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In The Name of Brotherly Love. by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 1 : Sirius storms out
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Sirius slammed the door to his room as he heard his father’s footsteps coming up the stairs after him. He knew that he had to do something, but what he wasn’t sure. He was angry. Angry at his parents pureblood mania, and how they adored his younger brother. He, Sirius, was a nobody, to them- an outcast. His outburst at his brother downstairs had ended up with the two boys wrestling around on the floor like muggles. Sirius walked rather quickly away with a fat lip, as his mother screamed and his father yelled at him for being a “disgrace to the most ancient and noble house of Black.” Regulus sat up on the floor with a broken nose, grinning evilly. As the thoughts of what occurred raced through Sirius’ mind he formed a plan. Orion Black pounded on the door demanding that Sirius come out. Sirius scoffed, “Not bloody likely.”

He packed his things that he would need for Hogwarts as quickly as possible and still thought determinedly of what he was about to do. Orion continued banging his hands on the door. Loud thumps echoed in Sirius' room. Rolling his eyes, he grabbed his trunk and walked towards his door. He opened it to see his father standing there with a murderous look on his face. Glaring at his eldest son Orion asked, “Where do you think you're going?!”

“Anywhere is better than here." Sirius barked back.

 “You’re not going anywhere. You're sixteen years old and not even of age,” Orion spat with malice. “Besides, no pureblood son of mine is going to run amuck with some blood traitor’s and a half breed.”

 Sirius’s temper was rising, and he could feel his hand grip around his wand tightly. He clenched at it as if it were his only lifeline.

“Move,” Sirius stated simply.

“No, I don’t think I will,” Orion said firmly, enjoying the tortured look on his sons face. “Who do you think that you are? Acting like a muggle! Fighting with your brother like that in this house! You're filth and your friends are filth. We’ve tried to teach you proper pureblood pride and you’ve gone against us the whole way.” He spat to the floor at Sirius’ feet.

“Move, or I’ll hex you,” Sirius said through gritted teeth.

Walburga Black could be heard downstairs yelling up to the two of them on the landing. “How dare you insult your father like that?” She called out ss she climbed the stairs to look into the face of her son. Her old, lined face was contorted in rage and she held her wand menacingly in her hand waiting for her son to have another outburst.

Sirius just stood there listening to the ranting from his parents. Things like "Blood traitor" and "dishonor to the name Black" were spat at him.

“If you hex him you will surely be expelled and unable to return to Hogwarts. Then you’ll be stuck here with us.” Walburga spoke as though she had an unpleasant taste in her mouth.

Sirius had enough. He pushed through his parents and started to walk down the stairs. At the bottom he met Regulus, who stood there with a look of triumph on his face.

“You and your friends will be the first to go when the Dark Lord rises.” He stated sinisterly. Sirius didn’t know why, but he had an uneasy feeling about what his brother just said. As soon as the feeling came over him it was that quickly washed away by the sounds above him. With Orion upstairs still trying to comfort a distraught Walburga, Sirius looked at Regulus. “You don’t have to do this you know. This pureblood mania isn’t worth it.”

Regulus smirked at him. “You’ll find out soon enough that choices make a difference in this world Sirius. Not flying off at the moments when you’re mad.”

“Sod off then Reg.”Sirius glared at his brother.

Orion came bounding down the stairs which was Sirius’ cue to leave. Regulus ran up the stairs to a now bawling mother. As he made his way to the door he could smell a burning smell wafting down from the floor above. He heard his father walking after him, heard the incantation, but ducked as the curse flew past. Without a second glance back he left number 12 Grimmauld place and all of their pureblood insanity.


He moved quickly across the street to the small park and sat on a bench. The birds chirped happily as they flew past. The air was fresh and the sky was a vibrant blue. He collected his thoughts, and calmed his temper. After a few minutes he stuck out his wand and alerted the Knight Bus.

It pulled up lazily next to the curb of the park, and out stepped an older man. He looked rather odd with a scarred face from what looked like years of a torturous bout of acne. He stood looking curiously at Sirius.

“My name’s Lenny Finnegan, and I will be your conductor here today on the Knight bus.”

Sirius gave him a quizzical look. Pulled out his galleons, paid Lenny and allowed the older man to show him to his seat.

“So, where we off to?” Lenny asked.

“Potter Manor” Sirius replied.

Lenny shouted up to the driver, “Potter Manor! Take ‘er away! ”

Lenny glanced back at Sirius and said, “We have a couple of other stops to make on the way.”

Sirius nodded, and as the bus lurched, so did Sirius’ stomach and he was sure at that moment that traveling this way was a huge mistake. He wasn’t proven wrong. The bus jerked this way and that then with a loud crack! They were traveling down a busy street in London. How they missed all the cars and people, Sirius didn’t know. He leaned forward and was sick. With his stomach still churning and two loud cracks later he found himself smiling queasily at Potter Manor.


He walked up to the door, past the manicured lawn, and up the garden path. He smiled as he knocked on the door thinking about how James would react when he saw him standing there. A few seconds later the doorknob turned and Mrs. Potter was standing in the doorway.

“Sirius?” she questioned. “Darling, what on earth are you doing here? Are you okay?”Sirius' liberated mood dropped considerably  as he remembered the events of the fight, as he told Mrs. Potter that he ran away from home and that their home was the first place that he thought of.

“I didn’t know where else to go,” He ended in a defeated tone.

“Oh, it’s not a problem dear. Come in, come in. We are more than happy to have you here. Hopefully, you’ll be able to distract James from blowing up the house. Go ahead and go on upstairs, James will show you where you can stay.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Potter.” He hugged her.

“You’re welcome Sirius. You’re like a son to us anyways. Besides, Peter and Remus will be here in a few days.”

Sirius grinned at the thought of all the fun, pranks and chaos him and James could muster before their return to school. With the inclusion of Remus and Peter it just made the prospects that much more fun to think about. He started up the stairs and found James in his room on his bed reading a Quidditch magazine.

“Oi! Potter!” Sirius shouted.

James jumped a mile into the air and threw his magazine.

“Sirius!?” he shouted. “W-what are you doing here!?” James yelled in disbelieving shock as a grin spread wide across the features of his boyish face.

“I ran away from home.” He supplied.

 “Why? What happened?”

“Well I got into a fight with Regulus over the purity of my blood because of the company I keep.” The anger was apparent on his face as he recalled the day’s events. “I may have given him a black eye and broken his nose. Then I went to my room to pack as my parents got involved and I had enough, so I left.”

“Wow.” James let out.

“Yep,” Sirius supplied dully. “So Jamesy, I heard from your Mum that you’ve been driving her mad.”
“Yeah, I suppose I have been.” James smiled.

Sirius gave him a lopsided smirk, “Well let’s get to it then.”

“Get to what Sirius?” James asked curiously.

Sirius gave a bark of a laugh before finishing, “How to drive your Mum mad you dolt."

“What do you have in mind?” James asked, grinning sheepishly.

The two sat, and planned what type of pranks they were going to play on Mrs. Potter. None of course would hurt her, but just to get a good laugh. After that, they talked for hours about Quidditch, school, future plans and a certain red haired girl James fancied until they were called down to dinner.






Author's Note: I hope you liked this chapter. I am planning more action in the next few chapters! Please read and review! Thanks!

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