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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 28 : The Wedding, Part 1
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Before any one knew it, the morning was upon them and guests were filing in to the church, ready to see their loved ones wed.

Hermione burst through the heavy wooden door where Ginny was giving herself a final once over in the floor length mirror.

Hermione's nerves of something going wrong quickly subsided, "Oh, Gin," she gasped, her heart soaring with utter joy for her friend.

Ginny smiled, "So, it's alright?"

Hermione nodded, already sniffing, "You look amazing."

"Thanks, 'Mione." Ginny smiled before taking a deep breath, "You do too."

Hermione smiled, but then her mind drifted back to where it was when she site her destination on the room, "They're ready for you." She whispered, "Your Dad is...for the moment, mentally prepared and ready to escort you."

Ginny couldn't help but giggle at her friend's word choice, "Well...I guess I'm ready. This is it; I'm about to be married."

Hermione grinned, "You best be ready, Gin! The opportunities for runaway bride moments are fast closing."

Ginny smiled, "I am." She pulled Hermione in to a light hug that wouldn't mess up her hair or make up, but didn't seem fake, "Thank you. For everything. You've been there for me at times when no one else was. Thank you for being here today. I know I've been a bit of a bitch to you lately," she broke in to a smile, "So, thanks for the support."

Hermione brushed away a tear from the corner of her eye, "You Welcome." She choked out.

Ginny took a deep breath, "Come on. We've got a wedding to get to."

They left the fitting room and Hermione gave Ginny one last 'thanks-for-being-my-best-friend hug' before filing in with the bridesmaid and beginning the march down the long, dark purple aisle.

Ginny and her father met in front of just closed doors.

The sight of Arthur Weasley in a tuxedo was not something that was seen daily.

When Mr. Weasley's eyes grazed over his baby girl in a wedding dress, he was already tearing up. His little, baby girl, was about the become a Mrs. True, it was to Harry, but that was still his baby.

"You ready?" Arthur asked as Ginny hooked her arm in his and they faced the door.


Ginny clutched her father's surprisingly steady arm, her entire body practically shaking from a complete blend of utter joy and nerves. Goosebumps covered her spine and butterflies fluttered amongst her stomach. Every nerves in her entire body was a complete live wire. Never before in her twenty years of life had she had a feeling this intense nor had she been this in tune with where she was and what was happening.

She was about to become Ginny Potter.

This, right here, right now, was the moment she'd dreamt of ever since she was a little girl and the man waiting at the end of the aisle was the man she'd dreamt of saying "I Do" to ever since she had met him at the tender age of ten. An entire decade ago.

The large, chestnut colored doors swung open, perfectly in tune with the classic bridal march that had been used by a million brides at a million ceremonies, although never at one with quite a situation as this one.

As the large doors opened up, she got her very first glimpse of the wedding hall which would soon be the first place she'd ever hear the name "Mrs. Potter" directed towards her. This would be the exact place where she's be joined in matrimony with the only man she'd ever seriously dreamt of being with, Harry, after exchanging the classic vows of a wedding.

The hundreds of guests rose to the feet, several of them 'Aww-ing' at the sight of the beautiful bride.

The rows were filled with students from Hogwarts, like Dean, Seamus, Cho (who Ginny reluctantly invited, even though Harry said it wasn't necessary), Dennis Creevey and more. Also filling the magically expanded church included the teachers that had gotten them through school, McGonagall, Hagrid (who had his own designated area and was already wiping his eyes on a large handkerchief) and many more. People that worked with them, now and in the past were smiling guests also, to name a few.

In the middle of the Groom's side was even Dudley, Harry's obnoxious cousin, there with his surprisingly beautiful wife. The woman looked slightly awed by the bewitchment obviously present in the room (she was obviously muggle) and Dudley's eyebrows were raised as Ginny, even though she was veiled, came in to the room. He had to hand it to his cousin, she seemed gorgeous.

Lavender Brown stood with Ron's brother George, who was probably uncomfortable with that, and Draco was a couple rows away with a distant relative of the Weasley's.

The room smelled of a delicious, light honeysuckle and delicious flowers. Floating candles that reminded her of her days at Hogwarts hung over their hands underneath a highly vaulted ceiling. Beautiful red roses on magically grown vines were on the walls in a neat line, leading up to a large, black, Grand Piano, which was playing itself beautifully, towards the front of an elevated platform, slightly to the left of a set of seats.

There was a long, purple velvet carpet designated for her to walk down, which led to set of three stairs that would lead her to a stage where the man of her dreams waited.

Little Victoire had already decorated the pathway with the silver and pink rose petals and everything was in place.

With her bridesmaids leading the way, it was finally time to begin the march down the aisle.

She clenched her fingers lightly on her father's sleeve then began the descent.

They marched, surprisingly completely in rhythem, down the large aisle, her face pinkened as she heard the whispers of how beautiful she looked reached her ears.

Not a single person in the crowd wasn't amazed at how beautiful the whole ceremony was. It was beyond perfect. Even Lavender was impressed.

Lavender's eyes skimmed down the dress, slightly envious of just how gorgeous it was.

Ginny wore an A-line, satin gown of an ivory color with a sweetheart neckline that fit her beautifully. It was covered in floral lace from the waist up, with a simple, white ribbon cinching her waist. It had a crushed crepe skirt that extended in to a long, but simple train. She looked truly magnificent.

Harry couldn't help but raise his eyebrows as his bride made her way down the aisle. His heart soared with pride. He had a beautiful bride that he was madly in love with and would spend the rest of his life with and, not to be conceited, but he had turned in to a decent man himself. There was a slew of people he wished could have been at the ceremony, from his parents and Sirius to Dumbledore and Lupin, but he knew in his heart that they were watching over him, smiling at the man he'd worked so hard to become.

After several minutes, during which she couldn't help but let a smile escape her lips just as a smirk had escaped Harry's, Ginny and Arthur finally reached the end of the aisle.

At the end of the aisle was two steps which, when followed, reached an elevated platform where they would give their vows and officially become the man and wife they had dreamt of being for a long time.

Arthur and Ginny came to a step at these steps, at which time Harry descended down them to stand with them

Vicar Hollis smiled, "Who gives this woman to this man in holy matrimony?"

Arthur took a deep breath, "Her mother and I do."

It was apparent how difficult it was for him at this moment in time. This was his baby daughter and she was getting married.

He removed the veil from where it covered her beautiful eyes, exposing them to the audience.

Arthur then took her hand and placed it in Harry's, a symbol as old as the chapel they were in, "I love you." He said as he kissed her forehead. "I love you too," Ginny whispered, her brown eyes looking at him with as much love as a newborn baby's.

Harry led Ginny up the stairs to their rightful places on the platform as Arthur found his seat next to Mrs. Weasley who was already dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. Arthur gripped her hand tightly.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here today..." Vicar Hollis gave the traditional speech while an anxious bride and groom held each other's hands lightly, facing across from each other, ready for him to get on with it.

The audience smiled attentively, although they were all eager for the vows to be exchanged too.

Hermione was nearly crying at the sight of two of her best friends about to become man and wife. Ron was grinning, Harry was about to become his new brother. Even Draco was enjoying the ceremony thus far. Harry had, after all, saved his life before and the girl he'd tormented in school hadn't turned out too hideous after all.

"Now," Vicar Hollis turned towards Ginny, "Ladies first. Ginevra, would you repeat after me please?"

"I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take thee, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

She did as instructed, "I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take thee, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

He smiled before turned to Harry, "Please repeat after me: I, Harry James Potter , take thee, Ginevra Molly Weasley, to be my lawfully wedded wife to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

He smiled, "I, Harry James Potter , take thee, Ginevra Molly Weasley, to be my lawfully wedded wife to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live."

Everyone was already crying, even Lavender was crying for reasons only she herself knew. Hagrid had already practically soaked his first handkerchief and was pulling a second out of his coat pocket.

"The rings, please." Vicar Hollis said with a smile. He truly had an amazing job.

A currently green haired Teddy rushed towards them excitedly , holding the traditional pillow in his small hands.

"Here's your rings Uncle Harry," He said quickly, slurring his words slightly to the amusement of the crowd.

"Thank you, Teddy," Harry said, roughing his hair a bit.

"Now Ginny," Vicar Hollis said handing her the ring, "I would like you to place this ring on Harry's fourth finger and say 'With this ring, I thee wed.'.

She slid the gold ring on his finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Now Harry," Vicar Hollis said holding Ginny's diamond in his hand, "I would like you to place this ring of Ginny's fourth finger and say 'With this ring, I thee wed.".

He slid the diamond on her finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

A grin spread across Vicar Hollis' face, "Then, I know pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter. You may now kiss your beautiful bride."

Harry placed a hand on her cheek and then placed his lips on hers as the crowd rose to their feet with an eruption of cheers and applauding.

After a moment or two, they drew back, huge grins on their faces, they were finally man and wife.

They descended the stairs and started down the aisle as had been done so many times before, as petal were thrown their way. They shook many hands and were pulled in to hugs and kisses by countless people.

They found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and were pulled in to extremely tight hugs.

"I'm so happy for you two!" Mrs. Weasley sobbed.

"Thank you so much, Mum. For everything. I love you," That was all Ginny said before she was shuffled towards more and more people throughout the crowd.

Finally, Ron found a microphone, a curious object invented by muggles, and began speaking. "Hey everyone, why don't we move this party to the reception at The Burrow, I don't know about you all, but I myself see a firewhiskey or two in the near future." His announcement was met by some cheers and a few laughs.

"Oh, Ronald," Hermione muttered under her breath with a giggle. Draco swooped his arm around her satin dress covered waist, kissing her cheek, "Ready?"

"Completely," Hermione laughed.

Ron found Lavender, who was looking extremely pregnant in her pink dress, especially given the fact that she was over five months along, nearly six. He gripped her bloated fingers in his, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah," she said slowly, an uneasy look on her face.

"Lav are you..."

"No, I'm fine, he's just...feeling really athletic today. I swear I'm carrying the next Viktor Krum in here!" she laughed, rubbing her stomach. "Now let's go, I'm not one to miss a good party."

Ron flinched slighlt at the comment.

And so they all filed out of the church, leaving only decorations, rose petals and memories inside.

This was truly a wedding never to be forgotten.

A/N Harry and Ginny are finally man and wife! Opinions on the wedding? Was it a hit or miss? Hope you enjoyed and want to hang out for the upcoming reception! (: Thanks for the love and support and thanks to my amazing Beta, EverMalfoy once again! It means a lot to me, I just reached 66,000 reads! That's a LOT! :D Anyone wanna preview? ;)


"You ready?" Ginny screamed from the balcony with an earsplitting grin.

The crowd eagerly started jumping up and down, reaching hands in to the air, all hoping to be the ones to catch the bouquet.

Ginny turned around with her back to them, letting one hand cover her eyes, "Good luck!"

With that the bouquet soared from her fingers, through the air in to the eagerly anticipating crowd until a set of fingers grasped the package, stopping it's free fall.

Hmm...who caught the bouquet? Well, next chapter is the reception and several speeches will be made, a bouquet will be thrown and maybe a couple more surprises! (:

Well, if you enjoyed (or even if you didn't), I'd appreciate a message in the box below!

Thanks! (:


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