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The adventures of Lily Luna Potter by Slytherinbabe
Chapter 2 : The Family Dinner
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The last month had passed in a blur. Every day I would practice flying on James’ broom. I wanted to prove that I could play Quidditch. Before I go to sleep, I cross off another day on a calendar that counts the days until I go off to Hogwarts. Then, things got exciting again. Before we had breakfast one morning Dad told us that we were going to the Burrow with the rest of the family for dinner.



We finished breakfast, got dressed and stood in front of the fireplace where Mum picked up the box of Floo powder and opened it. Al grabbed a handful of powder and threw it into the fireplace. The flames immediately turned emerald green. Al stepped in the flames and yelled “The Burrow!”



He began spinning quickly and disappeared. “You next Lily,” Mum said.



I grabbed some powder, threw it in and stepped into the flames. I shouted “The Burrow!” and began spinning quickly before disappearing. I shut my eyes as everything turned green. Suddenly, I tumbled, head first, out of the Burrow’s fireplace. Someone caught me before I could fall on the ground as always. I looked up and saw Grandma Molly smiling at me. “Do you still end up on the floor every time you travel by Floo powder?” She asked.



I nodded. James appeared in the fireplace, spinning really fast, followed by Mum and Dad. “How are you all?” Grandma asked.



“We’re fine,” James answered.



I walked into the living room and saw all the adults sitting there. A tall man with red hair was arguing with his wife, a woman with bushy brown hair. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione were always arguing about something or the other. I rolled my eyes and looked at the next group. A man with red hair and horn-rimmed glasses, Uncle Percy, was talking about something very boring. Uncle Bill, a man with long red hair tired in a ponytail and a fang earring was pretending to be asleep and snoring for the entertainment of a beautiful woman with long blonde hair. Aunt Fleur laughed quietly and smacked Uncle Bill on the arm lightly. A woman with jet black hair, Aunt Audrey, was attempting to keep a straight face as she pretended to listen to her husband. How she even married Uncle Percy I will never know.  Uncle George and Aunt Angelina were absent. They're always late for everything. “Hi,” I said loudly, managing to get Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione to stop arguing and get Uncle Percy to stop talking. Aunt Audrey breathed a quiet sigh of relief before smiling at me.




“Hey, Lily,” she said.

I walked over to hug her. “Thanks for saving us from listening to the rest of Percy’s speech by the way,” She whispered.

“My pleasure,” I whispered back.

After hugging and greeting everyone, I turned to Grandma Molly, who said, “Your cousins are sitting outside in the garden. You three should go join them until dinner is ready.” answering my unspoken question.




James, Al and I walked out into the garden and saw six people talking under a tree. Rose, red hair tied back in a ponytail; Hugo, bits of red hair falling over his freckly face and eyes half closed as Rose scolded him; Victorie, long blonde hair flowing down her back as she talked to Teddy who’s hair was blue that day; Louis was watching some gnomes struggle to get through the hedge; and Dominique was watching Crookshanks, Aunt Hermione’s old ginger cat, play with a strand of her reddish blond hair. “Hi, Lily,” Dom looked at me and smiled.



“Hey, Dom,” I said. “How was France?” I asked.



“Oh, it was great I met –” Dom began as she got up.



“Thanks for remembering the rest of us.” Rose cut across her.



“Sorry, Rosie,” I walked over to Rose. “But you looked too busy when you were yelling at Hugo.”



Hugo glared at me. “That reminds me,” said Rose. “If you ever do that again I will glue your –”



“What did he do this time?” Al asked.



“He put glue on my pillow last night.” Rose said. “This morning it took forever to get it off.”



“I’m so proud.” James beamed.



“How about I glue your –” I began before Teddy put his hand over my mouth.



“Hey, Lily,” said Teddy. “You haven’t threatened or pranked James since yesterday. I think you’re starting to go soft.”



“Actually, she threatened to lock him in the broom shed with a bag of snakes this morning.” Al told him.



“And she put a niffler in my bed last night.” James said.



“I stand corrected.” Teddy said.



Hugo got up. “Great job,”



I high-fived him. “I’m glad to see that my cousins are so supportive and caring.” James said sarcastically.



“What are you talking about,” I heard someone ask.



I turned and saw a girl with flaming red hair standing next to a taller girl with jet black hair. “We’re just talking about how James is loved by all his relatives.” Al told them.



Lucy snorted. “Thanks, Lucy,” James said.



“Well you did tell her that if she didn’t do what you told her to do you will have the Ministry of Magic throw her in Azkaban.” Molly said.



“Can we talk about a more interesting subject?” I asked.



“Did you get your Hogwarts letter?” Hugo asked me.



I felt the excitement I had been trying to hold inside me come out. I nodded so quickly that I’m sure that my head would have looked like a red and beige blur. “You’re so lucky.” Lucy said enviously.



“You only have one more year.” Molly told her.



“I know!” Lucy said. “I still have one more year before I can go to Hogwarts with you all.”



We talked for a while before Mum and Aunt Hermione poked their head out of the doorway. “We need you to come and set the table.” Aunt Hermione told us.



We all went inside and started setting the table when there was a loud “whoosh” and green flames erupted from the fireplace. Two black-haired kids stepped out of the green flames followed by a tall man with red hair and a smiling black woman. I ran forwards and hugged Roxanne. “Did you get your Hogwarts letter?” I asked her.



She nodded. “So did me and Hugo.” I told her.



We watched as everyone else greeted each other.



Mum and Aunt Angelina hugged each other then turned to Dad and Uncle George. Uncle George has a different definition of ‘greeting’ than we do.



“Hi, Harry.” Uncle George said, extending his right hand.



“Hey, George,” Dad replied taking Uncle George’s hand, which fell off the moment he touched it.



“Ouch!” Uncle George groaned.



Molly gasped.



“Very funny George,” Mum said sarcastically, “Now enough of that, let’s eat.”



“You’re no fun Ginny.” Uncle George said, pulling his real arm out of his sleeve.



“Yes well I don’t see the fun in scaring the kids.” Mum replied.



“Why don’t we eat?” Aunt Angelina asked before Uncle George could retort.



“Yes, come on kids.” Aunt Audrey agreed.



So we all sat at the table and had lunch.



After four courses of food, when everyone was full to the bursting point, the adults sat down to talk and the rest of us went outside. James, Fred, Teddy and Louis were planning pranks; Al and Hugo were discussing Hogwarts; Victorie and Dom were telling the rest of us about their vacation in France.



When it started getting dark we went back inside and drank hot chocolate before we left. Then we said goodbye to everyone and went home. I crossed another day on the calendar and went to bed.

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The adventures of Lily Luna Potter: The Family Dinner


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