it. It would be a big shock to him.


Draco would be happy though, he always would hint that he would want to have two kids. I think he would want another boy, but deep down, I could tell he secretly wanted a baby girl. As long as the baby is healthy, that’s all I care about. And, well, maybe what I also care about is that hopefully there isn’t more than two.


Oh my goodness imagine if I had eight kids that Muggle mom! How would we provide for our nine children! It would be impossible! Think about the diapers! The clothes! The price of sending each one of them to Hogwarts! The space! Well, not so much the space because this house is even huge for three people, there shouldn’t be a problem in that. That would never happen though, not in a million years, but even if it did, that would be a big reality check for Scorpius.


Oh my god Scorpius. Scorpius! He’s not going to take this right. He’s going to hate us for forever and never talk to us again! He’s going to live on the street then and never find love which will mean that I’ll never have grandkids! Except, well this child. But he’s going to live in hell because of my dumb decision to get pregnant!


Astoria, you’re overreacting! How dare you think that being pregnant is going to be a dumb decision! Besides, everything’s going to be fine. Draco is going to be happy and Scorpius won’t be jealous. What a great Christmas present to tell your husband and son that you’re expecting!


I began to search the attic for an old onesie that I could give to Draco and Scorpius as a hint. Like a puzzle piece! Genius!
I found the baby blue onesie with a tiny elephant on it. This was the one.




“Alright Hugo,” I say as I pull out the tray of cookies. “They should be done.” Hugo tries to take a cookie, I smack his hand. “They’re hot. You’ll have to wait.”


“Where’s Dad?” Hugo says looking around.


“I don’t know,” I say puzzled. I yell up the stairs. “Rose!"


“What?” Rose yells from her room.


“Where’s your father?”


“How the heck should I know!”


I look to Hugo. “Would you mind telling her to get her butt down here? It’s the holidays for Pete’s sake she shouldn’t be up in her room!” I say as I begin another batch of cookies.


Rose and Hugo come downstairs together. “Uh mum?” Hugo says.


“What?” I snap as I frantically stir the new batter.


“Is there something wrong?” Rose asks.


“Yeah Mum we already baked 100 cookies already,” Hugo agrees.


“It smells like a bakery in here. And not the good kind,” Rose says.


“I’m fine,” I say focusing on the batter.


“Is it because of Dad?” Rose asks. I could hear the fear in her voice when she asked me that. It was like she was afraid to ask that.


I begin to beat up the batter harder. “No. It’s not because of your father.”


“Mum, are you sure?” Hugo says. “I think the batter is done.”


“You know what?” I say as I smack down the bowl. “Let’s go see if there’s a movie that we can rent. Hugo’s choice. Go ahead and find one, I’ll just be right back.”


I angrily walk up the stairs and walk into the bathroom. I slam the door and begin to pace the room. It was like when we were first married. He left without telling anyone AGAIN. I walk up to the bathroom mirror to check my pores. Then I see it.


That darn little plus sign.


“Oh god oh god no,” I say as I hold it up to the light. It was a bright as day.


This test was a just for fun, spur of the moment thing. I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant, I was just bored and I was late this month so decided to try it. Thinking that it would just be a negative sign, I was goofing off. Reality hit me kind of hard there.


I throw it to the sink and sit on the toilet seat. This was totally unplanned. What was I going to do? We are barely making it with two kids, how are we going to afford things with three kids? Or four? What if their twins? What would we do then? My mind was going a mile a minute. I couldn’t stay on one thought.


What would Ron think? He left just because I didn’t side with him on parenting Hugo.


What was he going to do I he found out I was pregnant! I mean, the last two times I told him I was pregnant, he went out for two days and I never heard from him!


Oh gosh, I was up in the bathroom for too long! The kids are going to be up here any minute. I rush out the door and begin to brain storm what to eat for dinner.




I knew it was wrong to leave.  I didn’t want to leave in the first place. I went to Hogshead in Hogsmeade. I wasn’t planning on staying there for long, I knew Hermione was going to be pissed at me. I sigh as I walk in the front door.
12 years ago, whenever I would walk in the door, I would get a huge yell of “Daddy!” as a four year old and a toddling one year old would great me at the door with a huge hug. Now, it was just silence as I was the one who had to say hello first and then get a “hullo” back. How the times have changed.  
The smell of  baked goods fills the air. “I’m home,” I say as I walk into the kitchen.
“Great!” Hermione says as she slams down the whisk. “Just great.” She walks out the kitchen into the dining room. “No calls. No owl. NOTHING!”
I didn’t know what to say. I follow her into the dining room. “I didn’t know I have to tell you every little detail of my life!”
“Well no one just wanders off for five hours and arrives home late without telling anyone! You know what Ron? This happens every time I tell you big life changing news or you and I get in a fight! And I’m getting sick and tired of it!”
I was speechless. Hermione got me so well. It was almost scary. She was yelling at me for no reason. There was nothing I could say. I grab Hermione and I hug her close.
Instantly, Hermione stopped yelling. She hugged me back and began to cry. “I was so scared that something happened to you.” She sniffles.
I held Hermione even close as she sobs into my arms. “It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m fine.”
Rose and Hugo run upstairs. “Mom, Dad?” Rose says as she peeks out the door, Hugo’s head pops up from behind hers. “Is everything okay?”
Hermione quickly lets go of me and wipes the tears from her face. She hated crying in front of the kids, or anyone in general. “Yeah everything’s fine. Great. Did you find a movie to watch yet?” She asked in an attempt to change the subject. “What about Babbity Rabbity? It’s your father’s favorite anyway,” She looks up and smiles at me.
Rose smiles at Hermione. “Yeah sounds like a good one. I’ll go find it,” And the two disappear to the basement.
She looks to me. I could still see the tears in her eyes. “Everytime you leave, I fear that something is going to happen to you. Something bad.”
“Well you don’t have to worry anymore.” I reassure. “I’m not going to leave anymore. I promise.”
Hermione smiles up at me. Even after all these years, she still has to look up at me. “You promise?”
“I promise.”
“Mom! Dad! The movie?” Hugo yells from downstairs.
Hermione and I both giggle as I lean in to kiss her. She smiles up at me. “The movie?” She says laughing.  “Let’s go.”




Christmas Eve, the day of stress. The day consists of Astoria organizing the family get together and Scorpius and I doing some last minute shopping.
“Hey,” I say as I walk downstairs. Astoria jumps three feet into the air. “Scorpius and I are going to go to Hogsmeade to ... uh.... get some butterbeer.”
She laughs at me and begins to look through the Christmas cards from families and friends that she got in the post today. “You say that everyday and yet you still come home with none.”
“Well the last time we got them we drank them all on the way here?” I say trying to hide Scorpius’s and my secret.
“I doubt that’s possible. I already know what you guys are doing anyway. You don’t have to hide,” She grins as she still looks through the mail.
I hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. She smiles. “So what’s for breakfast?” I ask looking over to the kitchen.
“Eggs sunny side up. They’re on the dining room table. Right next to the crisp bacon, toasty toast and orange juice, no pulp.”
“You know me so well,” I say as I kiss her on the cheek.
Scorpius is already at the table, grabbing large spoonfuls of everything. “Do they not feed you at Hogwarts?” I chuckle as I sit down next to him. “You ready for Hogsmeade today?”
“Totally” Scorpius says with a mouthful of eggs.
“Chew with your mouth closed at the table Scorpius,” Astoria says as she joins us at the table. “Can you pick up a couple of galleons from Gringots please?” She grabs an egg and three pieces of bacon. “And a copy of the Daily Prophet too.”
“Will do.” I say as I finish my last bites of eggs. “Come on Scorpius finish up your food. We got to go.” I get up and grab my coat.
We use the floo network to get to Flourish and Blotts Book Store. “I’m going to find something to get someone at Weasley Wiza-”
“Don’t ever go to that store!” I warn Scorpius. “Those Weasleys are a disgrace to wizards all around.”
“I know that Dad,” Scorpius says as he continues to walk with me through the street. “That Weasley girl in my class is so annoying.”
I pat him on the back. “So’s the rest of them Scorpius,” I change the sad subject quickly. “So, what are you thinking of getting your mother for Christmas?”
“I was thinking maybe a new cookbook. She’s found out she likes to cook,”  He says as he looks through a window with a new broomstick gleaming in the display. The new Firebolt 2.0.
“Why don’t you find that at Flourish and Blotts. I’ll go to Gringots to get Mum her money. I’ll meet you at the book store,” I say trying to get rid of Scorpius.
“Alright Dad, see you then,” Scorpius says as he walks off.
I quickly walk into the broom store and order Scorpius that broom he was eyeing. This was going to be the best Christmas for him!




“Daddy?” I say in my I’m-the-cutest-little-girl-in-the-world voice. “Can you take me to Flourish and Blotts today please? There’s a new magazine of Witches Weekly that came out and I want to get it.”
“Yeah, I was going to head over there anyway,” Mum walks down the steps. Dad’s voice booms into an announcers voice. “There she is! The new editor of the Daily Prophet!” He smiles as Mum. Dad’s crazy, I don’t even know why Mum would stay with him.
Mum looked like she just woke up. “Nungh,” She grunts as she grabs the muggle drink Coffee. I tried it once, it tasted horrible, I don’t know how she likes it. “Thanks,” She smiles with a tired look.
“Well Rose and I are going to Hogsmeade. Do you need anything?” Dad asks.
Mum motions to Dad to go to the kitchen. They might think that their secret codes of looks fool us, but its such a lie. I figured out their looks since I was 10, they’re so easy. The look Mum just gave Dad was ‘Please go to the (insert room here), I need to talk to you about something that the kids shouldn’t hear about’ They seriously think that Hugo and I are stupid.
I stand at the door for five minutes as I hear whispers coming from the kitchen. “Dad!” I yell to the kitchen. “Let’s go!”
“Alright!” He rushes in as he folds a note into his pocket.
“What’s that?”
“Oh uhh shopping list from your Mother.”
“Oh cool we can split it up.”
“Oh no,” Dad says quickly.
I knew instantly that it was a shopping list for Christmas. Probably for me and Hugo. “Okay.” I shrug.
Dad drops me off at Flourish and Blotts and says he’s going to go to Weasley Wizard Wheezes to visit Uncle George. “See you then Dad!” I smile at him.
I walk into the store and head straight to the Teen Witch section. After passing the loads and loads of love stories, I finally make it to the magazine section. I instantly pick Witches Weekly and begin reading the first article.
“Be careful Weasley, if you buy that magazine, your family might starve for a couple of days!”
I knew who that voice was instantly. I roll my eyes.“Come on Scorpius, it’s the holidays, can you cut me some slack?” I say without looking up from my article about removing warts.
“Aw I don’t think I should.” He teases.


I stuff my magazine back into the holder. “What are you doing here anyway? Last minute shopping I presume,”  I narrow my eyes at him. This is totally not getting me in the Christmas Spirit.


“Exactly correct, Weasley,” He smirks, he thinks this is all a big joke to him. It’s not.


I try to walk about but he keeps following me. Why doesn’t he get the hint that I don’t want to talk to him! “Can you just go please?” I beg.


“Aw come on sweet cheeks, you don’t want to get coal for Christmas now do you?” He attempts to flirt with.


I shoot a disgusted look at him. “Don’t call me ‘sweet cheeks’!” I say backing away from him. What is wrong with him?


“Aw come on I’m just trying to get a little Christmas sugar,” He smiles like he’s so cool.


“No!” I firmly tell him. “Now you know why I’m mad! You broke Piper, my best friend’s heart by cheating on her with that Ravenclaw girl! I know your little ways to get a girl to fall in love with you and they’re not going to work with me! So you can stop trying and leave me alone!”


“Ooh! Kitty’s got a scratch!” Scorpius replies with a smirk.


“My dad told me stories about your father when he was your age. How he’d bullied Mudbloods and halfbloods. You do the same thing! I saw it! It’s horrible and mean! So if you think you’re going to get with me or hookup or whatever... it’s not going to happen so you can just stop!” I can feel my face burning with anger as I grab my wand out of my pocket. I can’t help it, Mum says I’m just like my dad when I confront people. 


“Alright, alright!” He says to me with a smirk. “No need to be the hero here. And besides, you can’t do magic out of school,” Scorpius says as he smiles at my stupidity. “You’ll get expelled.”


I sigh angrily as I put down my wand and begin to walk away.


“Filthy half-blood.” He whispers loud enough so I can hear it.


I hate that term. I’ve never heard it in a long time, but it still hurts. I turn around quickly and punch Scorpius square in the nose. He slumps down to the ground with a yelp. I remember Dad telling me that Mum did the same thing to Scorpius’s father. Adrenaline shooting through my body I run to the front of the store to pay for my magazine and get the heck out of there.


“Hey! Watch it you - Oh Hi Rose, where’s the fire?” James says as I topple him over. His jet black hair in all messed up now, he hates it when that happens.


“Oh erm sorry James!” I say to my cousin. I awkwardly stand up and help James back on his feet.


“Why were you running anyways?” He says as he brushes off his clothing.


“Oh um- oh hi Daddy! Sorry James, I’ll tell you later!” I say as I spot my Dad across the street and run after him.


“Hi Rosie, you ready to go?” Dad says as he’s carrying about 20 bags each from a different store. He stares down at my hands. “Why are your fists bloody?!” He says shocked.


“Oh well I kinda- sorta, maybe punched Scorpius Malfoy in the face?” I try to explain.


Dad stands there speechless.  “We’ll talk about this when we get home,” Dad says seriously.


Uh oh.







Rose walks into the home with a sour look on her face. “What happened?” I ask her as she walks right past me.


“Keep walking!” Dad says walking in. “Go straight to your mother!”


I couldn’t let this one past me. I nosily walk into Mum and Dad’s room where Mum is working on next weeks Daily Prophet. She has an advice column on how to raise kids who are witches and wizards. So far, it’s been pretty popular.


She slaved over a typewriter. “Hey!” She says smiling at Dad as she gets up to hug him. “How was shopping?”


Dad shoots a look at Rose as her face turns even more red. Dad gestures to Rose. “Why don’t you ask your daughter,” He spits.


Mum looks to Rose. “How was shopping, Rosie?” She smiles sweetly.


“Great! Never better!” She says quickly and runs out the door.


“Stop,” Ron bellows at her. She stops quickly and spins around on her heels.


Rose rolls her eyes and sighs. “I saw Scorpius in Flourish and Blotts. He was making fun of me and my family so, I kinda punched him in the face,” She looks down at her shoes.


You would expect Mum to go crazy on Rose, but she didn’t. She silently took all the information in and dissected it in her mind. Rose’s face was completely white and so was Dad’s.


“Rose,” Mum says calmly. “I’m very disappointed in you.”


“Why would you be disappointed?!” I say with shock. “She punched Scorpius Malfoy in the face! That’s pretty bad ass!”


“Hugo, language!” Mum says to me with a glare to stay out of the conversation.


“I have to agree with Hugo, Hermione,” Ron says.


“Well of course! You hate the Malfoy’s with all your might! But what she did was unacceptable!” Hermione says.


“But you did it -”


“I know what I did, we were kids Ron! I was thirteen! But Rose is almost an adult!” She turns to Rose. “Rose, what you did was wrong. I’m extremely disappointed in you,” She sits back down and continues to work.


“Wait, WHAT?!” I say. “She’s not getting any punishment at all?!”


Mum looks at me in shock. “No. It’s Christmas Hugo. But,” She looks to my sister. “I want you to apologize the next time you see Scorpius.”


Rose rolls her eyes. “Fine,” And we both walk out of the room.


“That was so cool!” I blurt out when Rose closes the door to Mum and Dad’s room.


Rose rolls her eyes laughing. “Not really. I just did the same thing that Mum did when she was a kid.”


“You don’t have to be modest,” I assure Rose.


“Okay,” She sighs. “It was amazing!” She says as she closed the door to her room which was a light pink. “I felt like that muggle person who saves the day!” She says


“Wonder Woman?” I ask. Mum wants to be just like her.




“So, what was it like?”




“What was it like punching a Malfoy?”


“It felt like great. I mean I hate violence but this can slip. He deserved it.”


“What did it sound like?”


“A baseball hitting a watermelon. Then there was crying,” I chuckle at the weird description.


“It hurt your hand? Was that why you were crying?”


“No!” Rose laughs. “Scorpius was crying!”


We laugh a lot at that.


Mum went downstairs to the kitchen to start dinner. Rose and I continued to talk about her punching Malfoy in the face. Pretty soon, we were reanacting the whole scene.


“Rose! Hugo! Time for dinner!” Mum yells upstairs.


Dad comes sprinting down the stairs at the word dinner almost running me over. “Don’t forget to wash your hands!” He says running down.
I run to Rose and my’s bathroom. It was locked. “Washing my hands!” Rose says through the door. I walk to Mum and Dad’s bathroom. There were two sinks in their bathroom. Dad’s was usually dirty with toothpaste and shaving cream, so I go to Mums.
I add a glop of soap to my hands and begin to rub them together. I look into the sink and there was a strange looking wand in the sink. It was pink and on the end was a small little plus sign. I decide to wash my hands in Dad’s sink then. I dry my hands and grab the small wand to study closer. I had no idea what it was. Mum will probably know though. I walk downstairs to see Mum standing in the doorway and Dad and Rose were sitting at the table.
“Mum, whats this?” I say handing her the pink wand.






I wake up at 9:30 with a shock. First, my nose stopped being numb and was turning back to it’s normal shape. Second,  Mom was usually the one to wake me up at 7 to go make breakfast. There must be something wrong. I rush downstairs to find Mom and Dad sitting there at the chairs sipping pumpkin juice and reading the Daily Prophet.


"Why didn’t you wake me up?” I say breathessly.


“Happy Christmas to you to Scorpius,” Mom answers sarcastically. “How’s you’re nose this morning?” She comes foreward to check on it. “That Weasley had no right to hurt you! They’ll pay for this! I swear it!”


“Mom I’m fine.” I say bravely. “A bruised nose was no big deal.”
“Sweetheart, it’s not bruised. It was broken. Once you were asleep I used a repair potion on it. It knocks you out instantly and causes much pain. So I didn’t tell you. I hope you’re not mad.”
“No, I’m not mad,” I say. “Thanks for helping.”
“I went to go check on you at 7, but you were fast asleep. I didn’t want to wake you. So your father and I were just sitting down here and enjoying the Daily Prophet,” She explains.
“Well not anymore,” Dad says throwing down the paper. “Look at the front cover.” He spits.
I look sideways at the paper:


Hermione Weasley, age 42 has been elected the new head editor of the Daily Prophet. A new record for the daily prophet as she becomes the youngest editor of the Daily Prophet in 100 years. “I knew this was a good choice,” Said previous editor James Fletch. “I’ve trusted Hermione with other big projects so I knew that she was the best choice I have.”

Weasley’s hit column Mums of Wizards and Witches will still be written by her, but would instead become a weekly thing instead of a daily one. “I know people are going to be disappointed about that one,” Rita Skeeter, Senior Reporter claims. “But that just gives me more space for me to write more breaking news!”

Hermione currently lives in the hidden part of London right outside the streets of Hogsmeade. She lives with her husband, Ron Weasley, Auror and her two children. Rose Weasley who is in her sixth year at Hogwarts and Hugo Weasley who is in his third year.

“I’m ecstatic to be the new editor!” Hermione says with a smile worth about a million galleons. “I will definitely not let the readers down!”

“Looks like they already let one reader down,” Dad says disappointed. “Why would they make a mudblood an editor!?”
“Draco, it’s Christmas. Can you please no work on one of your plans to bring Dark Magic up again? Or muggleborns?” Mom says impatiently.
“It should be you having that job,” Dad says to Mum.
Mum laughs. “Draco, I quit my job when we found out we were pregnant with Scorpius! I could never hold down a job like that,”  
“Well you would do a better job than that Mudblood.”
“Hermione was a much better writer than me, and I knew it too, we worked together a lot. And I would appreciate it if you didn’t call her that. She’s an old work friend of mine!” She smiles at Dad. “Come on!” Mom runs to the living room and sits beside the tree.


“Scorpius, open this one!” She says like a kid in the candy store.


I grab the present and smile. “Thanks.” I rip it open. A book on spells for school. I didn’t want it. But I didn’t want to be mean. “Thanks Mom! I love it!”


She smiles back. “I knew you would like it!” She hands an equally large present to me again. “Now, this one.


I rip it open and toss the paper to the side. A new set of school robes for Slytherin. I needed a new pair anyway. “Thanks Mom! I needed a new pair!” I hug her. I grab a present from the bottom of the tree and hand it to Mom. “Here.” I say smiling.


Mom instantly begins to get teary eyed. “You got this for me!” She wails.


I roll my eyes. “Mom, we go over this every year. Yes! I got you a present.”


“Oh I know dear, I just am shocked every year,” She smiles as she carefully rips apart the rich green paper.


She opens it up and gasps. “A new cookbook! Oh Scorpy!” I used to hate that pet name when I was younger, I still flinch when I hear it today. “How did you know I wanted to take up cooking?”


“I just guessed,” I say smiling. I pass a present to Dad. Dad is a hard present finder. He has almost everything, it’s almost impossible. “Here you go Dad,”


He rips open the paper to find a new, emerald green tie. He smiles at it. “Thanks Scorpius! I always wanted a fourth green tied!” He beams down on it.


Dad reaches behind the tree. “And now a present for you.” He reaches behind the tree and pulls out a nicely wrapped package.


I rip open the present, excited to see what it was. After ripping open the layers and layers of paper, I finally get to the present that gleamed. The Firebolt 2.0. This was THE broom to have. It’s just what I wanted. “The Firebolt 2.0! It’s not even for sale yet! Just for a preview! How did you get it?”


Dad smiles at me. “I have my ways,” He laughs. “Do you like it?”


“Like it?” I say laughing and looking down at my new broom with my name engraved in gold writing on the handle. “I love it!” I smile at my Dad. “Thanks, Dad.”

Mom laughs at the two of us. “Well I doubt I can top that present! But I think you two will love this present.” She hands me and Dad the baby blue wrapping paper. 




A/N - Sorry about the whole weird paragraph spacing on the page! I was having many problems with the darn chapter text thing! But I hope you enjoy it! Oh and hey! I just found out how to do an A/N! :D Be sure to read my other story if you can't stand the wait of the next chapter :P Thank you so much for reading! I travel a lot so it might take a while for me to update but I'll update as soon as I can! But until the next time, keep Pottering on! :P 
~ The Brightest Of Her Age :-) 

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