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Love and War by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 7 : Who's Dog?
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"Moony please!"

"For the last time! You. Can. Not! I don't want to accidentally kill my best friends. Now I have to go!"

Remus walked out of the dorms. Leaving Peter, James, and Sirius looking at the door.

"Okay here's the plan," James said turning around, "he is going to tell professor Dumbledore he's leaving, we have around fifteen minutes to get into the shrieking shack."

They walked out of the dorm, trying to look as casual as possible. James looked extremely nervous.

"Dude, are you okay?" Sirius asked James.

"Uhm... Yeah..."

"Where are you going?"

James whirled around, standing in front of him was none other than Lily Evans. Sitting on the ground behind her was Maggie and Maylea trying to look around Lily to see what's going on.

Sirius stupidly waved at Maylea. Who in return gave him a 'what the heck' look.


"Well Uhm... James said.

"Out to the grounds." Peter piped up.

"mmmhmm," Evans said. "what's in the bag?"

"Why do you need to know?" Peter retorted.

"Prefect," she said pointing at her badge, "Now what is in the bag?"

"Food," Sirius said smartly, "we're having a picnic! With. Cake. And you can't have any!"  Sirius stuck his tongue out at Evans, then turned to Maylea, "You want some?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Are you going with Remus?" Maggie said hopefully from behind Lily.

Lily looked at Maylea like 'keep her quiet'.

How come I can facial expressions so well, Sirius thought.

 "We gotta go before it gets dark..." Peter said.

"fine..." she plopped back down next to Maggie. "get going then.

"Uhm... Bye" James mumbled

They walked out into the hall.

"James!" Sirius hit James on the arm, "Why didn't you say anything? You know Wormtail's not good at improv!"

"She's just so pretty! Do- do you think I'll ever date her?"

"Yes whatever. Get the cloak."

"But, should I ask her out?"

"No! You never tell a girl that you like her it just makes you look like an idiot."*

"Not always..." Peter squeaked.

"Shh!" Sirius said, "Let the man think!"

"But...." James pleaded, "I REALLY like her..."

"I get it. Now why don't you get the cloak."

"I'm serious-"

"No, I'm Sirius."

Sirius smiled. James glared at him.

"Get the cloak," Sirius said, "or I can be a lot more annoying."

James took out his invisibility cloak from the bag and all three of them hid under it. They ran out into the courtyard, and to the whomping willow.

"Now what..." Peter said.

"Remus wouldn't tell me the spell," James said "but there is a switch on the root."

"Well how do we get to that if we don't have the spell to stop it from moving?" Sirius asked.

James and Sirius got the same idea at the exact same time, and they both looked at Peter with the same mischievous grin. It took Peter a moment to realize what they were thinking.

"No, no, NO!"

It took awhile to convince Peter but, next thing they know Peter is a rat, and a small compartment opens under one of the roots. They all crawled in quickly.

They walked as quietly as possible up the rickety staircase.

"What- what's that noise?" James asked fearfully.

"sorry..." Peter said as he held his chattery jaws shut.

"You're not scared are you Wormtail?" James asked.

"I don't see why you should," Sirius informed, "all those stories are about this place being haunted are all about Moony..."

"Oh, right."Peter said, teeth still chattering.

They walked up to the top floor.

"Is this the place?" Sirius asked.

"Obviously" James pointed to wall. Hanging on the wall were the exact same posters that were hanging above Moony's bed, except these looked like they were mauled by a bear.

"Okay," James said putting his bag under the couch, "Padfoot, you go first."

"Why me?"

"Cause if Remus comes up and sees a rat, bye-bye Peter. And if Remus comes up and sees a stag, he's gonna be like 'what the heck?' turn into a werewolf, and bye-bye to the epic hotness that is yours truly."

"And if he sees me?"

"Oh," James said in a mocking voice, "Hello little doggie! What ever are you doing up here? Flee little puppy flee! Before I turn into a werewolf and eat you alive!"

Sirius looked at James like he was turning into an alien.

"True story."

Sirius closed his eyes, he imagined becoming a dog, having a tail, super smell, walking on all fours. I wonder if Maylea would like me if she knew I was an animagus, he thought, No! Concentrate! He concentrated on his hands becoming paws, his nose being a dog's until, "Sirius! You did it!!" James screamed.

Sirius was going to tell him it was his turn, but all that came out was a halfhearted, woof. But James got the message, "MY TURN!!" he closed his eyes.

 Sirius heard Remus coming, he barked and James' eyes shot open.

"What Padfoot? What could possibly be so important?


"Hey Remus! Surprise!"

"What are you doing here!?!?  I thought I-" Remus stopped, "Whose dog?"

Sirius concentrated some more, he imagined himself in a mirror looking at his own reflection.His messy black hair, his grey eyes, his hands. He imagined himself smiling, he imagined every detail of face. Why did girls go crazy for that? It was just his face...


Sirius opened his eyes and smiled.

"Your- You're an animagus?"

Suddenly Peter transformed and stood next to Sirius,

"You- you too Peter?"

Sirius looked at James who just turned into a stag for Remus. He looked back at Remus, he was crying.

"I can't believe you actually did that, for me! I- I love you guys" he ran and gave Sirius and Peter a hug, "Umm no hug for you, Prongs, I really don't feel like being stabbed today." and for the first time in months, Sirius heard Remus laugh.

*team starkid quote

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated in forever... I got grounded, and I kinda have a problem but... I updated! Sorryyy though!!! Hope you guys are still there :/! Love you guys!!

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